Stop rubbing those boring old manual brushes against your teeth.Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids and Sensitive Teeth Reviews 2017

Get the best toothbrush for Kids & Sensitive Teeth 2017 that comes with brains and keep up with the smarter world!!!

Smile a smart smile!!!

After waking up from our sleep, we first want to get ourselves fresh. That’s why we need the best rechargeable electric toothbrush. So in the washroom, we first take the best rated toothbrush that we have. If you have an automatic toothbrush for your kids and yourself, then we have to consider you as the smart person of the smart world. An electric brush can start your day with more comfort where you had to struggle with an ordinary toothbrush to clean your tooth.

Best Electric Toothbrush 2017

The list that you will see below is consisted of the top rated 6 electric toothbrushes reviews that our experts have selected and scored for you. Selecting any one of the model over the other ones available on the market is a good idea.

ImageProduct NameScore
Oral-B Pro 7000Oral-B Pro 7000 90
Oral-B Pro 1000Oral-B Pro 1000 88
Philips Sonicare 2 HX6211/30Philips Sonicare 2 HX6211/30 86
Philips Sonicare EssencePhilips Sonicare Essence 88
Waterpik WP-900Waterpik WP-900 92
Aiyabrush ZR501Aiyabrush ZR501 86

Now you have seen the models, It’s time for you to check out these toothbrushes in detailed reviews that have set in accordance with the ConsuemrHubs Algorithm. These reviews are presented before you after deep inspection of the tooth brushes. Here are the reviews for you.

  1. Oral-B Pro 7000 – Best Rechargeable Toothbrush For Sensitive Tooth & Everyday Use [ Recommended ] 

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries is the first toothbrush in the world which has come on the market with the Bluetooth connectivity. This Bluetooth connectivity will give you the opportunity to connect the brush with your smartphone. Through the mobile app of the toothbrush, you can get the real-time feedback anytime on the habits of your brushing.

Oral-B Pro 7000 best electric toothbrush

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The brush head has CrossAction design which is professionally inspired. It surrounds every tooth with bristles angled. This Oral-B pro has also 3D cleaning action. It oscillates, pulsates and rotates to clean the tooth deeply. It has a SmartSeries Handle, which has a digital monitor and attractive buttons. This toothbrush gives three heads with the box. They are ProWhite, Sensitive Clean, and FlossAction brush head.

The charger of this brush is of a premium quality. This model also gives a travel case of premium quality.  It has the pressure sensor, which will alert you if you roughly brush your tooth. The brush has a time and six modes to brush your tooth in the right way. It is a product of the Oral-B, which is highly recommended by the dentists worldwide.

It seemed to us that German engineers have declared the war against the plaque while they were designing this toothbrush. That is why they have invented this modern and smart technology based Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries. This bluetooth connection has made the task of maintenance of the tooth easier and secure. Oral-B Pro 7000 has given three heads to clean the plaque of every tooth from every angle.

It has an updated SmartSeries handle with stylish buttons to make it attractive to the customers. Engineers of Braun have designed it to clean the plaque 300 percent more than the manual brush. The tolerance capacity of water pressure is 500 millibars. So we can say that it is 100 percent water resistant.  Its sensors and features will let you know the threats for your tooth. That will save your tooth from getting damages.

 The Pros:

  • Bluetooth connectivity is available
  • Able to connect with our smartphones
  • The 3D cleaning action cleans the teeth effectively
  • SmartSeries handle has made it more attractive

The Cons:

  • The battery quality is not good enough
  • The tongue mode is not so effective
  1. Oral-B Pro 1000 – Best Selling Budget Electric Toothbrush

Well if you are in search of a better and smarter substitute of your regular brush then you should go with this one as it is clinically proven to clean better and one of the best available budget automatic toothbrush for kids or yourself. Its design has come from the professional hands.

