The basic concept of ConsumerHubs involves a credible and well filtered representation of numerous information about individual consumer products in one place as reviews. We do it by following certain steps. And the whole process is called ConsumerHubs Algorithm. This section will be a discussion for those curious minds who wants to know the functionality of ConsumerHubs.

ConsumerHubs Algorithm is a completely new concept of evaluating reviews of different kinds. This procedure involves, going through every possible information on the internet and print media about that product, double checking the credibility and cross matching them.

The Birth of ConsumerHubs Algorithm:

Whenever you’re going to buy something new, something for your kitchen, for your living room, for your garden or other personal needs, it’s always better to check out different items on the internet, reviews to be more specific. In the 21st century everyone looks for reviews on the internet. And product reviews are always on the top of this list.

Considering product reviews what we’ve found on the internet was staggering. There are well written reviews about different kinds of product on the internet. Irrespective of how well written they are, they were vague, often containing unnecessary and irrelevant information that a review article doesn’t anyhow need.

This was the key factor behind the birth of ConsumerHubs © Our experts spent months doing research about designing a pattern that can effectively bring out true attributes of a consumer product. They finally succeeded, and the brainchild of this research was ConsumerHubs © Algorithm

Our special kind of algorithm was designed to filter only the necessary information to bring in front of you. It involves many more things that we may not disclose elaborately for safety and copyright issues. But let’s not put you in complete darkness and give a brief discussion of the whole thing.

  • The steps:

This special kind of algorithm that ConsumerHubs has certain steps what our experts have to strictly follow. The steps are as follows,

Finding Proper Sources –

The aim of the whole concept is to ensure true information about a product. So, source is important and certainly God’s Angeles don’t write those reviews. That’s why we look for a source that has long history of writing review articles. There are some other points what we use while determining the sources, like,

  • How long has the source been a trending website?
  • How many traffic it has?
  • Who is writing the reviews? First party writes are always and only preferred
  • Is the website funded by any of the manufacturers?
  • Does the review writer has personal attachments or first hand experience of the product?
  • Is it actually a review article or just elaborated specifications?
  • From what type of website the review is from?
  • Does an advertisement have greater influence on those websites?
  • If it has conducted any research with the product, was it done under proper scientific supervision or scientists in their well equipped laboratories?

And many more practical questions like these are enough to judge the credibility of the sources that we work with. The thing is, we are the ones asking these questions to ourselves and none but us have to find the answers as well. It’s our first duty to find appropriate sources and keep the algorithms flowing.

Categorizing Sources –

Here something must be noted. Sources can be different depending on who’s writing the article. If a scientist or a group of extra concerned trained professional people conducts research they would write a kind of review.

Where a user who bought and is using the product would give another type of review. The manufacturers themselves provide a kind of review and sometimes expects with a lot of experience writes reviews on their blogs. So, here are the four major types of sources that we’ve found so far.

  • Technical or Professional Reviews
  • Non-Technical / Non-Professional Reviews or Expert’s Reviews
  • User Experience Based Reviews
  • Manufacturer Based Reviews

Grading The Sources –

We have our system of grading articles what we don’t actually disclose. On a scale of ten we grade the sources. We look for the following things inside a review post of an individual item. They include …

  • The newness of the content
  • The level of personal attachments
  • The experience of the writer
  • Credibility
  • The other contents and traffic of the source website

Many more things like these are considered while we grade the articles for our necessary information.

Double Checking & Cross Checking –

It’s the point where we match all the best articles and see which information are present in all of them, which are new, and which are not so accurate. This crosschecking part makes our ConsumerHubs Algorithm so much successful. Say for example; consider a product, like a washing machine.

A manufacturer says so many great things about it in their articles on their website. That information is presented so vividly and tastefully that you will start considering them to be true. Yes, the specifications are true but the results of those specifications are not.

The manufacturer tells that the product would work great but does it actually? To know that we have to linger around the user review section in different online stores. There are also many more things that we follow in this part. At the end of the step our experts are ready to write our reviews for ConsumerHubs.

Piling Up The Contents –

This is really a simple step where we gather all our information and present it before you accordingly to our website’s structure. Only the best of the best information makes it to our website. We try to make the language as simple as possible so that you can have a better understanding of everything.

Adding Other Necessary Things –

Only reviews aren’t the concern of ConsumerHubs. There are many more things related with a product. The usage, safety, care etc are also important. That’s why we even add those in our website. Once we’re done with the review we add these necessary information for you so that you don’t have to go to other websites for them.

All of these steps of ConsumerHubs Algorithm combine to ensure optimum quality of the articles in ConsumerHubs, the best place for consumers.