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Buying the perfect one can be a tricky thing. That’s why we will try to make things as easy as we can, just to ensure that as a reader of ConsumerHubs, you will (always) end up with the right products. Also, don;t forget to check the articles that come along with the reviews.

Best Pool Cleaners 2017 (Top Pick)

Here is the ‘at a glance’ tabled up review for you. This will help you to introduce with the product.

ImageProduct NameScore
 Dolphin Nautilus Pool CleanersDolphin 99996403-PC Nautilus Plus90
 Baracuda G3 Pool CleanersBaracuda G3 W03000 (Automatic)91
 Xtremepower Pool CleanersXtremepower US Automatic Vacuum83
 Polaris Pool CleanersPolaris Vac-Sweep 36092
 Dolphin Cayman (Robotic) IngroundDolphin Cayman (Robotic) Inground90

Now that you have known the products that you should choose from, knowing the products in details will be helpful for you in pin pointing your pick. Our experts have assembled reviews of these helpful cleaning machines by following the ConsumerHubs Algorithm. Sit back and enjoy it to be a better consumer of pool cleaning machines.

1. Dolphin 99996403-PC Nautilus Plus – The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Available [Recommended] 

This cleaner is a lightweight robotic vacuum cleaner. The weight is around 18.75 pounds. Basically, sucks or absorbs the dirt and debris from the water of the pool. Powerful scrubbers make its cleaning procedure easy to brush or clean the surface.

Dolphin-99996323-Nautilus best pool cleaner

Cleans the pool like polishing. Easily clean every angle of the floor, walls and cove. The appliance of the cleaner is small in size. Filters more than 4,233 gallons per hour.

Able to clean the residential pools more than 50 feet in length. 60 feet cable of power has been included with this product. Advanced mechanism of swiveling, which keeps the cleaning process obstacles free. The self-programmed system of mapping can scan the total shape of the swimming-pool and gives its users an optimum cleaning job. 3 hours of the cleaning cycle is given here. Automatic shutting off program is also installed on it.

It is a lightweight cleaner and the weight is around 18.75 pounds. So you can use the Dolphin  Nautilus Robotic  easily. No need to struggle to move it.

It will not miss any dirt and debris to gulp when it is running under water. Powerful scrubbers allow the appliance to clean or brush the ground.  So it can clean the walls, surface, and cove effectively.

We have seen this robotic cleaner can clean like polishing. Every hour it can filter more than four thousand gallons of water and it is quite fast and powerful. You will get 60 feet cable of power to clean your pool completely.

We have not to struggle with the twisting cable anymore with it. Advanced mapping system can scan the total shape and automatically it can clean the every part of the pool. It has 3 hours of the timer and it shuts off automatically after finishing the time duration.

The pros:

  • Lightweight cleaner
  • 60 feet long cable
  • Advanced technology

The cons:

  • Costly cleaner
  • Move slowly

2. Baracuda G3 W03000 – Best Budget Friendly Cheap Pool Cleaner

Quiet and powerful suction cleaner which has low-speed pumps and it has helped the Baracuda G3 Automatic to reach its maximum efficiency. Medium and small-sized debris are devoured by it. Cleans walls, floors, and steps of the entire pool. Automatically regulate water flow through the FlowKeeper Valve. It can do its job effectively also with the lower horsepower of pumps. Wheel Deflector is given to move around the tight corners.

Baracuda G3 best pool cleaners

Long-life Hoses are scuff-resistant on every pool surfaces. 36-Fin Disc can make the closest contact with the surface of the pool and do not hung-up on drain covers, fittings, lights and other features of the pool. Diaphragm is durable and it lasts long. Patented Cassette can be released quickly and makes the maintenance of the pool cleaner simple. The installation of the Baracuda G3 is very easy.

Baracuda G3 helps you to clean your pool thoroughly. It can automatically clean the wall and floor. Debris, bugs, leaves, twigs, sand, remove dirt and even pebbles. So it will not leave any chance to clean the pool.

It has no wheels, gears or flappers and that is why it has maximum power, simple operation, and low maintenance cost. Baracuda G3 can run effectively with low horsepower pumps. So it will be suitable for any horsepower pumps.