With the 16 degrees bristle angle, its CrossAction head of brush can easily surround each tooth. The Electric brush has 3D cleaning system which can oscillate, pulsate and rotate to break down the plaque.

Oral-B Pro 1000 best electric toothbrush

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It has also the capability to remove 300 percent more plaque in the area of the gum line. This brush has the automatic system to stop the pulsation when you will brush your tooth roughly. It has a timer of 2 minutes, which the dentists recommend to brush the tooth less than 2 minutes. This Oral-B best rated toothbrush has one cleaning mode.

Oral-B Pro 1000 is far better than the manual toothbrush which is available on the market. It has advanced 3D cleaning system, which can take out the plaques from the teeth quickly. Not only the tooth but also the gum line area will also stay plaque free.

It will not give you any chance to harm your tooth unintentionally. The brush has a timer and a cleaning mode. It will help you to brush your teeth as the dentists recommend. Above all, it is a product of one of the best brands of the world. Its performance is also better like the other well-known brands.

The Pros:

  • It automatically turns off when user press it roughly
  • 2 minutes timer
  • One cleaning mode for efficient cleaning
  • This best electric rechargeable toothbrush is better than manual toothbrushes

The Cons:

  • Large brush head than the other electric brush
  • Few people have complained about its battery and charger performance
  1. Philips Sonicare 2 HX6211/30 – Best Rated Electric Toothbrush for Removing Plaques 

Sonicare 2 has the sonic technology. This technology produces dynamic actions of cleaning. The sonic technology drives fluid to the gum line and tooth to give a gentle clean. It has the capability to reach the back teeth and reduce cavities. This brush can remove plaque 6 times better than the manual toothbrush. Philips Sonicare 2 Series has come on the market with sky blue color.

Philips Sonicare 2 HX6211/30 best electric toothbrush

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Its gentle motion has made the dental works safer. The brush’s angled and slim head and easy-grip handle can easily make it able to reach to the tough places. Its power level can be easily adjusted by the EasyStart feature. The electric brush has also a Smartimer which is specially made to give the recommended brushing time of dentist.

Sonic technology produces Dynamic actions, which can easily clean the hard plaques. It has advanced system of driving fluid among the area of the gum line and tooth to give a satisfied clean. This brush’s cleaning performance is 6 times better than the ordinary toothbrush. Its gentle motions have made the works of dental safer and easy.

The body is specially designed to reach the tough places of the mouth. You can adjust its power easily by the EasyStart feature. You can brush your tooth properly with the help of the smart timer. This product is highly recommended by the dentists worldwide.

The Pros:

  • Sonic technology based electric brush
  • Available in attractive sky blue color
  • Safely clean every tooth
  • Give the dentists’ recommended brushing time

The Cons:

  • It is costly to replace the brush heads
  • You may feel uneasy with its small head
  1. Philips Sonicare Essence – The Best Selling Rechargeable Toothbrush

It is the first version of the Philips Sonicare.  This can remove plaque 2X better than the manual toothbrush. This best sonic toothbrush can produce 31,000 strokes per minute. It takes care of the gum health. The manufacturer has added the Smartimer technology. The battery life of the Philips Sonicare is long. After a complete charging period, it can run more than two weeks.

Philips Sonicare Essence best electric toothbrush

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The battery quality is strong and also rechargeable. Its handle has lights to show the battery status. The handle has Ergonomic design and rubber grip to handle the brush smoothly. Its body is white color and grip is blue color. The toothbrush box is packed with two Essence handles, double e-Series standard brush heads, one charger, and a travel case.

Philips Sonicare Essence is gentle and safe to use on the sensitive area of the tooth. It has the 2-minute timer of brushing time which is recommended by the professional dentists. The brush’s unique angled head can easily reach to the back tooth. It can remove the plaques from the hard-to-reach areas.

Its soft grip enables you to control the electric brush perfectly. This brush’s dynamic action can gently and successfully reach between tooth and the gum line deeply. It has the ability to remove the stains from the tooth completely to get a brighter and comfortable smile.

