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Yes, heart is the most precious part of your body.

To know it better you must own the best heart rate monitor 2017

But, among all the models which one should you pick? Yes, it can be a confusing task. Keep no worries dear consumers. We are here to guide you in buying the perfect heart rate tracker for you. With the mass production with this gadget, science has advanced enough to make all other heart rate measuring personal units a thing of past.

Best Heart Rate Monitors 2017

We will start by introducing you with the top trending wrist and chest heart rate sensors that you can and should pick from. We have enlisted them with a score that has been set in harmony of different opinions of our experts. We hope it will be helpful for you.

ImageProduct NameScore
Polar FT7Polar FT7 88
Garmin PremiumGarmin Premium 86
Polar H7Polar H7 86
Scosche Rhythm+Scosche Rhythm+ 87
Polar Ft1Polar Ft1 84
Wahoo TICKRWahoo TICKR82

Now, this product is a sensitive one. You must be extra careful while buying it. That’s why we would suggest you to read through the whole article. At least you should check out the detailed reviews of the individual products. All these have been set by ConsumerHubs Algorithm. Again, we would mention that these reviews are really important if you are really looking for a heart rate gadget.

  1. Polar FT7 – Most Accurate Wrist Heart Rate Monitor [Recommended]

This Polar’s monitor can provide accurate and continuous heart rate counting, which gives clear guidance of workout. Its Energy Pointer gives you the information of the training’s main effect, it will show you the results in numbers along with your heart rate. Smart Calorie counter uses the personal workout data of yours to give you the accurate equation of calories burned.

Polar FT7 best heart rate monitors

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Soft fabric is used here to make the chest strap. It can easily adapt the shape of your body. To get the accurate heart beat rate, this heart rate monitor of Polar FT7 includes and requires this chest strap. It can connect with the compatible equipment of gym by using the link of the gym. This Polar FT7 monitor is water resistant.

It is an essential gadget for the people who eagerly want to improve their body fitness and also want to lose their body weight. Smart Coaching system has Smart Calories and Energy Pointer options which will motivate and guide you to count your every workout.

During your exercise Polar FT7 will show on the monitor your real heart rate. With this gadget, you can focus on your target. After collecting the heart rate data you can learn about your intensity and you can also keep yourself within the target. You can slowly increase your workout capability.

Every day you can check your progress of the workout. That will help to get encouragement. It does not only show you the numbers. It shows your improvement and also shows your performance during your exercise. How much calories you have burned, you can get it from this monitor. It can keep the record of 99 workouts.

The Pros:

  • Energy Pointer
  • Chest Strap is made of soft fabric
  • Water resistant
  • Able to connect with the compatible gym’s equipment

The Cons:

  • Buttons are small
  • Better for only small wrist
  1. Garmin Premium – Most Comfortable Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin Premium can transmit the heart rate to the compatible device. That helps to get instant feedback. This advisor has the elastic strap and it is also soft. This strap also gives the comfortable fit to its customer. The Garmin monitor can connect with other devices and the whole thing is basically that device based. That’s why there is no display in the unit and this makes the whole thing more comfortable and cheaper.

Garmin Premium best heart rate monitors

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The size of the gadget is also adjustable. The module of the heart rate can be removed from the strap. It can measure the fitness and intensity of daily workouts. This gadget can easily count heart rate and the calories which have been burned.

It will help you to get the quality workout every day. The whole thing will become your one of the necessary things of your daily life. Its strap is soft and of soft fabric. The strap is elastic type. So it will get fit in any body shape. It can easily connect with the devices which is much compatible.

So you will get the instant feedback of your activities from the compatible device. The module of heart rate is made of plastic and this module is also removable. So you will not face any obstacles when you will use it.

It can connect with the device automatically after making the first connection. It will give you the accurate measurement of heart rate and calories burned. Now you can easily reach your goal.

The Pros:

  • Transmit data to many compatible devices
  • Soft and elastic strap
  • Adjustable gadget
  • Shows calories burned

The Cons:

  • Hard to replace the battery
  • Battery door is poorly designed
  1. Polar H7 – Keep Easy Track of Your Fitness

Polar H7 Heart Rate Gadget has a powerful tracer. The sensor of heart rate is waterproof and highly compatible with the Apple iPhone, Apple’s iPads and also with all Android Devices. Battery quality is good enough. Because, it recommends low charge. Bluetooth connectivity is available. Through the Bluetooth, it gives the data of the accurate and live counting of heart rate to the mobile training compatible apps.

