Love your pets?Best Cat Water Fountains

Want to provide it with the best water feeding system?

Then you must bringing home the best pet fountains 2017.

Having a pet or more can be an amazing experience. As an owner of the pet you have to ensure the well being of your pet. The well being also requires constant water source of pure water so that the pets can remain hydrated all the time. With that in mind you should get the pet fountain for your pets.

Best Cat Water Fountains 2017 (Top Pick)

Our experts of the ConsumerHubs have enlisted these 5 top cat water fountains to buy in 2017. They were extra careful while doing so and have brought every required criterion under consideration while scoring them.

ImageProduct NameScore
PetSafe Platinum Best Pet FountainsPetSafe Drinkwell Platinum 90
Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Best Pet FountainsDrinkwell 360 88
Catit Flower Best Pet FountainsCatit Flower 92
Homdox Automatic Best Pet FountainsHomdox Automatic Electric 87
Pioneer Stainless Best Pet FountainsPioneer Pet Raindrop (Steel)82

Now that you have seen the shortlist, now you deserve to know the product in details. To pin point which one goes with you and your pet, reading the reviews ( set in accordance with the ConsumerHubs Algorithm) is a must.

1. PetSafe Platinum – Best Selling Cat Water Fountains for Your Pets

The Petsafe Platinum has a water capacity of 168 ounces and easily fulfills the water need of your pets. Free-Falling stream of water always attract these domestic animals to drink plenty of water. It has replaceable water filter of carbon and gives fresh water every time. It gives no chance to form odors and bad taste. Bacteria will not get any chance to generate also.

PetSafe Platinum best pet fountains 2017

The reservoir is built-in and it does not require refilling frequently. It is good at doing for what it does, keeping your pets hydrated and free from any urinary diseases. The plastic of this product is BPA free and it is safely cleanable in the top-shelf dishwasher. Its continuous circulation adds oxygen to the water and the pets fill the lack of body oxygen here.

The researchers have found that drinking more water can improve the health of the animals rapidly. There is nothing essential than the water. From human to the animal we need water. So this need of water can be easily accomplished by this PetSafe Platinum Pet Fountain in the homes. Your pet will get 24 hours clean and fresh water. It is run through a motor and creates the water falling or streams.

Your pets will not get sick anymore. Even their kidney or urinary diseases can be healed by drinking from this water shower. The water falling and moving attracts the animals always. So they will love to drink here. The design and plastic are safe for them. BPA free plastic gives no chance to spoil the natural quality of the water. The feet of the product has the rubber grip and it does not let itself move or slid.

The Pros:

  • Big reservoir
  • Replaceable carbon filter
  • Body plastic is BPA free

The Cons:

  • Need cleaning frequently

2. Petsafe Drinkwell 360 – A Unique & Perfect Cat Water Drinking Fountain

Drinkwell 360 water shower has the capability to contain 128 ounce water. So it is perfect for the cats and dogs. The Free-Falling Stream attracts them to drink plenty of water. It comes with five interchangeable fountain heads that makes a variation on the whole steam.

Petsafe Drinkwell 360 best pet fountains 2017

The variations in the fountain head attract the pets to consume more water than they usually do. This filter can keep the water fresh and clean always. This fountain does not give any chance to form any kidney or urinary diseases in these pets. The pets will not be dehydrated as it can serve water from all around.

The knob for flow control can change or maintain the flow of water. It can be safely cleaned in the top-shelf of the dishwasher and its plastic is also BPA free.  6 feet long power cord is given to run this waterfall. The design is attractive and the water is always moving and recycling. The color of this product is white. The length of this product is 17cm. For the first time, the users will get a free filter.

It has the standard capability to fulfill the requirements of your pets’ drinking water. 50 ounce is a standard amount of water to fill the pets’ need. It is an attractive shower and these domestic animals will love to drink from the continuous water falling. Its advanced filter will never give it any chance to form any bacteria and it can keep the smell and taste of the water good. Your pets will get always fresh water and it will keep them healthy.

Depending on the situation, you can easily change the flow of water as you want. The material of this product is safe and you can easily clean it. This product has a modern shape and advanced technology. So you and your pets will love it sure. Easy maintenance has made the PetSafe Original Pet Fountain more reliable among the customers.

The Pros:

  • Comes with five heads
  • Water flow, controller
  • BPA free design of plastic

The Cons:

  • Reservoir is small

3. Catit Flower – Most Beautiful & Low Budget Pet Water Fountains

Now, if you want something that is different and beautiful then this could be the ideal pick for you. 3 different settings have been included here to make the flow of water suitable. It can mix the oxygen with the water properly. Gives better and fresher tasting water. The re-circulating system of 3L requires little space on the floor. The whole design is attractive for the animals.

