Want to cook fast?

Then you must bring home the best pressure cooker 2017.

The best ones indeed are the caners what don’t tend to blow up and keep you safe and in one piece.

Our experts are going to give pressure cooker reviews. Now, this would be a little different from most other reviews of ConsumerHubs as we are going to discuss about pressure cookers from two sections.

Here, we will sort out the best cookers from the cooker jungle so that you can buy the best one for you. Also, don’t forget to check the articles that come with the reviews if you really want to learn things that are related with the it.

Best Pressure Cooker 2017 (TOP PICK)

Before we move on to our detailed reviews let’s take a look at the products at a glance and see what our experts have picked and remarked for you.

ImageProduct NameScore
 Instant Pot IP-DUO60Instant Pot 6-Quart 92
MaxiMatic EPC-808MaxiMatic 8-Quart 89
 West Bend 6-Quart West Bend 6-Quart 82
 All American 921All American 21.5-Quart 96
Presto 01362Presto 01362 6-Quart


Presto 01781 23-QuartPresto 01781 23-Quart


The following section will enlighten you about the top 6 best electric pressure cookers of 2017 so that you can select the perfect one for yourself. The products are sequential arranged by their productivity and popularity by following the ConsumerHubs Algorithm.

1. Instant Pot IP-DUO60 – Best Selling Cooker [Recommended]

The Instant Pot IP-DU060 is the jack of all trades. It’s a seven in one product. That means it works as a pressure, slow and a rice cooker. Other than cookers it’s a yogurt maker, browning and steamer also.

Instant Pot IP Best Pressure Cooker

It has fourteen micro controllers for cooking different meals and the cooker is extremely safe with the ten proven safety mechanism it comes with.Well, you don’t have to worry about cooking anymore if you get this product.

When it’s done cooking it automatically keeps the food warm for a long time. Finally, the only thing to say about it is that, it’s the most technically advanced electric cookware in the market.

The Pros:

  • Certified Safety Features
  • Multi-functional
  • Comes With Pressure Settings
  • Popular

The Cons:

  • Customer Support Issues

2. MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite – Best Pressure Cooker that Cooks Great

It’s a great cooker with astonishing graphics. The EPC-808 consumes 1200 Watts of power what can cook faster than other electric cookers. Like the Instant Pot it also has fourteen different micro controlled operation modes.

MaxiMatic EPC-808 Best Pressure Cooker

You can also control the pressure timing and delay start in it. This much control over a cooker adds added benefits to your cooking. And to apply all these controls you get a fancy touch sensitive led display. The display is also very cool looking.

The cooker is very portable as you can remove the 8 Quart not sticking pot and serve your food from it. After dinner you can also clean it. It’s a great product although the price is bit higher.

The Pros:

  • Works Great
  • Looks Great
  • Smart but easy to control
  • Even allows you to brown food

The Cons:

  • Needs regular cleaning and maintenance

3. West Bend (6 Quart) – Top Pressure Cooker for Power

It’s another famous entry level electric pressure cooker. The cooker consumes 1000 Watts of electricity what makes it a really fast cooker. With that cooking speed you can save your time in the kitchen.

West Bend 6-Quart Best Pressure Cooker

The cooker has seven individual safety mechanisms what ensures your safety in the kitchen. Their lids design in unique what adds a great look to the cooker.

And obviously, the price of it is amazing. The product comes with a handy manual what will guide you about proper operation of the device.

The Pros:

  • Great Power
  • Multi-functional & Adjustable
  • Good Safety Features
  • Ideal for home use

The Cons:

  • Needs regular maintenance

4. All American 921 (21.5 Quart) – An Actual Pressure Cooker

You can easily misinterpret this caner for an industrial sterilizer. In fact it looks like that too. First of all it’s a massive pressure cooker with a volume of 21.5 Quart. It has an unusual lid that comes with six bolts.

All American 921 best pressure cooker

The use of this locking mechanism makes the pressure cooker extremely safe. There are a whole lot of great things about this pressure cooker. A high density pressure gauge is on the top of the lid.

This can give you precise measurement of the pressure build up. Although it’s a stove-top with a huge price tag, the price justifies this cooker. The stained aluminum housing is extremely durable what makes the product meet all the U.S. safety standards.

