Have you ever used a chainsaw before?

Do you know with how much power they come with?

Having the best chainsaws 2017 will enhance your manhood to a whole new level!

Chainsaws are one of the most powerful hand held tools that are available in the market. Nobody buys one without a reason. If you are thinking about getting a chain saw you surely have faced the necessity. Either you want an upgraded, more powerful and more efficient saw or just want to decorate the lawn or the back yard. Whatever the reason is, you’re in the right place to know everything you need to know about chain saws.

Best Chainsaws 2017 – (Gas & Electric)

Before getting one you should have a clear idea about the chain saws. Here are the list of top rated chainsaws for you so that you can select one with a more clear conception. Let’s Checkout …

ImageProduct NameScore
Husqvarna 460 Best ChainsawsHusqvarna 460 Rancher (Gas)92
WORX WG304.1 Best ChainsawsWorx WG304.1 18-Inch (Electric)91
Husqvarna 450 Best ChainsawsHusqvarna 450 18-Inch (Gas)86
WORX WG303.1 Best ChainsawsWorx WG303.1 16-Inch (Electric)88
Echo CS-310 Best ChainsawsEcho CS-310 Chainsaws (Gas)82
Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 Best ChainsawsTanaka TCS33EDTP/12 (Gas)89
Remington RM5118R Best ChainsawsRemington RM5118R 18-In (Gas)78
Sun Joe SWJ701E Best ChainsawsSun Joe SWJ701E 18-In (Electric)80

Now that you have seen them it’s time to learn everything about them. Our experts have enlisted the detailed chainsaw reviews 2017 based on ConsumerHubs Algorithm, so that you can select the best one for you.

1. Husqvarna 460 (Gas) – Best Chainsaw for Professionals [Recommended]

Want an almost professional grade chain saw? Superior power? Long bar? Want to spend a handsome amount behind the chain saw? Then you should go for the Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch 60.3cc 2-Stoke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw. This 60cc gas powered beast has everything to accompany any armature on his demolishing session. Actually Rancher series of Husqvarna has some all square products which are results of years of improvements.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Best Chainsaws 2017

460 is the ultimate weapon that Husqvarna offers. Not only power and efficiency was shoved in this saw but also it is designed to be as hassle free as it could be. The 460 generally starts at first pull thanks to the Smart Start® technology. Among the unique features of this great saw, the three part crankshaft should come first. It makes the saw more powerful.

X-Torq® system used in these chain saws tends to give maximum output out of minimum fuel. The saw sounds amazing. You can feel the power just by its sound. If you have used a chain saw before you surely have faced problems with the chain getting loose. Adjusting the chain is very easy in the 460 as the tensioner is mounted on the side. It doe’s vibrate like the older chain saw models of Husqvarna and doesn’t leak oil. Taking care of the 460 is child’s play. We’d give it a 9.5 on a scale of 10.

The Pros:

  • Best in class
  • Huge 20” bar
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ultra Durable

The Cons:

  • Not for someone weak

2. Worx WG304.1 (Electric) – The Best Chainsaw for Hassle Free Cutting

If you are looking for a cleaner and hassle free cutting job with the same amount of power of a gas powered chain saw then there’s no alternative to Worx WG304.1. Electric chain saws are getting popular these days because they are almost hassle free. On the list of electric chain saws Worx WG304.1 is ranked as the topper. First of all it’s really cheap and comes pre-assembled with a two years of warranty.

Worx WG304.1 best chainsaw

We would recommend this 4 horsepower chain saw as an ideal product for your home use. The WG304.1 is powered by a 15 amp motor what derives power directly from the supply. Tightening the chain is super easy in this one as it comes with a auto tensioning knob. For additional safety the chain break had been added in this which can help you in keeping away from getting injured. If you haven’t used or owned a chain saw before, this could be the ideal saw for you.

Never to underestimate the power of electric chain saws. They can also be powerful as animals. If you don’t do sawing on a regular basis then get a WORX WG304.1. The only drawback of this is that, it’s corded. That’s why you can’t take it far unless you’re using a extension cord. Also, it may not come too handy after a storm where there’s a possibly of power outage. Other than these two facts it’s the perfect product to posses within budget. We’d give it a 9 on a scale of 10

The Pros:

  • Best electric motor
  • Good safety mechanisms
  • Doesn’t kickback on tough job
  • Lightweight

The Cons:

  • May lack power for certain wood

3. Husqvarna 450 (Gas) – Best Chainsaw for an Amateur

Husqvarna has some of the most prominent non professional chain saws including the Husqvarna 450. It’s just a smaller bar and little less powerful version of the 460. Both of the models share the same features just the 450 has a 18″ bar and a 50.2cc  heart. The engine produces 3.2 HPs what makes the saw really powerful and almost uncontrollable for the newbie.

