Looking for the safest way to carry your baby?

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That’s why we have compiled a list of the best baby carrier 2020 for you.

Nothing can be more helpful than except these expert’s reviews on the baby carriers. Let’s see what our experts have to present before you.

The baby carrier is the best way of carrying an infant or child. They have been used for centuries in every part of the world. In the recent decades, the percentage of using the baby wearing has been increased. Now, these carriers come in different shapes and sizes that should leave you dizzy. That’s why you should start by knowing the top models.

Best Baby Carriers 2020 (Top List)

It has gained much popularity also among the parents. Experts of the ConsumerHubs have enlisted these 5 Baby Carriers as best to buy in 2020. Check it out below …

ImageProduct NameScore
Lillebaby Baby Carriers Lillebaby 360 Degree 92
Infantino Baby Carriers Infantino Flip Front 2 88
Boba Baby Carriers Boba Baby Wrap 85
Infantino Flip Baby Carriers Infantino Advanced 4-in-1 90
BabyBjorn Baby CarriersBaby Bjorn Baby Carrier91

It is such a baby transport system that we can carry our babies anywhere and as long as they like to stay. For the development of their health and safety, this carrier can play the vital role. We have practically reviewed them based on ConsumerHubs Algorithm with details information.

1. Lillebaby 360 Degree  – Premium* Baby Carrier [RECOMMENDED]

This carrier has durable and soft fabric of cotton. It has also 3D mesh for controlling temperature and giving comfort to your baby and you. The users will get longer lifespan because it can be used for babies weighting up to 45 lbs

Lillebaby Best Baby Carriers 2017

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Multi Ergonomic positions have been included in it. Like: Front-infant, front-fetal, front facing out, hip and back, front toddler. The users have won’t need an extra insert for the newborn children. Sleeping hood, neck support, and lumbar support are available for the users.

The zippered pocket is given for carrying extra accessories. This bearer is lightweight. It is machine washable and compact. Shoulder straps and waist belt are wide and padded for giving maximum comfort.

So, it will distribute the weight and reduce pressure on the wearer. It can be adjusted from narrow seat to wide seat and its hood is also adjustable. Back support and extra neck are given for the taller babies. The central panel is adjustable and can keep our baby warm in cool and cool in warm weather.

Its multi carrying positions will let you carry your baby in many ways. It has a good amount of effective feature than other baby carriers. The central panel can be adjusted to keep babies warm or cool. It can be used for a long time. It comes with a lumbar support, the sturdy belt of the waist, two-way strap and extra hood give maximum comfort to the both parents or bearer and kids.

Mothers can easily do their Breastfeeding when they are carrying their infants. Many adjustable features have been given for the users’ comfort and babies will fall in sleep comfortably also. You can keep extra accessories in the zippered pocket. It is the best-updated carrier for the babies.

The Pros:

  • More features than other carriers
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multi options to carry the children comfortably
  • Distribute the weight of the pressure equally
  • Cotton’s soft fabric.

The Cons:

  • Not so much suitable for the bigger kids
  • Expensive carrier
  • Fewer pockets.

2. Infantino Flip Front 2  – Low Budget & Comfortable Baby Carriers

The body of this Infantino carrier is mesh type and it is breathable. So it can create greater airflow. Its 3 positions of the baby are given with the growth of the baby. They are: facing-out cruising, facing-in cozy time and back-pack exploring.

Infantino Best Baby Carriers 2017

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To reduce the shoulder pressure of the bearer, the lumbar support is given with it and this support is adjustable. The straps are extra padded and can give all day comfort to the baby and also to the parents. Wonder cover of the bib is also included here to protect the clothes of the users and the carrier.

The users will be delighted with its comfort. You can flip your baby from front to back positions anytime. The manufacturer has specially crafted for the moms. But the fathers can use it as well. Its flexible, flappable and breathable body will keep both the users and babies all time comfortable. To protect the cloth of the user and carrier, it has wonder cover of the bib.

So the users don’t have to worry about polluting. The straps are well padded to give you the opportunity to carry your baby comfortably and securely. It is durable and strong enough to bear the weight of the baby. It can also reduce the weight pressure of the baby on the bearer’s shoulder.

