Do you still pick up the food waste with your precious hands and put them in the bins?Best Garbage Disposal

Well, bring home the best rated garbage disposal 2017 and you won’t have to do that again.

If you are an American, then you are surely acquainted with the best garbage disposals as it’s something that you will find only in American and Canadian homes. Either an upgrade or getting a new one for the first time, whatever is your reason behind looking for the top garbage disposals of 2017, we are here to give the best disposal reviews and the most accurate buying guide so that you can end up with the perfect product and know almost everything about it.

Best Garbage Disposals 2017

Here is our at a glance list to introduce you with the best models of garbage deposers that are available for you in 2017. Our experts have also scored them, so that you can have a brief idea about their efficiency & quality.

ImageProduct NameScore
 InSinkErator Badger 5 InSinkErator Badger 5 84
  Waste King Legend L- 8000  Waste King Legend L- 8000 88
 Waste King A1SPC Knight Waste King A1SPC Knight 85
 InSinkErator Evolution Compact InSinkErator Evolution Compact 89
InSinkErator Evolution ExcelInSinkErator Evolution Excel90

Not enough?

Well follow the following detailed reviews then and from that you will get a more clear idea about the garbage disposals as we have reviled the true nature of the top models with our specialized ConsumerHubs Algorithm. Check them out to know your options better.

1. InSinkErator Badger 5 – Best Selling Disposer within Budget [Recommended]

If you have a small family then this should be the most ideal food waste disposer for you as it has a ½ HP motor. Now, we should say here that the motors of this power are not that much suitable for the hard trash like bones and all that but what we have found out is that, this baby can even deal with them too.

InSinkErator Badger 5 best garbage disposer

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Even after most people prefer a ¾ HP machine, there are some reasons behind the huge popularity of the Badger 5. What we think is that, it’s a product that is not only from a truly American manufacturer but also it’s really a durable one and one of those trustworthy electric pigs that you will ever come in contact with.

There are many other reasons that made us to make it the top recommended product. The price of its more than perfect and you will barely find a substitute of this disposal in this price range. The warranty that this manufacturer provide is a decent one with ample amount of customer support. The internal parts of this garbage grinder are pretty sturdy and can ensure maximum longevity of the whole product.

The Pros

  • Unbeatable Price
  • Best Selling
  • Durable

The Cons

  • ½ HP, which may not be able to turn all the hard garbage into fine dust
  • Little bit noisier

2. Waste King Legend L- 8000 – Most Affordable 1HP Waste Disposer

If you are in search of a decent 1 HP disposal within a good price then you should definitely go with the L – 8000 as it has the all the features of a top end waste disposal and sells the cheapest among all the 1 HP models of various manufacturers.

 Waste King Legend L- 8000 best garbage disposer

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These mean waste disposal unit can basically chew and spit any garbage and does the job pretty fast and silently. Now, another great thing about this unit is that it has the fastest motor and comparing to that 2800 rpm motor, the compactor makes a very small noise.

The thing is, it may not look as handsome as its other rivals but when it comes to performance, the Legend L-8000 is unbeatable. It also comes with a pre attached power cord and a lifetime in house warranty. Yes! You have read it right. The warranty is for a lifetime and they will actually send a guy to your house if your unit somehow malfunctions. Isn’t that great? And about the looks, who gives so much importance to the looks of a garburator?

If you are looking for a good waste grinder that actually grinds the trash to fine dust without clogging up the system then we would say, go with this model.

The Pros

  • Reasonably priced
  • Fast and powerful motor
  • Durable
  • Great Lifetime Warranty Support

The Cons

  • Looks
  • Noisier than its rivals

3. Waste King A1SPC Knight – Most Silent & Compatible Disposal

Love silence? Then you have definitely have faith on this beautiful looking garbage disposer. What we have found is that, it’s really easy to install and it can be mounted on any type of mounting systems.

Waste King A1SPC Knight best garbage disposer

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Now, you may think that how well a silent garburator can perform but we can assure you that you will find it as a powerful trash grinder as this cute little thing hits up to 2700 rpm which is more than enough to deal with the hardest bones.

It also comes with a lifetime in home warranty and another interesting thing about the Waste King A1SPC Knight is that you won’t be needing a plumber for its installation as it’s just a snap and lock system.