In some cases 450 has been reported to have a better handling. But remember that, the 450 have been reported several times to have a malfunctioning or jammed chain break. Other than this some have complained about the warranty and return policy. Every product has some errors or bad side. But these two problems aren’t that much noteworthy comparing to all the great benefits and cool features that this saw have. Actually it’s ideal for home makers.

A tool that can be a great companion of all those slicing jobs. Like the 460 it’s also a great sounding beast with lesser vibration and recoil. The price of the 450 is a bit high and it costs almost as same as the 460. Many people find the 460 difficult to maneuver and unnecessarily powerful and longer tool household jobs. That’s why is some cases 450 is more popular. New engine design that had been introduced in the 450 is less fuel consuming and reliable. We’d give it a 8.5 on a scale of 10

The Pros:

  • Power, Power & Raw Power
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy operation and gripping
  • Hassle free startup

The Cons:

  • Not for skinny people
  • Environment issue

4. Worx WG303.1 (Electric) – Most Popular & User Friendly Chainsaw

Worx WG303.1 is the younger brother of WG304.1 model with an output of 3.5 hp from a 14.5 amp motor. Being an electric motor it’s almost hassle free. You don’t have to go with the troubles of a gas chain saw. These plug and play type chain saws don’t only look smart they work with the same efficiency of a gas powered chain saw.

WORX WG303.1 Best Chainsaws 2017

If you look at the price the G303.1three times cheaper than it’s equivalent gas model of different manufacturers. But this saw costs almost the same as its 4 hp version the WORX WG304.1, We think that if you don’t have problem with a 18″ bar then you should get the WG304.1. Being lightweight working with them doesn’t require too much effort and gets the job done quite easily.

But comparing it with a professional chain saw won’t be a good idea because electric chain saws can’t work for more than half an hour at a stretch. They need to be cooled down for ten minutes on a thirty minutes of interval when you’re working for a long time. Considering its price and utility it’s really a great tool to add into your arsenal. We’d give the WG303.1 an 8.5 on a scale of 10.

The Pros:

  • Powerful Electric Motor
  • Ideal for homes
  • Less Kickback
  • Lightweight
  • Auto Lubrication

The Cons:

  • May lack power

5. Echo CS-310 (Gas) – Budget Friendly & Easy to Handle Chainsaw

Don’t like the extra weight of gas propelled chain saws? You can try this saw. It looks bold and manly but weights only 8.8 lbs. This combination is really hard to find. There are number of reasons behind the popularity of Echo’s CS-310. Firstly it comes from renowned American manufacturers with great customer support. Secondary it fits your budget swiftly.

Echo CS-310 Best Chainsaw 2017

Thirdly the starting system that had been included in the CS-310 works as a charm. This system can power up the saw even in freezing temperatures. A saw like this comes with a promise that it will never let you down. Whatever the task is, small or big the CS-310 can handle anything. It’s the jack of all trades to say in a single phrase. You will be surprised with its durability and the amount of pressure its two stroke engine is capable of taking.

The fun part is, CS-310 isn’t that loud and vibrates less. All these adds up to the comfort of the product that it provides to its user. There are so many happy users of this saw who hardly have anything to complain against. I’d say, if you frequently do slicing as a homemaker or have to clear some area covered with trees up to 14″ radius this is a saw that you must buy. We’d give Echo CS-310 an 8 on a scale of 10

The Pros:

  • Easy to handle
  • Suited for everyone
  • Does it’ job fairly
  • Good Handle

The Cons:

  • Built Quality
  • Poor Customer Support

6. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 (Gas) – Lightweight & Right Chainsaw for Everyone

Those who are looking for a lighter, smaller but powerful gas chain saw, Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 should be their appropriate weapon. First of it’s a Japanese built saw, the built quality is unquestionably great in this echo friendly chain saw. It has a 32.2cc two stroke engine called PureFire. The engine is capable of delivering an output of 1.6 HP.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 Best Chainsaws 2017

The saw comes with a 12 inch bar what’s ideal for ice sculpture, punning and shaping. It weighs only 12 pounds and this makes this gas powered chain saw different from others. It’s a balanced saw, the way power and weight are assembled in this is unbeatable. Being a top handled saw it works great in falling down trees.