The Pros:

  • Beside the teeth, it take care the gums also
  • Has Smartimer Technology
  • Its battery give at least two weeks back up
  • Ergonomic design and grip has made it comfortable to the users

The Cons:

  • Relatively loud
  • Heavier toothbrush than the other new model’s electric brushes
  1. Waterpik WP-900 – Most Effective Brushing Kit (Rating 95/100)

Waterpik Complete Care WP-900 is the one product where you will get Sonic Toothbrush and Water Flosser together. It is the main advantage of this product. Its Flosser has the advanced control system of pressure. This system has also 10 separate pressure settings. Water Flosser’s handle has pause button.

Waterpik WP-900 best electric toothbrush

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Its tip can rotate 180 degrees. Water Flosser’s water capacity is more than 90 seconds. Sonic toothbrush has two heads. It has the dentist’s recommended two minutes timer. This sonic has also dual speed controller. It has a deluxe gauge of recharge indicator. You will get with it a travel case of toothbrush. The set has two years of official warranty.

This complete care of Water Pik can take more care properly than the other advanced toothbrush. After brushing the tooth, you will have the need to floss your tooth to make your teeth completely clean. You will have no need to buy the water flosser separately. You will get these two things in a single set.

To remove the plaque entirely a toothbrush cannot do it alone. You will also need a flosser. Here you will get both these things. It can remove cavity and take great care of the gum health. Brush head and covered tip compartment have enough space for 5 accessories.

The Pros:

  • Best Automatic Electric Toothbrush for Kids to remove plaque.
  • Two heads are given with this toothbrush
  • A travel case is free with it
  • Effective water flosser

The Cons:

  • Not an ideal product for travelling
  • People who has an oral irrigator already, they may find it as a costly purchase
  1. Aiyabrush ZR501 – Helps to Prevent Gum Bleeding (Rating 90/100)

Aiyabrush ZR501 Sonic can produce 31,000 strokes of the brush in every minute. Its sonic vibrations create micro-bubble which takes great care of your gum line and teeth. This brush gives a timer of two minutes.

Aiyabrush ZR501 best electric toothbrush

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It has a button to scroll different options. The electric brush has useable five different options. Refresh, Clean, Whitening, Sensitive, and Gum Care modes. Its battery life is just awesome. After giving it a full charge, its charge lasts more than 90 days.

Aiyabrush ZR501 Sonic Toothbrush can clean your tooth and gum line in such a way, which a manual brush cannot do. It will make your teeth brighter and healthy. This brush can remove the plaque from the teeth completely and without doing any harm to your tooth.

You can travel with it anywhere. It gives you the chance to use it for a long time without charging. The brush’s different modes will never let you upset with it.

 The Pros:

  • It creates micro-bubble which is necessary for the gum care
  • Five different options are given for brushing teeth more effectively
  • Totally harmless for the teeth
  • Suitable to carry in travelling time

The Cons:

  • The instruction manual is not clearly written
  • It is a little costly toothbrush

What is an Electric Toothbrush?

You surely know what an electric toothbrush is!

These toothbrushes make rapid and automatic brush motions. It also makes back-and-forth oscillation and also rotation-oscillation. There the head of the brushes revolves counter clockwise and clockwise rotation.

These mechanisms of electric brush are performed by a motor which is installed inside the brush. The motor runs on electricity. These electric mechanisms have been given to it to clean the tooth properly. That is why this toothbrush is called electric automatic toothbrush.

Why Buy This Product?

The first thing is that you need a good toothbrush to brush your teeth more effectively. Now, the difference between the manual and the best rated electric brushes main reasons can make you clear, why you should switch to an electric model.

