Looking for an easy way of cooking rice?Best Rice Cookers 2017

Bring home the best electric rice cooker 2017 for the smartest and easiest way of cooking rice.

There are automatic rice makers of various makes and models in the market. These cookers come with different features and price tag. So, when you wander in the malls or online shops for an electric cooker you will easily get confused.

Don’t worry! We are here for you to intensely review the top trending steam rice makers in the market and guide you to select the perfect product for you.

Best Rice Cooker 2017 (TOP LIST)

It’s almost impossible for you to have firsthand experience of using all the automatic cookers. We have a wide range of experience in this field. And now it’s time to share it with you. Here are the top five rice cookers of 2017 –

ImageProduct NameScore
Aroma 20 CupAroma 20 Cup Digital93
Zojirushi NP-HBC10Zojirushi NP-HBC1090
Aroma 8 cupAroma 8-Cup Digital84
Zojirushi NS-LAC05XAZojirushi NS-LAC05XA 92
Instant Pot IP-DUO60Instant Pot IP-DUO60 94

Now that you know what are the models you should choose from that we generate through ConsumerHubs Algorithm, you should also be acquainted with them in details if you really want to get a rice maker. Here is the detailed version of rice cooker reviews.

1. Aroma 20-Cup (Digital)Top Large American Rice Cooker [Recommended]

The Aroma 20-Cup sets the standard of rice makers. It’s a big cooker where you can cook four to twenty cups of rice. So, cooking for a simple family dinner or a grand feast, everything is possible with the Aroma 20 Cup.

Aroma 20 Cup Digital Best Rice Cooker

Moreover inside it you get the luxury of steaming your meat and vegetables while the rice is being cooked below. It’s also a multipurpose device with different operation method and timer settings. It’s a nice polished cooker that has all the necessary features of a rice steam cooker that you will ever need. These features include delay start with what you can customize the time of your cooking and it is really helpful for you if you are a busy person. You can just put the ingredients inside and leave the thing on delay start. This way, you will be getting freshly cooked rice by the time you get home from work.

Another great thing is that, while cooking, the cooker optimizes with the types and quality of the rice. So, you get a restaurant like cooked rice each and every time. This product doesn’t have any considerable negative reviews. The price is also amazing!

The Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of capacity
  • Can also be used for steaming vegetables or meat

The Cons:

  • Takes time to heat up

2. Zojirushi NP-HBC10 – Best Japanese Small Rice Cooker

If you don’t have any price issue, the Zojirushi NP-HBC10 is the best Japanese model of automatic cooker that you can get in the market. It’s built with quality, safety and most advanced technologies. The volume is perfect for your family.

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 best rice cooker

It’s such a product that holds the Japanese spirit within it. So, without any problem each and every part of the cooker will easily last for seven to ten years. This quality makes up for the price. These things are actually beyond all the regular rounded models of electric cookers and often the Japanese ones come with microprocessors. The presence of the microprocessor makes it a great cook. We should note here that, the NP_BHC10 does not only work with time and temperature.

Its control unit is also powered with a microprocessor and the control panel looks modern with the LCD display. Indeed it’s a classy cooker for your kitchen. The only drawback of this model is that, it is a small unit that may not be that much appropriate for a big family.

The Pros:

  • Good looking quality product
  • Comes with many operation variations with programmable features
  • The quality of the cooked rice is really excellent
  • Easy to clean

The Cons:

  • Price might be a bit of an issue!
  • No steaming or slow cooking can’t be done on this

3. Aroma 8-Cup (Digital)Best Selling & Budget Friendly Rice Cooker

 When it comes to finest electric cookers, the brand Aroma is unbeatable. It provides the best product at the best price. Aroma 8 cup is the smaller version of the 20 cup. If you have a small family it’s for you.

Aroma 8-Cup best rice cooker

The cooker looks cool and takes a very little place also. You can adjust the starting timer in the cooker and when it’s done cooking it will keep your food warm for a long time. If you are just looking for a budget rice maker then you should definitely go with this model. Another thing that you might like with this cooker is its easy operations. The thing is really easy to handle.

The other benefit of Aroma cookers is that, you can also steam on them. With the added benefit of steaming, you can cook vegetables or chicken also.

You also get the steaming facility in this model. It’s very safe although sometimes the durability is questioned. But come on, with that below forty dollars price tag what else do you expect?