Sometimes you may feel that this Tanaka is lacking power but the thing is, it’s a saw with a shorter bar and mid ranged heart. That’s why its applications won’t match with those of 50cc or higher engines. Rather it’s so easy maneuverable that you can even use it single handed. Considering the power and portability it’s an appropriate product for your home and will easily fit your budget. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 gets an 8 out of ten.

The Pros:

  • Nice motor and blade proportion
  • Easy maneuver
  • Throttle control
  • Huge Warranty

The Cons:

  • Not ideal for professionals

7. Remington RM5118R (Gas) – The Best & Popular Chainsaw for Regular Use

Remington RM5118R is apparently the best trending gas powered chain saw from the manufacturer. Remington had always been a popular brand in America. The RM5118R or commonly known as Rodeo has a 51 cc 2 stroke engine and an 18″ bar There some special modifications were done with the chassis, crankcase and sprocket to make them extremely durable.

Remington RM5118R Best Chainsaw 2017

This is a feature that lacks in other gas chain saw models. Also, the handle comes with a special design of handle to minimize vibration. A spring recoil technology was introduced in the Rodeo for an effortless start every time. Here’s something noteworthy. Many reports have been made about the product’s not starting up after or from the first use. on the other hand there are also many satisfied customers of this saw. It’s a tool for big work.

The item weights around 25 lbs which may not feel light, but gives a kind of stability. To make it last for a lifetime you must be very careful using a product like this. We recommend you to thoroughly go through the user’s manual. The rodeo has a ravaging look, and it can endure a lot of pressure. We’d give Remington RM5118R a 7.5 on a scale of 10.

The Pros:

  • A long 18” blade
  • Easy controlling
  • Can do heavyweight jobs
  • Easy start

The Cons:

  • May fail if the wood is too hard

8. Sun Joe SWJ701E (Electric) – Most Affordable Chainsaw in Market

Electric chain saws like Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-Inch are really getting popular because of their being hassle free, lightweight and cheap. It has a powerful 14 amp motor what directly derives power from the electric source. The looks sleek like a sword and specifically designed to work its magic on wood. There are other safety features like chain or kickback break, hand guard etc included in the saw.

Sun Joe SWJ701E Best Chainsaws 2017

It also features a self lubricating bar and an ergonomic handle bar. Working with a saw like this one is fun enough. But as it runs by electricity the portability may be hampered. These type of jacked and corded saws can’t be taken in the woods and doesn’t come handy during power outage. But it’s really a great tool for day to day use.

Another added benefit you get is that, the saw weights less than 10 lbs. So, with the Sun Joe SWJ701E there’s almost zero struggle. After all if you look at the price, it makes up for everything. If your workplace is nearby to a power source and want a hassle free machine, there’s no alternative of a Sun Joe SWJ701E what gets an straight 8.5 out of 10 on our eyes.

The Pros:

  • Cheapest Chainsaw
  • Long bar
  • Lightweight
  • Kickback protection

The Cons:

  • Seriously lacks power
  • Needs care

Why Would You Need A Chainsaw?

A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. And certainly a man needs the appropriate tools to do that. From house construction to piling up fire wood we need a chain saw. It’s such a tool that has thousand of applications. Even those who aren’t professional may have constant need of a chainsaw.

You may not feel the necessity as a city dwellers but those living outside the city have to frequently power up their chain saws for different reasons. Here’s the list of reasons that show why you should possess a chain saw.

  • For collecting wood that will keep the fire alive
  • For clearing an area by cutting down the trees
  • After a storm, for removing the fallen trees
  • For construction and repair
  • For making wood sculpture
  • For ice curving
  • Making ice sculpture
  • On emergency purposes
  • Pruning
  • Limbering
  • Chainsaw art
  • Carpenter jobs
  • Gardening
  • Arborists tasks

Types of Chainsaws:

Chain saws in these days can be of different types. They can also be categorized into different sections from various perspective. Here’s a short introduction to those.

On the basis of utility:

Depending on how it’s used, chain saws can be of two kinds, the Professional and the Armature. Here’s a short description of both.

  • Professional Chainsaws – These types of chain saws are very much powerful. Some even cuts through solid concrete. They often come with powerful two stroke gas and oil mixture powered motors. The whole thing is designed in a way that it can be worked with for a long time.
  • Armature Chainsaws – These kind of chain saws are made for irregular and household  cutting jobs. They are way more lighter than the professional chain saws and have shorter bars. The engines are less powerful. Electric chain saws are getting popular as amateur chain saws.

