Are you tired of making baby food in those big bulky blenders?

Then it’s time for a change!

Use the right tool for the right job, Bring home the best baby food maker 2017!

The best one perhaps!

Buying the best baby food maker 2017 is not a difficult thing actually as there are very few models available on the market. Now, the first question is, are you really willing to get one or a baby food processor for your baby or not?

Best Baby Food Maker of 2017

Here are the top trending models of 2017 that you can buy. Check them carefully to end up with the right ones that you have been looking for

ImageProduct NameScore

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet

BEABA Babycook T2BEABA Babycook 4 in 187
Cuisinart Food MakerCuisinart BFM-100084
Baby Brezza ProBaby Brezza Formula Pro83
Baby BrezzaBaby Brezza Glass 4 Cup85

Up to this point our experts have enlisted the products briefly by their quality, we know that is not enough for you.

That’s why they have included the reviews that was produced through out ConsumerHubs Algorithm to ensure maximum details in a single section, you should check them out if you really want the best baby food maker for your kiddo.

Here are the complete baby food maker reviews that will help you to get details about each products…

1. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet – Most Complete Baby Feeding System 

If you are thinking of making your baby’s food with great power and speed then you can use the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System. It’s not a single product rather it’s the complete set for your baby’s meal. The greatest thing about this food maker is that it’s a twenty piece set.

Magic Bullet Baby Care System

The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System comes with a powerful base which is powered by a 200 Watts motor. The package includes two blades. One is for milling and the other is called baby blend which is for making thick puree. It also includes three batch bowl, a short cup, a spatula, storage tray and a batch tray with a lid. Wait, there is more. The Baby Bullet includes six storage cups where you can set the date with a dial.

The whole thing indicates that Magic Bullet has put a lot of emphasize on designing the product. It has been made to fulfill all your needs. If you are a busy parent and don’t get enough time to prepare the mushy food for your baby thrice or twice a day. With the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System you can do a lot in a single time.

You can use this food maker to prepare two or three day’s puree in a single run. This saves both money ( as you are making puree from natural vegetables and food and not buying those costly baby food with artificial nutrients ) and time. You can directly pour the puree inside the containers that come with the Baby Bullet and serve your baby directly from it.

The price of the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is quite reasonable as you get everything and you will not have to buy any other baby food containers individually. The only thing it lacks is the steam cooker but the power of the base makes up for it.

The Pros:

  • Comes with a complete baby dining set
  • Great power
  • Nice built quality and no harmful ingredients
  • Food processor and container altogether
  • Comes with a recipe book

The Cons:

  • No steam cooker
  • Needs proper care
  • Only one speed

2. BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 – Best Multi functional Baby Food Maker [Recommended]

We have told you before that the actual baby food makers often come with a steam cooker. This BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 is an ideal steam cooker what is beyond just a blender. The uniqueness of this is that, you can operate it with a single hand.

BEABA Babycook 4 in 1

The baby food processor allows you do more than blending. It is a steam cooker and you can also use it to defrost and reheat. This BEABA Babycook comes with a large cooking chamber of 4.7 cups. 4.7 cups is really huge when it comes to baby food. It is equivalent of 17 serving. Now, just imagine how much time you can save by making 17 meals for your kiddo in a single cooking.

All the components of the BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 is dishwasher safe. This is also a benefit for you as different parts of the cooker can get really messy from time to time. The water container of this food maker is made of stainless steel. It’s good as the container can get really hot. (Hot plastic and water would be a real bad combination.)

With this baby food makers you can cook vegetables, fish and fruits within fifteen minutes. Food processors (the actual ones with a steam cooker) are really good for your baby’s health because they preserve all the nutrition and vitamins of the fresh food inside the purees. If you want to give your child the proper nutrition then you must have a product like BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender.

Okay, it’s a great product. It has a bigger version, the Babycook Pro 2X but it’s not as popular as the regular one. The baby cook is a perfect one with what you can serve your loving kiddo the freshest natural food every time.