Ultimately we can say that, it’s a good deal for you if you have a good budget.

The Pros

  • Soundproofing materials beneath the outer cover
  • Works well
  • Looks good (may be a useful feature if you don’t have a cabinet beneath your sink)
  • Easy installation

The Cons

  • Internal materials may not be as durable as its rivals
  • Slightly overpriced

4. InSinkErator Evolution Compact – Perfect Rated Garbage Disposal for Family Use

InSinkErator is a popular name when it comes to the garbage disposers. Their evolution serious has some of the best products that they have to offer. ‘The Compact’ of this series is the ideal for an average family.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact best garbage disposer

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The first thing that we should say about the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is that, it’s  the most refined garbage disposal that you will ever see. When it comes to disposer the bigger ones are always the best rated ones. Now, 1 HP motor may not be suitable for everyone but a ¾ Hp unit is the most appropriate one as it performs almost like a 1 HP and the size of them are quite suitable too.

The same disposer has a bigger and better model of 1 HP but if you take a look at the price difference between these two models then you will know that the price difference matters. The most interesting feature of this model is that it not only cancels noise but reduces vibration too.

The Evolution Compact has a well known reputation of getting those hard things out of the systems what most regular waste disposers can’t do. In a sense this model is the ideal for any family kitchen and if you use it with proper care it will easily last for more than ten years without changing anything.

The Pros

  • Perfect size for family use
  • Powerful
  • Good looking
  • Durable

The Cons

  • Warranty is for only 4 years
  • Consumes a lot of water

5. InSinkErator Evolution Excel – The Best Rated Garbage Disposal Available

If you have a big budget for your garbage disposer then we would highly recommend you to go with the InSinkErator Evolution Excel as it is yet the best waste disposal unit available on the market.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel best garbage disposer

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First of all it’s a 1 HP motor which is capable of tolerating any sort of disposal job. If you place it under the sink of a busy restaurant kitchen, it will surely do its job without any hindrance. It felt as a really powerful product but we were really amazed to see it in action as it is quite as a cat.

There are specialized and some serious noise canceling technologies involved in this waste disposal unit. If you want to reflect a classy environment and don’t want your guests to hear the odd gurgling sound of garbage disposers then you must give it a try.

It has a huge chamber of 40 oz and the internal construction is designed with high quality materials and we think that, in a home, the product will last for a very long time. The main reason behind our claim is that, it’s a unit that comes with 3 stages of grinding mechanisms which is a very rare feature.

Now, we were really confused to see the price tag at the first and there are no exaggeration of its features and all that but the reality is, it deserves to have a such heavy weight price tag. The thing is, an Evolution Excel might last for an entire lifetime. It’s worthy to spend a hundred dollars more behind a product with such refined built quality. Once you are done installing it, you will barely know that a waste disposal is beneath your sink.

The Pros

  • 3 stage Grinding
  • Almost Soundless
  • Grinds about anything
  • 7 year in house warranty

The Cons

  • Pricy
  • Doesn’t come with a power cord

What is a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is a unit that that sits in middle of your kitchen sink’s exit hole and discharge pipe. It is basically a grinder that turns almost all your food waste into small particles that easily gets out through the exit pipe with the flow of water.

Now, you would probably think that the waste disposers come with razor sharp blades but it does not. Rather it has a two or more layers of rotating plates and a cylinder with holes of different sizes (the plates also come with holes in them) and ones the waste falls on them, the centrifugal force starts its magic by forcing them out from the unit.

The presence of running water is mandatory in the whole process as it makes the operation smooth and keeps the flow running and prevents the grinded up trash from clogging up inside the unit or inside your exit pipe.

So, what do you get? You get a unit that consumes all your regular organic food waste, peels, scraps, bones or any kind of wasted food into them and turns them into the smallest particles that can easily be discharged through your discharge pipe with the help of running water.

Why to Buy a Garbage Disposal?

The main reason behind your getting a waste disposal unit is that, they are the most hygienic way of disposing waste. It does not require a lot of effort from your side. You just simply have to shove everything through the exit hole of your sink and the disposal will take care of the rest.