On the basis of power source:

Depending on the power source chain saws are of two kinds.

  • Gas – Gas powered chain saws have two stroke engines and uses a mixture of oil and gas. They are powerful, have a lot of vibration and makes a lot of knowledge. The invention of gas powered chain saw made the job of wood chopping and tree felling job very easy.
  • Electric – After the invention of smaller but powerful electric motors electric chain saws gradually found their place in the market and they are also becoming very popular in these days. Using an electric chain saw is hassle free. The reason behind their popularity is their plug and play feature. They don’t make much sound but gets the job done cleanly.

Electric chain saws are of two kinds…

  • Corded – These type of saws need to be plugged into a power source in order to get them working. Sometimes longer extension cables are required to take them in the playground.
  • Cordless – These chain saws have a powerful battery attached with it what can power the saw for adequate amount of time. With these you don’t have to move around with the power cord. That’s why you get a liberty of doing what you are intending to do. It’s an appropriate tool for chain saw artists.

Features to look for inside a chainsaw…

If you haven’t bought a chainsaw before it can be difficult for you. A good chainsaw can’t only be bought by judging the ratings only. Its features must meet your need. We’ll consider you as an amateur and bring out those exact features of the non professional chainsaws that you should know. These special features can make your tasks really easy and safe.

  • Chain Breaks: If the chainsaw is equipped with both inertia and manual chain breaks it can save you from deadly accidents. On any kickback or emergency situations these breaks can bring the chain to a standstill.
  • Easy access to tool less chain tensioner: Chains can get loose if you don’t operate the saw appropriately. Look for tensioners in the side so you can have easy access to it. It would be better if you get one that doesn’t require any tool to tighten the chain.
  • Smart Starting Mechanisms: Gas chain saws can give you a lot of hassle in starting up. Better you look for a one what has some special mechanism for easy power up.
  • Vibration Reduction Features: Look for products that use vibration reduction technologies. Or else you’ll feel pain in your hand and joints after using the saw.
  • Automatic chain oilers: It helps to keep the chain lubed and makes it long lasting.
  • Silencer: As gas models can get very loud, look for a muffler in the chain saw. A chainsaw with a muffler won’t damage your hearing.
  • Easy Release Oil and Air Filter Caps: Gas chainsaws need a lot of maintenance and care. So, smaller things like quick release air and oil filters can matter a lot.
  • Heated Carburetor and Handle: If you want to operate in a cold and frosty environment, these two would be a mandatory feature.
  • Pre-assembled in a Carrying Case: It’s better if the chain saw comes pre-assembled in a carrying case. Reduces hassle actually.

How to use a Chainsaw?

Without any prior experience using a chainsaw can be a bit tricky. As a first timer you should go for a lightweight chainsaw with shorter bar. An electric chain saw is ideal for this. They don’t have any hassle of assembly, fuel mixing and all those.

The precondition of using a chainsaw is reading the user manual carefully. Most of the things of using a chain saw should be right there. Sometimes it may not be present in the user’s manual. That’s why we’ve briefly organized it. Here’s the step by step easy chain saw use procedures for you.

  • Step 01 – Assembling: Chain saws of a good brand comes pre-assembled in a carrying case. If it’s not assembled you have to do it by yourself. Necessary tools and nuts should be given in the packaging. Different models have different setups. You will find the institutions on the manual.
  • Step 02 – Fueling & Firing: If it’s a gas saw then you need to mix the fuel as per the instructions. Generally its a mixture of four to six ounces of 2 stroke engine oil in one gallon of gasoline. After you’re done mixing, fill the tank. Now your job is to power up the chain saw. Pull the starter cord firmly. It should start after one or two pulls.
  • Step 03 – Cutting: It’s the most interesting part. After turning on the saw it will stay in neutral, meaning that motor won’t be driving the chain. At this point align the blade on your targeted area then release the chain brake. Firmly press the throttle button and press the saw deep into the direction you’re cutting. Gradually release the throttle when you’re near the exit point.
  • Step 04 – Restore: After finishing your job let your saw cool down. Don’t store it inside a box immediately. After it cools down take out the leftover fuel from the tank. It could be risky. Don’t forget to clean it and lube the chain before storing the saw. For chain saws give it a rest after every twenty minutes of work.