  • This electric brush can produce both equal pressure and motion from itself. Its rotating brush head can easily reach to the toughest area of the tooth.
  • Equal pressure is very important for brushing. Because, when a right-handed man brushes his tooth, he can create effective pressure to his right side’s tooth only. He cannot make so much to his left side. That is why; his left side’s teeth do not get perfect cleaning.
  • These brushes can really give the tooth more cleaning, longer and perfect brushing than the manual brushes.
  • It is very beneficial for the kids. They always take it as a boring task. An electric brush can appear to them as a new interesting thing and they will love to use it.
  • Kids do not brush properly with the manual toothbrushes. At brushing time, they always skip many places of teeth. So an electric brush can clean their tooth properly.
  • People with braces and sealing can get the effective result from the brushing with this product.
  • Well, known dentists are also recommending using the electric models to keep our tooth, tongue and gum healthy.
  • An automatic toothbrush is quite expensive than the manual toothbrush. You know that good things always cost good price. But it is not so much costly as you think. Now in the market, there are many toothbrushes which you can get within your budget.

We have been told about the advantages of the these toothbrushes. You also need to know the lacking of the manual toothbrushes.

Manual Brush and the appropriate techniques of brushing:

  • We have learned the brushing system of the tooth from our childhood. But still, now many of us do not know the exact process of brushing our teeth. That is why our tooth is getting weaker day by day.
  • Again our manual brushes have not the capability to reach the tough areas inside the mouth. These can also not properly clean our tooth.

Types of Electric Toothbrush:

The toothbrushes are one of the greatest inventions by the scientist. In 1954 the electric toothbrush was first invented by a scientist named Broxodent. His invented toothbrush was not cordless. But with the passage of time scientists have invented more advanced toothbrushes. They have gotten more powerful features.

According to the action or movement power these brushes are classified into two categories

  1. Sonic toothbrushes.
  2. Ultrasonic toothbrushes.

Sonic toothbrushes:

The sonic toothbrush is an brush which is enough fast and it can produce audible vibration range. The vibration frequency of this toothbrush is from two hundred to four hundred Hz. The movement rate is 24,000-48000 per minute. Many popular brands have launched their sonic electric tooth brushes. Like: Oral-B, FOREO, and Sonicare. It has the great capability to clean the tooth. These brushes have many advanced features. Like: timer, sensor, and so on.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes:

This toothbrush has the newest technology which produces ultrasonic waves and that can deeply clean the tooth. The frequency rate of the Ultrasonic Toothbrush is about 20,000 Hz. That can produce 2,400,000 movements every minute. Many popular companies have brought their ultrasonic electric brush into the market. Like: Philips, Pro-Medic.

Features to Look For:

For a buyer, it is very important to know about the features which are necessary for a complete toothbrush.

Fast Speed:

Automatic toothbrushes produce high motion speed which is very faster than the manual brush can produce by the human hand. Motor-driven brush’s speed is an important feature. This speed has made the toothbrush so much effective for cleaning. The speed of the motion also takes less time than the manual brush to complete the cleaning process.

These fast toothbrushes are known as sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes. These brushes can remove the bacteria and plaque through its high motion or movement speed. Though high-speed toothbrushes prices are high, but they are effective too.

Good Power:

These toothbrushes run on electric power. But these motor-driven brushes have two sources of power. One takes the electric power directly through the cord. Another one is cordless. It runs on rechargeable battery.

A toothbrush with cord an old thing. It makes many obstacles. It is risky too. You know the difference between the mobile and telephone. Mobile is far better than the telephone. Because, it is cordless. So it is same for the cordless and wired toothbrushes.

The cordless toothbrush has the built-in rechargeable battery. Battery life of the electric toothbrush depends on the brand and quality. But usually, after a complete full charge, the battery can run the brush about six weeks. The power source and good battery life are important for a best or complete electric brush.

Easy to Clean:

The cleaning method of the advanced toothbrushes depends on its brand, battery, and design. Like:

Rotating Brush: Here the bristles of the electric toothbrush move around and around.  It cleans the teeth in this rotating way.

