Best Waterpik Water FlosserNow, everybody wants a brighter smile.

Toothbrushes alone are not enough for that!

That’s why you must have the best waterpik 2017.

They are just amazing when it comes to complete oral cleanup.

If you are really looking for such product then it proves that you really love your teeth and yourself. The following article is going to disclose everything on the water flosser, so that you can buy the best oral irrigators and use it in the best possible way.

Best Waterpik Water Flosser 2017

We have enlisted these top 5 waterpik to buy in 2017. We have picked these water flossers according their quality, performance and features. The following table will help you in short listing the products that you should buy…

Product NameWaterproofCH-ScorePrice
H2ofloss Hf-8whisper – (Editor Pick)YES 91$$$
WP-660 Waterpik Aquarius –  (Editor Pick)NO90$$$
ToiletTree Rechargeable Oral IrrigatorYES84 $$$
ShowerBreeze w/6′ Hose by Oral BreezeNO89 $$$
Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable FlosserYES82$$$

Now that you have seen the short at a glance list you should also check out our detail reviews that has been set with the ConsumerHubs Algorithm. These top water flosser reviews can enlighten you about all the aspects of the finest waterpik.

1. H2ofloss hf-8whisper – A Complete Waterpik Flossers [Recommended]

The Whisper has a smart design and it’s fully waterproof. Again this tool has a smart technology of noise cancellation. It produces during the running time only 50-db. It will not wake up your family at midnight when you will be brightening your teeth with it.

H2ofloss hf-8whisper best water flosser 2017

This irrigator can hold tips water from 2 sides and its handle has a button. This button can handle 6 types of speed. It has more than 12 rotating tips which are interchangeable. This is come to use in tongue cleaning, periodontal, orthodontic and nasal irrigation.

This waterpik’s effective frequency has made it to work best. It can produce 5-110 PSI and 1200 pulses every minute. It has an IPX7 waterproof system. Press the setting of the lowest to stop the water from coming out.

It is far better than the dental floss and the toothbrush. You just to need to use the HF-8Whispper Oral Irrigator of H2ofloss for one minute and its pulsating water can clean up bacteria and plaque between the gum and teeth. This cleaning up is not easy without this flosser tool.

With the toothbrushes and flosses, we cannot clean it completely. It has been professionally designed and it is beneficial for the dental bridge, crown, and Orthodontics. Pulsating water will sweetly message the gum line. So your gum will also be healthy after using it.

Its water pressure and pulsating frequency have made its cleaning capability more effective. So it can give you a healthy dental health. This irrigator’s tips box has enough room for 7 to 20 tips. It can easily hold these tips. The pressure setting of the handle has made the controlling of the HF-8Whispper water flosser of H2ofloss easier and effective.

The Pros:

  • Fully waterproof design which has IPX7 waterproof system
  • Work effectively in the noiseless mode
  • 6 types water speed controlling button
  • Can clean teeth and tongue sides clearly

The Cons:

  • Not suitable to carry in the travelling time
  • Tough to control the water pressure

2. Waterpik Wp-660 – An Easy to Use & Effective Water Flosser

Wp-660 has smart control system of pressure. It has 10 setting to control the water pressure and the whole thing comes with 7 individual tips. The handle has on and off controller of water control.

Waterpik Wp-600 best oral irrigator 2017

Wp-660 has two modes. One is Floss Mode and another one is Massage Mode of Hydro-Plus. It has a timer with the thirty-second pause. Its information panel is LED. More than 10 percent water pressure has enhanced its pressure performance. It has a warranty of three years.

Wp-660 Water Flosser is the easy and effective device which can clean the plaque and food particles completely from between our teeth and gum line. It is a contemporary and compact design. You can easily on and off it. Its reservoir has the capacity of more than 90 seconds of flossing.

Because the one/off button has been installed on the handle. Its pulse-modulation technology can clean the plaque from the teeth more successfully. Wp-660’s massage mode Hydro+ can keep your gum health more healthy. Its one-minute timer will not let you do any harm to your teeth.

The Pros:

  • 7 tips are included with it
  • Smart system to control ots pressure
  • Gives more than 90 seconds’ back up
  • LED information panel

The Cons:

  • Water pressure is low
  • The motor runs loudly

3. ToiletTree Professional – Most Portable & Best Oral Irrigators

If you are looking for a more compact way of automated flossing then it should be your first choice. The ToiletTree Profession is powered by a lithium Ion battery. This battery charges up in a short time and discharges in a long. ToiletTree Professional is entirely waterproof. Its design is very attractive and cordless. It comes with an easy to fill water tank. The motor can operate itself soundlessly. It is available in two colors. Black and White. Both looked quite attractive.