Imagine it’s a cold day and food wastes have piled up in your kitchen. Would you like to go outside and dispose all of the food waste in the trash cans? Well, that can be a horrifying experience and you may already have the experience of it. If you don’t want to be on a situation like this you should definitely fit a garburator underneath your sink.

If it’s summer the food waste can get spoiled and eventually it will stink up your whole kitchen. That’s why during the summer your trips to the trash bins would be more frequent. Why would you do that when you can just dump it inside the sink after you are done with your cooking or lunch?

Now, most of you guys reading this article are apartment dwellers and if you have to dump your trash you have to come all the way down to the garbage bin and if you don’t have a lift in the apartment the experience can be a devastating one.

If you want to prevent bacteria formation then you should definitely try to get read of the garbage as soon as possible. Specially if there are children or patient in the house then it won’t be right to pile up the trash specially the organic ones. That’s why; having a waste disposal can be life saving in this case.

Another important reason behind the garbage disposal is that, they are environment friendly. The waste you throw inside your paddle bin goes to the trash cans in the street and through that it ultimately goes to the landfills where all the trash, organic and the non organic ones are disposed. Now, as days are passing by, these landfills are getting gigantic in size and gradually becoming an eminent threat to the environment. It should be stopped by any cost.

There are many more reasons like this for what you should get a garbage disposal unit. Whatever the reasons are they all end up on a single station and that is to make your life and homemaking simple. So, to cope up with your busy life you must buy the best waste disposer.

Types of Garbage Disposals

All the waste disposals are almost the same with some slight difference in the internal mechanisms and manners of working. Depending on their functioning process, these electric piggies can be classified into two major criteria.

  • The Continuous Feed:

These disposers are the ones that are always involved in the disposal game. There are no individual switch by what they can be triggered. Once you plug them in to the outlet, they are ever ready to do their job.

What you need to do is, throw your food waste through the exit hole of your sink with running water and whenever these best rated garbage disposals sense food, they start grinding them. With this type you won’t have to manually turn them on.

There are some benefits of this type of disposals that you will enjoy over the other one. If you want to dispose big batch of waste then the continuous feed are ideal as you can gradually dispose the waste in shorter batches.

Actually they are the popular type as people are keeping their kitchen clean and tidy even when they are cooking. However there are some problems that come with this type. It literally grinds everything that falls through the sink hole. If something accidently goes through the hole it will instantly be grinded and thrown into the discharge pipe. They also use more water than the batch feed disposers.

  • The Batch Feed

Batch feeds are the older variations of garbage disposals. For using these things you have to wait so that your wastes pile up to a suitable batch that you can grind and dispose.

Now, when it comes to safety, the batch feed models are safer as they come with a stopper on the sink hole. This way there will be zero possibility for the wastes to come spring from holes and mess up your kitchen. This disposal is actually for those who likes to do the cleaning once and not individually.

If you want to save water then you should definitely go with the batch feed disposers. But loading up the whole unit with all that food peels and all your trash can take time and can be a tiring job too.

If you do a little research you will surely find the batch feeds on maximum American homes where the continuous feeds are replacing them as they are faster.

The operation of these two things does not actually make a lot of difference and you will hardly notice the difference. Whether you are going to go with the continuous feed or batch feed it’s entirely up to you actually. If you think that you will do less cleaning then we would recommend you the batch feed where for a faster and instant cleaning go with the continuous or constant feed models.

Features to look for on Garbage Disposers

Garbage disposals are not rocket science actually and you will have very less opportunity of being choosy as there may be many models available but the bad ones can easily be differentiated from the good ones and there are only few good models.

Now, while getting a garburator for your kitchen you should keep the following features in mind. Our experts have enlisted them for you, so that you don’t bring home the disposer. Here are the features that you should look for.

  • Size & Power

The size of a garbage compactor should be your main concern. The size of the disposers are calculated in horsepower. (Sounds odd?) Yes, depending on the power of the motor the whole size of the garbage disposers change.

There are basically two types of garbage processors available in today’s market. The powerful ones and the less powerful ones. Now, this may sound odd but actually it is right. The 1 HP motors are the most powerful garbage disposer you can buy. If you think that it will be too large then you can go with the ¾ HP which also comes with good power and this is the most preferred size also.