Polar H7 best heart rate monitors

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Polar H7 monitor has advanced connectivity system. So, it can connect to the heart rate monitor models of Polar. It can also connect with the gym equipment. Calorie Counter has the capability to count down the calories which you have been burned. It is available in three colors on the market. For the customers, it has two years of official warranty. Polar H7 heart rate sensor’s belt is made with the comfortable and soft fabric.

After doing workout, you can check the heart rate data in your mobile app. You can also check the heart rate spikes on the polar. The Polar H7 Heart Rate Gadget has the option to check out the calories which you have burned.

This can help you to gain the motivation and improvement after getting the heart rate data from the monitor or mobile app. It can connect with the maximum mobile phones. So you have no need to think about your smartphone model.

It can connect with the consistent gym equipment. So you can easily see your improvement of your fitness. You can fix your new target every day. Its battery is replaceable and you can change it without any problem. Body size is not a problem for it. It can fit any body size.

The Pros:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity available
  • Waterproof sensor
  • Good battery quality
  • Soft fabric’s chest strap

The Cons:

  • Cannot make continuous connection
  • Android users may face problem during pairing
  1. Scosche Rhythm+ – Best Heart Rate Monitor for Riding and Running

Easily count the heart rate, distance, pace and especially calories burned during the workout. Its RHYTHM+ technology can connect with the fitness and health apps. Like: digifit, mapmyfitness, Strava, run keeper and more. This supervisor can make the pair with the devices which have ANT+ and Bluetooth connection. Including: watches, smartphones, fitness equipment, and tablets. Scosche has given armband heart rate monitor.

Scosche Rhythm+ best heart rate monitor

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The Armband is Breathable and its weight is also light. So, no need for a chest strap, which is bulky.It has the Ip67 waterproof system. This system has enabled it to stay safe at least one meter under the water. The Getfit, train smart and RHYTHM+ features of Heart Rate Sensor have made it as an advanced workout tool. It can accurately measure the amount of the heart rate, distance, pace, and calories burned. It has also the ability to measure the intensity accurately.

In the rain or in the water pool, you do not have to worry anymore about your gadget. Heart rate tracker of Scosche is giving you the IP67 waterproof system. So your Scosche will stay safe at least one meter under the water. Its breathable armband is quite light and soft. You have no need to wear any chest strap which is bulky.

It includes small and large armband to make the Scosche more useable. It has wireless connectivity. So you can do your workout within 100 ft. This adviser takes only 2 hours to complete the full charging period. Its battery backup is also good enough. It gives backup of eight hours.

It has one year’s official warranty. So use it at least one year without any tension. And after all, you can measure your accurate amount of calories burned and heart rate to make your everyday exercise more effective.

The Pros:

  • Count pace and distance
  • RHYTHM+ technology is used
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connections are included
  • Ip67 waterproof technology

The Cons:

  • Is not totally waterproof
  • Take time to dry after getting wet
  1. Polar Ft1 – Perfect Heart Rate Monitor for Everyone

The best thing about Polar Ft1 Monitor is that, it has a big display. You can easily read the heart rate of the display. It helps to improve the body fitness. This monitor displays the last workouts summary on its display. This adviser has transmission of coded heart rate and simple one-button to avoid the cross-talk.

Polar Ft1 best heart rate monitor

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For the user’s benefits, it has a target zone to exercise safely. This gadget has been included with the chest strap of Polar T31 transmitter and a user guide. It shows the time also. In the market Ft1 monitor is available in two colors. Black and blue.

The features of body measurements are very suitable for the training. You can easily do your workout within your target zone. When the HeartTouch option is on, you have no need to press buttons. It can automatically access the information of different trainings. It has the backlight to watch the information of the heart rate sensor of Polar Ft1.

It does not only show time but also show weekday and date indications. So you have no need to use the ordinary watch anymore. It can resist water for 30 minutes. So you have no tension for water. You can safely exercise by knowing the exact heart rate.