Benefits of Gas Chainsaw:

Gas chainsaws are the actual chainsaws. They are very much powerful, makes a lot of noise and makes you feel like a man. In every possible way they are better than the electric saws to get their job done. A gas chain saw represents you, your strength and manhood. They have their numerous benefits. We have gathered some to present before you.

  • Power, Power & Power: Yes, when it comes to gas chainsaws, power is the first thing that comes in mind. Gas chainsaws are powered by a 2 stroke engine whenever you will hold one gas chainsaw in your hand and light it up, you’ll understand the rest by yourself. Electric chainsaws are great too. We are not underestimating them but when it comes to operations like tree felling, they loose to gas chainsaws.
  • Works Relentlessly: This is one of the prominent benefits of gas chainsaws that has made it so much popular. While working with an electric chain saw you have to let it rest for a while after every twenty minutes as the motors get too hot. Gas chainsaws don’t have any such issues. They will keep on running until the blades wear off or the fuel runs out. This allows you to do more in a single term.
  • Portability: You take a gas chainsaw anywhere. You can use it in deep woods as well as in your lawn. You don’t have any tension of looking for a power source or battery being drained out. This portability is an added benefit. As a gas chainsaw has no cords attached with it, you can move yourself and and your hands more freely.
  • Reliability: Modern gas chain saws are very reliable. Some of them has pretty unique features in them what makes them trustworthy at any situations. The prior models lacked this reliability as they didn’t come with specialized features like heated carburetors, startup booster mechanisms etc. Now gas chainsaws can even operate in freezing or damp environment also. This is something great.
  • Safe: Yes, Modern chainsaws are designed to be safe so that you can avoid fetal accidents. They have chain breaks that kick in within milliseconds and come with special kind of sensors to detect inertia and kickbacks.
  • Fast: With a gas powered chain saw you get to do your jobs faster. With that power it takes very little effort to cut through maximum wood.
  • Versatile: Gas chainsaws are pretty much versatile as they come handy for different work from uprooting a tree to making sculptures. Different types of wood curving and shaping can easily be done with them.
  • Vibrant: You will get gas chainsaws of different models in the market. They have different sizes for their engines and different length of bars. You have to pick one from this huge list.
  • Long Lasting: Comparing it with the electric chain saws gas models last longer and cut with the same efficiency persistently.
  • Special Features:

You’ll often find many special features in a gas chainsaw. Features like,

  • Heating Handles, This is great attribute of a chainsaw if you have to work in the snow.
  • Vibration canceling mechanisms reduces the pressure on your hands and protects them from aches.
  • An efficient lubricator keeps the chain well lubed for longer lifespan.

Benefits of Using Electric Chainsaw:

Electric chainsaws are relatively newer in the market. After a primitive stage the saws are now very much powerful and competing fairly well with gas chainsaws neck to neck. An electric chainsaw runs by an electric motor what derives power from an electric source. They are of two types, corded and cordless. Each of the types has more or less the same kind of benefits. The main benefit of an electric chainsaw is its ease of operation. In order to get your cutting job done using an electric chainsaw is always a good idea. Let’s see how,

  • Hassle Free:

Electric chainsaws won’t give you any sort of hassle. They are completely different from gas chainsaws in this case. Most of the electric chainsaws arrive pre assembled. So, you don’t have to go to the hassle of assembling the saw, mixing oil and gasoline, trying so hard to start the motors. This could be a really big deal if you are thinking of buying one chainsaw for occasional use.

  • Ease of Operation:

Operating a chainsaw is child’s play. You just have to plug it in and the saw becomes ready for doing its work. This makes electric chainsaws very fast and less time consuming. Battery powered ones are all stars in this case.

  • Lightweight:

Gas chainsaws can be really heavy but all the electric chainsaws are around ten lbs. These lightweight saws don’t put any pressure on your hand and you can freely move them. Carrying them around is easy and helps you when you’re cutting a branch from the upper level of the tree.

  • Cheap:

Being cheap is the reason behind electric chainsaw’s huge popularity. With the price of a gas chainsaw you can easily buy two or three electric chainsaws. Their simple mechanism makes them cheaper. Perhaps their price is the best benefit you get out of them.

  • Silent:

Comparing with gas chainsaws, electric ones are almost silent. They won’t hamper your hearing and you don’t have to buy other noise cancellation gears. This feature of electric chainsaws helps you to work for a longer time.

  • Environment Friendly:

For those who are cautious about damaging the environment, electric chainsaws is a good thing. They don’t emit any sort of gas or smoke. Most gas chainsaws come with a two stroke motor. The exhaust gas of two stroke motors contain noticeable amount of harmful substances. These gases aren’t only harmful for your breathing, they slowly damage the balance of the environment.