The Pros:

  • Has a well functioning steam cooker
  • Can be operated with one hand. The other hand can be used for holding the child or the recipe book.
  • Big work bowl. ( one of the biggest in its class )
  • Easy to operate and clean.

The Cons:

  • High price
  • Does not come with too much baby food containers.

3. Cuisinart BFM-1000 – Baby Food Maker with Bottle Warmer

Cuisinart is a top kitchenware manufacturer and their Cuisinart BFM-1000 is one of the most widely sold food makers that is available on the market. It’s very simple to use. But the things it can do is beyond simplicity.

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker

We have to admit it that the product designers of the Cuisinart had really put their heart to this baby food maker. They have designed the water chamber where water turns into vapor to be a bottle warmer. You just have to use the bottom of the measuring cup to measure the water for bottle warmer and then you can pour the water there, place the bottle inside and turn the knob to steam. This will warm the milk in the bottle in minutes.

Warming the milk bottles can be a time consuming task. Up until now you had to put water in a pan, and had to warm it on the stove with the bottle inside the pan. Now, you don’t have to do it if you bring home the Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer.

This is not the only reason for what you should get this. It has a steal distribution system so that everything in the bowl gets the heat evenly. It also has a powerful motor that drives the blades. You won’t have to remove the blades from the 4 cups capacity bowl when you are pouring the puree.

The Cuisinart BFM-1000 comes with an 18 month warranty and their customer support is very responsive. It’s a good product to bring home. If you don’t want to take the hassle of warming the bottle then you should definitely go with this baby food makers.

The Pros:

  • Comes with a bottle warmer
  • Easy to operate and comes with good led indicators
  • 4 cups capacity of the bowl
  • 3 in one product
  • Distributes the steam evenly

The Cons:

  • Gets too hot
  • Mineral formation inside the water chamber ( use pure water to prevent it

4. Baby Brezza Formula Pro – Easiest Way to Make Baby Food

The whole world is running automatic these days. So, why would be the baby food makers be left alone? The guys from the Baby Brezza have designed a fully automatic for you. With the Baby Brezza Formula Pro – cooking is just a matter of cubing up those fruits, vegetables, fish or chicken and throwing them inside the blending bowl and forgetting.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

The food processor can steam cook the ingredients and chop them into purees automatically. If you are a full time working mom or a busy father, it’s the ultimate baby food making solution that you can own.

If you don’t want to use the automatic option, you can also use it manually to steam and blend. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro comes with a two cup capacity and we have to admit that it would have been really great if the cooking bowl was bit larger. We hope that the manufacturer would put emphasize on this side.

The whole thing comes with five buttons and five led lights. The buttons are for automatic steam and blend, just steam, just blend, and start and stop. It’s an ideal solution for a small scale baby food making and feeding. The blades in the Baby Brezza Formula Pro automatically drops down when steam cooking is done and then turns into mushy baby food within seconds.

You will also get many accessories with this one for feeding your baby and storing its food. As far we have seen, this model seemed to us, the best baby food makers of 2017. It’s not just a small size bender or a steam cooker. It’s an affordable automatic food maker what makes the preparation of the baby food very simple and hassle free.

The Pros:

  • It’s automatic
  • Preserves the nutrition pretty well
  • If you want to make great food, then its ideal for you
  • Easy operation

The Cons:

  • Less capacity
  • Plastic Bowl

5. Baby Brezza Glass 4 Cup – Most Intelligent Baby Food Maker

In our opinion, the Baby Brezza Food Maker is the most advanced one available on the market. It’s basically a similar product like the Baby Brezza Elite Food Maker with a  few differences.

Baby Brezza Food Maker

The difference between the Baby Brezza & the Baby Brezza Elite is that, it’s large and comes with a glass bowl. Now, both the features are important.

