If you are trying to sniff out the best oil less fryer of 2017, you surely love yourself!Best Oil Less Fryer

Because, things you have been eating all along was filled with unwanted oil that have stored up inside you. Well, it’s time for a change and first of all we are glad that you are ready to accept the change.

The best modern oil less fryers are the easier, healthier, time saving solution of making the same deep fried food that you like so much.

We are going to help you find the top oil less fryer for you and your family. Our experts have sorted and reviewed the best available models of air fryers for you. There will also be a lot more that you should know with the reviews. Don’t forget to check them out too.

Best Oil Less Fryer 2017

The oil free fryer market is really a confusing one. There are a lot of products and most of them were commercially successful. That’s why we have sorted out the products in the following list so that it can help everyone as our goal is to generate better consumers. Check the table below.

ImageProduct NameScore
 GoWISE USA GW22621 GoWISE USA GW22621  92
 Big Boss 9063 Big Boss 906385
 Philips-HD9220 Philips-HD9220 86
 Avalon Bay 220SS Avalon Bay 220SS 80
Philips XL HD9240Philips XL HD924082

Now that you have seen what’s in the list, you should also know them in details before reaching your decision. There are facts & things beyond features that you should know to make the best out of it. Why don’t spend 5 minutes behind you and let us show you everything.

  1. GoWISE USA GW22621 – The Best Oil Free Deep Fryer within Budget

We just had to keep it on the top as its best in price and appears at its most flourished form. According to the manufacturer, it’s their 4th generation air fryer and you will know it once you start using it.

GoWISE USA GW22621 best air fryer

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The most unique thing about this model is its 30 minute timer which is a pretty rare feature for a product of its class. Now, designing an oil less fryer that can tolerate the pressure of 30 minutes of heating up should be enough to ensure its quality.

Another major feature that this fryer has is its touch sensitive control panel with beautiful dim blue lights. This makes the whole thing look really beautiful. Here is the thing, if you see a GW22621 in someone’s kitchen, you would certainly want in yours too.

The whole thing comes with a wide temperature range of 175-400 ‘F which is also a good thing also. With this wide range of temperature control, you will be able to cook a lot of verity of food. Practically, it can cook almost everything except the red meat.

Now, the model can malfunction sometimes. Remember, oil free fryers need a little care and they are pretty easy to take care of. Even after that, some part of it or the whole thing gets out of order or stops working you can get a new one within thirty days.

Other than this, we have nothing to complain about this oil less fryer. Rather we would suggest it to those who are looking for the most advanced version of fryer within budget cause the rest of the products may not have features like the touch sensitive control panel and they may not be this much good looking.

The Pros:

  • Attractive Design
  • Touch Controls
  • Wide Temperature
  • 30 minute timer
  • Good Price

The Cons:

  • Needs good care
  • Smaller batches
  1. Big Boss 9063 – Best Transparent Oil Less Fryer

If you wane see what’s happening inside an oil free fryer while its frying your favorite food then you should go with the 9063 which can really be convenient for you. Did you know that it’s really hard to fry something in an oil less fryer on a single go?

Big Boss 9063 best air fryer

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Yes, you have to check it out after every five minutes whether things inside are properly cooked or not. But, with this model you won’t have to take that hassle. Everything would be before your eyes.

Now, this may not be a digital fryer with presets but it certainly is helpful one as it comes with directions for different food items beside the temperature and timer knob on the lid. This feature cuts down the hassle of guessing the time and temperature. This makes the whole thing really easy to operate.

What stroke us the most is this, everything about this Big Boss is different from all the other models of air fryers that are available in today’s market. The first thing that will catch your eye is its shape. Then, the internal cooking system or systems for producing heat are entirely different from all other oil less fryers. It is also spacious and allows a lot of space inside to cook on two layers.

The Pros:

  • Transparent
  • Spacious
  • Easy Operations
  • Two frying levels

The Cons:

  • Needs to be handled with care
  • Unit gets too hot
  1. Philips-HD9220 – The Oil Free Fryer that You Can Trust!

If you have enough money to spare behind forming a healthier food habit then you should just bring home a HD 9220 and call it a day. Now, the first thing that we would like to say about this product is that it costs almost the twice of a decent air fryer. There is a reason for that.

Philips-HD9220 best air fryer

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You see, most of the oil less fryers that you see on the market are not that much durable and after an year of continuous use they get weaker day by day and you will understand the difference. But, with a 9220, you don’t have to worry things like these.