The Pros:

  • The true definition of a pressure cooker
  • Very Durable
  • Comes with pressure gauges
  • Good built quality and materials

The Cons:

  • Looks bulky
  • Not multi-functional

5. Presto 01362 (6 Quart) Cooker – Budget Friendly Pressure Cooker

Everyone doesn’t need a big pressure cooker. That’s where pressure cookers of Presto take the place. The Presto 01362 6-Quart is an ideal pressure cooker for a family of four.

Presto 01362 6-Quart best pressure Cooker

They are beautifully built with ultra durable stainless steel. The base of this beautiful cooker is built with two different metals. So, it’s a cooker that you can use on your stove, induction, ceramic or glass cooker.

This pressure cooker is very easy to clean and it dishwasher safe. The only drawback of this model is the absence of a whistle on the valve. It’s an ideal product for your kitchen.

The Pros:

  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Looks good as a stove top pressure cooker
  • Comes with a good user’s manual

The Cons:

  • No pressure gauge
  • Needs care while using

6. Presto 01781 (23 Quart) – Best & Durable Pressure Cooker

If you want a great product in the most reasonable price you just can’t resist the Presto 01781. It’s a 23 Quart volume what is really great for cooking for a feast or in a restaurant.

Presto 01781 Best Pressure Cooker

Okay, the lower price doesn’t mean that Presto has compromised with the quality or safety of this product. The caner is super safe with it locking system and safety valve. You also get a pressure gauge on the lid.

To build the pressure cooker aluminum was reinforced to be wrap proof to tolerate extreme pressure. Heat from gas or electric source easily gets distributed in the pressure cooker. So, you can cook faster. Also, you get to cook a large batch if you want.

The Pros:

  • Comes with a pressure gauge
  • Heavy weight construction
  • Sturdy performance
  • Best Selling Model

The Cons:

  • Not Multi-functional
  • Bulky Looks

Why do I need a Pressure Cooker?

Very first let’s start with the basic thing. Your kitchen needs an electric pressure cooker, but why? What should be the main reason to buy best electric pressure cooker 2017? So, in the below we are giving you some knowledge of how pressure cooker can change your typical cooking routine for good.

  • Saves Time and expense:

There are so many people who spend a good amount of time daily in kitchen to prepare food. While there is an option that you can cook much healthier food in less time, why would you waste your precious time in conventional rituals? It’s better to get the job done with a pressure cooker.

Cooking in electric pressure cooker will save your time to 70% each day. It cooks above the boiling pressure while it steams your food in excess pressure. This process can save your time as well as your energy.

This energy could be the physical that you are wasting and definitely the energy you are using to run it. You cannot imagine how much natural energy like gas and electricity can be saved by using top rated pressure cooker 2017. It eventually saves your money through less electric bill, less gas in stove.

  • Produces Healthier Foods:

It is tuff to prepare healthy food for your beloved every day. And trust me your typical cooking style does not make your food nutrient. But the food that cooks in pressure cooker can be healthy. Because pressure cookers do not use much water to cook food it doesn’t flows away with the boiling. On the other hand canners cooks in enclosed steam process with provided lid that ensures to keep your food healthy, nutrient.

  • Safer Cooking Tools:

Many fears electric pressure cooker because in past it was constructed with explosion in your kitchen. But that idea is changed for good. The newly constructed pressure cookers are safe to have in your home. The 2nd generation cookers have made sure innovation and determined safety.

  • Cooking is Flexible Now:

You can cook even normal food on pressure cooker daily alongside with the dishes that takes mountain of time. You can even make soup, meats. You can adapt your normal recipes into top electric pressure cooker 2017. That will surely save your 50% of time.

  • Very Handy to Use:

These pots are really easy to cook. They can be very adjustable to our demands. For the new comers of using pressure cooker you must remember to set your timer according to electric pressure cooker. As it can over cook your dish easily.

  • Easy to Clean & Store:

You only just have to clean the lid and the pot. Alongside, the rubber gasket will need to be washed with soap and warm water to clean. It is so easy. Some of the new pressure cookers 2017 are even dishwasher safe. To store it you just remember to place the lid upside down and you are perfectly alright. Put it in cabinet or top of the counter, wherever is convenient to you.