The Pros:

  • Big Display
  • Last workouts’ summary shows
  • Target zone is included
  • Two attractive color

The Cons:

  • Complicated to operate through its single button
  • Small chest belt
  1. Wahoo TICKR – Most Compatible Heart Rate Monitor

This heart rate tracker is best for personal training. It lets the users do the workout efficiently. Show heart percentage of real-time, real-time training zone and a number of calories which have been burned. Through the compatible apps of training, it can send these data to the tablet or smartphone. For ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies, the Wahoo TICKR can easily connect with the tablets and smartphone.

Wahoo TICKR best heart rate monitors

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Any model of iPhone and the android device can make the connection with the Wahoo TICKR. Effectively works with Wahoo Runfit and more than 50 apps for the smartphone. They are MapMy, Nike+ Running, Runkeeper, Strava, Cyclemeter, Apple Health and more. It can also pair with the apps of the third party to personalize training zones. So it will maximize your workout. Apple users will get an extra advantage. It can connect with the apple device directly.

It is a great gadget which has made training way with the heart rate. Wahoo TICKR is always beside you to help you to reach your target or goal. It enables you to connect with the app of Runfit to make more efficient workouts. You can finish intelligently your training period.

After making the connection with the smartphone through the fitness app, you can count the place and distance which you have been crossed. Of course, it can also smartly supervise your calories burned and heart rate. The advanced technology of TICKR has made the monitor as an ultimate gadget.

The Pros:

  • Shows calories burned
  • Able to connect to the smartphone or tablet
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connection available
  • Suitable for apple device users

The Cons:

  • Bad strap attachment
  • The band does not always stick with the wrist

Why Should You Buy a Heart Rate Monitor?

We are right? Maybe you are thinking these types of stuff right now. It is normal if you are thinking about it like that. But we the ConsumerHubs is going to break that idea here. Right now…

You are thinking about it in the wrong way. Yes, it is very beneficial for the athletes. But it is beneficial for every people too. Because maximum people do their exercises daily. So every day this heart rate detector can make your daily exercise more effective.

It is actually a gadget which is worn during the workout session. At the workout session, this heart rate sensor will sum up the heart rate of yours. During the workout, you can find out your hearts spot which is sweet or risky. By knowing that, you can push your body for your target zone without any risk.

It is an effective tool for the gym time and field exercise. That is also using in many experiments also to find out the real heart rate. It is now a reliable tool to the scientists. Doctors are also using it to find out the health condition of their patients. Now you say, there is no necessity of buying this Heart Rate Monitor…!

But the beginner and athletes can get the advantage from their beginning of workouts. Athletes have the necessity of the target zone widely. Within the target zone, they can easily and within the short time they will reach their goals. Without the monitor, they would reach their goal after facing many obstacles and physical injuries.

It helps you to read the heart rate and amount of calories which you have killed. It will give you motivation when you will check it out after your workouts in the dressing room. You can also motivate yourself to make your capability high.

You can get the data of heart rate on your smart devices. You can analyze your data wisely and also can keep yourself within the right intensity.

The price range has started from $10-$300. So you can easily buy it. After buying and using it, you will surely confess that it was not your money wasting purchase.

Types of the Best Heart Rate Monitor:

Heart rate Trackers is now made by many well-known brands or manufacturers with attractive features. They are trying to take it to the higher position of medical science invention. These wearables are available in two styles. One can wear on the chest and another one can wear on the wrist or arm. Both of them are cordless.

It is actually a monitor which can accurately monitor of the heart beat. It can also supervise the calories which you have burned after every workout. Measure Calories burned is very needed for the people who want to lose their weight.

Different types are now available on the market. They differ on the basis of technology or the features. These types are given below:


  • They stays very close to the heart. We need to wear it over our chest with the belt. These belts are the elastic type. So any body size will get fit in it.
  • Many chest strap trackers are waterproof. They are made of plastic. These monitors are very reliable. Their weight is light. They have average battery life also.
  • Their main task is to collect the rate of heartbeat and send it to the receiver. The receiver has the display to show the rate or data. We have to wear the receiver on our wrist.