From the tough corners to the every part of the swimming pool, it can completely clean the pool. The diaphragm is very long lasting and durable enough. You can maintain the pool cleaner easily.

Again you have no need to struggle to install the Baracuda G3. The installation process of this is quite simple and easy.

The Pros:

  • Easy installing
  • Long lasting
  • Clean the toughest are

The Cons:

  • Costly cleaner
  • Speed is not fast enough

3. Xtremepower US (Automatic) – Cheap & Most Powerful Pool Cleaner

Shallow end of swimming pools are not applicable for this cleaner. At least a 3 feet depth is required by the Xtreme power. With that immense force the cleaner can thoroughly clean any size, construction or shape of the pool. Through the vacuum power, it can do the effective cleaning. Requires pump of the swimming pool which has at least 3 or 4 horsepower.

Xtremepower best pool cleaners

To function properly it requires this 1600ghp. Electricity power is not needed for it. Again any tools it does not require. The existing system of filtration is needed to attach with this vacuum cleaner. 16’X32’ is the ideal size for this Xtreme power pool cleaner.

Xtremepower cannot work in the pool which has low depth. To run the unit effectively, it needs at least 3 feet of depth. So you can use it successfully in the pool which has much depth.

Your swimming pool should have a pump of 3 or 4 horsepower to run the cleaner successfully. It needs this power to run its mechanism properly. We have found it as the effective pool cleaning solution when we have run it with the 3/4 horsepower of swimming pump.

You do not have to use any extra tool for this machine. You just need to attach it to your existing system of filtration and it will do its job automatically. There is nothing to worry about its electrical power source. Actually, it does not require any electric power to run itself.

The Pros:

  • Lower cost
  • Lesser moving parts
  • Great for small sized pools.

The Cons:

  • Need additional wear
  • Dependable on pool pump

4. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 – Best Selling & Most Affordable Pool Cleaner

Triple jets have made it more powerful and the technology of the cleaning is quite advanced. Any shape or size’s pool can be cleaned by it. In any ground, it will do its job. Sweeps vacuums and scrubs the walls and bottom of the pool.  Operates through the circulation of the pool pump.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 best pool cleaners

So it does not need any booster pump. The feed hose is 31 feet long and the filter chamber is single. Capture debris and dirt from any part of the swimming pool. Unique design is used for it and it has four separate wheels. Filter bag collects all the debris and does not let it go to the pump filter.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 can show its efficiency in any ground of the pool. It can go into any depth of the swimming pool water. It does not require any electric power connection.

The filter bag of the Polaris Vac-Sweep does not let the pebbles and leaves to reach the pump filter or basket. The filter bag of the cleaner is removable and easily washable.

Long feed hose let you clean the large area of the swimming pool. Powerful cleaning systems and advanced techniques make the cleaning process successful and you will get a neat and clean swimming pool within few hours.

The Pros:

  • Powerful cleaning
  • Portable filter bag
  • No need electrical power

The Cons:

  • Runs through the pool pump.
  • Too long hose.

5. Dolphin Cayman Inground – Best Lightweight & Powerful Robotic Pool Cleaner

This cleaner is a lightweight robotic pool vacuum cleaner. It is a powerful cleaning machine which provides high performance. Provides Effective cleaning every time. The cleaner has electric motor of 24v DC which makes this cleaner more powerful. Innovative SmartNav 2.0 mapping system for the swimming pool. You will get here HyperBrush scrubbing system for complete cleaning.

Dolphin Cayman (Robotic) Inground best pool cleaners

The Dolphin Cayman has great filtration system of Snaplock Top Access.  It has 2 hours of cycle time and it turns off automatically after finishing the timer. A rebate will be given from the manufacturer after purchasing the Dolphin Cayman Robotic. The sense of cleaning is quite cool as a robotic model does the work better than you in some cases.  Any type or shape’s swimming pool can be cleaned with it.

Wow! It has a rebate after purchasing. You will get the rebate from the manufacturer. So it is quite money saving cleaning tool. It has now an extra value as a robotic vacuum cleaner on the market.

You can easily carry and move the Dolphin Cayman Robotic for being lightweight. It has powerful cleaning system and so it clean efficiently. The motor of 24v DC power has been given to make its cleaning more effective. So you will get a fresh and clean pool after some hours.