  • User Friendly:

Electric chainsaws aren’t as harsh as the gas models. Being a newbie, you will find so many difficulties in operating and maneuvering a gas chainsaw. You will face the kickbacks, feel pain in the muscles and joints of your arms and find it hard to get your desired cut. To avoid all these it would be better if you buy an electric chainsaw.

  • Economical:

As electric saws don’t have any engine, you don’t have to buy fuel for it. These saws are powered by electricity. Which is one of the cheapest power sources? This makes electric chainsaws very much economical. The maintenance cost of an electric chainsaw is also very limited.

How Does A Chainsaw Work?

Chainsaws are a blessing. It has made wood cutting and chopping job very easy. It can easily be accused of being a weapon of mass destruction for the greenery all around the world. But its necessity is ever present and not only confined in bringing down trees to collect wood. Let’s see how it works.

Chainsaws are the automated version of a regular saw. It’s called a chainsaw because the saw is actually a chain built with blades which sits on a bar. The chain is connected with a motor that is either powered by gas or electricity. The motor rotates and runs the chain. By placing the bar on wood or other chainsaw friendly material, you can get a nice and clean cut.

Introduction to different parts of a chainsaw:

Knowledge about the machine that you use is an important thing. A good understanding of a chainsaw will help you to use it in a better manner and in troubleshooting. To know how a chainsaw works what you should introduce yourself with the various parts of a chainsaw. Here’s a list of things that you’ll find inside or in a chainsaw.

  • Outer Casing
  • Bar
  • Chain
  • A Two Stroke Engine
  • An Electric Motor (for electric chainsaws)
  • Handle
  • Trigger type throttle control
  • Chain oiler
  • Starter Cable
  • Chain tensioner

Well, these are the parts visible from the outside or their presence is prominent. But things like the engine, which is the heart of the whole chainsaw is built of a complex mechanism. The sound of a chainsaw engine is very much identical with that of a motorcycle. This happens because both the engines are same.

Here are the internal part of a chainsaw engine…

  • Piston
  • Cylinder
  • A centrifugal clutch
  • Carburetor
  • Spark Plug
  • Coil
  • Air filter
  • Idler gear

The chain is also different from regular bicycle chains. It contains parts as,

  • Cutter tooth
  • Depth Gauge
  • Rake tooth

These are the basic parts that a chainsaw must have. Modern chainsaws have more than this. They are equipped with more sophisticated things to make the saw more efficient and user friendly. So, now you now about the parts, let’s see how they all function together.

How do a Chainsaws Function:

  • Gas Chainsaws: 

As gas powered chainsaws are more popular and powerful, we’ll be discussing about them first. It’s powered by a two stroke engine so uses a mixture of fuel and engine oil in different ratios. There’s a little storage tank where the fuel should be kept. Whenever you pull the starter chord, the first cycle in the piston cylinder takes place. This draws a mixture of fuel and air through a valve inside the cylinder via carburetor.

From this point the engine starts working consistently. The delivery of the power from this engine depends on a centrifugal clutch. When you are pressing the throttle, it releases the clutch and the chain starts moving at 1500 or higher rpm. The rotating blades on the chain imitate the action of a saw and cuts through wood. The motors in an armature chainsaw range from 30cc to 70cc and delivers upto 4 HPs. The whole thing

  • Electric Chainsaws: 

Electric chainsaws are really easy to use and their mechanism is simple enough. There’s a powerful electric motor in these type of saws. The motor pulls the chain and the chain which is routed over a bar just like the gas saws cut through wood. The electric motor needs a power source. Some models are corded.

You can directly plug and play them from the electricity supply line and some models are cordless which have batteries to inhale power from. These models also come with features like chain break and automatic oiler. Being built with an electric motor the electric chainsaws are lightweight, cheaper and hassle free.

Well, this is pretty much everything about the mechanism of a chainsaw in brief.

Best Chainsaw Buying Guide 2017:

Without any prior knowledge buying a chainsaw can be a really tricky task. There are things that you must know, should know and follow for buying a chainsaw. This section will discuss about buying chainsaw. Remember, a wrong chainsaw can cost you a lot.

If you need a chainsaw, you need a chainsaw. To whom it’s a necessity, should know the importance. If you have felt the necessity and preparing yourself for buying a chainsaw you can carry on going through this article which is specifically designed to bring out every possible things that you should check and doubled check before buying a chainsaw. ConsumerHubs  will try to present it in a brief manner. And we’ll try not to disturb you with unnecessary details. Here’s the perfect buying guide for your chainsaw.