Pulse Type:

  • When you will place a finger or your arm on it, then this type monitor can collect the reading of heart beat from the finger’s pulse. But these monitors are not reliable fully.
  • They sometimes miss the pulse and give wrong information about heart rate. For example, when your finger will stay cold, it will not able to collect the pulse from your finger.
  • Using of these types of the monitor is also painful. It will not give you every time’s correct heart rate.
  • This type of supervisor comes with also wrist strap. It has no chest strap sensor.
  • It can collect the heart rate from the pulse. Like the brand, Scosche has launched this arm type heart rate monitor.

According to the brands, there are many heart rate monitors also:

  • There are many sports type heart rate sensors which are able to connect with the gym equipment. Like: treadmills.
  • Rebook, Polar, Mio, Nike and others have launched these types of pulse trackers.

According to the types of exercise, the heart rate monitor will also differ:

The features which we should look for the Best Heart Rate Monitor:

Finding out the suitable model can be tough to you. But ConsumerHubs is making it easy for their customers to find out their suitable monitor. We are giving you some basic feature descriptions, which will make you understand that which one is best for you.

  • Easy to read:

It is very necessary for a monitor to have a decent display. The best heart rate monitors often have displays with them that are easy to read.

  • Easy to use:

The wearable unit should be user-friendly. There are many monitors available on the market, which system is very critical and tough to operate it.

If you want to use the pulse tracker easily and without any complication, there are also many models of it which have the easy operating system.

You should choose the heart rate advisor where you can easily set your zones of the target without any complication. So the operating system choice is depending on your ability.

  • Easy to set the target zone:

You will mainly buy the heart rate sensor to set your target zone successfully. So you should look for this feature in the models and brands of the best heart rate monitor.

A proper target zone systematized model will give you an alert when your heart rate will go below the target level and also alert you when your heart beat percentage will go above the target level. That is the main advantage of the target zone.

  • Accurate tracking of heart rate:

These monitors should accurately read or collect the heart beat rate. The best heart rate monitor can continuously send the heart beat rate data to the monitor.

So when you will get accurate data of the heart rate, you can carry on your workouts consciously. It is also needed to get the perfect body fitness and health.

  • Chest strap and sensor:

Those chest straps are very comfortable which have soft fabric. The chest strap should be the elastic type. Because you will have to wear it upon your naked chest.

The sensor which stays on the chest strap should be light weight. The monitor and the sensor should also be waterproof.

You should also look for the battery life’s quality and warranty. Usually, the best heart rate monitor’s battery has the battery life of 2 years. And the heart monitors usually give at least warranty of one year.

Benefits of using Heart Rate Monitor:

Now the world-class level’s trainers and instructors are highly recommending using the Heart Rate Tracker for running and exercising in the physical exercising moment. They are encouraging their clients and group members to use it. You can check out your improvement of body fitness and amount of calories burned in the locker room.

You may think that, if it is really beneficial for me?

Of course, it should be. If you do physical exercise daily, then it will be very beneficial for you. It can help you from five sectors.

Lose Weight:

If your main target is losing your excess weight, what can be more beneficial than it? It is made to take you to your goals. Health experts have suggested that to lose the excess weight of your body, fat people should raise their rate to 70 percent.

Slowly they have to increase the percentage with the higher intense workouts. They should not cross the heart percentage of 85. Of course, they should take short intervals during their workouts to cool themselves. So this percentage can only measure by these monitors.

Health improvement:

Heart Rate Sensor can help you to maintain and find the right intensity of exercise to reach the target of yours. The Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends doing exercise about 30 minutes.

They also recommend doing it 5 days of every week. So the device will let you know that whether you are completing the recommendation properly or not. High-class model of Heart Rate Monitor provides time requirements and intensity of specific zone to reach fitness performance and weight loss goals.

Maintain Discipline:

Everybody cannot afford a personal trainer or do not get the chance to stay in the touch of the trainer. For these people, disciplines maintain become a tough task.

To get the intensity and proper workout’s result, you should maintain regular discipline. So there, the heart rate advisor can be your best instructor to help you to maintain your discipline.