Rotating-Oscillating Brush: This toothbrush’s head oscillates when it runs. Oscillation is actually a rotation of back-and-forth and it mainly focuses on the single teeth. It is specially designed to remove the plaques from the tooth.

Vibrating Brush: This electric brush buzzes rapidly on the tooth. Scientists have specially designed it to break down the plaques of the tooth. It can also bring out the particles of the food from the tooth.

Dual-Head Brush: This brush is big in size. It has a section of rotating and a section of moving, which can move from side to side. It is specially made to clean the tooth completely.


Many advanced toothbrushes have multi modes for their customers’ satisfaction. Like: whitening, refreshing, cleaning, sensitive, and massage mode.

Timer and Sensor:

Now maximum toothbrushes give timer of two minutes,  which is highly recommended by the dentists worldwide.

Recently some well-known brands or manufacturers have included sensors on their electric brushes which can alert their customers when they will brush their tooth roughly.


With the automatic toothbrush, many accessories are also given with the box. Like: Charging cable or charging station, travel case, extra heads and so on. But these accessories are not given equally by the brands of the electric toothbrush.

Benefits of using the electric toothbrush:

Without knowing the benefits of using the electric brushes, you cannot believe that how much these motor-driven toothbrushes are reliable.

Many people know using these toothbrushes as the weapon to get the pearly white tooth. But really it can give so much? Yes. It can really do so much. The dentists are the best friend of the teeth. When they are recommending it highly, then why we will not believe its capability.

It can take great care of your teeth and gum health. It can clean the tooth from the root. But, buying any electric brush cannot give you an effective result which you are extremely waiting for. You have to buy the toothbrush which has the capability to clean the tooth completely and which has better features. These electric toothbrushes can bring you the effective result.

People have started to use the electric toothbrush when they got an effective result than the manual toothbrushes. The moving bristle of the electric brush can clean the plaques faster and successfully. It has advanced technology, which has enabled it to reach to the tough areas of the tooth where cleaning was quite tough.

These toothbrush also provides many modes and options to get the clean teeth and fresh breathing. Like: sensitive, refresh, clean, massage, whitening and gum care mode. These modes can give you 100 percent satisfaction. These are the blessing of our modern technology.

It is the reality that we often brush hard to get the white tooth. But did you ever think that how much it can be harmful to your tooth? It easily damages the shape and enamel of the tooth. It also harms the gum of the tooth. But now many electric brushes have sensors which will not let you brush your tooth roughly with it. Its gentle strokes and movement will also not harm your tooth and gum. It has also a timer of two minutes. This two minute has been recommended by the dentists to keep the health of the tooth well.

The electric brushes has reduced the labor of daily brushing with the manual toothbrush. We just need to hold the brush on the tooth and it will automatically do its job. It has high movement speed. The bristles of the head can clean from side to side, back and forth, and, around and around. Some models have sensors which can reduce the power off movement automatically to reduce the risk of getting harm.

It has a larger handle and smooth grip to handle it. It can easily reach to the upper and lower section’s tooth, especially to the molar teeth. That is why; it does not leave any chance of generating the cavity. The cleaning process of thetoothbrush is totally painless. Where, we have the chance of getting hurt from the manual toothbrush.

You can take the toothbrush anywhere with you. It has long battery life and gives good backup on travel. Its head does not spoil quickly. Where, the manual toothbrush’s head get spoiled a few weeks later. So we have to change the manual brush a few weeks interval. But there we have no need to change the head of the brush so frequently. If it gets spoiled, we can easily change only the head. We will have no need to change the whole body.

Well-known brand’s  toothbrushes have many good reviews. They last long and overall they are time and money saving tools. It is a crucial part of our daily life. So these beneficial sides can make our daily life more beautiful.

How to use an Electric Toothbrush?

Oral health is very important for you. It does not only reflect your beauty but represents your personality too. This oral health can be improved far better by using the electric ones. To get the effective results from these toothbrushes, you have to know about the using procedure of it. Also, the following points should be brought under consideration.