Advanced pool mapping technology and more effective cleaning system will reduce the time of cleaning your pool. It is one of the best robotic cleaners which are suitable for residential swimming pools.

The Pros:

  • You can get a rebate
  • SmartNav 2.0 Mapping Technology
  • Attractive look

The Cons:

  • Limited length of wire
  • Smaller debris unit

What is a pool cleaner?

Pool vacuum cleaner is actually a cleaning machine which can clean the pool through vacuum power. It collects sediment and debris from the swimming pool and gives no chance to form bacteria or algae in the water. There are many types of automatic or automated pool cleaning machines. They are classified by their power source and drive mechanism.

Why Buy Pool Cleaners?

Pools are usually built above or into the ground. It is actually made to contain a good amount of water, which will enable us to do swimming and other fun activities. To build these pools, we usually use concrete, metal, natural stone, fiberglass or plastic.

But this fun place is a great place for the algae and bacteria. Algae and bacteria get here proper environment to generate their clan. Swimmers, debris, dirt, and animal lead the water and environment of the swimming pools towards contamination.

So you will become easily sick when you will swim in this unhygienic environment of the swimming pools. It is essential for the swimming pools owners to clean and maintain the environment of the pool after a fixed duration. But cleaning the pools is not an easy task.

Though it is a hard task for us, the modern technology has made the cleaning process easier and faster. You do not have to hire people anymore to clean your pool. On the market, many advanced automatic or robotic cleaners are now available. When you will buy it, you can clean your pool by your own.

Now many people like to own a personal pool in their homes. They want to spend a quality time with their family members in the swimming pool by swimming and doing many fun activities. It is now a popular craze among the people of the 21st century.

But maintaining a residential pool is a tough task. You can get the idea how much it is tough when you clean your aquarium personally in your home. Again it is quite costly to hire people to clean the pool.

But now, scientists have invented many types of advanced pool filters which have enabled us to clean our residential pool by ourselves. It is less costly than hiring people for cleaning your pool. Anytime you can clean it and you will get your satisfaction.

On the market many types of automatic pool cleaning machines are available. You just need to set it and drop it in your pool. After that, it can do the cleaning work automatically by itself. Automatic pool purifier are also many types. Suction, robotic and pressure based pool vacuum cleaners.

We have discussed with many pool owners and researched on it. At last, we have come to the conclusion that a pool refiner can be the best machine to clean and maintain the environment of the pool. It is a money saving and less labor machine to clean the pools. So we can assure that if you buy the best automatic or robotic pool cleaner, you will never want to use another thing.

It will reduce using of chemical to keep your pool’s water clean and hygienic. Chemicals are not good for human health. Cleaning the pool in proper time with the cleaners will not give you any chance to form bacteria or other germs. It can also keep the blue color of the pool water. They can collect the debris or dirt in their personal collection chambers.

It reduces the chance of getting the surface and walls slippery. The cleaners are not risky for the features of the swimming pool. It can clean without spoiling anything. Even some of them do not need electrical power. They run through the swimming pool pumps.

So what you are thinking for! To keep safe your lovely swimming pool, there is no another way except these marvelous pool cleaning machines. Buy these wonderful cleaners now and always stay tension free.

Types of pool cleaner:

Of course, you have noticed that everything is getting advanced and updated day by day. This has also happened same in the pool vacuum cleaners sector. There are now many modern technology based pool cleaners are available. According to the cleaning process, these cleaners are mainly three types. They are Robotic, suction, and pressure.

  • Suction Cleaners –

This type of pool filters works through the power of swimming pool pump. It connects to the suction pipe of the swimming pools pump. These suction cleaners use the suction power of the pump and collect all the debris from the pool. These cleaners collect the debris in the debris collectors. This type of cleaning systems is very important. These cleaners are the first model of the automatic pool cleaner. They are not costly like the other. These are eco-friendly too.

  • Pressure Cleaners –

This type of cleaners has an individual pump which can provide a good volume of pressure to the single line. This single line then connects with the cleaner. Through this way, they collect all the debris and reserve these in their collector boxes. These cleaners are known to us as the pressure-side cleaner.

