It’s your duty to protect your child. Isn’t It?best infant car seat 2017 for your baby boy or girl

You are the one who will be providing the safest protection!

Only the best infant car seat 2017 for your baby boy or girl can ensure that protection that you will need.

Wait! Not all the child seats are the best one!

Before you buy the best baby car seat 2017 you should properly know what an baby car seat is. The Child car seats are also known as child safety seats. They are a small seat comes with all around protection which aims at giving complete protection for your child if your car meets an accident. Now, they are literally life savers.

Why don’t you take a look at the top models first.

Best Car Seats for Infants 2017 (LIST)

Here are the top 5 infant car seat reviews for you. These products are listed and reviewed by professionals who have been connected with infant seats with years of expertise. Here are the best of the best of them …

ImageProduct NameCH Score
Chicco Keyfit 30Chicco Keyfit 3095/100
Britax B-Safe 35Britax B-Safe 3591/100
Graco SnugRideGraco SnugRide Click Connect 3587/100
Evenflo NurtureEvenflo Nurture85/100
Maxi-Cosi Mico APMaxi-Cosi Mico AP82/100

Up to this point our experts have enlisted the products briefly by their quality; we know that is not enough. That’s why we’ve included the review that was produced throughout ConsumerHubs Algorithm to ensure exact details in a single section; you should check them out …

1. Chicco Keyfit 30 – The Safest Baby Carseat 

You will find everything you look for in an infant safety seat in the Chicco Keyfit 30. It has tons of features. The seat can be used by a child from its birth to its 30 lbs. To install the seat appropriately and accordingly there are technologies developed such as the ReclineSure, SuperCinch and RideLight.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

This way you won’t have to worry much about installing the seat on your car. The base in the seat for infant’s safety are important. It not only holds the seat but works as a protection from serious impacts. Installing an infant car seat without the base is really a bad idea. In the Chicco Keyfit 30 you can easily connect the seat with the base and take it out in no time.

There is a one pull harness adjustment in the seat what tightens the five point harness even if the baby is inside the child insert. The babyseat cover is also important. The material that is used in the Chicco Keyfit 30 is really child friendly. We hardly found anyone making any complain against the seat cover. It’s pretty easy to take out and clean. The cleaning of an infant seat can be a real pain if it’s not machine washable. You don’t have to worry too much in this regard.

This seat weights around 21.2 lbs which a bit heavy to carry around. But as this seat is compatible with many strollers of Chicco, you don’t have to worry too much. As far we have analyzed the Keyfit 30, we found that it’s a hugely popular infant seat. The parents that buy newborn seats tend to go with it. It’s safe, it’s easy to install and take out, it’s easy to clean and has a lot of special features and the whole seat is designed to the smallest details.

2. Britax B-Safe 35 – Perfect Carseat For Newborns! 

Britax is a popular child safety seat manufacturer in America. The Britax B-Safe 35 is their best one. The most important feature if this seat is that Britax has introduced their SafeCell technology in them. This technology is even shared on their premium convertible seats.

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

The technology is an all around protection from impact forces. When it comes to the base, the base of the Britax B-Safe 35 is undoubtedly a great one. You will see the visual difference between it and the other models. It is more capable at absorbing impact forces.

A steel frame in embedded inside the B-Safe 35 which is a rare feature and you will hardly find any other models of seats that has an steel structure beneath it. These are just great in fighting against the impacts. They consume the force of the impact and redirect it to elsewhere.

The side impact protection level in this baby girl or baby boy seat is really great. Not only safety, installation was also given a priority while the seat was being designed. The installation of the LATCH system is a single hand’s job. To recline the product a spring assisted system is in the base and to let you know if the seat is stable or not a level indicator comes with it.

For comfort, features like the removable head pad are present in this seat. All these features make the Britax B-Safe 35 a great one. If you want an overall perfect seat for your child, then we would highly recommend you this one.

3. Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 – Easy to Install Child Safety Seat

Okay, the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 is for those who are looking for the best lightweight seat. Now, the lightweight seats have their own benefits. They are easy to carry around when you are in a place with your baby and not with the stroller.