The Pros:

  • 3 multi positions to carry the kids
  • Strong and durable
  • Well padded straps
  • Cloth protection from polluting
  • Less weight pressure on the shoulder

The Cons:

  • Hard to tight the straps enough
  • The lap straps can be too high for the tall bearers.
  • Many users have found it as uncomfortable in carrying their babies with it.

3. Boba Baby Wrap  – Best Seller & Budget Friendly Baby Carriers

The fabrics in Boba Baby Wrap are a mixture of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. Front tying style of the infant is easier to suit with the movement of the bearers. You won’t have to much trouble as the baby wrap is machine washable. It is available in many patterns and colors.

Boba Best Baby Carriers 2017

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This wrap is soft and stretchy and makes it as a flexible comfort wrap which lasts long. No harmful chemical or dyes have been used for this carrier. It is an eco-friendly product in the market.

From the newborn to the 1.5 years old babies can get fit in it. This product is free from buckles, snaps and straps. You just need to tie it in the proper way. After learning the wrap instructions, you will soon become an expert. This type of carrier can keep the babies closer than other types of the bearer.

Breastfeeding is not a matter of problem anymore for the mothers. Tying the wrap is very simple. You can clean in the washing machine. Soft and elastic fabrics have made it more suitable and comfortable for the parents and children. It gives the highest support also for the hands-free adventuring.

The Pros:

  • Hands-free adventuring
  • Lightweight
  • Easier tying system
  • Breastfeeding ready
  • Soft and durable wrap.

The Pros:

  • Not suitable for the summer season
  • In the standing position, you may need to use your hands to give your babies support
  • The length of the wrap is long

4. Infantino Flip (4 in 1) – Convertible & Advanced Baby Carriers

The Infantino Flip is suitable for carrying babies weighting from 8 to 32 pounds in four different ways. They are: for newborns, narrow seat; for older kids, wide seat; for babies, the narrow seat of facing out; and for older toddlers and babies, the wide seat of back carry.

Infantino Flip Best Baby Carriers 2017

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To protect the clothes and the carrier, it has 2-in-1 wonder bib cover. This product is machine washable. The seat is adjustable and has leg openings. Waist belt and straps are included to give the users a customized comfortable fit. Attractive light gray color and quality stitching has earned the product huge popularity.

This model is one of a kind in a sense as the convertible seat option has made it as an ideal carrier. To hold small infants securely and comfortably, this bearer has padded head and narrow seat position support.

It’s very soft but strong enough to carry the weight from 4 to 20 kg. Parents can easily clean this bearer with the machine wash. Its buckling system is advanced and durable. It gives every time the secure fit to our babies.

The Pros:

  • Advanced convertible carrier
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and strong
  • Four positions to carry kids
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

The Cons:

  • The straps are not thickly padded
  • Drool cover is worthless
  • Some people have complained about its wearing comfort

5. Baby Bjorn baby Carrier (Black) – Perfect Ones for Newborn Babies

The body of this bearer is made of cotton. This product is imported. To create the closest bond with the baby, it helps to keep the baby nearest to the users. It has two carrying positions. Both the positions are ergonomic and safer for the kids. This product is a perfect one for the newborn babies.

BabyBjorn Best Baby Carriers 2017

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With this product you wont be needing an insert in it. It is small in size and easier to safely use for the kids. With a few adjustments, the children will get fit in it. It has come in the market with its attractive black color.

It is a classic and original product of BabyBjorn. Its whole cotton body can keep your children safe and closer to you. This bearer gives great support to the baby’s neck and head. Again the baby’s legs always stay in the physiologically correct position. It has fold able neck-rest and so the older kids can move their neck easily and look around.

At least 25 pounds can be tolerated by it. It has already gotten eco-friendly certifications. The users can wash it if it gets dirty. It is a machine washable product. This product’s weight is light enough and it is only 1.2 pounds.

The Pros:

  • Lightweight product
  • Machine washable
  • Fabric of full cotton
  • Foldable neck-rest
  • Safe and comfortable

The Cons:

  • Limited carrying positions
  • Have not enough pockets

Why Should You Buy Baby Carriers?