The Baby Brezza has a large 4 cups capacity which is really great for making a lot in a short (time) . Already it’s an automatic product and capable of saving your time and hassle. Now, think what will happen if it can cook more food. That’s just insane. This would be your real ultimate baby food making solution.

Now, Baby Brezza made improvement, not only in the size of the bowl but also in the material too. The new Baby Brezza Food Maker is more hygienic than the plastic one. The baby food makers have steam cookers and they can get really hot. It is obvious that the plastic of the bowl will also get hot. Now, plastics have lower melting point than glass.

So some particles can get mixed with your baby food if the unit gets too hot. With the new Baby Brezza you won’t have such issues. We should remind you that, this one comes with a big price tag. Even after that, we think that it’s a good baby food makers.

The Pros:

  • Comes with a glass bowl
  • Large bowl size
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy controls

The Cons:

  • Price

ConsumerHubs is committed to its followers on delivering them the best reviews and all the necessary details that concerns with buying and making the best use of the products. So, how well are you familiar with the baby food makers? Let’s introduce you to them.

What is a Baby Food Maker?

There are no fixed standards of it. It may confuse you when you will go shopping for baby food makers on the market. As far we have researched we found out that it is a combination of two things. It is a blender and a steam cooker as well.

The whole thing should be designed in a way that allows you to prepare your baby’s meal on a smaller scale. Now, there are baby food processors that are available on the market what does not come with the combination of two appliances. So, baby food makers are a miniature scale food processors. You now know – what a baby food processor is?

Why buy a baby food maker?

If you have a baby and you want to make food for it then it is what you need the most. We have experienced that the parents in different parenting blogs are involved in a debate on whether they actually need the baby food processors or not.

Now, it is true that you can go without buying one and many parents do that. They go without spending any money behind the baby food makers. The thing is that, without buying it you won’t be able to serve your baby the foods with appropriate nutrition. Yes, you can use your blender to make baby food. You can just cook the food a little, boil it and directly blend it in the blender. This way you are making two mistakes.

When you are cooking the food in the stove, you are just vaporizing all the nutrition out of it. The other thing is it’s very hard to make a small batch in those big bulky blenders. We’re sure that at some point you have encountered with this problem.

With this you will never face such problems. We have mentioned before that the baby food makers are the miniature blenders and food processors. They are specifically designed for making baby food.

Best baby food maker 2017 – first steam cooks the vegetables, fruits or the proteins that you put in the bowl then after ten to thirty minute ( You can adjust the time ) the foods get cooked and at last you can blend it inside the same bowl.

That’s why if you buy one, it will give you the benefits of two appliances together. So, yes, they are the ideal appliances for making baby food and using a substitute of them is not a good idea.

Types of Baby Food Makers:

There are no fixed standards of it. We have tagged the appliances that have both the steam cookers and the blenders together. Now it’s just our opinion. There are other types of appliances or utensils that can be used for the preparation of baby food. Here’s a short introduction to them …

  • Electric – The food makers that use electricity for processing baby food come into this category. This category can also be sub divided into other categories.
  • Steam – This is the most complete one that you can buy. This type of baby food makers is designed both for cooking and blending food.
  • Small Blender- Some are just small blenders. They allow you to blend on a small scale what you can’t do in a big one. The small benders come in huge sets that can be a complete dining set for your baby.
  • Hand Blender or Grinder – This is the simplest electric food maker. It’s just a small hand held grinder that can mush up the baby food and turn it into puree in no time. They come with the smallest price tag and you can work really fast with them.
  • Manual Food Makers – The manual baby food makers are non electric hand held grinders that you can use to make mash and puree. This comes in two parts. One is the serving bowl and the other one is the masher. They are the simplest one and they are really cheap.

Features to Look For …

To buy the right one for your kiddo you need to take a deep look in the products. There are some features that make a baby food processor great. These features will benefit you a lot. Here we will enlist those features that every best baby food makers of 2017 should posses.