The Pros:

  • Comes with a timer
  • Huge!
  • Even soups can be made with this

The Cons:

  • Too simple operations and non programmable

4. Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Smartest Japanese Rice Maker

There’s not a single customer who brought complaints against the Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA. The Zojirushi products always give perfectly cooked rice what you may not get in other cheaper products dwelling in the market.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA best rice cooker

It also shares the other technological attributes of Zojirushi cookers. It’s a small cooker for daily use. You can easily clean it too. Zojirushi is already a popular product all over the world and this is one of their most widely sold model. Everyone loves it cause it’s small and ideal for cooking food for two or three person. Now, if you compare the model with others, you will find that it’s a model that has a bigger price tag.

The price may seem a bit higher but the experience of using a Japanese product is completely different from the others. It gently handles different types of rice and doesn’t let it burn. We think that , the extra money that you are going to spend behind this model is going to result in better and fluffier rice.

The Pros:

  • Really advanced design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Programmable

The Cons:

  • Longer cooking time
  • A bit pricey

5. Instant Pot IP-DUO60 – The All in One Rice Cooker (Multi-functional)

If you want to use your cooker for cooking more things other than rice, then the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is a great thing for you. First of all it’s a all in one product.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 best rice cooker

It’s not only a rice maker but also one of the best pressure cookers of 2017, yogurt maker, slow cooker, warmer and steamer and many more. This product ensures the actual value of your money. You can do everything with it. This thing even makes yogurt!

Another great feature of this model is that, the cooker can be a pressurized one. There are pre determined cooking presets in the unit that are controlled by microprocessors. Although we aren’t hundred percent sure of the accuracy of the presets but we think that this is the most assisting electric cooker that you can buy. Cooking different things seemed really easy. This is the best rice cooker for making brown rice.

Why would you just get a rice steam cooker and be satisfied with it where you can get a multi functional electric cooker with the same money. This product is extremely safe that fulfills all the US safety standards. It also comes with advanced technical features and a handy control panel. Now, don’t get all nosy about the safety features of this cooker as it is a pressurized one. We have already checked for them and found that it has all the necessary safety features that an pressurized electric cooker deserves.

The Pros:

  • Multi-functional
  • Faster cooking
  • Energy efficient

The Cons:

  • Lacks safety
  • Pricey

What is a Rice Cooker?

Well, the name speaks for itself. Basically an automatic rice maker is an electric cooker dedicated for cooking rice. But the structural design of them are not that simple. It contains a heat conducting non sticking pot inside a plastic coated metal housing. After you plug in the cooker the bottom part of the housing heats up and starts cooking. There are sensors to determine the state of cooking. So, when the rice is boiled and properly cooked the rice cooker brings the heating process to a minimal level to keep the rice warm.

History of Rice Cooker:

The history of these cookers is not that old. It’s a product invented and devolved in Japan. Rice is the staple food of Japan. In the year 1937 Japanese Imperial Army issued a portable kitchen vehicle what contained the first model at its most initial stage.

In 1945 Mitsubishi Corporation improved it and brought it under production. Eleven years later the same company came to market with an automatic version of the rice maker.

After 1980, there were many companies producing automatic cookers with induction. The products got exquisitely advanced in their technology and safety. Now the result of this eighty year effort is visible in front of you.

How do Rice Cookers Work?

Most of the rice makers are the same in mechanism. The parts are common. All of them work with electricity. The inside pan is removable from the cooker. What you have to do is take out the pan. Use the provided cup to measure rice and put it in the pot. Although packed rice of these days comes clean, you can clean two or three times if you want.

Then you have to put water in the pot using the same cup. Follow the cooking direction and measurements provided with the product precisely when pouring the ingredients inside the pot. If you put wrong amount of rice and water in the pot then the rice will either become too mushy or too dry.

After you close the lid, the cooker starts heating the bottom induction. After some time you will see vapor coming out with a beautiful scene from the cooker. When the rice is done it’s perfect and fluffy, like the one you get in a restaurant. Then the cooker will automatically trigger to warm mode. Well, this is the principle of how a rice maker works and how cooking is done with it.

Why Should You Buy a Rice Cooker?

Are you still lingering with the question, why should I have a cooker? Come; let’s give you some satisfying reasons behind possessing an automatic cooker. First of all think about all the hassles behind cooking rice every day. This appliances are there for you to erase your day to day hassle.

Are you having problem getting right condition boiled rice every day? Is it getting too mushy or dry? Then you have no other option but to get a best rice cooker 2017. Cooking with them is not only easy but the outcome is persistent each and every time. Modern cookers not only allow you to customize your cooking but also it allows you to steam vegetables, fish and meats. Consider these reasons from every angle and you’ll find only one thing. The rice steam cooker makes your life easy.