Often parents think that there is any necessity to buy the carrier for the babies’ separately! If you are thinking like this way, then we are sure that you do not have the actual idea or knowledge about the necessity of buying the baby-carrier. So we are introducing here with the necessity of buying this product.

Practically we know from our past and present experience that keeping our kids close to us can diminish their crying. Adults and infants cry when they release the hormone of stress. That means, when they face any stress, they cry.

So reducing the possibility and duration of crying can keep the babies stress less. Garr and Hunziker are researchers and they found that babycarrier can reduce at least 3 hours of baby crying. Overall the chance of crying will be reduced about 43 percent.

  • Physical improvement –

When we carry the baby in the upright position, the infant gets the chance of head and neck strength controlling. In the baby wearing, the kids can keep their arms against their parents’ chest. So they can create pressure on the chest and their arms able to get strength. It also improves inner-ear and balances development.

  • Breastfeeding –

When children stay closer to the mother chest, the kids cause mothers to release oxytocin hormone. This hormone increases the breast milk production. This a great advantage for the mothers.

Again, when the infants will stay in the kid wearing and get hungry, mothers can easily breastfeed them. These kidwearings give the opportunity to feed the children without using their hands for nursing.

  • Speech and neurobehavioral development –

Babywearing always keeps the kids near to the parents. These kids get more chance to see the world from the different angle, they can hear many types of voice, and they can view the real facial expression of the human. Only these kids will start talking quickly and their neurobehavioral will also be developed fast.

  • Bonding and exercise –

These baby carryings will improve the maternal-infant bonding. The more baby will stay close to you, the more baby will love you. Strong bonding will keep the parents from many stresses.

These carriers can also be used as a tool of exercise. The infants can move their arms and legs freely when are carried. Again the bearers can improve their strength through the carrier.

  • Flat heads of babies –

The infants who stay a long time in the back sleeping or infant seat, their back part of the head become flat day by day. Staying long period like these positions can make their back side of the head unattractive. But the babywearing will not give your baby any chance of flattering.

So these are the main reasons, why we recommend it as a major thing to buy. This purchase can keep your baby safe from many accidents. To carry our infants, baby carriers are 10 times better than the infant seats.

Types of Babywearing or carriers:

Truly there are many types of baby carriers are now available in the market. Limitless variations make the users confused. So ConsumerHubs is bringing out here the basic types of it.

  • Wraps –

This type of baby carrying is available in both woven and stretchy varieties. They are very long and these long fabric’s pieces wrap around your baby and you. These wraps are very comfortable wear slings and the fabric can spread across the user’s back. It uses the user’s shoulder muscles and back equally. It does not dig in.

Soft and stretchy materials of t-shirt-like are used for the stretchy wraps. These stretch wraps differ according to their fiber and stretchy quality. In the wraps carrier, the baby is needed to cover around with many layers for adequate support. It is best for the babies who are more than six months old.

Most of the woven wraps are made of cotton and polyester mixture or cotton. These wraps are woven maintaining its quality. They are made from the craft sellers. They give maximum support and strength. It is the most versatile carrier and can automatically adjust the child’s size. The tying procedure is quite critical, but it can be worn in different ways.

  • Mei Tais –

These carriers are the Asian-style bearer. It has a fabric piece shape with only four straps and its shape is rectangle or square. A strap set is used to tie around the user’s waist and another set is used to tie around the user’s shoulder. For the carried baby it has a pocket of foaming fabric. This can be carried on the hip, front and back.

  • Soft Structured Carriers –

It is a mix between the rucksack and the Mei Tai. This SSC carrier has buckle straps and padded straps. Generally, it has four separate straps. Two straps are used as a waist belt to tie it around waist tightly. The left straps are used as shoulder belt and buckle with the carrier’s side.

They are difficult to maintain than the Mei Tai. But overall it is comfortable and easy to use. It has shorter straps and beneficial for the wet weather. For a little baby’s comfort, this carrier can be customized.

  • Pouches and Ring Slings –

A ring sling is a piece of cloth and its end has two sewn rings. It is structured generally at the user’s shoulder, where the rings are strewn together. So it is worn over the user’s shoulder. It can be used in back and front style. These slings can be padded or not.