Brand choice:

There are many well-known brands of the electric brushes are available on the market. Which brand or model of the toothbrush will be appropriate for you is depending on your oral condition.

You can take the suggestion from the dentists to find out the suitable toothbrush, which will be beneficial for you. Brand choice also depends on your budget. You know that it is costly.


Before starting use the electric brush, you should consult with your dentist to know about the beneficial techniques to get the perfect result. These brushes come with the brushing instructions. That is very helpful for you.

So you should have to know the proper method or techniques to brush your tooth in the proper way. To get an effective result, you have to brush your tooth twice a day and the duration of each brushing should be two minutes.


You should not apply the toothbrush along on your tooth. Without the fluid, using the brush can damage the enamel of the tooth.

So you have to use the automatic toothbrush like the manual toothbrushes. First, apply a little amount of toothpaste on it. After that start your brushing.

So come now to know the steps of using these toothbrushes…

Step 1:

First, make sure that your toothbrush has enough charge or not. You can check the charge percentage from the status bar of the battery. This status bar is given on the handle of many brush models.

If it has not enough charge, do not push it to brush. Charge it completely. After that, use it to get a perfect result.

Step 2:

Now start with the surface of the outside of the tooth. Run the brush slowly from one tooth to another. Maintain the serial of the tooth. Do not miss any tooth from the brushing.

Apply the brush head on every tooth for a few seconds and go to the next tooth. You should also apply it on the curve of the gum also.

Step 3:

Now follow the same steps of number 2 on the inside area of your tooth. You have to apply the brush in the same way on the inner surface.

Step 4:

Now again follow the step 2 for the chewing surface of your tooth. You will have to apply the same process on the back tooth also.

Step 5:

Apply the electric brush head on the gum and also on the gum line to clean and massage it. Do not roughly apply it. You should keep it in your mind that, it is a machine. It will do the cleaning work automatically.

Step 6:

To get fresh breathing, you should also apply it on your tongue and on the mouth’s roof. It will clean the dirt of the tongue and bring out the original color of the tongue.

Step 7:

After brushing the tooth for two minutes which dentist recommends, you should clean the brush. Do not fear to clean it with water. Though it is a machine, but it is water resistant. So clean it properly and keep it in its place.

If your brush has not enough charge, then place it on charging. At the next brushing period, you will get a full charged toothbrush.

These are the using procedure of the automatictoothbrush. Maybe, you were confused about its using. We think, now it has been appeared to you like crystal clear. Do not forget that we know the confusions and feelings of the customers also.

Buying Guide for Electric Toothbrushes 2017

It is quite hard for the customers to find out the best electric toothbrush from the market. Because there are many electric brushes on the market. So it is quite confusing to find out the best one.

But it does not mean that it is impossible to find out. We are here giving you the buying guide of 2017 for the customers of the electric toothbrush.

There are many types of  toothbrushes on the market. Like: rotating-oscillating, rotating, counter-oscillating, pulsing, side to side, dual head, ultrasonic and sonic. Each type of toothbrush has separate design and separate mechanism.

These brushes’ working methods are different from each other. They are good in their fixed sections. But maximum of them is made to clean the plaques, bright the tooth and maintain the health of the gums.

Battery life is very important for the automatic toothbrush. Before buying the toothbrush you should check out the performance quality of the battery. From two weeks to twelve weeks, the power of the battery can remain. But the charging quality depends on the models and brands.

You should choose the electric brush which has the good backup power of the battery. Good backup power can give you good feedback. You will need not to charge your toothbrush frequently.

When the bristles of the electric toothbrush head will be worn, you will need to change the head of the brush. Replacements are costly. But, if you buy the multi-packs, it can reduce the cost. There are many heads which have different mechanisms. Many models give extra heads with their toothbrush. These heads are quite essential for cleaning and whitening.