Let’s start by saying that it’s a beautiful piece of appliance and has a great simplicity in the whole thing. This fryer is available in two colors, Black and white and you can also find three other models of it. Viva, Viva digital and Avance XL. The Regular Viva comes with two dials where the other two models have a really elegant looking display on them.

Another great reason that we thought important was, Philips not only developed the oil free fryers and with that they have also given enough importance on the things that should be cooked inside an air fryer.

Know Gordon Ramsay? He has developed the oil less fryer recipe book. So far we have tried; we think almost all the recipes are doable in the HD9220. It has its own patented design that makes it really efficient in making fries. In some low priced products we have seen that, without using 5 or 6 tablespoon of oil things burn up. But after trying to fry the same thing in this thing, fries came out as good looking golden ones with less than a tablespoon of oil. So, you have it. The premium grade air fryer that you can buy.

The Pros:

  • Good at doing what it does
  • Has its own recipe book
  • Good built quality

The Cons:

  • The Price
  • May appear small to some people
  1. Avalon Bay 220SS – A Popular Oil Less Fryer in The Market

Over many other products the 220SS of Avalon Bay has gained huge popularity. We think that, the brand name speaks for itself. There are some manufacturers that are truly American and you will not see their products outside the US.

Avalon Bay 220SS best air fryer

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In reality, we have to admit that Avalon Bay emphasized on both quality and efficiency while they were designing this oil free fryer. There is not much to talk about it actually. It’s a good air fryer that does the job of frying great. The manufacturer claims a lot of fancy things about it and after we have tested the product, we came to a conclusion that, they were more or less right.

Now, we gave the 220SS a spot in the list because it has gained huge popularity and there are many satisfied customers of this product meaning it won’t malfunction that easily. The fryer is available in two different colors, black and silver and both of it looks quite good actually. It has a big display and the controls are easy too.

This oil free fryer is not that price and not a cheap oil less fryer either. That’s why if your budget is around hundred dollars mark then we would recommend you this one. It has a touch of the last generation air fryers and it surely felt as a long lasting product to us.

The Pros:

  • Good Quality
  • Spacious
  • Efficient
  • Nice display

The Cons:

  • Lacks Presets
  • The inner section has a tendency to catch rust
  1. Philips XL HD9240 – Best Oil Less Fryer that Money can buy!

Beware of this baby unless you have a huge wallet and a huge family. It’s a monster actually. We have often seen people complaining about the size of the oil free fryers. Well, this one makes all the others look like a tiny piece of toy.

Philips XL HD9240 best air fryer

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It is the biggest air fryer that you will come to meet in the market. The best thing about it is that, it is not only big in size, it works better than others also and by better we mean a whole lot better actually. It has an immense capacity of 2.65 lbs which will allow you to fry two bags of French fries at once.

So, in a sense this one has set the bar high because it can not only consume bigger batches but fry them up in the same time. We have to admit, that’s powerful! Oh, the recipe book that Philips came up with (about the recipe book that we have talked about) has a slight intention to tell you that oil less fryers are not only for making French friends. You can do all kinds of stuffs with them and the book has it all.

If you are looking for an oil free fryer for your restaurant then we think it would be the best solution for you. This can also be your ideal friend if you throw in a small party. The unit has a huge 60 minute timer in it and has the capacity of coping up with those sixty minutes of heating.

If you have a small family of two or then this gigantic air fryer may not be that much suitable for you. And do we have to mention that, it takes a lot of space and finding a resting spot for this cooker can be a tricky thing.

The Pros:

  • Huge Size
  • Great Power
  • 60 Minutes Timer
  • Intuitive display and control Panel

The Cons:

  • Insane Pricing
  • Takes a lot of space
  • Harsh on smaller batches

So, that was it. We now hope that you have all the necessary things that you needed to know about the best available oil less fryers. If you have some more times to spare why don’t you spare it in becoming an expert of the oil free fryers? It seems that you will eventually buy one.

But then what? Here is the complete guide designed to help you in purchasing and utilizing air fryers. Bet, you will not find it anywhere else.

What is an Air or Oil Less Fryer?

As per the name suggests, Oil less fryers are a kitchen appliance that circulates super heated air through and around its frying basket where the food is fried.

The mechanism of an oil free fryer is quite simple. There is a fan on top, below the fan sits a coil that heats up. Once powered up the fan drives the heat of the coil towards the frying basket below what has so many holes around to take the air in and exhaust the heated air and there is an exhaust vent on the unit.

Why Should Get an Air or Oil Less Deep Fryer?

There are several reasons actually. Here is a short list of them.