Pouches carrier is worn like the ring sling. The parents or the user have to wear it over their shoulder. If you sew the ring sling into the single position, you will get the pouch sling. Like the slash, it is worn over our body.

So there are the main types of the kid carrier. Parents use many different types. But it is hard to list all of them. So we have shown you only the basic types which are beneficial and popular on the market.

Features to Look for …

To identify the best baby carrier, the users or the customers should know the exact features which are essential features to look for. Our experts have personally reviewed these products and found out the actual features which are the best for the babycarrier:

  • Fabric –

Different types of fabric are used for making the baby carrying. Like: synthetic, natural or others. Polyester and cotton are the common fabrics of this product. Organic fabric is also used for some specific carriers.

Good fabric’s quality gives strength and sturdiness to the babywearing. Breathability of it largely depends on the fabric. Fabric should be soft, easy to wash and fire resistant.

  • Head Support –

Infants have not the ability to control their neck and head by themselves. The best carriers have the ability to give support to the tiny neck and head. Their neck holder can be foldable or not.

  • Body Support –

Many kids wearing have the interior which is padded well to give support to our baby’s head, legs and back. So it can hold the body properly and also in the right position. Lumbar support is also included now in the updated baby-carriers.

  • Padded Straps –

The straps of the bearer should be strong enough to carry the pressure of the kid’s weight. The straps should also be well padded and these proper padded will give comfort to the wearer. Well padded straps also ensure proper security.

  • Sternum Straps –

To prevent slipping from the shoulder, the sternum straps play a vital role. It connects with the shoulder straps and gives all time support from slipping. These straps are adjustable and reduce the pressure on the wearer’s shoulders.

  • Waist Belt –

Waist belts are the crucial part of the baby carrying. It can distribute the weight across the lumber. These belts can be interlocking padded, which is adjustable and it can fit with the waist size. Good quality’s waist belts give more security during carrying our kids.

  • Fastener –

According to the brands and types, the carriers are different from each other. For the safety of the children, the fastener should be much reliable. We should look for the design of the buckles and clasps, which should not be undoing easily.

  • Attachable Hood –

The carrier should have the hood to protect the kids from the sun. It can be adjusted manually. When your baby is going to sleep in the carrier, you can bring out the hood and install it properly to give the baby a sound sleep.

  • Vent –

The kids may become hot during the carrying time. So that will be very uncomfortable for them and they will not like to stay this way. So the baby carrying should have proper ventilation way from both sides. So it will keep your baby comfortable and cool in the summer season.

  • Easy cleaning –

Cleaning procedure of this product should be easier. Our busy parents have not so much time to spend a long time for it. So the best carriers are machine washable. Some carriers can be cleaned by dry wash or hand. So they can be cleaned without any hustle.

So these are the main features of the best baby carriers which are brought out by our well experienced experts.

Benefits of Using Baby Carriers:

It is quite natural that babies will stay happier when they stay close to their parents and especially to the mothers. Baby carriers are the practice to make a strong bond between the parents and children. It helps the kids grow up happier and smarter. There are many beneficial sides of it. So we are here bringing out only the major beneficial sides below:

  • Convenient –

When we carry the kids in the babywearing, we can freely walk around. We do not need to worry about the narrow streets and crowd. We can carry them anywhere comfortably. The removable infant car seat or the strollers are heavier and tougher to use them to carry our kids in these narrow or crowd places. These strollers stay at the level of our knees. So it is tough to maintain the stroller when we are walking.

But the babywearing are comfortable enough to carry them. It gives the opportunity to breastfeed and nursing in any public places. Its soft fabric keeps them warm in the cold weather. Its comfortable design and fabric give them always the ultimate comfort. It gives them proper support to the head and neck also. So you can walk with them freely without using your hands.

  • Physical Development –

It plays a vital role in the developing of the kids and parents’ physical development. The kids follow and observe all the activities of their parents, when they are close to them. From breathing to the movements of their parents, they follow each and everything. By following this way, they can regulate their physical responses. Their vestibular system also improves. For the newborn baby, the baby carriers are considered as the “Transitional Womb”.