Judging Exercise:

The health experts suggest that people should keep the percentage of heart rate during their workouts 50-85 percent. This percentage varies from person to person. But it is an average rate. If you are not superhuman, then you should follow the range.

This heart rate range is also known as the safe range. Above the range is called the danger range. So do not cross it. Again, going below the safe range will not bring you any success about your fitness and health improvement.

So you can check your heart rate during the exercise whether you are doing it in safe or danger range. And it can be only measured by the heart rate supervisor.

Analyze and Encouragement:

You can call these monitors as your encouragement tool. Why are we saying so? Listen, after completing your workouts, you will come to the changing room and after checking, when you will realize that you have burned many calories without doing any harm. You will feel proud of yourself and you will surely make your next day more challenging.

It will also give the opportunity to analyze your workouts of last few days. You will get a summary of your workout’s improvement from the smart devices. So you can analyze the data and make a new target zone to get more improvement.

Smart technology:

It has wireless connectivity and it is the advanced technology of the modern time. So you will connect with your smartphones.

The sensor has also the ability to connect with its monitor without any wire. The best heart rate tracker is waterproof and it has also long battery life. So you can use it for a long period.

Here you can think, Ok, I am now quite sure about its beneficial side. But, how I will use it? It has so much critical functions. Even the Cheap heart rate monitors have the smartest technologies as it’s not easy to read the heart rates.

Dear!!! You do not worry about these things anymore. We the ConsumerHubs is also known as the mind and solution of the customers. Keep your trust upon us and come next to the using guide of this product.

Limits of your heart rate:

Resting rate:

Before starting your hard working or exercising, find out first, what is your heart rate from the monitor.  For the better measurements of your resting heart rate, select 3 days and wake up early in the morning.

When you will wake up from your bed naturally, count your heart rate each morning. Like: Monday=65, Tuesday=69, Wednesday=67. From these three reading, we will get the average number 67.

Maximum rate:

To find the maximum rate of your heart, minus your age from 220.

Like: 220-35=185. So here the 185 is your maximum heart rate.

Reserve of heart rate:

From the maximum rate of your heart minus your resting rate. Like: 185-67=118. So the reserve rate will be 118.

Lower limit of your heart:

Multiply your maximum heart rate by 60%.

Like: 185×0.60=111. So here the lower limit of the heart rate is 111.

Again, you should know about the heart rate zones. This heart rate zone depends on the types of your training.

How to use the Heart Rate Monitor

After knowing this kind of stuff you will be ready to use the heart rate monitors for running and exercising. It is necessary to know the facts. Because, which sector you will use the sensor, honestly we do not know that. That is why you should know the facts before using the heart rate monitor. Here are some tips that you might like.

Actually using procedure of the heart rate monitor depends on the models and brands. So we are here going to give you the use instructions of the heart monitor averagely:

Before starting your workouts, wear the heart rate sensor on your chest. Do not wear it over your cloth. You have to wear it over the naked body. Upon the sensor, you can wear your clothes. Now connect the sensor with the display of the heart rate monitor. Check the monitor before starting your workouts.

So after connecting it, you can now set your target zone. Set your target zone which is perfect for your workout. Now start your workouts. When your sensor will give you alert about crossing your heart rate limit, you should stop for a while or less your labor. Let your rate to take rest. Your heart rate will be low.

Again when it will give you alert of going away from the lower limit of heart rate, you should increase your heart rate. That will increase your heart beat rate. After finishing the workout you can watch the condition or summary of your workout.

You can connect it with your computer and smart devices to analyze it. After analyzing the workouts summary, you can easily get the idea about improvement plan of your workout. Always check the unit to skip the injury.

Change the battery or give it charge in due time. A low charge cannot give you proper performance. Wash the chest strap after every workout and keep it clean.

Heart Rate Monitor Buying Guide

We hope that you have now made your mind clear about buying the best heart rate monitor watch. Is it so, then come to the point. Before buying this product, you have to be smart. Dude, without being smart, there is nothing possible in this smart world. So, know about the features or research about it online. After knowing every model’s every bad and good side, you can easily decide which one will be beneficial for you.

Regular use of the athletes:

It is very effective for the beginner, where keeping the right intensity during the workout is necessary. Many athletes make their target zones to reach their fitness goal. So this gadget can help them to reach their goals.