These cleaners use the power of pump to do movement under the water. They do not scrub the surfaces of the pools. They make close contact with the surface to clean the pool. Their mechanisms are like the contact-type pool refiners. Booster pump can make their cleaning system more powerful.

  • Robotic Cleaners –

It is now the most popular type cleaner among the automatic pool cleaning machines. Their robotic power makes them able to clean the pool automatically. They can scan the area of the pool automatically also.

Independently do their cleaning process under the water. Robotic cleaners are more efficient than the other cleaners. They have built-in motor and filter. So they are able to gulps all the tiny particles and debris from the pool. Many of them have four-wheel drive and spot cleaning features.

Features to Look for in Pool Cleaners …

We have learned about the types of pool filters above. But these pool cleaners have many different features. Every cleaner has not same features. To find out the best pool cleaners, you should look for some basic features. So knowing about the basic features, you must read this part. Features depend on the types of the pool cleaner.

Features of Suction Cleaner:

  • Runs through the existing energy of pool pump.
  • Self-adjusting turbine and which maximizes the water flow.
  • The paddle has blades and these are adjustable.
  • At low suction and power, it can do the cleaning.
  • Steering system can make it able to move freely.
  • 5 separate ways are programmed inside it. Can make the turn from 90 degrees to 450 degrees.
  • Can work in any type of pool.
  • Having Robust tire treads, which make it able to climb around easily.
  • Adjustable skirts.

Features of Pressure Cleaner:

  • Need to connect with the pump of the swimming pool
  • Works effectively through the power of the pump.
  • By creating pressure they remove dirt and debris from the swimming pool.
  • Sweep, vacuum and scrub the walls and bottom of the pool.
  • The main filter sucks the debris after creating pressure on it.
  • Debris or dirt collector bag is attached to the cleaner and it stores here this debris.
  • Collector box is portable and washable.
  • Use individual pump’s power to create effective pressure.
  • No need the power of electricity.

Features of Robotic Cleaner:

  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • It has GFCI which is a projected outlet and the cleaner runs after plugging the cleaner with it.
  • No need for any separate pump or hose extension.
  • Able to climb anywhere. Wall, stairs everywhere.
  • Built in pool scanning and mapping technology.
  • Any size or shape’s pool can be cleaned by it.
  • Personal debris collector box is included into the cleaner.
  • Removable collector box and washable also.
  • Collect any type of debris, dirt or particles in the pool.

Benefits of Using Pool Cleaners:

Actually, the pool filtering machines are made to give you all the benefits from them. These have many beneficial sides. People who have already bought it, they know the actual best parts of the swimming pool filters.

Many pool owners who have not pool cleaning machine, become frustrated when they start to clean the pools. It is always a tough task for them. Again, without proper cleaning and maintain, the pool environment becomes unhygienic. So only the automatic pool purifiers can solve all the problems of the pool owners.

So we are highlighting some beneficial sides here:

  • Advanced Technology

The best pool cleaners of 2017 have advanced technology to clean your pools. They have advanced controlling system. You can set the command of cleaning procedure easily into it. They can scan the whole shape of the pool through their advanced system of mapping. These can climb the walls. Even many of them can clean the stairs also. The advanced technology has made them able to drive independently around the pool and they can effectively clean the pool.

  • Hygienic Cleaning and Eco-friendly

These robotic cleaners can work automatically. Some of them are works through the power of existing swimming pool. These do not have any power section. These have also reduced the amount of using the chemical in the pool water. When you will use the cleaner, you will no need to use the chemicals to keep your pool clean. That is why these are very eco-friendly. Again they do not pollute the water during the cleaning time.

  • Restraint of the Bacteria and Germ

We have already said you that the pool water is the best place for the bacteria and germ. Without proper maintain and cleaning, the water and the environment of the pool will be unhygienic. But the pool cleaning unit will not give them any chance to generate if you clean your pool with it properly. These cleaners gulp all the debris and dirt of the pool and keep the water and environment of the pool hygienic.

  • Energy or labor saver

These cleaners are energy saver machines. They have self-programmable microprocessors which have enabled these cleaner to navigate under the water and around the pool by themselves. So you just need to install it and set it. After installing and giving the proper command, it will do the cleaning job effectively by itself.