Catit Flower best pet fountains 2017

The design is quite attractive for your pets and enough to convince them in drinking water from it. It has a dual-action softening system of water and small pump which is energy efficient. The flower part can easily add on it. The total weight of this product is only 1.8 pounds. So you can maintain it comfortably.

This drinking fountain is a cute one for pets. It’s attractive floral design and water falling will surely lure the pets. Though it is small in size, but it is enough to fulfill the need of drinking water of our domestic dogs or cats. We found it as a favorite one among the cats especially.

In a little space, you can place this water fountain for your pets. The Softening Filters of Water has Catit Senses 2.0. So every time your cats will get clear and hygienic water. Multi-feeder option let them drink freely. It continuously flows the water and cycles it to maintain the quality of water and keep the animals healthy.

The Pros:

  • Takes little space
  • Energy savings
  • Attractive flower design

The Cons:

  • Need to refill frequently amature

4. Homdox Automatic – The Pet Water Fountain that Lights Up

Homdox Automatic is made of plastic and it is BPA free. It has an attractive compact design and available in white color. It is an automatic electric cat water fountain, which can circulate water all the time effectively. The most uncommon part of this product is that it has LED light. The reservoir can contain 1.8 liters which are enough for your lovely pets. Dog and cat can use it comfortably.

Homdox Automatic best pet fountains 2017

The easy operating system has made the owner more struggles-less. It’s installing procedure is also easy. It is low in height and this height attracts the domestic animals. Multi-level design can give space multiple pets to drink at a time. The advanced filtering system filters water efficiently and keeps the original taste of water.

Like us, these animals also need to drink water sufficiently. So its attractive design and height always attract them and they love to drink from here. It will improve their health. If they have any disease, it can also be healed by this fountain.

The owners can use and install it more effectively and easily. Its maintaining is quite easier than the other water shower. The best part of this product is that multiple pets can get the chance of drinking at a time. So they will not fight during their drinking time. It can be the best lovely gift for your lovely domestic cats or dogs.

The pros:

  • LED light
  • Low Height
  • Easy maintaining

The Cons:

  • Little noisy pump

5. Pioneer Stainless – An Elegant & Durable Pet water Fountain (Budget Friendly)

The first thing that we should mention about this Pioneer water fountain is that, everything is different in it. It’s an attractive  water falling machine for your lovely pets. The main part of this product is: it is made of steel and the steel is stainless. High-quality stainless steel is used here. It has detachable parts that is a rare feature. It circulates water all the time and this is the main attraction for your pets.

Pioneer Stainless best pet fountains 2017

It can mix the oxygen to the water and meet up the requirements of oxygen in the pets’ body. Its filter purifies the water all time. No germs will form in the water. It has a filter and lasts at least 30 days. You can clean it safely in your dishwasher. Long power code is included with it and its length is 7.3 foot. This cord is also removable. The large reservoir needs only a single refill daily. One year official warranty is available with it.

The whole unit tends to imitate the natural flow of water what is quite convenient for the pets. That is the main target of this product. It attracts them and they meet up their need of drinking water. It is large enough for multiple pets to consume water. This multi- feeding option can reduce the chance of wild fighting among the domestic animals.

It filters water well and supplies good quality fresh water. You can separate all the parts and clean it also. Even the power cord is also removable. So you do not have to worry about its cleaning anymore. The stainless steel will give the pets hygienic and tasty water. This product is strong and durable enough. So you can use it for a long time.

The pros:

  • Big water reservoir
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting
  • Multi pets can drink at a time

The Cons:

  • Little loud motor

Why Would You Buy Pet Fountains?

The main purpose of the pet water fountain is to supply the water of drinking continuously. There is no alternate of water for the pets. They do not get enough fluid from their meals. So the lack of liquid can be fulfilled from the water. This waterfall can attract them to drink from it.

It gives them the flavor of drinking water with which they are used to.  It is the healthiest water which is essential for their daily life. Pet owners want to give the best for their lovely pets. So this thing can be the best purchase for their domestic animals.

Do you know that 70% body of the cats is made of water? They always stay in the risk of suffering from urinary or kidney diseases. If they do not drink the proper amount of water they will easily get sick and die. Their daily meals are not enough source of water or liquid.

So we need to give them extra source of water. For that respect, a cat water fountain can be the best option to fulfill the need of water. The owners of the domestic animals always pay attention for their cats or dogs’ food. But they often forget about the life-saving part of these animals. This life-saving part is that the hygienic pure water.