ToiletTree Professional best water flosser 2017

Its tips are Easy-to-Remove. Its weight is not heavy and the battery is rechargeable. This water jet can clean the bacteria between the teeth and gum line. ToiletTree Professional also takes special care of gum health. It is great for Implants, Braces and Bridgework.

It has good battery backup, so you can use it for a long time. This water jet has the cordless connection. So you can use it without any obstacles. ToiletTree Professional is also waterproof. So you can use it without any risk. Its attractive design and color will make you crazy. The irrigator can operate soundlessly. So it will not disturb others when you will do your flossing work.

It is very light and portable which makes it your ideal companion for vacation. You can easily move its tips. You will have no trouble in maintaining the whole thing as the maintenance is quite easy. This water jet can easily take out the bacteria, particles of food and plaques from the tooth and gum line. It can also reach to the toughest area, where cleaning work is quite tough.

You can use it for many purposes. Because it has soft, normal, and pulse mode. Its voltage is also universal. So you can use it in any country.

The Pros:

  • Lithium ion battery is given here
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Available in two attractive color
  • Tips can be easily removed

The Cons:

  • Small reservoir which gives low back up
  • Some customers claim that the water leaks from it

4. Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze – Complete Gum Care for Healthier Gums

The main feature of the Oral Breeze is: its mechanism is very easy like the hand shower. That is why it is named ShowerBreeze after the name Shower. It is not made of plastic. It is made of brass. The brass is chrome plated type.

Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze best oral irrigator 2017

A Veteran Operated and Owned Company has made this Oral Breeze Dental Irrigator. This company is actually an American company. It needs to be connected with the tap or the shower to run. ShowerBreeze will not let the bacteria to grow in the mouth.

The cleaning process is quite easy and effective. It can successfully remove any unwanted guests from your teeth and gums. Like: Gingivitis, bleeding gums, and periodontitis.

It can wash the teeth within 15 seconds. Its water speed is so high that only 15 seconds will be much effective to clean the teeth and the gum line. The maintaining process of the Dental Irrigator is very easy.The whole thing comes with two tips. These two tips are of red and blue color.

You can attach the Oral Breeze Dental Irrigator with any tap or shower. It does not require any power source. It runs on the tap water. The packet size is also small.

The Pros:

  • Easier mechanism to operate it
  • Brass is used to make it
  • No need to use any reservoir
  • You can take it with in your travelling time

The Cons:

  • Some users found it tough to install it
  • Has no water reservoir

5. Panasonic EW-DJ10 – A Most Ideal Waterpik Flosser for Travellings

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A is a portable water flosser. It has the collapsible design which has made it suitable for traveling. This water jet has come with the attractive travel box. This high-powered cheap water pik can easily reach to the places where brush or floss cannot reach. It is a cordless device. It has two-speed pulsing and a high-speed for general people to use it every day.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A best waterpik 2017

Again it has a gentler and lower-speed pulse for the people who have sensitive gums. It is also suitable for the children. For reservoir water, it needs only 5.5 ounces. So it can quickly fill the needs and it does not create any gap between supplying water.

It will be a smarter choice for the customers of 2017. Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Oral Irrigator makes the task of cleaning and taking care of oral health far better. Panasonic EW-DJ10-A is easier to operate the flossing system. It will not give any chance to form bacteria in your mouth. You can breathe freshly.

It is a completely waterproof device. So you have not to worry about its getting wet. This irrigator can clean the area of the teeth where cleaning work becomes tough. It has different modes which have made this best water pik more reliable to the human. EW-DJ10-A will take great care of your gums also. So you will not suffer from gum pain.

The Pros:

  • Portable smart water flosser
  • Give effective wash at your travelling time
  • Has multi modes to clean efficiently
  • 5 ounces water is need for a single wash
  • Suitable for the kids also

The Cons:

  • Needs Proper Care

What is a Waterpik Water Flosser?

An waterpik is now a well known dental care tool for us. It is known as a dental water jet also. Just imagine, without the clean and bright teeth how much will look awkward. You will feel always shy and you will forget to smile. But Consumer Hubs is going to bring you back the confidence. You can now confidently smile among the people. Come to read our every part of this content to start 2017 with a great confidence.

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Why Buy this Water Pik:

We often suffer from many dental diseases and we have to go to the dentist frequently. So we have to spend a lot of time for it and we have to also spend a lot of money also. Nowadays maximum people are suffering from many diseases for not taking care of their dental health properly. If they take care of their dental health properly, they will not need to go to the dentist anymore.