  • Manual vs. Automatic

If we imagine about the pool cleaning with manual cleaners, we will get the actual idea about the benefits of using this product. With the manual cleaner, we had to clean the pool with great labor. It was a lengthy process to clean the pool with the manual cleaners.

Again we could not completely clean the cleaners. We needed to wet ourselves to clean the pool. In the cold weather, it was a very painful task for us. Again we needed many tools and accessories to clean the pool manually. It was costly cleaning too.

But now we do not need to do so. We are now so free and confident with the automatic cleaner of the pool. They take very little time than the manual cleaner. We do not need to control it. They can clean the pool automatically. The automatic cleaners require very few tools. These cleaners are a money saving machine also.

  • Money saving:

Again many of them run by the power of pool motor. So you do not have to think about the electricity bill. Again the cleaner which needs the electrical power connection; they do not require a high amount of voltage. So the pressure and suction type cleaner are very cheap to use them. They will not make any extra charge to clean the pools.

So we can confidently say that these pool cleaning machines are money saving cleaners. Again you do not need to hire any cleaner team to wash your pool. You need to clean your pool frequently. So the cleaner team will demand huge money which is costlier than the vacuum cleaners. So they will save your money again in this sector.

We have practically checked the products and after that, we have confidently written about their beneficial side here only for you. ConsumerHubs will do anything to give you the actual information. You must know about the using procedure of the pool refiners. Without knowing it, the pool filters cannot give you the ultimate result which you expect for. So learn from our experts.

How to Use Pool Cleaners:

Actually, every type of pool  vacuum cleaner has different or individual using procedure. So you have to first fix that which type of pool cleaner will be efficient for your cleaning. But we are giving here all the three types’ pool cleaners depending on the using procedure.

  • Uses of Suction-Based Cleaner –

It is the least expensive automatic cleaner. But it is one of the best automatic swimming pool vacuuming cleaning systems. This cleaner completes the cleaning of your pool through the existing filtration and pump systems of your pool.

You just need to connect the suction vacuum cleaner with the pump. After connecting it, start the pump and send it under the water. Now it will do the cleaning by itself. The pump will enable the vacuum to go around the water of the pool to collect debris.

The power of the pump should be powerful. Otherwise, the cleaning quality will not be efficient. You can also customize the cleaners to increase the ability of cleaning. How you will customize it, you can get help from youtube.

  • Uses of Pressure Based Cleaner –

It is a powerful cleaning machine which will move around your pool to collect the debris or dirt from the pool. It has no personal power source. It also runs via the existing swimming pool pump. This cleaner cleans the pool through the pressure of water and collects debris in their personal collection chamber.

To make the cleaning process more effective, you can add an extra booster pump with it. It will increase the power and cleaning efficiency. Without the booster pump, you can connect the pipe to the existing pump. How you want to clean the pool, just use the setup button and also the direction button. After that send it under the water, it will start automatic cleaning.

The debris collection bag is included with it. So the dirt or debris will remain in the bag and you can take it down from the bag. The bag is removable and washable. By this way, you will get the pool clean and also can clean the bag after taking the cleaner out of the pool. Just watch the condition of cleaning. When you will get sure that the cleaning is completed, turn the pump off.

  • Uses of Robotic Cleaner –

Robotic cleaners are the most effective and efficient cleaning machine among the available pool cleaning machine. It has simple but little complex maintenance than the other type cleaners. It has built-in self-contained systems. That is why it is named as the robotic cleaner.

It has a built-in motor inside the cleaner. So it requires the connection of electricity to run the motor. It has a personal chamber to collect any types of debris or dirt. This cleaning machine has wheels to climb anywhere. It has a timer and advanced system of mapping. It can scan the pool shape after coming down to the pool. It does not require connecting with any pipe or the pump.

So connect the cleaner with the electric power connection. Do not worry it will not electrify you. Now just set the command into it as you like to do. Your robot is now ready to do its job. Start the cleaner and send it under the water. It will go everywhere, even on the stairs also to clean. Just watch and enjoy the show. J

After completing the duration of the timer, it will automatically stop. Take it out of the pool and remove the reserve box to clean it.