Now, if you have a small family then a 1 HP motor will be nothing but a waste of power and water. That’s why there are the ½ HP or the 1/3 ones that you can choose from.

But, we should tell you something about the size and power. The bigger disposal unit you are going to buy will end up in less cloggy disposers and less cloggy disposals can seriously reduce your hassle of cleaning the jam or calling the plumber every time. Also, they make more sound than the smaller ones but in getting the job of disposal done, they are unbeatable.

  • Grinding Stage:

This is the feature that really makes a difference between the waste disposals. The more stages a garbage disposal will have, the better it will grind the food waste.

Single stage disposers are very rare in these days as the designs have improved a lot. We have mentioned before that there are no blades involved in a garbage disposals. That’s why the garbage has more possibility of clogging up inside the disposer or in the exit pipe.

So, you must look for a disposer that at least has a two stage grinding. The stages here basically indicates revolving plates with the side cylinder and both of them have holes of different sizes and shapes in them that does the actual job of chopping.

The disposers with three stage grinding are best for taking in any type of trash and turning it into dust. They are a bit pricier than the two stage disposers but they work better and last longer.

  • Mode of Operation

If you haven’t followed the types of disposals point we recommend you to check it out right now. From there you will be able to know the modes on which the disposers work on.

There are the continuous feed and the batch feed mode. You should select any one of them depending on your own choice. Now, if there are children in the house then we would recommend you to go with the batch feed disposers as they have a different switch for operation and they tend to be safer.

Now, on the other hands the continues feeds can operate with minimum waste and that disposing little amount of garbage every time will keep the whole exit line clear where the batch feeds can jam and clog up your whole sink disposal line.

  • Silence

From our experience we have seen that there are people looking for a more silent variant of some product like, carpet cleaners, blenders, washing machines and other home appliances. Now, if you have prior experience with the units then you would know that they can be very loud.

If you have any issue with the sound then you should look for a silent model of the garbage disposal. There are some models available what makes less noise and they can ensure a peaceful environment of your kitchen.

  • Material

The internal material that the disposers use is pretty important. Don’t forget to check if the plate and cylinder of the disposer unit is built with stainless steel. If there are other materials in the main plate then the disposer may not be that long lasting.

Well, these were the main points that you should consider before getting a disposal unit.

Now, there are some other points that you should also consider as a ‘to be consumer of a garbage disposer’. Here are the points in brief.

  • When it’s about disposals the topmost priority should be given on the quality of the product. A disposer of good built quality will give you less hassle and may last for a lifetime without any repairs or spares. The ones with a cheaper built quality will only give you trouble and nothing else. So, be very skeptical about the quality of the garbage disposing units.
  • Check if the disposer comes with a power cord or not. If it does not then you have to get one.
  • The fitting is also important. Don’t forget to check the clams and the other things and cross check them if it’s suitable for your sink or not.
  • The size can be an issue. If you have a small space under your sink and you need a 1 HP garburator then it can be a problem. That’s why you should check how much space is your disposer going to consume.
  • There are some models that is really easy to install and you won’t need plumbers. If you want to install the disposer all by yourself you will be able save a good deal of money by cutting down the plumber cost. For that, pick the disposers of easy installation.
  • Warranty is a big issue when it comes to disposals as it is something that tends to get out of order pretty easily.

Benefits of Garbage Disposals

The biggest benefit of the disposers are that, they can dispose the daily trashes with the blink of an eye. Now, it may sound simple but has its own benefits. Here, we will shortlist some benefits of the disposer units specially for those who are still confused about getting one.

  • If you want to keep your kitchen clean and tidy there are no exception but to use the best waste disposal unit. We have mentioned many times that these units are the best and smartest way of dealing with the trashes.
  • If you don’t want your kitchen to stink up with the bad smell of the rotten leftover foods or food waste then you should install the waste disposers. Otherwise the kitchen can get really stinky in the summer times. With the garbage disposers you can easily flash them out through the drain and that’s why there would be no odor buildup
  • Another great benefit of the waste grinder is that they are environment friendly. For the garbage disposers the trashes won’t be taken to the landfills and it directly goes into the water treatment which is more convenient for the nature.
  • The best disposal units are great because they take a very little effort from your side. We have given you a scenario where you requested to presume a scenario for a cold day and you have to throw out the garbage outside. Well, we think that was a good reason behind your getting a garbage disposer.