  • Healthier Food: Eat the same oily junks without the oil. The oil free fryer requires only a few drops of oil but comes up with the same food. Now, with that little oil, it won’t be a good idea to expect a better taste from the air fried foods.
  • Faster Cooking: If you are in a hurry then the oil less fryers are ideal for saving your time.
  • Easy: The fryer is very easy to operate because of their easy construction. As the cooked food is dry, the unit does not require too much cleaning and on top of that, the basket is dish washer safe.
  • Economical: Oil Less fryers can also save you some bucks by radically reducing the use of oil.
  • Not only for making French fries: with this product can you make many things if you want. Remember; don’t waste your money by only frying potatoes or chickens. You can even make cookies or cakes in it if you know how to. There will be some recipe source below to help you on this regard.

These are the main points behind someone’s buying air fryer. However, everyone is buying it to keep up with the trend.

Things to look for in Oil Less Fryer & Buying Guide

Here, in this section we will enlist the features that you should look for in an air fryer and then we will go on to the buying guide section.

  • Power: The wattage of an oil free fryer varies from 900 W to 1400 W and if you want versatility then you should go with the powerful models.
  • Frying Presets: This is a feature that you will only find on the latest models. The second generation models come with a more user friendly attractive control panel where you can not only control the time and temperature but you will find different cooking presets. These presets have pre-programmed temperature and time. With the help of these features you just have to select what you are frying and the cooker will automatically take care of the rest. Where, you have to guess the time and temperature for different foods on the models without presets. So, if you are buying  the best oil less fryer in 2017, make sure that this feature is present.
  • Safety: You see, we are highlighting the features of the oil free fryers that has not been that much popular but after some researching we have found that these features of the air fryers can make a whole lot of difference.The safety of an oil less fryer depends on its pressure and air release mechanism. This mechanism slowly releases the heated air and formed gas that prevents pressure build up inside. If the system malfunctions then there will be a possibility of your air fryer blowing up. So, check the mechanism and sniff out if there aren’t any reports of the model’s blowing up.
  • Space: Space is the main point where the oil free fryers fail before the deep fryers. If you have a big family or guests frequent in your home then it would be good for you to go with the bigger fryers.
  • Less Oil Consumptions: Almost all modern models of air free fryers can get the job of frying a full batch done in a tablespoon of oil but before getting anything you should be sure of it.
  • Transparency: You will find very few models that offer transparency but it’s a really great feature that lets you see what’s happening inside. This way you will know if your fries have turned golden or not without taking them out from the fryer.

Well these are the points that you should look for but to buy the most appropriate air fryer, you should answer the following questions to yourself. Consider these questions as your buying guide. We hope that they will be helpful for you.

Buying Guide – Top 5 Questions about Oil Less Fryers to Ask Yourselves

Before you buy an oil free fryer you must make sure that you will regularly use it. That means you will use the deep fryer no more. Otherwise it will just find a spot in the corner of your cup board or closet and may never see the daylight again. That would just be a waste of money.

When you think that you are finally ready then and only then get to these questions. We have also included possible answers with the questions to assist you in making your decision.

  • What is the size of your family? ( if it’s a large family, then you should go with the bigger ones )
  • How much do you want to spend? ( in our review section, have categorized products from sub 100$ mark to over 300$ mark so that it can satisfy everyone’s need. Now, it would be good if you pick one of them that matches your budget )
  • What do you want to do with your oil less fryer? ( fry obviously, but these modern oil free fryers can do more than that. They can even be used for barbecuing or baking. If you want to make cakes or biscuits or delicious! But healthy barbecue then get the models that come with that feature )
  • Would you like to do the frying in old fashioned way? ( meaning, taking a peek at what’s frying after five minutes to make sure that everything is getting golden enough and not getting too brown or black )
  • Or the ‘play and forget’ one? ( the latest generation air fryers are really smart in air frying. They know what type of food deserves what kind of treatment. According to that, they set the time and temperature. )

Now, if you know what to look for in the oil less fryers and what are the questions that you should ask yourself then you are on the verge of being a better consumer of air fryers. Just don’t forget to apply this information while shopping for oil free fryers and make the most out your hard earned money.

How to Use an Oil Less or Air Fryer?

It’s pretty simple actually. Here are some short and easy steps that you should follow to air fry your favorite foods.

