Have you ever come across an electric knife?

They are just amazing!

The best electric knives 2017 can make your cutting and carving job as easy as hot knife on butter!

To make your meat carving or any sort of cutting jobs easy in the kitchen there is no denying the importance of a razor sharp knife. To make things easier for you electric knives have been introduced what reduces the hassle of cutting more and more.

Best Electric Knives 2017 (TOP LIST)

Here’s a top list of the electric knives that our experts have selected for you. You will get a idea about the products that you should buy right from here.

ImageProduct NameScore
Cuisinart Electric KnivesCuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife90
Rapala Electric KnivesRapala Heavy Duty Fillet Knife86
Hamilton Beach Electric KnivesHamilton Beach 74250 Carve82
Mister Twister Knife (Combo)Mister Twister Knife (Combo)85
Elite Cuisine Electric KnivesElite Cuisine EK-570B (Black)80

But how much can you make out of the at a glance review. To pin point your pick you must take a look at these detailed reviews that has been prepared by our experts by using the ConsumerHubs Algorithm.

1. Cuisinart CEK-40 – Best Selling Electric Knife [Recommended]

The Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is one of those utensils that make your kitchen look good. It comes with a gorgeous looking wooden holder and two blades. The blades are built with high quality stainless steel and one is for carving where with the other one you can slice breads.

Cuisinart CEK-40 best electric knives

The whole thing is powered by a powerful motor and the knife comes with an ergonomic handle what allows you to do your slicing job with any hand. There enough safety features like the on off button which is pressure activated, the safety button for locking and unlocking the on and off button and a blade release button.

The combination of all these features makes this product really handy for you. The most interesting thing is that the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife never lacks power and goes through anything very smoothly. Now, if you feel like bringing down a whole full grown tree with it then, it won’t be too much of help for you dear.

The new model has a lot of improvements. Not only has the fact that this product does the cutting job better, it also feels great in hand. Now the safety mechanisms are also very much needed in an electric knife so that your children can be safe from it and you don’t accidently run the device and get an unwanted cut. After all, it’s the best product that money can buy.

The Pros:

  • Best Seller
  • Comes with a beautiful tray
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Good quality blades

The Cons:

  • May face some problems while curving up pork

2. Rapala Heavy Duty – Best Electric Knives for Carving Fishes

The Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife is another popular model of electric knife available in the market. The manufacturer Rapala has done some major improvements in this new model.

Rapala Heavy Duty best electric knives

It’s faster and more powerful than other available electric knives in the market. Perhaps it’s the only available knife of the manufacturer and the most interesting thing is that it does the job what other electric knives fail to do. Say for example, you do not only want to cut meats with your electric knife and want to slice through the bones also, then you would definitely need the Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knives.

When it comes to safety issues this powerful product lacks some features. Even after that its really a popular model and widely sold among the chefs. The extra power is nothing but an added benefit to them. If you think that you have the capability of working with a 110 Volt powered motor then you should prefer it to any other electric knives in the market.

The blade of the Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife is also different. It has a reciprocating blade and it’s been experienced to be more efficient than other blade types. The whole thing is well ventilated and also comes with an ergonomic design.

The Pros:

  • Powerful motor
  • Durable knife
  • Good blade design
  • Nice handle design

The Cons:

  • Comes with a single blade type
  • No holding tray

3. Hamilton Beach 74250 – Perfect Electric Knife for Regular Use

The Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife is a pretty basic electric knife. It’s a perfect gift for your mom or grandma. This knife is mainly focused on carving the meat and slicing bread. It doesn’t have any complex power delivery system or safety locking but it’s great at doing at its job.

Hamilton Beach 74250 best electric knives

The Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife comes with a case where you can store the knife and the fork that comes with it. Yes, it’s a knife that comes with a fork to give you more control over your carving.

The new handle is also more ergonomic and assists you more in cutting the food. Another good side of this product is that it is cheap. If you just want to have an electric knife and don’t want to go all professional like a French or Chinese chef and use it for dinner table more, then it should be your weapon of choice.

Actually you don’t need those overpowered electric knives for your home use, they are just for butchers and chefs and they mostly use it for achieving precise perfection. The reason the Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife is so popular is that it’s a basic design and it never fails. Also, considering the price this is the best electric knife which is available under twenty bucks.