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35

Graco has given the top priority in making their infant safety seats as light as possible. This does not mean that the manufacturer has compromised with the safety. Rather the Click Connect 35 has gone through a lot of testing and passed them all very beautifully. So, it’s a safe product and there is no doubt about it.

It’s a popular seat and many parents have selected it for their newborn babies. There’s the ClickConnect technology in this model that allows you to connect the seat with the base and different Graco strollers with a single click.

The seat was also tested many times for its side impact protection and true safety providing potential. It comes with high quality EPS foam. When you will put your child in the seat you can be sure that it’s safe and sound in there as its well protected with a five point harness.

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 comes with a seat cover and a canopy that is machine washable. From every possible direction it’s a comfortable product for you. The price is not that high also. If you are looking for a lightweight product then we highly recommend it to you.

4. Evenflo Nurture – Best Infant Car Seat for Baby Girls 

If you are looking for a good infant car seat within your budget then the Evenflo Nurture should be your first choice. It’s a real good deal if you compare the price with the features that this seat offers.

Evenflo Nurture Infant Car Seat

Weighting only 12.3 lbs, all the color and design variation of this seat looks really charming and adds a joyful sense to the seat. It may not have that high end safety and restraint features like those almost three hundred dollar products but it surely has all the basics.

The Evenflo Nurture has a good amount of high impact energy absorbing foam, the latch system for easy installation and a five point harness what makes it a rear infant seat.

But there are some problems that come with the seat. The seat has a highest weight capacity of only 22 lbs and a highest height limit of 29 inches. These numbers are really poor where there are many seats available in the market offering a maximum weight limit of 30 lbs or more. Other than this, it’s a pretty good infant car seat 2017.

5. Maxi-Cosi Mico AP – Safest & Comfortable car seat

A list of best or safest infant seats will always be incomplete without a Maxi-Cosi Product. The Maxi-Cosi Mico AP is Maxi-Cosi’s greatest offering. It is a complete seat. Has all round safety features and ultimate comfort in it.

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat

The Maxi-Cosi Mico AP is the ideal example of an newborn seat but it has a problem. The maximum weight limit of it is only 22 lbs or 29 inches. Now, this restricts you from using the seat for a long time. But the time you are going to spend with this seat will be a worthy one.

Now, there are products available in the market that is not a premium one but lightweight and they often weight below 10 lbs. The extra weight would give you some trouble that’s for sure. Why do you think the extra weight of the product goes? It goes in providing the safety.

This is a good seat. May not be the best one available but it’s a below 200$ seat and does the job of being an infantseat quite appropriately.

The safety features of a car are not designed for children. The seat belts are not suitable for them; the air bags can’t protect them. That’s why you need this kind of special seat for your child form the very first day of its arrival on the earth.

What is an Infant Seat?

The infant car seat is for safety that you can offer a newborn. These are not only for cars actually. They are deep, they have a lot of foam, have sophisticated base for absorbing impact and many more features and they are lightweight. These seats are designed to carry children up to 35 lbs.

The child safety seats for newborns are not only compatible with your car’s seat. They can also be placed on the strollers as most of the seats are stroller friendly. Among all the tree types of the child safety seats the infant seats only come with handles with them so that you can use it to carry the seat around.

Why do I need to buy an Infant Seat?

We have met many people asking this question. There is availability of the convertible seats in the market.  Some convertible seats even come with the minimum weight limit of 4 lbs and child inserts that makes them suitable for the newborns. Most importantly you ultimately have to buy a convertible seat when the infant safety seat or the rear facing sitting expires as all the front facing seats (except boosters) are all convertible seats. The thing is, you should know what to choose.

Now, you may be thinking that convertible seats will save you money. Yes, they will. Then why would you need an infant child safety seat individually? You will need it because from time to time you have to carry your child around on different places (not in cars) that’s when you will need infant safety seats for your baby boy or baby girl.

If you look at the basic difference between the convertible and the baby seats you will see that all the infant ones come with an ergonomic handle.  This handle allows you to carry the seat by hand. Suppose you are going shopping, you and your child alone.