There are many reasons just like it. The ultimate thing is that there will be very less garbage in the house and you need to dispose and most of it should be dust, litters and all that what are mostly dry ones. Dry trashes are not of that much problem. They don’t get spoiled; do not emit any bad smell. Ultimately you will get a healthier environment to live in.

So, these garbage eating electric pigs do not have a wide spread or multi focused benefit. They are the ultimate solution for throwing out the organic garbage out of your home and that should be their biggest benefit. Now, all the things that are connected with easy and fast waste disposal are the benefits of waste disposers. We have you have found your answers what you have been looking for.

How to use a Garbage Disposal Unit?

The use of a garbage disposal is not that hard at all. Although the installation is the thing that may make you sweat. Here in this point we will be discussing some major points about the installation and the usage of the disposers.

  • When you buy a garburator ensure that it has cord in it. If it comes with a cord then you should definitely get one.
  • There are some other things that you should buy also. Mostly they are plumbing stuffs. Now, if you think that you are going to install the disposer all by yourself then you should have the necessary tools in your home. If you don’t have any, try buying them.
  • There is something called plumber’s putty. It would be better if you use it for sealing the sink hole.
  • Now, after you bring home the disposer then you should check on the user’s manual. It’s all there. From the installation to the appropriate use, you will find everything in the manual.
  • The disposer sits between your sink hole and the exit pipe. There can also be another line coming out of the disposer. You should be extra careful while installing the unit. Make enough clams and holes if you have to. The stability is a must.
  • You may have to add a power outlet beside the unit. Make sure it has a bigger fuse.
  • For proper installation we would recommend you to take the help of your user’s manual or related installation videos. The popular brands have well prepared videos with exact guidelines that may help you to install the unit all by yourself.
  • If you want to avoid all the hassle of installation you can just call in a plumber who will do the work for you.
  • Now, when your disposer is ready for use you should know that, it’s a device that requires water to function properly. That’s why before disposing anything make sure you turn on the sink tap (applies for both continuous and batch feed).
  • The continues feeds are relatively easy to operate. You just have to put the garbage through the sink hole with water. Now, the sink hole may not be appropriate for bigger pieces of peel or wasted food. For that you can slice or chop them up in sizes that will be consumable for the waste disposer unit. The continuous feed machines are always ready to dispose anything that goes inside the machine. For the batch feed you will need to fill the tank with garbage and then you have to press the button for the machine to power up and start grinding.

  • It takes couple of seconds for the disposer to dispose the garbage. And we should remind you here that, using grease or fatty food items inside your garburator may cause it to clog.
  • If you really have to dispose anything greasy then try hot water.
  • Now, the 1/3 or ½ HP garbage disposers may not be capable enough to handle the hard stuff. For that getting a ¾ or a 1 HP garbage grinder can be an easy solution.
  • If your disposer clogs that’s going to be a whole new kind of pain for you. But don’t worry it’s fixable and we will try to include a related video or an article that may help you with the troubleshoot of your garbage disposal.

Well, that was everything about the use of electric pigs (waste disposers). Let us know if you want to know anything.

Best Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Garbage disposers are a classic American product. You will find it on every home. Most probably you are someone with the possession of one of those. Whether you are going to buy a new one or just looking for an upgrade you should know some questions and answers that may help you in bringing home the best trash disposer. Here is a list of them.