The Pros:

  • Perfect Design for maximum performance with minimum effort
  • Comes with a fork
  • Non Slip Grip on the handle
  • Has a case

The Cons:

  • May get hot if used for a long time or forced

4. Mister Twister (Combo) – Top Electric Knife on Performance

The Mister Twister Electric Knife is the best tool for processing fish. If you love to have fish for your meals then you already know the hassle of carving it. This specialized electric knife should be your choice if you are a fish lover.Mister Twister Best Electric Knife (Combo)

The Mister Twister has a different color in it which is quite unusual. It looks kind of different but never odd. It looks more like a knife that is for slicing lemons. But the most interesting thing is its design. The knife is lightweight and powerful at the same time.

Other electric knives may have failed you but this piece of gentle tool will never do that. When it come to carving the meat, the snapping of the blade is a common affair but with the Mister Twister e-Knife you will hardly feel anything like that. The product may not come with many things but it is a durable one indeed.

Cleaning of the blades can be tricky in some models but with this knife you will never have such problems, that starred blade comes out really easy and it’s also pretty easy to clean. Another interesting thing is that the Mister Twister combo electric knife is only available for the people in USA.

The Pros:

  • Great price
  • Sturdy Performance
  • Looks different

The Cons:

  • The quality can be a deal breaker

5. Elite Cuisine EK-570B – Affordable & Effective Electric Knife

The Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife is the most sleek electric knife available in the market. The ones looking for hair like perfection on their carving should definitely go with it. Another major benefit of it is that the knife can cut in different thickness which is almost impossible in many models.

Elite Cuisine EK-570B best electric knives

The Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife has two kinds of serrated blades that come with them. You can use one of them to carve meat and the other is for slicing cheese and breads. The blades are very easy to detach from the handle and also super easy to clean.

If you look at the price you would definitely like to have one in your collection. If you don’t believe us just check the price and be amazed by yourselves. So, we have another simple product here that can be a real help to you in your kitchen and dining table.

The blade of it is smaller and that also gives you a certain benefit while you are trying to reach some tricky spot for carving. Also, it may not be suitable for those who are more accustomed with longer blades.

The Pros:

  • Comes with two blades
  • Sleek
  • Slices on different thickness
  • Quite

The Cons:

  • May appear as a cheaply built product
  • Doesn’t come with a case

Why would you need an electric knife?

Well, for the same reason you need a kitchen knife, you need an electric knife. With a kitchen knife you can do the job of slicing, carving and cutting more efficiently and effortlessly.

Also, if you belong to the faster society and don’t want to spend too much time in cutting things in your kitchen then you must seek help of an electric knife. This will make your life easy and will save a lot of time.

Processing fish and making it prepared for cooking is also a tricky task but with an electric knife it takes very less time and the whole thing becomes very easy. Or, in the morning you may have to slice your bread and for that there’s no substitute for an electric knife. Doing it manually will consume both time and effort.

While preparing a vegetable dish you may have to slice a lot of vegetables. Why don’t you do it with an electric knife and see the difference? Then the electric knifes are mostly used for slicing meat. With some models you can even carve through the bones also. Just imagine how much effort you have to put if you want to do it manually.

The uses of eclectic knives aren’t just confined in kitchens or dining tables. You can possibly do anything with it that a regular knife can do. If you want to make a sculpture by carving a wood log or foams you can use them. But while doing so we would recommend you to buy a powerful and durable one, otherwise the blade will snap and you may end up hurting yourself.

We have seen that some people also use their electric knife for gardening. Why not? If it makes your job easy then you can surely use it. Also, some fixing job may require massive cutting jobs and there you can utilize the electric knife to make things easy.

What we experienced is that most of the families have an electric knife and it’s the most rarely used item in their whole house what sits in one corner of a cupboard in their packet and used only once a year for carving the huge turkey on thanks giving.

You haven’t bought them to store them people, they have their applications, learn how to use them. They have been designed to make your life easy. Let them do their job, do your job with them.

What is an electric knife?