To reduce the pain, science has gifted us the best water flosser 2017. This water flosser is specially made to improve the dental health of the human. So it has now become a necessary tool for the people. You should buy this to improve your oral health at your home. It is now clinically proven that it is very beneficial and takes great care of teeth and gum.

You may think that it is a smart tool for the aristocrat people only. But you are wrong dear! There is nothing to think it about this water pik. It is very every people.

The price range is not so high that you cannot afford it. You just need the wish to take your dental health care properly. When you will get the determination, you can buy it.

Our normal toothbrush cannot reach the tough area of the teeth and gum. So the food particles remain between the teeth and gums. Here bacteria forms and creates plaques upon the teeth. It also harms the gums also. But the waterpiks can bring out the food particles from the narrow gap. It keeps the place clean. Again it can remove plaques and bacteria from our teeth also.

It is not just an oral irrigator, it is something more. It can change the whole idea of cleaning up with manual toothbrush and floss after buying it. Even the electric toothbrushes are not able to clean your teeth’s area completely without the waterpik. So, you do not have to tense about your manual toothbrush and flosser anymore that they are cleaning properly or not. So do not wait anymore. Buy the best water pik 2017 today. [/box]

Types of Waterpik Water Flosser:

Scientists are working hard on water flossers to improve its technology and features for the mankind. Everybody has not same oral health. Some people have sensitive teeth and gum line. They cannot use the general electric flosser. That is why manufacturers are producing different types of irrigators with different modes and features. We have found many types of oral irrigators.

The type of waterpik depends on its features or the technology. So here we have differentiated three types of best water flosser which we usually see on the market.

They are … a. Counter Top  b. Cordless  c. Shower Type

  • Counter Top:

These oral irrigators are big in size. It has main power unit and reservoirs. For having big water reservoirs, this type of waterpik has become big in size. It is professionally designed to use it for different purposes of dental. Its water reservoirs can contain a large amount of water.

It has also a handle, which flows out the water with a great speed. The handle and the reservoir are connected with each other by the flexible long tube. Through this tube, the water passes from the reservoir to the handle. The unit has many controlling options to control the flow of the water. And of course, the button on the handle can again control the flow of water when the water comes out from the tip.

  • Cordless:

This type of irrigator is also known as the portable irrigator. These oral irrigators have the rechargeable battery and the handle or the main part will be cordless. It has a charging path. You just have to place it on the charging path to give it charge.

It has not big water reservoir. This water jet has the small reservoir on the handle and it is built in. It is not heavy to carry and move. This part is small in size. It is specially made to carry it on the traveling time. This advanced flosser is also very effective like the counter top water flossers.

Though it is little but it is reliable to use. It has many modes and controlling options on its hand. It is also waterproof. The battery life is also long lasting and gives you enough charge to do your cleaning job.

  • Shower Type:

This type of water flosser has no water reservoir. It is directly connected to the sink or shower to get the water supply. It has a cord to make the connection between the water pik and shower. It has no power source also.

So these are the main types of water flosser which we usually see in our market. All of them have separate mechanism and separate purpose. They are the best from their own side.

Benefits of Using Water Flosser:

Oral irrigator has no single side to discuss. It is beneficial from many angles. The main purpose of the waterpik is to remove the bacteria, food particles, and plaques from the teeth to stop the periodontal diseases in our mouth. It can highly prevent bleeding, gum pain, periodontal pathogens, probing depths and gingivitis.

Many people suffer from many types of dental diseases. They often come to visit their dentists. It is causing extra pain and billing. But the dental experts are now suggesting using the waterpik widely at home. After having every meal people should clean their mouth, especially between the teeth and gum areas. This washing task can be successfully done by the best water flossers only at home.