  • What is the main reason of your having a garbage disposal? ( to know the reasons please take a look at the Why to Buy a Garbage Disposal? Section and you will get more reasons that may ensure that it’s really a necessity.
  • The second most important thing that you should ask is; how much garbage piles up in your kitchen every day and home many people are there in your home? (with the amount of your garbage you should select the size of your electric pig.If you have a big family and everyday you have a big amount of garbage everyday then you should go with the 1 or ¾ HP disposers. If you live in a small apartment and have only one or two members in the family then a ½ or 1/3 may do the trick)
  • Are you a protein freak? Frequently have chicken, red meat and all that food stuff that produces hard organic food waste? ( then you should definitely go with the 1 or ½ HPs. The smaller ones aren’t that great at chopping bones.)
  • Do you have permission to use it? (some states are strict against the use of the garbage disposers as they consume too much water. Make sure your are has the necessary permissions to use garbage disposers)
  • Are you ready to afford the extra water use? (Yes, it can be an issue as not only your water supply bill will rise but you will also need to clean the septic tank more often. That’s why it’s better to know that, the disposers consume a lot of water and you should be prepared for that.)
  • How much space do you have beneath your sink? (The space beneath your sink is important. It’s the place where the disposer goes. If you think that you don’t have enough space beneath your sink then you should re assemble the whole sink if you really want to use a disposer. Otherwise you should select the garburator model according to the space you have under there)
  • Do you want to dispose continuously or at once? (if you are willing to dispose the trash frequently like while cooking, just after dining then a continuous feed can be the better option for you. Again if you are a ‘do the cleaning once’ type of person then the batch feeds are ideal for you.)
  • Are there children in the home? (if you have children in the house then you should go for a batch feed disposer as they tend to be safer from the continuous ones)
  • Money can also be an issue and the you should remember that the disposers aren’t that cheap. The products we have enlisted should be suitable for everyone. You can match your budget with them and pick one.

Well, this was the buying guide. For a complete sense of the disposal don’t forget to check the Features to look for on Garbage Disposal section.

The Pros

  • The biggest benefit of them is that, they are hygienic
  • They keep the environment really clean and bacteria free.
  • It reduces the hassle of your going to the dust bins.
  • The disposers are really good for the environment.

The Cons

  • This thing can be harmful for your kids.
  • It will dispose anything that goes through the exit hole.


Q. Do I need a plumber to install the garbage disposal?

It’s up to you actually. If you think that you know enough plumbing and a little electrical job and can make holes in the wall then you should try to install the disposer by your own. We should remind you here that it can be a tricky job. Only approach to installation if you know what you have to do. You will probably find everything on the manual.

Now, if you think that you won’t be able to install it properly then you can either take help from the video tutorials or if nothing works then just ‘call the guy’

Q. Can garbage disposals grind bones?

Some models can and some models can’t. Whether a garbage disposer is capable of fine grinding bones or other solid wastes entirely depends on its size and power. In this case the grinders that has ½ or 1/3 HP motor, can’t actually do the bone grinding and they will eventually clog up the whole system.

For the serious chopping you should go with the disposers of ¾ or 1 HP garbage disposers. They will smash about everything that goes through the sink hole. You should know here that the big ones need some serious water and power and they are relatively noisier also.

Q. What is the most common size of the garbage disposal?

If you want to know what size people buy most, then our answer should be ¾ HP. They are ideal for an average or midsized family and they never lack power. Going for the lower models would be a better option for smaller families but they are quite underpowered and the 1 HP machines are better suited in dining halls or restaurant kitchens.

So, yes, the ¾ HP garbage disposers should be perfect for your daily use.

Q. What are the problems of using a Disposal?

The whole concept of garbage disposer may sound really fun and in fact they really are the smartest way of disposing organic garbage but you may face some problems if you start using them on a regular basis.

The first problem is, they clog up. If you use them inappropriately the disposers can be clogged up due to grease pileup or un-grinded garbage. If you don’t know how to clean them, things may overflow and then you will have no other option left but to call the plumber.

Another big issue of the disposers is that they consume not only a lot of power but water too. You will be amazed to know how much water they need to function properly. So, it may seriously affect your water supply bill and may cause your septic tank to fill up fast.

These are the two main problems that come with the garbage disposers. Other than these the disposers are a fine piece of home appliances that you should have.

Q. How long does the garbage disposeals last?

It mainly depends on some certain factors. The first thing is that how frequently the disposers function. In this regard the continuous feeds are the most used disposers where the batch feeds are less used.

On average a garbage disposal is designed to last for 12 years or more. For that you should not use it as a trash can and take enough care of it. Putting too much solid waste inside the disposer will gradually decay the cylinder blades and greasy foods seriously affect them.

So, we can say that, if you take proper care of your disposer it will easily last for 15 years or so.


Well consumers, we hope that we had been able to satisfy all your thirst about the garbage disposal. ConsemuerHubs is committed to make you a better consumer and if you have read this far then you surely want to become one.

So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to bring home the best garbage disposal 2017 and start disposing those organic wastes.




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