The name, electric knife is enough to describe them. They are basically a knife which is powered by an electric motor. Te motor drives the blade of the knife so that it cuts automatically and you don’t have to put any pressure. You just need to guide the blade to its direction and the electric knife will do the rest. Having an electric knife will really help you in some cases where the manual knives fail.

Types of Electric Knives:

Electric knives aren’t the results of rocket science. They are simple and effective. The electric knives are just a step ahead of the regular ones. They are powered with by electricity what runs a motor and the motor drives the blade.

Now, one thing is that all the electronic knives look so small in online stores. In this regard you should check videos related to them and you will find that the major differences in electric knives are in their sizes. The blades can be as short as four inches and can be as extended as twelve.

Although this variation is not that much important but blade size does matter while you want to prepare vegetables, meats or fish. So, don’t forget to check the dimensions of the products that you are willing to buy.

The electric knives can also be classified into two different criteria. One of them is the corded and the other is cordless. All the products mentioned in our list is corded as the cordless models available in the market are not yet that popular.

The corded models are popular because they are way more powerful than the cordless models. They have better speed and power where the cordless models lack them. The corded models may hinder your cutting but comparing with what they can do, it can be forgiven. With the cordless models you get a better control over your carving but the extra weight of your battery will not do too much good.

But someday these things may change. The cordless electric knives will get lighter and work with more power and efficiency. These models are yet to come in the market. Apparently in 2017 there are no possibilities for that but in the near future we can certainly hope for better working powerful cordless electric knives.

Pros and Cons of Electric Knives:

Now that you know almost everything about electric knives, now you should also know its pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • The electric knives are powerful and fast than manual knives.
  • It saves a lot of time
  • You can get a lot of precession and more accuracy in your carving and cutting
  • The electric knives pass where the manual ones fail, like slicing through the bones.
  • You can get a better control for those ergonomic handles.

The Cons:

  • These are razor sharp blades and they move fast with great force. So, yes, it can be lethal.
  • The fear of electrification can not be wholly neglected.
  • It takes time to bring perfection on the use of electric knives.

Benefits of Using an Electric Knife:

Electric knives are a recent addition to the list of modern electric kitchen utensil. Gradually they are getting more and more popularity and making their place at homes all around the world especially in America.

Now, if you are still confused whether to get an electric knife or don’t know where they become useful you should properly know their benefits. The main benefit of an electric knife is that they are fast and reliable.

  • There are many things that you can not do with a manual knife but with the electric knife it’s just a piece of cake. If you frequently have to do the slicing and a lot of slicing every time you just can’t deny buying an electric knife.
  • Take a look at the pricings of manual knives. Some manual knives go over a hundred dollars where the electric knives are comparatively cheaper. You will barely find any model priced over fifty dollars. So, yes they are cheaper than manual knives
  • If you have gripping problem with the manual knives then you should definitely try the electric ones. They are bigger than regular knives and gives you more control.
  • The ones suffering from medical conditions what restricts them from properly holding a knife they should go with the electric knives.
  • With electric knives you just have to place the blade on the desired cutting spot. Where the manual requires your force to cut. So, you definitely have more luxury of cutting and carving through anything you want to cut through.
  • They come with safety mechanisms what protects you and your children from getting unwanted cuts.
  • Some models even come with a storage unit where you can place the housing and the blades. They make your kitchen look a little more beautiful.
  • Almost all the frequent users of an electric knife claims that working with an electric knife is not only easy but less time consuming. So, if you are a busy person and don’t want to spare too much time behind all the cutting jobs then you should definitely go with the automated version of knives.
  • Manual knives are one time things. Once the blades ware off there is no use of it where you can get the blades of an electric in the market.
  • When it comes to durability the electric knives tend to be long lasting than the manual ones. Yes, it’s an added benefit.
  • If you are a professional like a chef or a butcher you will know the power difference of a manual and an electric knife. Electric knifes can carve through ribs also where it’s almost impossible with a knife. That’s why you will surely find this utensil in every professional kitchen of a restaurant.
  • Okay, things have been presented in the internet in a way that makes the sole purpose of an electric knife is only in the thanksgiving dinner but there are more uses of an electric knife. This tool is not only for carving meat or slicing breads.
  • You can do your regular fixing job, handicrafts making, carpeting and foam carving with the electric knife.
  • We even have the experience of seeing it being used for cutting a birthday cake.
  • Basically an electric knife can do what a regular knife can but only in a more efficient and precise way.