  • Better Cooking Atmosphere:

The pressure cooker makes your kitchen more manageable. It manages the temperature in the room and sanitation of kitchen. Because it keeps the higher temperature and pressure, flavor inside of the pot, you should not bother much about all those reasons. Even it will save you from staining your kitchen.

What is a Pressure Cooker?

Electric pressure cookers are modernized versions of regular ones. They are earning their popularity day by day. These cookers use electricity as their heat source. Most of these cookers are multi functional. They work as six or seven individual device in one. They are programmable and often come with various presets. If you don’t want to waste time behind cooking, you just have to put the ingredients in the pot, plug it, set it and forget. The cooker will do the rest for you.

Pressure cooker is a kitchen appliance. Its main work is seal-and-steam. A pressure cooker pot is made of stainless steel or aluminum. It is accompanied by a lid that contains a timer or pressure regulator. Also the lid has steam vent, a gasket or sealing ring, and a number of safety devices. That would be a locking system and an over pressure release valve.

It is a simple cookware with better quality. It cooks faster. The food cooked here is healthier and nutritious. In this one single pot one can cook almost everything. From fruits to vegetable, rice, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, desserts you name it. All these reasons make it so popular among people. This is why people must have best electric pressure cooker 2017 in their kitchen.

Work process of Pressure Cooker:

It is an airtight pot that can reach the temperature of 121 degrees Celsius and way above 100 degree. This temperature is the normal boiling point of water. So, this is the reason that pressure cooker cook fast. All the same reason it doesn’t loss its flavor and nutrient. In plain sentence, pressure cookers cook faster and good by enclosing the steam in a closed vessel.

The user will always need some sort of liquid medium to cook in pressure cooker. You can do both by cooking above the water by placing a trivet or in immersed water. One way or the other the pressure cooker uses the steam that is created by the liquid to build an immense pressure. That makes the temperature of pressure cooker rise.

Pressure Cooking Style:

You can do boiling, steaming, poaching, browning, stewing, steam roasting, even baking with a pressure cooker. Fruits, vegetables, meats, beans, root crops, fish, seafood, cake anything you can cook in a top electric pressure cooker 2017. Only you won’t be able to make here is oatmeal, split beans and such foods that causes the steam vent blocking

The main feature of cooking in pressure cooker is the timing. There are so many best cookbooks and manuals in the market about the recipe of pressure cooker and their timing standards. In pressure to avoid risks or anything unusual one must follow the recipe precisely.

Which type of pressure cooker is best?

You have to choose between the two verities of pressure cooker. One is electric pressure cooker and another is stove top/range top pressure cooker. Both have good and bad side. Let’s check-out the good and bad side of both & make right decision depend on your cooking needs.

Features to look for …

There are some features in a pressure cooker that makes it a great pressure cooker. The absence of any one of them can degrade their quality. You should probably have some idea about the features that you need to look for in a pressure cooker. Now, to help you more we will also include a short list of features that you should seek inside a pressure cooker. Before that, check out this video and see what will happen if you buy the wrong kind of pressure cooker.

  • The first thing that you should always do is look for a pressure cooker from a renowned manufacturer. They tend to provide the best quality where the other infamous brands provide pressure cookers at a cheaper price but they have some really bad records of blowing up or malfunctioning. As the whole thing is a solid construction of metal that’s why trusting a name that everyone trusts is a good idea and we would again remind you that there are products in the market that are very shiny looking ( with digital panels, displays and buttons on the electric models) and come in attractive price.

Trust us; those are the pressure cookers that you should stay away from for the sake of your own safety. When it comes to pressure cookers quality is everything.