Now, you just can’t leave the baby inside the car, can you? You also would not be able to push the baby stroller and the shopping cart altogether. So, what do you need? You need an infant or a newborn seat.

You can carry the baby inside the best baby car seat with a single hand and that leaves your other hand free. You can use the other hand to do anything. Now, infant seats are a whole lot safer for the newborns. And here by newborns we mean babies that are aged few days or few months. For them the infant seats are the best fit and no matter which all in one seat or convertible seat you buy they will not be that caring to these tiny winy little pieces of love.

The infant carrying seats provide the newborns with the care that they deserve. They protect the babies very gently and whether to use it in the car, on the strollers or just to carry the baby around by hands, you must buy the infant car seat, at least the ones with a smaller price tag and a decent convertible seat.

Types of Infant Seats:

Infant car seats are just infant seats; there are not types of them. The convertibles can be classified into two categories but the car seats don’t have that sort of variations. But if you look up for infant seats you will find the word ‘premium’ mentioned before some of them. So, depending on the price and features these seats can be classified into two different criteria.

  • The Regular –

The regular infant car seats are the less costly ones and they are actually pretty basic. They have all the features that an infant seat should have and they have enough safety measures in them to pass the safety tests. You will get a decent regular infant car seat within a hundred dollars.

  • The Premium –

The premium infant car seats are equipped with cutting age safety and comfort features. They are of good quality and the materials used on them are really great too. You can tell the difference between a regular and a premium one just by looking at the seats.

The premium seats have more technologies involved with safety. You will find embedded steel frame inside them. The bases are designed to handle the force that gets generated during an impact. The price of the premium infant carseats is around or over 200$

If you don’t have any problem in spending a hundred dollars more behind the infant safety seats then we would say, go with the premium ones.

Features to Look for in Infant Car Seats:

There are some features of the infant seats that make it a great one. You should know them to choose the best pick. Here is a list of those features that you should look for in an infant car seat reviews. Remember, this section is important. It will guide you to be a great consumer and you can support others who have become parents recently.

Here is a list of the features that you should look for…

  • Good Safety Features – are the most important thing of an infant carseat. In most of the seats the main source of the safety is its EPS foams. Look beyond it. There are some models using air technologies and some models also offer a strong frame in the seat.
  • Energy Absorbent Base – is also important. Some bases are only designed for holding the seat in its place where you will find bases that comes with designs which can absorb impact forces.
  • Good Maximum Weight Limit – A good seat should have a maximum weight limit of 30 lbs or more. It means that you will be able to use the seat for longer and it has enough room for the baby to remain comfortable. The simple thing is that the seat that has a lower maximum limit is small.
  • Good Restrains – Look for infant car seats with a five point harness and the LATCH system. They are proven to result in better restraining of the seat and the child.
  • Better comfort – Comfortable infant car seats should always be proffered. Newborn babies are really sensitive. Their body is not fully developed. That’s why the child inserts and the head rests are important.
  • Lightweight Products are better – The infant models that are lightweight will be very easy to carry. If you do a little research of yours you will see that the weights of the products are stretched from a little more than 7 lbs to a little more than 25 lbs. Now, think for yourself, which one would be easy to carry with the child inside.
  • Beauty – C’mon they are just newborns. They are beautiful. They deserve a beautiful infant car seat that suits their innocence.

Benefits of using Infant Car Seats:

Using car seats are not actually a question of benefits. It’s a necessity. Now, if you are looking for the benefits to convince yourself in buying an infant carseat. Here is a list of them…

  • The biggest benefit is an this car seat is that, it protects your child. Everyone knows that the car seats for children are designed to protect them inside the car. The goal is to save their life from accidents. Every year car accidents take a lot of lives. Children’s are the common victim to them.
  • The second biggest benefit is that they are lightweight and comes with an ergonomic handle. No other type of child safety seat comes with this special feature. You can carry the seat single handed and use your other hand for something else.
  • These seats are basically designed for the newborns. They are the ones who will be making the best out of the infant car seat.
  • Although these things are named infant car seats they are not only car seats. They are also stroller seats. These seats can also be equipped on the strollers so that it can remain safe there.
  • They are beautiful and add beauty to your car and child.
  • Almost all the child car seats in the market come with a five point harness. The five point harness is the best way of restraining the child in a car.
  • All the straps of the infant safety seats have a thick layer of foam in them. They are not harsh like the convertible seat straps. The newborns are very fragile. Their collar bone and spine is not developed enough. If the car collides it tends to throw the child off the seat where the straps try to keep them in their position. If the restraining is too hard it can snap the collar bone of the child that can kill it. That’s why the baby girl or baby boy seat uses a different kind of strap that is soft and holds the child with proper care.