There are many modern features of a automatic rice maker in these days and the combination everything makes rice cooking really easy and simple. Suppose you have a huge amount of rice to cook and the best way you can do that huge batch is by using a steam cooker.

Wait, there’s more. A whole lot more actually. Those rice makers allow you to set timers, meaning that they will cook for a pre-determined time, keep the food warm for as long as you want and the machine will turn off when it’s done cooking or after a certain time. These features of the modern rice cookers are just great and they are enough to convincing you into buying one.

Types of Rice Cookers:

Basically by rice cookers what we mean is a cooker that uses electricity to cook rice. Now, they can be very simple and they can also be very much sophisticated. Depending on their nature of functionality, these type of cookers can be classified into three categories. While sorting out the best one for yourself, you should have a clear idea about them. Our experts in ConsumerHubs have critically categorized them in generations for you.

  • First Generation –

These cookers were first brought into production in Japan. So, we can call them the the inventor of this product. Now, it was 1955 when Toshiba first brought the their model and still the same type of rice cooker exists in the market.

They are no digital control units in them and it’s just a plug and cook type that comes with a single button to control the whole cooker. The first generation models come in different size and design with cook and keep warm option and almost all of them are limited to these features.

  • Second Generation –

This type of rice makers are just a little intelligent version of the regular ones. Most of them come with a display what tells you about cooking time and the whole cooker lets you control the time you want to cook your rice for and the time you want to keep it warm for.

  • Third Generation –

Now, these versions are just amazing. The steam cookers that come with a microprocessor can be put on the list of third generation rice cookers. They are really high tech and some models even have the capacity of sensing the type of rice that you are going to cook. Sensing that rice type these rice cookers optimize the cooking time and temperature accordingly and that results in better rice cooking. Also, you can use various cooking method in them. These cookers come with a more complex control panel that can give you better control over your rice cooking.

Features to look for …

Many people don’t think much before buying an electric cooker. Most of the time, they pick the wrong products. So, think twice before you get a rice cooker or any kind of electric cookers. And I’m here to point out all things that you should consider before buying best rice cooker 2017.

  • Size –

For rice cooker size matters a lot. If you have a big family or often throw dinner parties then you’ll need a bigger cooker. If you cook for two persons then you should get a smaller one. It’s a simple logic. If you get a bigger or smaller sized steam cooker it will do no good for you. The volume of a rice cooker is measured in cups.

  • Design –

Well look is an important thing too. You’ll get three types of rice makers in the market. The first one is the pot type. It’s pretty basic. There’s a pot that sits inside a round housing and has a manual lid. Most of the lids are built with glass and trough it you can actually see the rice being cooked inside. The second type is the cool touch. It’s a great design as the body remains cool from the outside even if the cooker is operating. They are safer. The lid gets sealed tight with the hinge mechanism. They look good in the kitchen. The third and the oval shaped one are the most graphically advanced ones. They have a futuristic touch to them. The lid locks with pressure and opens with a push of a button. They are really cool looking & add a new dimension in kitchen.

  • Fuzzy Logic –

It’s an interesting technology introduced to the modern automatic cookers. It makes them smarter. Smart enough to sense the atmosphere temperature and the water rice ratio. Although you will not get this feature in cheaper models but it’s a really handy one. Your rice will not get burnt or too moistly if you have it. It cuts the tension of your. Basically it’s a technology that allows a rice cooker to know what you know about cooking rice. So, with this feature included in your cooker you will always get the perfect restaurant like rice each and every time.

  • Budget –

It should be another major concern for you. To fix the budget you should first determine how you are going to use your rice steam cooker. If you rarely cook rice go for the cheaper products. Aroma products should be perfect for you. And if you regularly cook rice undoubtedly go for the Japanese technically advanced products with bigger price tags.

  • Easy to clean –

Automatic cookers with removable not sticking pots should be your first choice. With this kind of pots you don’t have to struggle to get the rice out of the pot. They are really easy to clean. Just take them out and clean it with a dish washing liquid and they are good as new. Cleaning the normal non removable pots could be tricky, hard and time consuming.

  • Timer –

If your best electric steam cooker 2017 doesn’t have a microprocessor to control the cooking or lacks sensors then you should at least get the one that comes with timer settings. You can control cooking, warmer and delay start time if you have a timer setting equipped with your device.

  • Other Features –

There are a lot of other minor features that come with electric steam cookers. Don’t forget to check out the accessories that will be provided with the cooker. And also look for the product that can cook more than rice. It’s really a wise choice to get multi functional cookers.