  • The first thing that you should do after you get your oil free fryer in your hand is, let it run empty for about twenty minutes. This will remove the smell of the plastic and all other unnecessary things that you don’t want in your food.
  • Then if you want to prepare something you need to start your preparations. Do it as usual but be careful about the width of the slices of your potato or protein. To properly air fry them make sure they are not too thick or too thin.
  • Before you put anything inside the fryer, give things a oil coating. Depending the size of the batch you can use up to only one tablespoon of oil. Don’t put the oil inside the frying basket rather try to marinate it before you fire up the fryer.
  • Remember, greasy foods are unwelcome inside an oil less fryer. That’s why you can only do chickens inside air fryers and not beef or pork.
  • Once you put everything inside you can fire up the fryer. Now, maximum things in full batch take 15 to 25 minutes to be properly cooked in an oil less fryer. That’s why start by setting the timer to 15 minutes, meanwhile you can do whatever you want.
  • You can also use the automatic frying if your fryer allows that. For that we would say, don’t trust the presets entirely as they are only presets and there are no other sensors involved inside to accurately tell the unit whether the food inside are cooked or not or overcooked. That’s why you should take out the basket and check everything for yourself.
  • If your food is undercooked, you should let it fry for five minutes more and if that does not do then give it another five minutes.
  • The fryer fries from below, that’s why if you need the whole batch evenly cooked, stir it from time to time. This often results in better air fried food.
  • When you are done take out the batch and enjoy.

But, here are some things that you should always remember. Here is a glance of them.

  • Do not use the fryer if there is water inside it. Let the water dry up. The same applies for the food that you are to fry. After cleaning it, let the water dry up and only then put it inside the fryer.
  • You may not have to clean the unit that often. After a batch is cooked you can just wipe it with a clean cloth and that will do the trick. If it gets too dirty you can clean it in the dishwasher or with a mild dish washing liquid and water.
  • Let there be enough space around the whole unit. It needs to release hot air from time to time and that’s why it should be placed on a well ventilated spot.
  • Don’t even go near the air vents if your fryer is running for a while.
  • Let the unit cool down before you use it.
  • Here are some things that you should also know that is concerned with the efficiency of the fryer.

Well, we hope that you are now well aware of the use and care of the oil free fryer. So, feel a bit more ready to get one and use it?

The Pros

  • They can make the same food that you like with a very little amount of oil. That results in a healthier food.
  • These Oil less fryers really cut down your cooking time as they are really easy to clean. It may take longer time to fry the food but ultimately it should be good for you.
  • You can’t bake and grill on a deep fryer. But it is very much possible in an oil free fryer.
  • This product is way safer than deep fryers as there won’t be any risk of spilling oils.
  • The fryers are also environment friendly.

The Cons

  • Air fried foods lack taste
  • Consume a lot of power


Here is a list of some questions that the users of oil free fryers frequently ask. These questions may also be helpful for you.

Q. How to take care of my oil less fryer?

Taking care of your air fryer is really an easy thing as there is almost zero use of oil. Now, the vent that releases the extra gas should be cleaned from time to time. To clean the frying basket you can use the dish washer or you can manually clean it with dish washing liquid and water.

As most of the food that is cooked inside the fryer is dry, there will a great possibility that the food shreds falling inside the unit. They can burn up if they are not removed from the chamber. So, be careful. You will find other necessary information of maintenance on the how to use section.

Q. How accurate the presets of the oil free fryers are?

Well, when it comes to air fryer, we should say that they are a home appliance of a simple construction like the toaster you own. The fryers just have an additional fan. However, the latest models of oil less fryers come with some smart control panel what has presets on them that reduces your hassle of guessing the time for different ingredients. Now, are these presets really efficient?

We say, they are a helpful but if you entirely rely on them, you will end up with either undercooked or overcooked fries and you would not certainly want that. That’s why it is always better to take out the basket and take a look what’s been happening inside.

Q. What are the risks of oil less fryers?

There are not too many risks actually. The air vent in the oil less fryers must not be blocked at any cost. They prevent the whole unit from forming pressure inside. So, a malfunctioning air vent in an air fryer is a dangerous thing as it can cause the whole thing to blow up. You would not want that to happen, would you?

Also, the frying basket heats up real good whenever something is being fried inside. That’s why you should be real careful while you are taking out the cooked food or stirring it otherwise you will burn your hands.


We hope it was enough for you on oil free fryers. They are the smartest way of making healthier fries with minimum hassle. Getting an air fryer and using it regularly has been proven as a healthier habit as there is the use of very less oil involved.

But, what we have experienced so far is that, most people just buy it and use it for a day or two and get back to their old deep fried oil dripping fries. That’s why we emphasized on your being sure that you want an oil free fryer. If you buy the best oil less fryer 2017, you would certainly don’t want it to rot in a corner of your closet or cupboard.



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