When the parents carry the kids in this babywearing, they feel an extra weight. With this extra weight, they walk around and this extra weight helps them to develop their physical condition. It improves their intensity of walking, climbing stairs and every movement.

  • Happy Faces –

Studies have proved that those babies stay close to their parents, they cry less than the other babies. Crying excessively can be harmful to their mental health. The more they will not cry, the more they will stay stress-less. Without using the babywearing, it is tough to cool them down.

It is proved that babywearing can keep them calm 50% better. Babies’ continuous crying makes the parents also exhausted.  When the parents see their kids are crying, they also go through stresses. It makes them more worry about them. So this product can keep our parents and kids always happy and calm.

  • Secure the Kids –

When your baby is near to your body, you can keep them safe from any risk. When your baby stays in the stroller, they always stay insecure in the streets. Anytime the stroller can be bashed by anything. The newborn babies have not the ability to tolerate the high force. In the stroller or infant seat, there is no head and neck support for them and they may get a serious injury.

But in the baby carriers, you can protect your kids with your hands and the carriers have the proper protection for the neck. You can give them the emotional safety when they need it most. You can always observe them closely. So there is less chance of becoming unsecured in these carriers.

  • Economical –

Baby carriers are not costly like the stroller or the infant seats. The best carriers last long and you can use it safely for kids a long time. It is an affordable product for most of the parents.

These carriers are eco-friendly and safer for the kid’s health and mental development. From their very early age, we need to use this baby wearing to carry them. Our experts have discussed with the users and after that, they have recommended it as the must buy product. So the customers will praise about it after facing its beneficial sides.

How to Use these Baby Carriers:

If you guys are the new parents and do not know how to use the baby carrier properly, you need to read this part must. Becoming a parent is not an easy matter. After becoming a parent, we have to face many responsibilities.

To become a successful parent, we need to do our best for our kids. For becoming successful, purchasing a baby-carrier can make the way easier. So besides purchasing it, you should also know about their using method also. Without knowing its using procedure, it may be risky for your kids.  Read here our best procedure of using it:

  • Many types of babywearing or sling are available now. Which one will be suitable for both of you and your kids, we have discussed it above. So choose the right one and buy it. After buying read the instruction manual how to use it. If you find the wearing procedure critical, take advice from the experts. You can take help from the official websites of your product. You can also get beneficial help from the tutorial videos also.
  • After learning about the wearing, we have to be alert about the baby’s airway. This airway should stay clear. To see your baby’s face, you do not have to move the fabric. Do not let their chin rest on your chest. Again do not let them pressing their face into our chest. If they do so, gently move their head and place it in the safe place where airway is clear. It best to keep their ear against your chest.
  • The upright position is the best position for them. Always try to keep them in that position. When you are nursing them, you may need to change the position. But after nursing, place them in this position.
  • Practice with the spotter. When you are using a new type of carrier, it will be much helpful. Practice on the soft surface, until you are becoming confident with your new carrying method. Do not try to take any risk.
  • You need to check the carrier every time. Make sure before carrying your baby that the carrier is not damaged. Do not use risky or damaged carriers. Otherwise, your baby may get serious injury. Buckle up the straps as the instruction manual says. Before starting walking, make it sure that you have put on the carrier securely.
  • Proper position is very essential for the kids. Their legs should stay spread and the knees should stay higher from their bottom. For healthier development, their hips are supported. This position is recommended for the perfect position by the experts.
  • Do not carry your baby in the position, where their legs dangle. Dangling legs ensure the insecure position. Without proper positioning, the hip bones can be displaced. For better learning, you can take help from the video tutorials online.

Use the right carrier according to the age of your baby. If you ever feel any confusing about it, do not dare to take any risk. First take advice from the experts or the old users and clear your confusion. You have to know the using procedure of its every side completely. After learning it, you can keep your baby always safe and healthier.

Best Baby Carriers Buying Guide:

ConsumerHubs is giving you the latest buying guide of it to make the every purchase of the customers successful. The customers should look for some basic things before buying their product. They are:

  • Adjustable carrier –

Choose the carrier which adjustable for you. Adjustable carriers can be fitted to anybody. So you can adjust the straps as you want. Pick the carrier which can be easily adjusted and maintained. Critical maintaining or adjusting carrier needs a little more time to get used to.