  • Steam Cookers:

The food makers that come with a steam cooker are the actual baby food makers. These steam cookers seriously save your valuable time and effort that you were to spend behind boiling the food and making them soft to pour in the blenders.

When you will get one with a steam cooker you just have to fill the water tank and the cooking would be done itself. The system in which the steam cookers work is really good. The vapor that generates within the blade bowl stays within the blade bowl. That’s why the baby food is fresh and nutritious than ever.

  • Good Speed:

Now, speed may seem like an unnecessary feature but actually it is not. The main source of the speed comes from its motor and steam generator.

The power of the base of the food maker determines how fast the food maker’s blade will revolve. The more the speed, the smoother the mushy puree will be. Next, the steam generator and all the mechanisms connected with the steam in the food maker take ten to thirty minutes to cook the food inside.

It’s good actually. The slowly it works; the better it is for the health of the baby. If you don’t have that time (Which you won’t have every time) you should then look for a baby cooker that comes with a faster steam cooker. This way the food inside would be able to get cooked within ten minutes or so.

  • Accessories:

The accessories that comes with this are important. Some brands even provide the whole arsenal for baby’s dining solution. With these accessories you can prepare, store and feed your baby’s meal. These are just great gifts that you get. Some manufacturers provide a set of 20 accessories where others just give a set of six or seven accessories. You can also buy them separately if you want.

  • Size of the Bowl:

With your food maker you will get blade bowls or cooking bowls sizing from 2 cups to 5 cups. It’s up to you actually, how big or small do you want your main bowl to be. Parents who like to make a big batch often go with the big bowls. They make a big batch of 15 or more servings and slowly give it to their baby by storing them.

On the other hand there are the parents who like to make small batches and serve freshly cooked food to their child every time. Now, you have to decide on whose team you are in.

  • Easy Operation:

The operation of this should be easy. It should be easy to control and use as well. You may find that there are many that are hard to use, hard to put food in the bowl, fill the water tank. So, you should find one that is easy to operate.

  • Automatic:

All the best modern kitchen appliances are more or less automatic. They reduce your tension. You will find some of the models that can cook with a single press of buttons or a twist of the knobs. These products are always better.

Benefits of Using a Baby Food Maker:

Many, you should use the proper tool to get the job done appropriately. Now, if you bring out a canon to fight off the mouse, would that be a good idea? No, it won’t be.

Using the mighty gigantic blenders for making baby food is a scenario like that. The simplest equation is that, you have a baby, it needs food, to make its food you need a baby food maker. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of it. Here are the others …

  • Everything that you need to make baby foods is all in one place.
  • Some will come with bottle warmers. Warming the bottles can be really painful every time.  In it, you don’t have to take the hassle. Just put some water in the water chamber with the bottle and have to turn the steam on. The bottle would be warm within minutes.
  • Its make your baby food easily. It’s only a matter of putting all the ingredients in one place and switching it on. It takes care of the rest.
  • It saves a lot of effort that you had to put manually to cook the baby’s food.
  • Not only effort, these are ideal for busy parents as they save a lot of time.
  • It come with many accessories that you can use to preserve the food that you cook and feed your child. So, they are the ultimate dining solutions for your child.
  • How big the batch of food is going to be is entirely up to you. You can make a small batch if you want and you can also make a big batch if you want.
  • The size of the baby food makers is ideal for cooking food for babies.
  • Most of them are dish washer safe. That’s a relief, isn’t it? When the two words, kitchen appliances and dishwasher safe go together it’s always a relief.

There are recipe books and booklets that either come with the product or you can buy them individually. These cook books are focused on making baby food. You can prepare verities of mushy baby foods with them.

How to Use the Baby Food Makers?

Using it is really simple. Before going there you should know the right time to give your baby the solid food. Many parents give tend to give solid food to their baby from its third month. It’s not a good idea actually. The digestion system of the baby is not properly developed in that period.