Installation of the Infant Seats:

Proper installation of child safety seats is really important. The truth is, if you wrongly install the infant car seat, it can take the life of your infant. Here we will give you the steps on appropriate installation process of an baby seat. In most of the models, the procedure is more and less the same.

  • To begin with you should start by placing the base of your infant carseat on the backseat of your car.
  • Face the base towards the rear of the car.
  • Now, apply pressure on it against the seat and connect the Latch or the seatbelt.
  • This can be a bit tricky; we would highly recommend you to read the instruction manual so that you can know the proper installation method of your infant car seat.
  • The base should be snugly placed on the seat. Make sure it does not move and stays in a single place.
  • Now, it’s time to place the seat on the base. Almost all the installation of the child safety seat in the base is done with a single click.
  • Do it accordingly and your seat is ready for use.
  • Now, put your child on the seat. Make sure it’s in light clothing. Tighten the straps and the harness.
  • This is harness also needs to rightly adjusted. You should check and double check if the straps are not holding the baby too tightly. Adjust the heights of the straps at their best position.
  • To do it accordingly you should again go through the manual and the video instruction.
  • At last check if everything is alright. Check if the baby and the seat both are in their appropriate position.
  • Now you are good to go.

Infant Car Seat Buying Guide:

Shopping for the newborns can be really fun. We have seen parents who were too overwhelmed to become parents for the first time and bought infant seats without any consideration.  Now, guess what happened to them?

They bought a product by their choice; they bought a product for themselves and did not buy a product for their infant. This is basically the first thing you should take note of while buying an infant car seat. You should always remember that you are buying a seat for your child and not for yourself.

Buying guides of ConsumerHubs are quite different from others. It’s mainly focused on questions. If you answer these questions to yourself you will ultimately know which infant car seat to buy. We will assist you with some possible answers with the questions that will help you more.

After going through the question section you just need to read the Features to Look for in Infant Seats  and you will be able to choose your pick then and then.  Here are the questions for you…

  • Has your child grown yet or is it on its way? (you have the luxury of using baby registry on Amazon if the child is upcoming)
  • If you already have a child, then how much does it weight? (if the minimum weight is 4 lbs then look for a seat that has the minimum limit of 4 lbs)
  • If you are switching to a new seat what was wrong with the previous model? (avoid the flaws in your new pick)
  • Now, budget is an important thing. How much are you willing to spend behind the infant car seat? (100$ would get you a regular seat and a budget over 200$ would get you a premium one)
  • How much weight are you willing to carry? (There are products that weight between 7 to 25 lbs)
  • How much importance would you give to the looks? (beautiful infant seats would make your baby look more beautiful )
  • For how long are you willing to use the it? (Maximum weight limit)
  • Are you going to buy a stroller with it? Or do you already have a stroller? (If you buy together you will be saving some money and if you already have a stroller the seat must be compatible with it.)
  • Is it going to be your main seat or the secondary one? (If it’s not the main one it can be a little cheap.)
  • Do you often travel by plane? (Then you would need a FAA approved seat.)
  • Do you already have a convertible seat? (Then you just need a lightweight seat to go with the convertible seat)

These are the questions that you should answer before buying the right infant car seat 2017 for your child. ConsumerHubs did a lot of research on helping the consumers in buying the right product. You can have complete faith on this buying guide section.

The Pros:

  • These seats are the best protectors for the newborn children.
  • They are lightweight and can be carried around as they come with an ergonomic handle.
  • As you have to use an seat for only two years (not for six or seven years like the convertible ones) it can provide safety to more than one child. This means that you don’t have to buy a second one for your next child.
  • These seats can also be equipped on the strollers.