Giving them mineral water is not enough. We have to make the special path of water drinking for them. Otherwise, they will not like to drink from these places and they will stop drinking. These animals love to drink from the moving water. Like: falling from any place or moving water of small plunge.

You may saw that pets like to drink the tap water. So this is their habit. You cannot change them. But you can give them the suitable system of drinking water. At this respect, nothing can be so similar like the pet fountains. That is why we mark it as the essential product to buy in 2017.

Types of Best Pet or Cat Water Fountains:

According to the material of the body, the pet-fountains can be separated into three sections. They are:

  1. Plastic type
  2. Ceramic type
  3. Stainless steel type

Plastic fountains are quite popular among the buyers. Good and bad, both qualities’ plastic waterfalls are available. But the well-known manufacturers are now using BPA free plastic for better use. This plastic can keep the taste of the water good and make the water more hygienic. They are light in weight and also last long.

Ceramic type waterfalls for the domestic animals are quite costly but it looks beautiful. It has a good chance of damaging. If it gets hard hit, it may be broken. But it can make the water tastier and do not let form bacteria in the water. The water also smells good into this ceramic.

Stainless steel is now widely used to keep the water more hygienic and clean. Stainless steel is totally harmless for your tame animals. These waterfalls have medium weight and it can keep itself in its place steadily. These types of product last long also.

Again, according to the capacity of the reservoir, the fountains also differ. Some of them can bear the little amount of water and others can contain good amount of water. Of course, the big reservoir is best for the pet owners. Big reservoirs do not require a frequent refill. But the small reservoirs need to refill frequently. Big reservoir fountains are costly than the small ones.

We can differentiate them according to the filtering system also. So on the basis of this system, these pet waterfalls is three types. They are: charcoal filter type, gravity type and multistage filtration type system. All these types are important to filter the water. They have the own special mechanism to filter the water. Among them which one is better, please research on them separately online.

Features to Look For …

To find out the best pe or cat water fountain, we need to first learn about the features. Which features can make it as a best one; we are showing these basic features below:

  • Circular stream: This system is available in many pet-fountains. It sounds less than the other streaming system. It pushes and circulates water in the round motion and it is looked quite natural to the animals. The animals who love calming and quieter approach of water streaming; this feature is very suitable for them.
  • Waterfall Stream: In this system, water falls from the top part and continues its flowing. The waterfall stream’s falling water makes louder sound than the circular stream. Water flowing and falling never stops and it becomes the most natural feel for the animals. Especially the dogs love to drink from this type of stream.
  • Motor noise: You may feel annoyed with the sound of the motor. But all the fountains’ motors do not make a loud sound. It sounds louder when it needs to add water. Noise making motor may appear as a matter of fear to the animals. So choose the motor, who makes the sound less always.
  • Water Filtration: Without proper filtration system, your pets will not get clean and hygienic water. It is an essential feature of this product. The filter should filter the water long enough. Frequently changing filter can be costly for you and changing part will be a boring task. After a standard duration of filtering, the fountain should have the option of replacing. The filters keep debris and dust out from the water. It should have the ability to keep the smell and taste of water.
  • Cleaning Method: The cleaning process should be easier. For manual and hand wash, stainless steel type products are easier. Plastic models are quite tough than the steel models to wash manually. To keep these materials’ product more hygienic, you can choose the models which can be washed in the dishwasher. The dishwasher can clean them properly and dishwasher cleaning is also easier.
  • BPA Free: BPA free plastic is very necessary for the plastic models. The plastic which has BPA element, is very dangerous for the health of the animal and the also for the human body. This type plastic can make the water safer and healthier for your lovely domestic animals. Again this type of plastic is easier for cleaning.
  • Material: Plastic, steel and ceramic are basically used for the pet fountains. But maximum products are made of plastic. BPA free plastic models are safe. Stainless steel models are easily cleanable and last long. Ceramic type models are bright looking, healthier and heavyweight.

Benefits of Buying Pet Fountains:

Our experts of ConsumerHubs practically used these fountains to find out every beneficial sides of this product. They have discussed with the users and heard their opinions about this product. The guardians of the pet are rated this product highly. They have gained good advantages from it.

If you have dog or cat, you must have watched them drink from the running tap water in your bathroom or kitchen; even they love to drink from a full water bowl. These animals are such a funny creature. You may find them watching and enjoying the water falling from the tap or somewhere. They love to play in that water also.

We have done some experiment on the domestic animals. We have given them two types of the water source. One of them is still water and another one is running water source. The result came out as our expectation. These animals prefer to drink from the running water. They do not pay any interest for the still water. The running water gives them the natural feeling and it also signals them that it is safe.