Why and When Should You Get A Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is necessary equipment with hundreds of uses. Even it’s  necessary tool for just keeping in home. Who knows when and how you may need to use it. Among the other uses of a chainsaw,

  • Felling down trees
  • Shaping firewood
  • Clearing up woods
  • Gardening
  • Farming
  • Making wood sculptures
  • On emergency purposes
  • Making furniture

For many more purposes like these chainsaw is a must. Okay, now you know about the uses of a chainsaw it’s time for you to know which chainsaw is appropriate for you.

Should you go For a Gas or An Electric Chainsaw?

Here are a few mentions worthy points for you to make your decision clear. After going through this section you’ll be able to decide which chainsaw to buy by yourselves.

  • If you just want to buy a chainsaw for home use, go for an electric. If you live in a backside area from city and have continues need of cutting wood, collecting fire wood or woods around your home try buying a gas powered chainsaw.
  • Electric chainsaws cost less and have almost zero maintenance, to avoid extra cost and hassle they are the best.
  • For more muscle in your job a gas chainsaw is a must as their mighty two stroke engine delivers the finest output.
  • If you are an underweight person buy a lightweight chainsaw, in this case electric chainsaws are the lightest.
  • In terms of portability, gas chainsaws are the winner.
  • If you’re concerned about the environment or if you’re an environmentalist, you better go with the electric chainsaws.

Well all these points should help you in getting the perfect chainsaw of your choice. Now, for the things that you need to check while buying one.

Before Buying a Chainsaw:

These are the points to note before buying a chainsaw.

  • Remember, all the chainsaws we’ve talked about are of non professional grade. Don’t be overwhelmed at the power output of a professional chainsaw and buy one. It would be nothing but a waste of money.
  • It’s a simple logic actually, if you’re willing to spend much, buy a gas chainsaw and if you want to spend less go for an electric.
  • Check the power and weight of the saw, think twice if you’re capable of handling that weight and power.
  • Do check our reviews and other user reviews of a product. Do some homework and find out the detailed pros and cons by yourselves.
  • Get idea about the manufacturers return policy, warranty and customer services.
  • It’s better to buy a chainsaw from your local hardware store so that they can give you after sales support.
  • Make sure that spare parts of the chainsaw are available in the market.
  • The length of the bar and the power of the motor is really an important thing. We recommend you not to get an inappropriate one.

For Gas Chainsaws:

Gas chainsaws are best at cutting job but they are quite troublesome too. Here are the noteworthy points about gas chainsaws.

  • The engine is very important. If you have to cut woods of harder density you should get one with 50cc or higher engine. And for lighter kind of wood a 30cc+ chainsaw will do the trick.
  • Note that the variation of cc of a same model chainsaw doesn’t vary the price too much. It’s wise to get a powerful one.
  • The startup mechanism and the chain tensioner are the most troublesome parts of a gas chainsaw. When you’re reading user reviews focus on these two issues.
  • Take a look at our Features to look for inside a chainsaw section for a better knowledge about those special features of a chainsaw.

For Electric Chainsaws:

Electric chainsaws are popular among those who don’t like hassle. Well here are the things for you if you already have decided to get one.

  • What to buy, Corded or cordless chainsaw? Ask yourself, do you have an electricity supply point on your working area? Is it manageable by using an extension cord? Would you be able to maneuver it with the cord? if all the answers are yes, get a corded chainsaw.
  • Or if you think you want to roam around the deep woods and work more freely then you should get a battery powered cordless version.
  • Remember cordless ones have a limited timescale of its usability. Sometimes a corded chainsaw is better with an extension cable.
  • The power of an electric chainsaw depends on the motor. It creates ample amount of power to do smaller to mid ranged cutting jobs. But when it comes to harder woods they are devastating. They make the blades move faster but can’t tolerate too much pressure, resulting in unwanted kickbacks or fetal injuries also.
  • Working with an electric chainsaw in a damp or snowy environment or in the rain is not a good idea at all. You are requested to be aware of electric shocks.
  • Electric chainsaws are really soft on your ears. You can get an electric chainsaw if you don’t want to hamper your hearing.
  • Try going for longer bar chainsaws with motors capable of delivering an output of 3.5 HP or higher. Otherwise you will only be struggling without any result.