  • A waterpik that actually works can reduce the gum disease. Gum disease has become a common disease among the people. It can widely reduce by the oral irrigators.
  • It is much weird to hear that our mouth is the dirtiest place. Here more than 300 types bacteria forms. These bacteria can form the plaque on the teeth so easily and quickly. Water flosser can do their fight successfully against these bacteria.
  • Bacteria cause the bad smell in our mouth also. That is why we often shy to talk or laugh among the people confidently. Proper use of the oral irrigators can give us the fresh breathing.
  • It is clinically proven that more than 90 percent of diseases start from our mouth. Because it is the best place to form the bacteria and germ. So, an every day use waterpik can take care of both oral health and other sides of health also.
  • The plaque fades away the brightness of our teeth. So without the proper cleaning of our teeth, we are losing our natural color of the teeth. Do not worry; water flosser’s high-speed water can bring you back the natural color of your teeth when you will start to use the irrigator.
  • The toughest areas of our teeth are: the space between the teeth and gum, the back teeth sides and so on. These places are very tough for cleaning. Our manual toothbrush and floss cannot clean it properly. But the water pik can easily reach to the places and successfully clean the places.
  • Germs can make their population double within 20 minutes. So it is necessary to clean our mouth properly and immediately. So it is very needed to use the best water flosser to stop the creating pollution in our mouth.
  • After eating, especially meat. The particles of the food remain in the gap between the teeth and gum. That is why we feel very uneasy. The task of bringing out the particles so tough. So we use normal floss. But it often creates problem. It hardly harms our gum and causes bleeding.
  • The task of taking out the food particles from the area between gum and teeth is also very hard for us. We often cannot reach to it. But at these places waterpik can easily reach and takes out the particles easily without doing any harm to our teeth and the gums line.
  • The oral irrigator’s high-speed water can massage the gum line. It is very needed for the gums to keep them healthy. The gums will feel the tickle feeling and safely it will improve its health when the water flosser’s high-speed water will move on it.
  • It will not let you go to the dentist frequently. It will reduce the money of doctor’s visits and treatments bills. You can now take care of your dental health at your home professionally.
  • Every time it gives you professional cleaning, which we get from the dentists. At our home, we can get the same quality. Dentists are also recommending using the oral irrigators at our home widely.
  • We can take the water flossers with us in our traveling time also. So it can give us a fresh and healthy oral or dental health anywhere and anytime.

These water piks are specially made to remove the food debris and plaque between the teeth. It can remove these from the gum line also. It has the ability to make pulsating water and this high force of the water will do the cleaning and brightening task. It will improve the dental health or gingival health without doing any harm to it. Is it not so cool as a profitable advanced flosser?

How to use the Water Flosser?

Buying the best waterpik from the market cannot give you an effective result if you do not know the right procedure of using it. To get the proper result from it, you should learn about the using of oral irrigator elaborately.

If you do not have the proper knowledge about using it, then come to our next point about the using of best water pik where we have discussed it widely. First, you have to choose the irrigator, by which you will do the cleaning. There are three types. So choose your preferable one from these.

Shower Type:

  • If you choose the shower irrigator, just connect it to the sink and start to use it. You will get enough force from the jet tip. It has no power source and reservoirs. So make sure that your shower tap is fully open. You can adjust the speed of the jet tip’s water by adjusting the power of shower tap.

Counter Top:

  • If you choose the Counter Top water flossers, then first fill the reservoir with water. You have to fill the reservoir what has been told in the instruction manual. It is best if you fill the reservoir with warm water. Your sensitive teeth may not tolerate the cold water.
  • Connect the automatic waterpik with the power line to activate it. Now take the handle and set it to the maximum level to get the high forced water from it. If you feel that the pressure is excess then adjust it to the tolerable level.
  • Always keep your thumb on the pause button after turning the irrigator on. So you can easily pause the jet when you will need the pause.
  • Clean your teeth slightly closing your lips, but leave a little space between the lips to give the way to the water to come out from your mouth.
  • You have to apply the jet water at the 90 angle on the teeth. It is the best position to clean the teeth and gum. The food particles, bacteria, and plaque stay in these places. Because normal toothbrush or floss cannot clean it completely.
  • There is no fixed procedure for cleaning the upper or lower teeth. Just make it sure that you have cleaned both sides of the teeth.
  • If your automatic water pik has different modes, apply the mode when you need it. Learn about the mode from your oral irrigator’s instruction manual.


  • If you have the cordless waterpik, then bring it out from the packet and place it in your sink or washroom. It is portable and rechargeable. So you can move with it anywhere to wash your teeth.
  • Before use, it, make sure that the water flosser has enough charge and the reservoir has enough water to supply.
  • You have to follow the steps of using as like the steps of Counter Top water pik. These two models are different but the using procedure is quite same.

It is best to use the oral irrigator after brushing the teeth. Always clean the irrigator after using it. Keep it dry to get long life. Give the portable waterpik complete charge after using it. So you will get it ready when you will use it for the next cleaning task. Click here if you want to learn more about the whole water flossing process.

Best Waterpik Buying Guide:

On the market, you will see many types of water pik. They have come on the market with different designs, technology, and features. So you may get confused when you will go to buy your water flosser among these. It is quite normal to feel that. But it is not impossible to find out the right one.

ConsumerHubs is going to give you the buying guide to give you proper knowledge about it before buying them in 2017.