I hope that all the above points I’ve mentioned will come handy to you. If you keep them in mind while buying top class rice cooker 2017, you’ll surely get the right product for yourself.

The Pros:

  • Using a rice steam cooker is the easiest way of cooking rice
  • Hassle free
  • You don’t have to keep monitoring all the time
  • Perfectly cooked rice every time

The Cons:

  • The personal attachment of cooking rice is lost
  • These things consume a lot of electricity

Benefits of using a rice cooker:

The biggest benefit of a rice cooker is that you can cook rice better in it. But this would not be enough for you, would it? That’s why here we would also mention some other benefits of a rice cooker.

  • With an automatic rice maker you can cook the perfect rice each and every time. The grains won’t be sticky; the rice will not be too mushy or too dry. In a word, to end up with the perfect rice you should have one in your home.
  • Another benefit of the them is that you will get perfect rice every single day and keeping this consistency while cooking rice on a stove top rice cooker or a pressure cooker is pretty difficult.
  • A steam cooker can seriously reduce your side of hassle. You don’t have to keep the cooking process under monitoring if you are using a rice cooker. You can just simply put rice and water in the cooker and run it. The rice will automatically be cooked and will be kept warm. Meanwhile you can do other things.
  • The cooked rice can be directly served from the cooking pot. It saves a time and we would recommend you to always get a rice cooker that comes with a detachable cooking pan.
  • Almost all the modern models are not limited to only cooking rice. You can do many amazing things with them if you know the recopies. The vapor that these cookers generate can also be used for steaming vegetables and fish or meat. These are the added benefits that you get with a rice coo

How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker?

Rice makers are really easy to use. Its goal is to reduce your hassle. With these automatic ones you just have to be plugged in after putting in the ingredients in correct proportion. It takes care of the rest cooking process. This section will be your guide to cook the perfect fluffy rice each and every time. There could be some problems with your rice if you don’t know the right procedure of cooking rice with a rice steam cooker. Let’s take a look at the right and short process of cooking the perfect fluffy rice.

  • Measurement –

It’s the most important thing about cooking rice. Every rice steam cooker will provide you a measuring cup. Always remember to use that cup for measuring rice and water. The right proportion of rice and water is also important in this case. Read the user manual carefully to know the right proportion of rice and water for your device. Different products may have different proportion. So, be careful with the measurements.

  • Rinse the Rice –

Rice sold in these days comes in hard packaging. They are clean and healthy. But relying on them may not be a good idea. So it’s better to rinse your rice with fresh water. It will wash away the unnecessary dust, pesticides and other contaminants from the rice. Rinsing the rice with hand is better. Just soak it in drinking water and slowly clean it by stirring. Drain the water carefully and again do the same.

If the water in the bowl looks clear then you are done with the cleaning process. If the water still looks gloomy then you should clean it again. This time apply much pressure with your hand. Remember, the broken rice grains inside a batch will release starch resulting sticky boiled rice. It’s good to remove them from the batch before cooking.

  • Measure the Water –

Measurements of the water determine the condition of your boiled rice. The amount of water depends on how moistly or dry are you going to have your rice or the type of rice you are using. All these information about water measurements are provided in your instruction manual. You will see marks inside the cooking pot to fix the level of your water and rice. Determining the water level of cooking needs experience. If you can’t get it right the first time you will surely get it the second time.

  • Soak the Rice –

It’s not a mandatory thing. But you can soak your rice for like thirty minutes to make it soft. This helps the cooker to cook fast. When you soak the rice, do it in the room temperature.

  • Add Flavorings –

This is the part where you make your rice tastier. Depending on your taste you can add various flavoring to your rice. Salt can bring a good taste to your rice. Except for salt you can use different spices, seasonings, oil and chilly to your pot. Put the ingredients in this stage and then stir the pot well before heating up the cooker. Don’t try to add ingredients during the cooking process. The result could be fetal.

  • Push the Rice –

To properly cook your rice remove all the rice that is sticking with the pot surface so that they can go under the water level. To do this, use the plastic spoon or spatula provided with your cooker. Don’t use anything sharp for this job. They will scratch your non sticky pan. If you don’t remove that rice from the inner wall, they will burn. Also, don’t forget to rinse the outer bottom surface of the pot. Inputting a wet pot can cause harm to your best rice cooker 2017.

  • Check Rice Cooker –

The next step is checking your steam cooker. Read the manual carefully if you have a technically advanced product. Check all the functions and controls. Know how it works and also don’t forget to check your electric line. Be careful using the function buttons. If you think you have pressed any wrong button, just power off the rice cooker and unplug it from the socket. This will restart the rice cooker so that you can start the process again.