The rest is up to you dear consumers to decide whether an electric knife is actually better than the regular ones or not. We hope that we haven’t left away any benefits of the electric knives. Moreover, if you are not yet convinced with them then we would recommend you to get a mid level electric knife and try it for yourselves.

The differences between electric and manual knives:

Well there are many noteworthy differences between the regular and the manual knives. Firstly the manual knives require your muscle power to cut through where the electric ones have an electric motor that delivers power and makes the cutting process automated.

Manual knives can come in different shapes and sizes but the shapes and sizes of the electric knives offer less variations. If you look at the price you will find manual knives ranging from below ten dollars to couple of hundred bucks where the electric knives are mostly sold under fifty bucks.

This much variation of price is caused due to the material and design of the blades. Most electric knives come with stainless steel blades where the manual knives can be of different materials like iron, brass, ceramic or other complex and hard metals.

How to use an electric knife?

This section is for those who are willing to use the electric knife for the first time. Electric knives are a lethal thing. That’s why there are some safety measures that you should take before using an electric knife. Let’s take a look at t

Cautions & Precautions:

  • We recommend you to read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the device.
  • Your manual will elaborately discuss these safety measures.
  • The electric knives aren’t suitable for children. Keep the electric knife out of their reach and be extra careful while using them around children.
  • The blades must be handled with care. Be sure that your hands are protected enough from the blades while you unpack and install them.
  • Don’t drench the unit to avoid electrification.
  • Don’t forget to unplug them from the source after you are done with your cutting and slicing job.
  • Use the safety mechanism that comes with your knife.
  • Avoid hitting the table or chopping wood with your blade. This may snap the blade.
  • Be super careful while cleaning the blade.
  • It’s unwise to use the knife outdoors.
  • After you are done with cutting and cleaning store the unit in its proper dock or case.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on the knife. It will cause the knife to overheat and the motor may be permanently damaged.
  • Try not to drop the knife. You may hurt your leg or the knife.

How to use an electric knife?

  • You will get the instructions inside your manual. Here we will talk about the more generalized version of the use and usage of a knife.
  • The first thing is unboxing the knife. Do it gently and be careful, not to drop it.
  • Carefully take out the handle or the housing unit. Then you should find two blades of two types inside the packet.
  • Select the blade that you want to use and find the blade locking mechanism in the device.
  • Then gently slide the rivet of the blade inside the keyhole of the housing and push until the blade is in its place and locks.
  • Then plug the electric knife to the source.
  • Check if the on-off button is unlocked and then try to trigger the device a few times.
  • If there is a control unit of the speed, do it according to your needs. Now, when you have set up the speed it’s time to start carving.
  • Hold the device on your right hand and use your left hand or a fork in the left hand to stable the meat or vegetable that you want to cut.
  • Position the right hand and the blade on the spot you want to cut and hold it firmly on the spot. Then pull the trigger and gently direct the knife to the direction you want to cut.
  • You can differ the thickness and depth of your slice.
  • If you want to slice the bread use the different blade and follow the same process.

How to clean your electric knife?

  • To clean your knife you have to unplug the device from the source.
  • Detach the blade from the housing with the lock button.
  • You can throw the blade in the dishwasher to clean it.
  • If you don’t have the dishwasher or want to clean it manually, you should use hot soapy water. Wipe the blades after you soak it in dishwashing liquid.
  • To clean the handle we would recommend you to use a dry cloth. If the stains don’t come out then use an wet piece of cloth.

After you do all these dock the electric knife on its station or the case that comes with the knife. At last store the case in a place where the children won’t be able to reach the knife.

Electric Knife Buying Guide:

Buying an electric knife is an easy task. As most of the knives cost less than fifty dollars so it is not like buying a new car. Now, in the following section we will mention some points that you need to look for while buying electric knives.

This short buying guide will help you to buy the appropriate electric knife that will match all your needs. Firstly, let’s look at the features that you need to bring under consideration.