  • Counter Top Oral Irrigators have different models. The tank or the reservoir size of this waterpik differs from model to model and brand to brand.
  • The big size tank can contain a good amount of water. So you will get enough backup from it. It also needs a big place to set it.
  • Counter top Irrigators are specially designed to use it at home. It has a great power source to make the water speed high.
  • It can be used for different purpose. You can use it in tongue cleaning, nasal irrigation, orthodontic and periodontal.
  • These advanced flossers run on the direct power line. You need to connect them when you will use them.
  • Its handle has on and off switched to run it smoothly. It has many especial modes. This is very necessary for the people who need special kind of mode to make it suitable to them.
  • You can use warm water in this type of water flosser’s reservoir to get the comfortable feeling. Sensitive teeth may not tolerate the cold water.

Again before buying the cordless water pik you should take a glance at the facts which are given below…

  • Cordless Oral Irrigator is rechargeable and portable irrigator. It runs on battery. Its size is not as big as the counter top irrigator.
  • The Irrigator which has Lithium Ion battery. This battery can take charge quickly and lasts also quite long. It can give good backup to run the irrigator.
  • The people travels frequently, the cordless waterpik is best for them. It is specially designed and made for the travelers. It does not take large space in the bag also.
  • It has a small reservoir. Though it can contain a little amount of water, but this amount is enough to give you one minute’s cleaning completely.
  • This irrigator has a smart timer of one minute with a thirty-second pause.
  • It has the controlling button of different modes on the handle.
  • You can easily maintain the speed of the water.

The basic thing about the Shower Type Waterpik:

  • This irrigator has a long tube. This tube makes the connection between the jet tip and the shower.
  • It is basically used in the sink and shower.
  • This irrigator is made to use it in the home.

So these are the basic things of the oral irrigators. Now you have to choose which one will be much beneficial for you. Research about the product’s features and every side from online. You will get a clear idea about these products. Must, check the warranty of the product. You can get a best water pik within $100.

The Good:

  • It can clean teeth far better than manual toothbrush or floss.
  • These electric flossers can massage the gums.
  • Oral irrigator can reach the toughest area of the teeth and gums.
  • It is clinically proven that it can take great care of dental health.
  • Reliable and effective cleaning dental tool.

The Bad:

  • It can be pricey for many people.
  • You have to change the tip every 3-5 months.
  • Sometimes some water flossers cannot be so effective to remove the plaques.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) …

These faq sections can help you to get answers of some common questions that user asked frequently to clear their views regarding this water pik. Let’s have a look …

Q. What is the length of the power cable?

The power cable’s length depends on the model or brand. Every brand launches their best water pik with the power cable surely. You have no need to buy it separately. But the length is not same for all models. H2ofloss Hf-8whisper oral irrigator has 55.1 inches power cable. If you see the other brand’s product it will not be same. So you have to read the product’s description thoroughly if you want to know about the power cable length of your selected product.

Q. Does every water flosser have the pulse system?

Most of the Counter Top water pik comes with the pulse system. It will not let the water come out steadily. It is the smart feature which will not let you feel uncomfortable. Many irrigators do not provide this type of feature. So you have to check the manual or product description. Like: H2ofloss Hf-8whisper oral irrigator can produce pulsating water.

Q. What is the fixed voltage of the water flosser?

No. All water piks have not same voltage. All irrigators may not adjust with your home voltage. So you have to check the home voltage and the oral irrigator’s voltage. If its voltage is not adjustable. You have to buy a voltage converter to run your irrigator without any risk.

Q. Is the water flosser’s warranty of amazon valid?

Yes. It will be valid if you buy it from the amazon. The companies of Oral Irrigators supply their products to the amazon. So, when you will buy it from the amazon, the warranty of the water flosser will be still valid.

Q. How much water can the reservoir contain?

Counter Top has the big reservoir and it can contain a good amount of water. But the Portable water flosser cannot contain so much water. Because their reservoir is small and can contain a little amount of water to give a one-minute water supply.

Finally …

So we have at last come to the point that though it has a few disadvantages, we can still say it as a great device to take great care of our dental health effectively. This smart device can make our teeth totally fresh after every meal. Our gums will also get the feeling of tickle when the jet propels water on them.

It is now highly recommended by the dentists widely. Already many people have made it as their daily necessary tool. So, why you will stay behind from this advantage.

After buying it, you can also get the advantage from staying at your home. Start this year with its smart move. We hope that, above reviews on the best waterpik 2017 will help you a lot in bringing home the best one for you.

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