  • The Valve the most important thing on a presser cooker actually. It’s the part that controls the pressure. You need a cooker with a good valve for three reasons. The first one is that, it will protect the cooker from blowing up and will make the pressure cooker silent and it makes the whole unit less energy consuming whether it’s electricity or heat. Our experts have mentioned that you should look for a spring valve in a stove top pressure cooker and a floating valve as they are the most advanced systems for any pressure cooker.
  • The Material with what the whole cooker is built with is also important. You should never forget that a huge amount of heat is generated inside the pan what can cause the metals in a pressure cooker to dissolve and the dissolved metal can get inside your food. Not going with an aluminum cooker is a good idea as the aluminum can tamer with your food with acidic reactions. Going with a stainless steel pressure cooker has always been a good idea. In fact they are strong and have a lot more heat tolerance than aluminum.
  • You will not always be cooking the same thing with your pressure cooker and different things demand different level of pressure. Say for example you can cook both meat and eggs with your pressure cooker but they have different pressure demand where the flesh needs higher pressure and the eggs need lower pressure otherwise the meat will take a lot of time to get cooked and the egg will crack if too much pressure is applied.

Some cookers offer you different pressure selection modes. Going with them will give you versatility in your pressure cooking experience.

  • You should also look for Good Safety Mechanisms inside a pressure cooker. These safety features are mainly connected with a good locking mechanism. The presence of a good locking mechanism makes a pressure cooker safe and durable. When it comes to electric pressure cooker make sure the outer surface is well isolated enough so that you don’t get any heat or electric shocks. Also, you must make sure that you cooker come with a warranty, good customer support and available spare parts.
  • Having The Non Sticky Surface inside a pressure cooker is important as it can help you too take out the food easily and will keep the whole surface scratch free. This layer of non sticky coating makes the pressure cooker long lasting also. Generally look for Teflon surface, they are the best.
  • Well, things that we have mentioned so far were the basic features that you should look for in a pressure cooker. There are other things too.

The thing is that looks aren’t that important in a pressure cooker. In fact the most odd or bold ( for stove tops ) and the simple ( for electric ) looking models tend to perform better.  There are also other things. If you think that you can handle the complexity of the control panel of the electric cooker and want to do some amazing things with it, only then we would recommend you to go with those highly programmable pressure cookers. Otherwise you should just stick to the basics.

The Pros & Cons of Electric Pressure Cooker:

The Pros:

  • Because of its digital timer it is easy to use
  • It runs with its own source of heat
  • Do not require continuous monitoring.
  • Whatever place has electric supply, it can work
  • You have to choose from all the verities of setting
  • Programmed versions are easy. All you need to do is press a button.

The Cons:

  • Exploits money
  • Short durability.
  • Warranty is maximum 1 year.
  • Cooking process is slow. It runs with the range of10-11 PSI.

The Pros & Cons of Range/Stove top Cooker –

The Pros:

  • Cost efficient
  • It is long lasting
  • Store quality of this cooker is easy
  • Warranty is more or less than 10 years
  • The pressure here can be quickly released
  • The recipe books are made for pressure of 15 PSI
  • It can be taken to camping if you have the energy source
  • It has 8–15 PSI load power. That will make the cook faster.
  • The system of manual regulation can adjust heat well to cook good food.

The Cons:

  • Continuous monitoring is must
  • The source of heat is must have
  • Newcomers will find manual setting hard.

Now comes the decision part. If your demand is to “set it and forget it” then your best one would be electric one. On the contrary if you want more precise cooking then you must go for range top/stove top pressure cookers. End of the day you will be user. So, make sure of your priorities. They produce almost same food. Both are healthy and manageable.

Benefits of having a Pressure Cooker:

70% of cooking time can be saved by using pressure cooker. That is the vital reason of its popularity. It not only saves time but also saves energy. It takes less gas and electricity to cook. That is very helpful. Also it saves time while preparing dishes.

Apart from these benefits using finest pressure cooker 2017, they also keep intact the nutrients, color, and even the flavors of the food. Where in other kitchen tool it takes time to prepare and cook delicious and healthy food, pressure cooker takes no time compare to others. The best part is you can cook almost any item here. Soups, stew, pot roast, desserts are easily cooked here. Also the bigger pressure cookers have this feature to can foods.

Wait, there’s more. There are numerous benefits of a pressure cooker. They are not only for making rice or meat. You can do many things with a pressure cooker. Just get a recipe book that focuses on cooking with a pressure cooker and you will find endless delicious recipes inside that book.