The Cons:

  • The safety seats can’t be utilized for more than two years.
  • Some child grows very rapidly; they won’t take much time to outgrow the infant seat.
  • The best infant safety car seats are heavier. They are hard to carry around.


Here is a list of questions that are frequently asked about infant car seats …

Q-1: Do I Really Need to Buy an Infant Car Seat?

Yes, you do! You can go without buying. That’s when you will need a convertible seat. But you will eventually need an infant seat to go to places where your car won’t go. Like, if you are willing to go shopping with your newborn you will need an infant seat.

Infant seats come with a handle, so that you can carry them. They make the carrying of the child real easy and hassle free. Now, we have said that you can go without buying an infant seat and by buying a convertible.

There’s a problem here. If you have a premature child it won’t fit in your convertible and will need an infant seat. The infant car seats are designed for carrying those little children with proper care. They have child insert and a head rest which is an actual one which functions as an actual one. So, infant car seat is a necessary for every newborn and their parents.

Q-2: For how long should I use an infant car seat?

The answer should be, for as long as you can. Yes, you have bought the seat, why won’t you utilize it to its last breath? Now, there are some problems here. If your child grows too fast it won’t take much time to outgrow the seat.

That’s why you should check if its head or legs are in their right position and at ease. If the head reaches the boarder of the infant seat, then it’s time for you get a new child safety seat.

Research shows that the children more safe when they are in the rear facing seats. All the infant seats are rear facing. So, keeping them in the rear facing seat for the longest possible time would be safer for them.

Q-3: What else do I need to buy with an infant seat?

With the infant seat there are some things that you should buy. All these accessories will enhance your infant seat experience. Among them the infant seat covers are important. To protect your baby from cold weather, wind or rain you should get them.

Here is a list of some infant seat covers that you can buy…

  • JJ Cole Car Seat Cover for Infants
  • Stretchy Baby & Infant Car Seat Cover
  • Cozy Cover – Infant Car Seat Cover
  • Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek

These covers have their own benefits, they are not only designed to protect your child some even creates an environment for you to breastfeed. These covers are not the only thing that you are to buy. There are some other accessories like the mirror that can help you see your child’s face when it’s on the backseat and in its rear facing seat.

You will also find some organizers where you can put your baby supplies like diapers and wipes, and feeders and all that and hang it inside the car. You will also need a car seat protector to protect it from the infant seats. There are also small vacuum cleaners that you can use for cleaning the seat.

Q-4: Is it a good idea to buy a used infant seat?

The answer should be no!! Because you can’t be sure through what the seat has gone through. All the parts of the seat may not be properly functioning. Broken infant car seats can be really deadly. It won’t be able to provide any protection in collusion and will have a possibility of snapping. When it comes to the protection of your child you should not do it.

The used seat may also be contaminated and spread many diseases. The immunity of your child is not developed enough, that’s why the bacteria can seriously affect it. Yes, you can use one seat for two children if the later child is yours or someone close to yours. We only recommend you to do it if the infant seat is alright and every part of it works appropriately.

Don’t even sale it to someone if you have a broken infant seat. Remember, buying a used infant seat for the sake of a little savings can cause you a lot later.

Q-5: Can I Use the infant car seat without the base?

You can, but it won’t be a good idea. The base comes with the infant seat so that it can be properly installed. They also allow you to recline the seat according to your need. There are other features in the infant seats what show you if the seat is properly installed.

The base is mainly for using in the car. Once you install the base it would be real easy for you to install the seat in it. Without the base it will take a lot of time to install and take out the seat every time. So, the base of the infant car seats is really important for you. You should always use them inside the car.

Finally, we hope that ConsumerHubs have been successful in providing you with the things about infant car seat reviews that you were looking for. To know more about the products and their latest price or any sort of offers, just click on the links that comes with this best infant car seat 2017.

At last, if you find the best infant car seat 2017 for your baby boy or girl with the help of ConsumerHubs, we will feel successful.

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