You should look for some basic features before buying the electric toothbrush. But extra features require also good price also. Costly electric brushes have many features which are very beneficial for us. The electric toothbrush should have the timer of two minutes. It is very essential. Dentists recommend highly about the two minutes. Because more than two minutes brushing can harm the oral health.

The electric brushes should have the pressure sensors. Brushing hardly can damage the oral health. When your brush will have the advanced pressure sensors, you will get alerted from it when you will brush your tooth roughly. It will create beep or lighting sound.

The electric toothbrush should have the soft grip to handle the brush more effectively. The brush should have the best quality grip, which can make your brushing time more comfortable.

We should also research about the electric toothbrush online. In the online, we can easily get enough information about it. We should read the reviews of the best electric toothbrush for kids and sensitive teeth. Here we can find out both good and bad sides of the specific model.

We can also get the idea about the price range. The price of the electric toothbrush starts from $20 to $300. So find out the suitable price range from here.

So this is the best guideline for our customers. You should read it before buying the electric toothbrush for your sensitive teeth.

The Pros:

  • These electric brushes takes less labor and time to clean the tooth than the manual toothbrush.
  • It has many useful features. Like: timer, sensors, modes and other advanced techniques.
  • They can remove the plaques and particles of food from the tooth far better than the regular brush.
  • It can take care and clean the teeth in the proper way.

The Cons:

  • Some advanced electric brushes may appear as costly to the customers for buying.
  • Replacing the head of the brush is quite expensive.
  • Many brushes have low battery life. They are not suitable for the traveling time.
  • It can damage the enamel of the tooth and make your teeth weaker.


Here is a list of common questions concerning electric toothbrushes.

Q. Which battery is more effective? Lithium or NiMH battery?

Answer: We are familiar with the Lithium and NiMH batteries. Both of them have good performance history. But NiMH battery has some controversy also. Many customers who use electric toothbrush of NiMH battery, they have objected about its performance. Again many customers also get good advantage from the NiMH battery based Electric Toothbrush.

Q. Is the electric toothbrush useable for any home? Any voltage problem?

Answer: The electric toothbrush companies have made the toothbrush to use it in any home and country. They usually take charge from the direct line. So the voltage power is almost same in everywhere. For safety, you should check the voltage of your home to find out that there is any fault in line or not.

Q. What is the charging system of the electric toothbrush?

Answer: The charging system depends on the models. Many models have the cord; many models have the charging base. For the models which have the charging port, you have to connect the cord to the brush directly to give the battery charge. Again for the charging base models, you have to just place the electric brush on it and its battery will get automatically charge.

Q. Should I have to push the electric toothbrush like the manual toothbrush?

Answer: You should not push the electric brush on your tooth. It has the mechanism of pushing. It has the motor which creates high movement speed. This high movement speed is enough to clean your tooth completely. So here you have no need to give extra effort like the ordinary toothbrushes.

Q. Which electric brush head is more compatible?

Answer: The best way to know the compatible head of the electric toothbrush is to know about the modes and features of the head. The compatible head should have: CrossAction, Floss Action, Deep Sweep, 3D White, Sensitive, Ortho, Precision Clean, Dual Clean and Power Tip.


Though it has a few negative sides, it is far better than the regular or ordinary toothbrushes.

It is now a digital century. Everything is becoming digitalized. So, why you will stay behind. Get up from your seat, and buy a suitable electric toothbrush of yours today. Buy it and experience the blessing of the modern technology. It will change the idea of cleaning your teeth. You will be a big fan of it.

We can assure that after using it you will not go back to the manual toothbrush ever. Though it is costly, you will still want to use it. You can keep it as our promise. ConsumerHubs always thinks about the welfare and necessity of the customers.

These websites are quite reliable. We have got genuine information from them. These sites have helped our researchers to get accurate and detail information about the Best Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush of 2017 for kids and sensitive teeth.

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