When you cook with a pressure cooker you use less energy and get a better cooking a

Tips & Tricks of Pressure Cooking:

It might seem complicated to someone new using pressure cooker while about the lid especially. However it is not a problem if you have the correct tips and tricks to use it.

The basic knowledge of pressure cooker will help you more than any tricks. Just look up to the real users of it, such as-your mother, family, neighbor, friends. Then try by yourself. After real experience comes the technical part. Do not leave unattended the lid and use always some sort of liquid to cook in pressure cooker. Check the ideal time of cooking and do not ever open the lid while it has still pressure.

Our Advice for You:

Finally before finishing the pressure cooker review 2017 you need some advises and tricks.

  • Do not buy the 1st generation models, as they would explode your kitchen. You will never feel safe with that in your kitchen. Buy minimum 2nd generation or advanced models.
  • Do not buy 2nd hand pressure cookers, as they can be constant problem.
  • Do not mix between pressure cooker and canner. Both are different.
  • If you want long lasting and more secure pressure cooker, simple avoid aluminum and electric cookers. Electric pressure cookers give you only 1 year warranty where stove top pressure cooker gives you more or less 10 years.
  • To buy stainless steel tools check for excess percentage of chromium. Do not buy nickel.
  • Handles of the pressure cooker are very important. Choose longer handles to avoid burns and you can even consider the additional small handle in the opposite.
  • Do not get bluffed after seeing interior of non-stick. It will minimize your cooking methods.
  • 15 Psi should be standard of recipes you are looking for.
  • It would be easy if you find additional accessories that are given free for extra uses. You can save your money with this attempt.
  • It would be best to purchase large cooker pot because you won’t be able cook many foods in small pots. So, if it does not cross your budget just buy a bigger one.
  • At last choose a brand with a great reputation to avoid cheap product.
  • Hope that this article will help you with the basic guides on pressure cooker. You will gather knowledge about what a pressure cooker is, how you will use it. Even the benefits you will get, the best suited pressure cooker for you, tips of using top pressure cooker 2017 and cooking with it.

Pressure Cooker Buying Guide:

Unlike before the pressure cooker is not considered as a risky or intriguing appliance. Pressure cookers are well constructed above the years. They are now made of high quality materials and those are bound to tough and safe. All the safety measures that pressure cooker constructed over years should make you and your kitchen feel safe from any accident. You can also check our Pressure Cooker buying guide for better understandings.

To choose your precious pressure cooker you must have some idea in your mind. The very first thing you need to consider is the quality and durability of the stainless steel and aluminum. Then comes to your concern about which size pressure cooker will be suitable for your family need. Then you must check the security measures, a good warranty, replacement parts availability and PSI 15 reaching power. These will do you good while choosing.

What to choose – Aluminum or Stainless-Steel?

First you should know about the difference between the constructions of pressure cooker as they use different materials. Pressure cookers are made of stainless steel, aluminum or with the mixture of both. Your choice should rely on the budget of yours and the usefulness.

If we are talking about money here then aluminum is the best option. It is also light in weight, good to use anywhere. Because of the aluminum construction it can conduct heat very fast. That means you can cook faster than stainless steel pressure cookers. The only problem here it is that it is hard to clean. This can be discolored in long time use with some stink problem.

If we are thinking about stainless steel, it is more long lasting than aluminum. It is heavy to use. But of its heavy construction you don’t think about scratches or dent problems. You can clean it easily with warm water and soap. It will always shine like a new one. Bad smell and stains are not the problem here at all. Some manufactures use both stainless steel and aluminum to construct finest pressure cooker 2017. They put stainless steel layer that have another aluminum layer. Only this combination is not much available yet.

Best Pressure Cooker Size to Pick:

Choosing the size should always depend on the consumer.

  • If you are intending to use it in a restaurant you need 10 to 12 Quart models.
  • The size of your family must be the main priority to choose the perfect size. You can have one large and one small for separate uses.
  • When you are having your own separate home or have only one partner to share food buy 5 Quarts. This model is great for making meat, sauce, soups.
  • While using it you cannot use the whole pot. You only use 2/3 of the space.
  • Those who have average family size shift to 5-7 Quarts. This is best for making family meals. Even it is suitable for beginners.
  • Those have large family, more than 6-7 members they should purchase between 6-8 Quarts.
  • Pressure cookers diameter is another thing to keep in mind. There will be some food that needs more space rather to have height.
  • 7 inches diameter is best for all kind of cooking.