Why the animals always choice the running water? Do you not wonder? We have researched on that sector also to bring out the exact result. Our researchers have told that in the river, the water always flows. But in the pond, there is no way of flowing and their water stay still. For flowing, the river’s water is safer than the pond’s water. For this flowing, water remains clean and bacteria gets less chance to generate.

But in the pond, the water never gets any chance of flowing and there is no stream. So their water loses its color fast and the bacteria spread out fast. That is why the experts always alert us about drinking and using the pond water. We cannot teach the animals. That is why; our GOD has given them the strong power of sense. For that reason, they consider the running water as a safer source.

We are discussing it in detail because we are trying to make you understand completely about its beneficial sides. We have learned above about the natural behavior of the animals towards still and running water sources. Running water always attracts them to drink and the animals drink from this source with satisfaction. Nothing can supply water to the pets so much orderly and continuously. This source gives them the signal of safer and healthier water.

Again, you do not have to worry about your pets when you are not at home. Your best cat fountain 2017 can reserve water in its reservoir or container or bowl. So the reservoir gives enough back up to supply the water. This product runs on electricity. It has a low power pump which always circulates the water. That is why the water always stays clean and hygienic.

It has the water filter and this water-filter can filter the water all the time. It can keep the water away from debris and bacteria or germ. So your pets will get always healthier water from it. You can stay tension free always about the safety of drinking water for your lovely pets. They will like to drink more and keep themselves from the disease. When you are at home or not, they will stay always hydrated.

So this is a must buy thing for your lovely domestic animals. This product does not require high electricity power and the price of it is also affordable. There is no major bad side of it. A single wise decision can keep both you and your pets always happy.

How to Use these Cat Fountains:

To get the best result from this product you should learn about the using procedure in detail. Better knowledge about its using method can help you to get more effective result from it. We are introducing here with the updated using procedure of it and it is quite efficient than the others using guide.

  • Placing and Introducing:

After purchasing your best cat or pet water fountain, first, you have to choose the suitable place for this product to place it. Place it on the surface which is enough far from the food bowls and litterboxes. Create the proper environment around this fountain. Ensure the power outlet which is needed to be close to it.  Now you need to read the instruction manual. After reading it, install it properly as the instruction manual has said in it.

Now try to introduce your pets to it. When it is off, take your pets near to it and make them comfortable to use it. When your pets get comfortable, start the fountain with the low setting. High setting can make high sound and your pets will be scared. If your pets get scared once, they will not like to go near it. So be careful. With a proper duration, increase the level of setting which will be ideal for them.

Make it sure that there is no other source of water around them. If they get extra source, they will not like to drink from this new water source. Eliminate the old sources of drinking water where from they usually got the chance of drinking. So the best cat water fountain should be the one and only source of water. You have to keep in your mind that, they are animals. So you have to keep your patience and spend enough time until they drink from it willingly.

  • Installation:

After getting the box, bring out every part of the fountain carefully from the packaging. After bringing them out, place it orderly to make the installation easier. Give more attention to the small parts must. These products are electrical device, so check the power cord that it is damaged or not.

Now place the pump in the bowl as the instruction manual has recommended. Like this place the other parts orderly. Install the filter properly in the right place. Otherwise, your pets will not get well filtered water. Seal the places where sealing is essential. Weak sealing causes water leakage.

Now consciously place the tower, where from water will fall down. Proper placing helps rubber grommet to create the seal between the case and the case of filter housing. After installing all the parts carefully, place the fountain on your desired surface. Proper grip is necessary for the water fountains. Your pets can easily displace it and overturn it. So your fountain can be damaged also.

According to the type of your product, choose or make the surface, which will be safe for it. After placing it, now pour the bowl with water. Leave a distance between the rim and the level of water at least half inch. This space is necessary. That space will not let the water come out from the fountain. Again do not let the water go below one inch. Low water level may burn the pump. Never run the pump when water is not in the bowl.

The fountain needs to run all the time. Do not run it with interval. Continuous running can only keep the water safer and can attract your pet. Again your pump will stay well. Keep the fountain at the safe distance from the children. Do not let your kids and pets chew its parts. Refill the fountain at the right time. Do not let your pets thirsty.

Best Pet Fountains Buying Guide:

Actually, it is quite tough to pick the right automatic pet fountain from the multi options nowadays. In the market there are many models are available and customers often become confused when they get multi options. But proper idea about this product can less your confusion and you can quickly pick the best product this year.

You are reading our writing and that means you have prepared yourself about buying this product. Maybe you have looked for some models. But you got no proper result from it. So read our experts best buying guide which has become the best guide this year. This single buying guide is enough for your best pick.