  • Storage Bags –

The customers or the users always like to choose the carrier which has built-in storage pockets. We have surveyed on some users and we have found that most of them prefer the babywearing which has storage pockets. You can bring the necessary thing into it with you anywhere. It will give you good advantage.

  • Certified Fabrics –

Pick the model which has safer and harmless fabric. Read the product description and be sure that its fabric has passed the testing standard which is called Oeko-Tex 100 O 00-91 Swerea IVF. Certified fabrics are necessary for your newborn babies. Otherwise, your kids may face many skin diseases.

  • Easy Cleaning –

Your kids can begrime the product. It is quite natural that they will do so. That is why this product should be easily cleanable. Before buying, check that it is machine washable or not. You should also read the instruction manual to know better about the cleaning recommendation of the product. That will help you to find out the better one.

  • Dribble Bib –

The carriers which have dribble bib can protect your cloth. Some models come with the dribble bibs and some models offer as an extra additional part. This dribble bib can protect the carrier effectively also.

  • Weight –

Your baby carrier should be strong and durable enough to bear the weight of your baby. Check its weight capability from tits product description. Do not use the carriers which have not the ability to bear the weight of your kid.

  • Well Padded –

Well padded and sewed straps give maximum strength to bear the total weight equally. Well padded straps make the baby carriers more comfortable to the bearers. This feature is also needed for the product’s longevity.

  • Canopy –

To protect your kids from the sun or the hostile weather, choose the carrier which has come with the canopy. Many carriers have canopy which is portable. So use it when you need to protect your kid’s head from the heat of sun.

  • Environment –

The carriers can keep your kids cool in hot and hot in cool weather. So you need to learn about the products which can keep your kids cool or warm. You have to consider the weather, in which you and your kids live. According to the weather, buy the suitable one.

The Pros:

  • Highly recommended by the doctors
  • Available in reasonable price
  • Safer than the infant seat
  • Hustle free breastfeeding
  • Improved maternal bonding

The Cons:

  • Wraps may seem tough to master
  • Some carriers are not suitable for summer season

FAQs …

Q. Which position is safe – Front or back position?

It depends on the age of your kids. If your baby is a newborn baby, you need to keep him in the back or inward position. They are too small to use the front position. When your baby will get control over his neck, you can convert him to the front position. At that time it will be safe for him. Always follow this rule. Otherwise it can be harmful for your kids.

Q. What is the maximum weight capability of this product?

The weight capability actually depends on the product. Every product has not the same capability. It differs from models to models. To ensure the capability of weight, check about your specific product’s weight capability in the product description or in the product’s official website. Crossing the product’s weight limit is dangerous for both parents and babies.

Q. Has it any age recommendation?

Yes they give age recommendation. Before purchasing the product, check its recommendation. Every model has separate age recommendation. So choose the right one which is suitable for your kid’s weight. Without knowing the exact age recommendation of your product, you should not let your kids use it.

Q. Does every carrier give breastfeeding option?

Many models of the baby carrier give the breastfeeding option. Other models have not so much suitable option for breastfeeding. Slings are the best carrier for breastfeeding. Manufacturers have made these products to give the advantage to the mothers and kids. People choose this product more, for getting this advantage which is rare in other type products.

Q. Does every product come with official warranty?

Our enlisted products have official warranty. But that does not mean that all products will have warranty which is available in the market. Make it sure before purchasing that your product has official warranty. You should not buy the products which have not warranty. Again the time duration of warranty differs from model to model.

Final Call:

Every parent does their best to keep their kids happy and safe. But everyone has not the actual idea, how they can keep their loving kids healthy and safe. To make them concern, we are discussing here about necessity of using the baby carriers from the early age of their kids.

A baby carrier can keep them always close to their kids. They can take care of them all the time. Mothers always get the chance to feed them. It is the safest way to carry the kids in the crowd. A smart step can always keep both of you and the kids safe. So for the welfare of your kids, you should consider this product as a necessary part of your family.

Content Sources:

These sites were much reliable and informative. Our experts have taken some information from here.

We have got advantageous information from them about the best baby carriers 2020. We have researched on this product and reviewed them practically.

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