Various Items to Cook:

There are so many recipes you can try in pressure cooker in a very short time. Check out best pressure cooker cookbooks 2017 to find your desired one.

  • Cook rice a few minutes.
  • Cook potatoes, beans, carrots, meat in within an hour. Just make sure that you know what you are cooking as pressure will not prepare your food mushy and splintered. The food will only be tender here.
  • Popular recipe in pressure cooker is stews and curries.
  • Meats are tender and juicy because of all the steams.
  • Baby foods and poached food can be made in a minute.
  • Even you can cook risotto using this.
  • For other recipes you can look in the internet.


Here is a list of questions that we often find with pressure cookers.

Q: Is buying a pressure cooker a good idea?

If you cook often and most of the time you have to cook bigger batches for whole family then you must get a pressure cooker. They can cook a lot in a very short time. In fact they are not like rice cookers where you only get to cook a limited things. Rather the pressure cookers will be an ideal tool for you that can help you in preparing lot of recipes within a very short time. There are some preparations that you just can’t cook without a pressure cooker. That’s why having a pressure cooker in your kitchen is quite important.

Q: I’ve heard bad things about pressure cookers. Are they really safe?

Yes, the older models had some issues actually. The technology that was used to manufacture the pressure cookers was not fully developed as a result the safety mechanisms sometimes failed to provide appropriate safety when there was too much pressure build up and hence resulted in a blown up pressure cooker.

Things have changed now. The pressure cookers of modern times are way safer as they come with multiple safety mechanisms. The valves, the locking mechanisms, the secondary or emergency pressure release system and the whole housing have improved a lot and they barely fail these days. The electric pressure cookers of these days come with a better sensor these days that can sense if anything is going wrong. That’s why it can undoubtedly be said that, the modern pressure cookers are safe enough

Q: What are the main differences between Stove tops, canners and eclectic pressure cookers?

Three of them are basically the same thing. They all use heat to generate steam pressure within them and use the heat and pressure together to cook food. The stove tops are the average sized cookers that takes the heat from gas stoves, canners are just a bigger version of stovetops and they come with a pressure gauge and most importantly looks kinda odd in a home kitchen. The eclectic ones derive power from electricity and they are not as efficient in generating pressure of one bar or so what the stovetops can easily achieve. The cook books are mainly focused on the recipes of the average stovetop pressure cookers.

Q: What are the basic differences between electric and stovetop pressure cookers?

Well, to start with we must say that, the power source is the basic difference. One uses electricity to generate heat and the other models directly use heat from a stove. The second difference would be on the construction of the cookers. The electric cookers are of a complex construction and most of them come with microprocessors that control and sense the whole cooking process. You can do many things with them in your own devised ways. The stovetop models on the other hand are a simpler built. They are really easy to operate and your control over it is pretty limited. The third most important thing is performance. The stovetop models are more powerful pressure generators and they are designed to tolerate more pressure also where the electric ones don’t generate that much pressure but the pressure they generate can get your job done although it takes a bit longer to cook on them.

Q: What are the things that I need to change in a pressure cooker?

There are some parts of the pressure cooker that gets worn off due to pressure cooking. Don’t worry, you can easily get those parts on the internet or your local kitchen supply store. Among them, the rubber gasket is the main. You should get a rubber gasket free with the pressure cooker you buy. The valve also may require changing.

Content Source:

Here is a list of some web pages that were helpful for us and our experts have suggested them for you. They may help you in understanding the pressure cookers and pressure cooking in a better and detailed manner.

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Lifehacker
  3. Food

Finally, If you like to buy expected one within budget and with discount price then you should buy it from Amazon, as is the largest and trusted online shop in the world, you can easily buy best pressure cooker 2017 from there. You can verify your demands and budget there.

The reviews will also help you to choose right one. This article will be very helpful to your query of pressure cooker indeed. So, buy the best electric pressure cooker 2017 right away.

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