  • Cook Rice –

Let the cooking process start by just plug in the unit. Put the pot in proper place and close the lid tightly. Put the command if it has a control panel. If it’s a normal one just click the cook button. The cooker will automatically start cooking. After it’s done cooking the cooker will automatically switch on warm or keep warm mood. The cooker will stay warm until you unplug it from the socket. If you are around you can unplug the cooker when vapor starts to blow very fast. It will save energy and give you fluffy boiled rice.

  • Waiting –

When your rice is cooked then give ten to fifteen minutes before opening the lid. It’s not a mandatory drill but it keeps rice non sticky. The rice will be easy to serve after that time. Just take the pot out from the cooker & let it cool in room temperature for 10 min for a better dinner.

  • Fluff and Serve –

After all the steps are complete your rice is ready to hop into your plate. Serve as you feel like. You can take the pot on the table and directly take out your rice from it. Make the hunger perish that you cherished.

Best Rice Cooker Buying Guide:

Buying a rice cooker is not an easy thing. It’s not like you will just select a random cooker and bring it home. There are some things that you should keep in mind before buying a rice steam cooker. Here, we will enlist some questions that you should ask yourself before you are thinking of getting a new model.

These questions will make your steam cooker shopping an easy thing.

  • Why would you need it for? (You can get the regular ones or you can get the ones that come with other special features)
  • How many rice do you cook every day? (Determines the size of the model that you should get.)
  • Do you want the one just for cooking rice? (As there are many models that allow you to cook vegetables or other food with the rice)
  • Do you often have guests coming over? (If you do then you should definitely go with the larger models that can cook bigger batch of food.)
  • How well you can handle technology? (There are many versions available for you that comes with sophisticated control panel and digital operation. They can surely end up in better rice cooking but they can also be a bit tricky for some people too.)

Other than these questions there are also many features that make an automatic cooker great. These features include easy operation; hassle free clean up, good looks and you should bring things like these under consideration if you really want the best rice cooker for you.

Remember to note these points, questions that we have mentioned and the features too look for and by that way you will surely end up with the right rice cooker for you.


  • Overfilling the unit will cause a messy situation and may harm your product.
  • Don’t put your hand on the hole where the vapor comes out off. It can burn your hand.
  • Don’t keep your rice in your cooker pot for a long time. At least store it inside refrigerator if you want to have it later. Otherwise you will get food poisoning.
  • Read the user manual carefully before operating it.
  • It’s a thing that easily heats up. So, keep it out of reach from children.
  • You should clean the inner housing from time to time.

FAQs …

We frequently get the following questions about this product. We have enlisted these questions so that you can get the best one for you and for your family.

Q: Do I need to buy any accessories with my cooker?

Actually these cookers are a complete package. You won’t need anything else with them. You will get your cooker, cooking pan, measuring cup, spatula and the steaming pan. There are nothing else to buy except the plate that you are going to eat on

Q: How much time does it take to cook rice?

To cook your rice an electric cooker may take from half an hour to an hour depending on the amount of rice that you are going to cook. There are things that you should know about the cooking time and rice. The slower the rice is cooked, the healthier and tastier it is. Sometimes you may need to cook your rice faster if there are guests oncoming. That’s why going with the rice cookers that has versatile cooking functions are better.

Q: How does a rice maker can cook and steam other food at the same time?

Well an automatic cooker is not a complex construction. It heats up water and rice together and the water turns into steam. That steam contains huge heat within it. (That’s why they warn you not to put your hand on the steam vent.) This heat is enough to steam cook any vegetable, flesh or fish. The steam cooking chamber is located on the top of the cooking pot of the rice. It’s also a simple mechanism too. There is just a bowl with holes in it. The steam flows through the holes and goes directly through the food that is inside the pot.

Final Call:

Before you get one consider your needs and get the product that can fulfill that needs. I believe that, the article and review will be enough to open your eyes and help you buy the right product. You may think getting a multi functional pressurizing cooker is more effective than just buying the best rice cooker for brown rice. But trust me; if you want the perfect rice in your plate you must get a rice cooker.

These were the basics on these rice steam cookers. We hope that we have helped you by assembling all the reviews on one place. ConsumerHubs won’t just stop here. There are many more things that are related with your kitchen. Don’t forget to check them out as our aim is to make you a better consumer.

We hope that after going through all these you will be able to bring home the best rice cooker 2017 and will be making the delicious meals with it.




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