Features to look for …

Although there aren’t too much electric knives available in the market but there are some things that you should take note of before buying them. We will arrange some points here for you that will help you.

To end up with the appropriate electric knife you should check and cross check these following features. Remember, overlooking one of them or being dazzled just with the looks of an electric knife you will have a great possibility of ending up with an unnecessary kitchen utensil. Here are the points you should take note of.

  • Power:

The power of an electric knife is very important. A powerful knife will even cut through bones but the extra power will make the knife heavy and more lethal. If you want to deal with the bones only then go for the powerful models. Otherwise regular knives will gently get the carving and slicing job done.

  • Speed:

The same also applies for speed. You should go for speedy blades if you want to do your carving faster than ever. Speedy blades are really deadly and you may need some practice to cope up with them. Basically these powerful and speedy electric knives are for trained professionals and they may not be that much suitable for thanksgiving dinner.

  • Blades:

Check what materials are the manufacturers are using for their blades. The stainless steel blades should be preferred as they are strong and don’t catch rust. Blades can snap of they hit the table or any hard spot. Also, don’t forget to check their durability and availability of spare blades.

  • Cord or Cordless:

Here’s the true fact, most dining tables are far from electric points where you can plug in your electric knife where these electric points are available in your kitchen. We have already mentioned that corded knives are powerful where the cordless models are heavy and lack power. Now, its up to you to decide which type of electric knife that you want to go with.

  • Safety:

If there are children in the house or you think yourself to be a careless person then you should definitely check for safety locks in the knife. These types of mechanisms allow you to lock the on-off button and the blade.

  • Easy Cleaning:

You should make sure that the blade can be easily detachable from the handle and can be cleaned in dishwasher. This way you won’t have to take too much hassle after the job or carving is done.

  • Some points to match your needs

Firstly, ask yourself why would you need an electric knife and the following questions. Is it only for using it on your dining table? Is it only for preparing meals? Is it for processing fish or meat? Are you going to use it in the bakery or in a blucher shop? Are you a trained professional, a cook or a butcher? Can you handle a powerful and a speedy electric knife?

The answers of all these questions will pin point your needs and then you can just cross check those needs with the products in our list. This way you will end up with the right product.

Now the pricing of these electric knives may not be a big issue for you. Moreover the difference between the prices of different electric knives is not that much. So, don’t bring the issue of price under consideration too much in this regard.


Here is a list of most frequently asked questions that may help you.

Q: Do I really need an electric knife?

Well, if you don’t have to do some serious cutting or carving job then you don’t need an electric knife that much. But if you have a family and frequently do family dinners then you will surely need one.

Q: Which one is better, corded or cordless?

If your slicing and cutting job is simple and doesn’t require any serious motor power then you should go with the cordless models, if you want more raw power to your hands then we would recommend you to go with the corded models.

Q: Why are there two different kinds of blades?

There are two different types of blade that comes with the electric knives because one is for carving meats and the other one is for slicing breads. Using the right type of blade is important to get the proper result.

Q: How often do I need to change the blades?

Well, it depends on how often you use the knife and the amount of care you show towards it. If you do the cutting with care and don’t accidently harm the blade then your blade will last for a very long time.

Q: Do electric knives come with warranty?

Yes, they do. Most of the manufacturers provide a limited warranty stretching from one to three years and some even replace the product if its broken. They also provide customer support. Check the warranty provided by your manufacturer before buying an electric knife.

Final Call:

Let’s take a look what we have learnt. Firstly we introduced you with the top five trending electric knives then we went on describing the importance of electric knives. Gradually we moved on to describe different types of electric knives and the things you need to look for in an electric knife and finished with the pros and cons.

The goal of ConsumerHubs is to properly accustom you with a product and keeping that in mind we have decorated this article on electric knife. We hope that after going through this section you will be able to differentiate the good electric knives from the bad ones that are treading in the market.

After that we have gone through everything that you need to know and need to consider as a buyer and a consumer of an electric knife. There will be few more things to know and hopefully the content sources will help you on that regard.

Content Source:

The ConsumerHubs sleeked help from the following websites while compiling all the information about electric knives.

So, readers, this was basically everything that ConsumerHubs had for you on the best electric knives 2017.

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