The more you will take care of your cleaner, the more it will give effective service. So after every cleaning, wash it and clean it also. You should also keep it dry. Otherwise, the longevity of the cleaners will be decayed.

Best Pool Cleaner Buying Guide:

Honestly, we can give you only advice. But the decision should be taken by you. We have surveyed on the available products of the pool cleaner. So have a look at our guide to buying the pool cleaners.

Before going to buy your personal pool cleaner, you should check the products online. Read the customers reviews, ratings, and details. You will get the idea about the popular and best products. You have to choose the cleaner which will be suitable for your pool. The wrong choice can spoil the money. You need to give importance to the main facts of the pool cleaning machie. Like:

  • For Suction type cleaner –

You know that this cleaner connects with the pump of the pool and runs through the power of existing pump. These are general type pool cleaner. They do not require any electrical connection. Because they do not have any motor to run itself.

The price range of these cleaners is $100-$300. Their mechanism is very simple and quite effective. They suck the debris from the water and send it out from the pool. These cleaners are cheaper than the other types of the pool filters. You can install it easily and maintenance procedure is also very simple.

  • For pressure type cleaner –

It is more powerful than the suction type cleaner and also costly than the suction type. Many of them require extra booster pump to make the cleaning more effective. Again many of them just require the existing pump’s power. The first type pressure based cleaner is quite costly than the old model of pressure based cleaner.

They have removable and washable debris collection box or bag. They create water pressure to remove the dirt. They can easily reach to the tight corners. Almost collect everything from the pool’s water. Need little more maintenance than the suction type cleaners. The price range of these cleaners is $200-$700.

  • For Robotic Pool Cleaner –

Of course, it is the most costly pool cleaner among the all types of pool cleaning machine. You need a power point near to your pool. They have own motor to collect the debris or dirt from any part of the pool. It is very effective for the large pools. It has advanced cleaning system and controlling. You do not have to work hard for it.

You just need to connect the cleaner with the electrical power connection and give it proper command. After that, they will do the rest of the cleaning work. They can clean efficiently than any other vacuum cleaners. It has built-in removable dirt collection box. It can collect any type of stone, debris or dirt. Everything will be reserved in that box. The price range of these pool cleaners is $500-$2000.

We have discussed here the main facts of every pool cleaning equipment. So reading the discussion you will get the idea which one has the suitable features to clean your pool completely. After deciding it, you can now buy the pool cleaner which you have chosen.

The Pros:

  • Money-saving cleaning tool.
  • Reduce the using of the chemical in the pool water.
  • Can be maintained and used easily.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning machine.
  • Able to clean anytime and in any pool.

The Cons:

  • Little costly some of them to purchase.
  • Cannot clean the pool 100 percent.


Q. Can a caddy make the pool cleaner hauling and storing much easier?

Yes. You may find it quite beneficial. Many cleaners are quite heavy and have many extra tools. So if you buy a caddy it can make the hauling and storing much easier. But the caddies are quite costly too.

Q. Does these things give the warranty?

Most of the good pool cleaning machine manufacturers gives warranty for their products. Normally you will get at least a warranty of one year from the company.

Q. Do we have any need to clean the filtering system frequently?

If you find the cleaner is jammed or working not properly as it should be, then you can check the filtering system. Clean the filter and again check. If you find this time same condition, then change the filter.

Q. Will I get the hose pipes free with the pool cleaners?

With most of the pressure and suction base pool cleaners come with the hose pipes. You will get it free. For the better option, check the details or contact with the seller about it before buying your cleaner.

Q. How many volts the best automatic and robotic pool cleaner require?

The robotic pool cleaners actually require an electrical connection. If you have a pool pump, then the cleaner can adjust the voltage power of your home. For better safety, read the product description attentively.

Final Call:

Pool cleaners are now a basic need for the pool owners. We have discussed with the customers and they have happily shared their satisfaction about using the pool cleaners for their pools. It may take away a good amount of money at a time from you. But if you think overall about it, you will see that it is money saving and less labor cleaning machine. Without proper cleaning and maintaining, you and your family members will become sick.

So, Wait no more and start fighting with the filth of your pool with the best automatic or robotic pool cleaners of 2017.

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