That’s why you should at least wait six months to give your baby solid food. Waiting for an year is even better as the child gets the nutrition for its growth from the milk which is the most balanced diet in the whole earth.

Now, you know from when to make baby foods. You can bring home one and read the instruction manual very carefully. Everything about the use of it you own should be there.

ConsumerHubs will now give you instructions from a more general point of view. We will be instructing upon the use of baby food makers that come with the steam cookers. Here are the basic steps that you should follow …

  • You should begin by assembling. After being assembled, the product should look like the one as shown on the box.
  • Then decide what food you are looking forward to prepare. Do you know how to make the puree? If you know then it’s okay. If you don’t gather up the ingredients according to the recipe book.
  • Now you have to peel the fruits or vegetables and then you have to cube them up by the size of square inches. Then wash them with clean water and put them inside the blending bowl.
  • The next step is to fill up the water tank with pure water. Make sure that the water you are using is free from all sorts of impurities or other unwanted metal particles. They may cause salt formation in the water chamber.
  • Now close the lid and switch the machine to steam. You can set the time by using the same button or the knob.
  • Depending on what you are cooking set the time from ten to thirty minutes and let the steam cooker do its job.
  • After the cooking is done you just have to press the blend button and the whole thing would turn into a puree.
  • You can put it in the serving bowl and serve it directly to your baby from there.
  • Store the leftovers in a different container and fridge it.

At last throw the cooking bowl in the dish washer or you can clean it by yourself under running water and with the help of dish washing liquid and a cloth.

Baby Food Maker Buying Guide:

Before you buy one you should ask yourself the following questions. The answers to these questions should be your complete buying guide.

  • Do you want the one with a steam cooker? (Otherwise a small blender would do the trick Try the Magic Bullet Baby Care System)
  • How big are your batches going to be? (2 cups bowl models for smaller batches and the 4-5 cups model for bigger batches)
  • Do you want a set that comes with a lot of accessories or just the cooker and a few accessories? (Again the Baby Bullet if you want accessories)
  • Do you want the one with the bottle warmer? (Go with the Cuisinart BFM-1000)

Well, these four questions are enough to pin point your selection. The interesting thing is that there are not many food makers available on the market and we have made things easy for you by already selecting the best five.

Now, know your side of answers of these questions and go through the features to look for section and you will surely know which baby food maker that you should buy.


Here is a list of most frequently asked questions about baby food makers …

Q-1: Is cooking in the baby food maker healthier?

It surely is. There is no place for the steam to go while something is being cooked. Also the cooking process is similar to shimmering which is cooking slowly in lower temperature. That’s why it preserves the nutrition better than any other cooking process or appliances.

Q-2: I have a blender, isn’t it enough to make baby food?

No, a blender should not be a substitute of it. First of all they are too big for making small batches of baby food. You will always have to make a bigger batch and preserve most of it. The freshness of the preserved baby food and the freshly cooked ones are very different. Blenders also don’t come with steam cookers.

Q-3: When should I buy a baby food maker?

It’s an important issue actually. Many parents are not aware of it that babies can’t digest solid food unless they are six months old. That’s the right time to give them the solid food and the right time to bring home the baby food maker as well.

The Pros:

  • These are specifically designed for making baby foods.
  • You can cook the batch according to the way you want, you can make a small batch or a big one.
  • It comes with steam cookers. So, it is a two in one kitchen appliance.
  • They save your extra hassle and time.

The Cons:

  • Its can get really hot.
  • Does not last long if used carelessly.

Final Call:

At last, to know more about the products and their price you can click on the link that comes with the products. The following tabs will enlighten you on many things that are concerned with the use and other things that you should know about the baby food maker reviews of 2017.

ConsumerHubs is always mindful about providing you the best on Internet. We will be really happy if you kindly drop your feedback.

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Well consumers, this was everything about it. We hope that after all these you will be able to bring home the best baby food maker 2017.

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