Before buying your cat water fountain, learn about the basic features of each model and brands. You can learn it from the official websites of every brand. Many types are available in the market. So you have to choose the right one which will be suitable for your pets. The choosing also depends on the budget also. We are giving you here some basic features, advantages, and disadvantages. So it will help you to choose the best pet fountain.

Gravity Based Pet Fountain –

  • Feature: This type of fountain takes the water from the reservoir. The reservoir releases the water into the dish or drinking. It does not circulate the water. It releases the water as the pets want. This type can give enough back up of drinking water and never let your pets stay thirsty.
  • Advantage: They run on gravity. No need to worry about battery or power anymore.
  • Disadvantages: They do not circulate the water and they have no pump. Again it cannot filter water. You need to clean the water bowl manually if something falls into it. Most of them are made of harmful BPA plastic.

Pump Based pet Fountain –

  • Features: These fountains are the most advanced and safer fountains for the pets. They have low power’s pump and it relies on electrical power. It circulates water all the time and keeps the water clean. It has proper filtration system. So it can filter the water well and keep the taste of the water good and healthier.
  • Advantages: It circulates and filters the water all the time. By the pumping and circulating, the oxygen mixes with the water. So the water becomes more hygienic.  No need to refill and clean these fountains frequently.
  • Disadvantages: Without the power supply, you cannot run these fountains.

You should consider about some sectors also before completing your purchasing:

  • Appearance: With your home’s decoration, you can choose the stylish and appealing fountain. Some models of stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic type are quite stylish and attractive. You may get these pet fountains in different attractive colors also.
  • Size: You have to choose the fountain, according to the number of pet you have. These products are available in many sizes. For a small dog and cat half gallon of water capacity is enough and it needs to refill once daily. If you have more than 50 pounds dog or cat, you need to buy the big size water fountain. 1-2.5 gallon pet fountains are the big sizes fountains.
  • Cleaning & Maintaining: The cleaning process and maintain of pet fountains should be easier and comfortable. Make sure that which products is dishwasher safe. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher.

So these are necessary parts, which a customer should know before and after purchasing the best fountain. For better information research about it online and read the reviews thoroughly.

The Pros & Cons of Pet Fountains …

The Pros:

  • Supply safer and healthier water
  • Keep the pets safe from urinary or kidney disease
  • Attract them to drink more
  • 24 hours supply the drinking water
  • Easily cleanable

The Cons:

  • Small reservoir needs frequent refill
  • Some pumps are noisy and may scare your lovely pet


Q. Is the flow of the pet fountain is gentle enough?

Yes, it flows gently. It is quite similar to the natural fountains. Again it is not splashy at all. If you fill the water bowl properly as the instruction has told, the water will not come out from the bowl. So your pets can drink from here peacefully and you do not have to worry about overflowing.

Q. How frequently I need to refill the fountain?

Actually the refilling is depending on your fountain’s size and your pet’s number. If you have small size, you need to refill once or two times daily. And if you have big size fountain, it can give one-day backup at least. Some big sizes’ fountains can give 3-4 days water back up.

Q. Which one is best? Distilled or filtered water?

There is a controversy between the distilled and filtered water. Many pet owners’ have told that their pets love to drink distilled water. On the other hand, many owners did not find their pets interested about distilled water. But generally people use filtered water for the domestic animals and they usually do not get any negative result.

Q. Is there any warranty for these products?

To be sure about the warranty, you need to search for the products separately. All products or the manufacturers do not give the warranty. But most of the well-known manufacturers give their products and parts warranty. From the product description, you can be sure about the product’s warranty. Before buying you can be sure about product’s warranty from the product’s official website.

Q. Is the cleaning is easy?

The cleaning process depends on the product’s type. If you choose the gravity based pet fountain, you need to clean it frequently and its cleaning is complicated. But the automatic pet fountains are easily cleanable. You can apart every part and clean it separately. Again many pet fountains are dishwasher safe.

Final Call:

Giving proper meal is not enough as an owner of the pets. We need to consider about the water or fluids which they need it badly. This product not only gives the source of drinking water but also it filters all the time to make the water safer and healthier for your pets. This running water continuously falling from the fountains and that is the main part which attracts our animals to drink more. It gives the pets the natural feeling which is known to them genetically.

You do not have to worry about their lacking of water or fluid anymore. You can stay tension free after making a successful purchase. Now your pet will stay safer all the time in your home, even when you are not at home. We are highly recommending you to buy this product for your lovely pets today.

We have reviewed these products carefully. That is why we are suggesting you with confidenence that you can get your best cat water fountains 2017 here.




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