If you have read the whole thing that means you have some sort of necessity of a chainsaw. If that necessity is limited to single or occasional manner go for the electric chainsaw. But for a regular use the gas chainsaws are unbeatable.

We hope that you’ll find this exceptional chainsaw buying guide of ConsumerHubs helpful.

Pros & Cons of Gas Powered Chainsaws …

The Pros:

  • Very much powerful and comes with longer bars
  • Portable
  • Works really fast
  • Good chain lubricating mechanisms

The Cons:

  • Makes too much noise.
  • High maintenance
  • Heavy and Pollutes the environment

Pros and Cons of Electric Chainsaws …

The Pros:

  • Easy to maintain and starts fast
  • The ones with battery are very much portable
  • Almost hassle free operation
  • More silent than the gas powered chain saws.

The Cons:

  • Lacks power comparing to gas models
  • The length of the bars are very limited
  • Takes time on tree felling


Q. Which type of chainsaw is better?

Well it is a common question.  You should consider many things to determine which type of Chainsaw is best for you . First of all electric chainsaws are cheaper where gas powered chainsaws can be costly. Electric chainsaws get the job done but only to a certain level but gas chainsaws will very rarely let you down. The main purpose of a chainsaw is to cut through wood and definitely gas chainsaws are best at that.

Q. Is the bar length of a chainsaw that important?

Yes, when you’ll work with your chainsaw you’ll eventually understand it by yourselves. Longer bars are always helpful in cutting longer shapes or trees. But shorter ones are easier to control and you can put more pressure with them. If you are a newbie you better practice with shorter chainsaws and gradually move onto longer bars.

Q. Why do I need to mix oil with the gasoline?

As gas chainsaws are powered by two stroke engines they don’t have different chambers for fuel and engine oil. Engine oil is very important for any sort of engine. That’s why the engine oil in a chainsaw engine has to be mixed with the octane and then put into the tank. By maintaining the proper ratio of the mixture and using the oil every time you can increase the longevity of your chainsaw engine.

Q. What is the mixture ratio of fuel and oil in gas chainsaws?

Basically the ratio is 50:1 that means fifty unit of gasoline (89% octane) with 1 unit of motor oil. You can buy the premixed fuel if you don’t want to.mix them by yourselves. To mix the oil with the fuel use a clean separate tank and don’t shake the mixture to fast. Detailed info on this must be available on the user manual. You must read it. Remember, this ratio can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or model to model.

Q. What things should I buy with a chainsaw?

There are number of things and protective gears that you should buy with your chainsaw. Among them,

  • Noise cancellation ear buds: To protect your hearing it must be worn at the time of working. Better if you buy headphones with noise cancellation feature. This way you’ll be able to protect your hearing and enjoy music at the same time.
  • Safety Glasses: To protect your eyes from shreds of wood or wood dust you should get a safety glass.
  • Extension Cord: You may need it if you are going to use a corded electric chainsaw.
  • Extra Battery: If you have a cordless chainsaw and have to for longer time having an extra battery is a good idea.

Final Call:

After all these there’s not much left to say actually. You were here to know about chainsaws and possibly we have shared all the basics with you. ConsumerHubs is always conscious of presenting things on a short and tasteful manners. We’re not judging or justifying ourselves with anything. Our aim was to help you and we happily did that by doing a lot of research of our own.

Differing between these specific chainsaws and their unique features is not an easy task. We hope it would help everyone by giving proper guideline. Those who have never bought a chainsaw before and those who are thinking about going for an upgrade should find a solution.

Content Source:

There are very few materials on the internet about chainsaws comparing with other consumer based products. Our team followed the ConsumerHubs Algorithm and extorted out information about all the amateur level chainsaws from various credible websites. Among them the following websites helped us the most.

  • Chainsaw Journal  This website is completely dedicated for chainsaws. They contain huge information on chainsaw and if you need to know anything about chainsaw they will be able to help you greatly.
  • WikiHow  Wikihow has always been a popular website. It briefly and clearly describes the use of chainsaws. The information were short and very straightforward. To know the detailed use and maneuver you can check it out.
  • Popular Science Magazine, August 1951  It’s not a website actually. Published on August, 1951, the 169th volume of popular science magazine brought out the first dissected image of a gas chainsaw publicly. Still today chainsaws work with the same principle with some slight modifications. That two pages contained most valuable information that helped us to gradually put the working procedure of a chainsaw in front of you. It’s a historical reference you can say.

So folks that was everything that we had on the best chainsaws 2017.

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