They can check their daily performance daily and in the next day they can start their exercise with the new target to improve more than the previous performance. Like that, they can easily reach to their target zones without doing any harm to their body.

Measure of heart rate and calories burned:

These monitors can measure accurately our heart rate and a number of calories burned during our exercises. The chest sensor sends the data of our heart rate to the monitor and this monitor shows us the data.

These best fitness tool save the data of more than eleven days. So it can tell a summary of the heart rate and amount of calories which we have been burned during our last day’s exercises.

Life-saving Gadget:

During the fat burning exercise, our heart rate should stay within 50 to 75 percent. If we do excess exercise, the percentage of heart rate will be increased. It can be so much harmful to us. Even, our heart can be failed, if we give excess pressure on it.

So this heart rate machine can save our life too. It will alert us always when our heart rate will reach near the limitation. So it needs to observe the heart rate during our physical exercises.

Intensity level:

Doing exercise at the proper intensity level is very essential. It can take us to the target zones. Otherwise, there always stays a risk of getting injured. To do our exercise in the proper way, the heart rate sensor can help us widely.


Much advanced heart rate trackers can track our running speed and how much distance we have traveled. You can connect with your smartphones and also with the tablets.

We can also connect to our computers also. There we can collect our heart beat rate and a number of calories burned. We can analyze our every day’s exercise data to get motivation and make our new target zone.


You do not have to worry about the price of the heart rate monitor. You can get the heart rate monitor from $10 to $350. The price depends on the features.

It is little costly. But look at your daily amount of spending money. A health conscious man can easily bear this little cost to improve his health and body fitness properly.

We have discussed our experts about this product’s buying necessity. Maximum of them have given positive result about it. After getting our researchers result and experts’ pieces of advice, ConsumerHubs has written the beneficial sides of buying the heart rate monitor.


  • It is a great tool for enhancing motivation.
  • You can effectively do your workouts within the target zone.
  • The reading of the heart rate will not let you cross the limit of intensity.
  • You can summary up your improvement and performance.
  • Waterproof fitness tool.


  • So many data can distract anyone from his important points.
  • If you are a rider, then watching the monitor continuously can fall you in a terrible accident.
  • In groups training, it is not suitable.
  • Again In the competitions, you cannot use it.


Q. Does every heart rate monitor measure how much calories we burn?

Answer: It actually depends on the brand or the model. Like: the polar brand has launched their many heart rate monitors on the market. But every model has not the option of measuring calories burned. Again, Heart rate monitor of Polar Ft1 has not this option.

Q. Is the fabric of the chest strap comfortable enough?

Answer: Yes. Now on the market, maximum heart beat rate monitors are giving chest strap of soft fabric. These are also elastic type. So you can wear it easily. Body size is not a matter of tension anymore.

Q. Does every heart rate monitor come with the chest strap?

Answer: Now many brands of heart rate monitors are giving their won brand’s chest strap with it. So you have no need to buy it separately. It will reduce the extra cost. Like: Polar.

Again many brands are not giving chest strap with the heart rate monitor. They can measure heart rate from the arm. Like: Scosche.

Q. Can the Bluetooth or Ant+ connectivity system of these fitness tools make connection with any device?

Answer: It is depending on the brands and the models. But the available maximum heart rate monitors are able to connect with the smart devices through Bluetooth or Ant+ connection.

Q. How I will check the monitor in the dark?

Answer: Many heart rate monitors have backlight option. So it will enable you to see the display when you will stay in the dark. Before buying the product, check about this feature carefully.


They have a few disadvantages. But rest of them is only advantages. So, why you will stay behind from other people when people are improving their health and fitness with the help of the best heart rate monitor.

Time is now changing. People are now very conscious about their health and fitness issue. Not only the world class football or cricket players but also many male and female are now choosing the Heart Beat Rate Monitor  as their essential part of their daily exercise.

Technology is getting advanced day by day. So we are giving you the guarantee that in 2017, the percentage of using the heart rate monitor will be doubled surely.

These sites were very helpful for us and they have written about the Best Heart Rate Monitors 2017 exceptionally. We hope that you will also find the articles helpful.

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