Why walk when you can just hover around?

Hoverboards can be an amazing experience for you!

You should buy the best Self Balancing Scooters 2017, know why? Hoverboards are the new sexy for treading on short distances.

Basically what we mean by a Self Balancing Scooters is a board that levitates from the ground and the trader flies around with it. Remember the movie ‘Back to The Future’ where the boy Michael flies around in his futuristic board? Yes, that was a hoverboard. But actually it comes with two balancing wheels.

Best Self Balancing Scooters 2017

Buying the best hoverboards 2017 is not an easy thing. Its come with a price tag over three hundred dollars. So, you should be extra careful about buying one. Here is the top list for you…

ImageProduct NameScore
Powerboard Best HoverboardsPowerboard by Hoverboard90
SWAGTRON T1 Best HoverboardsSwagtron T1 Balancing Scooter88
EPIKGO Best HoverboardsEpikgo Hover Self-Balance Board92
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Best HoverboardsRazor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard90
SWAGTRON T3 Best HoverboardsSwagtron T3 Balancing Scooter85

Now that you have glanced over the brief review, it’s time for you to learn these in details. Our experts have dug in deep to find everything about the top trending Self Balancing Scooters.

1. Powerboard – Best & Most Polished Hoverboard [Recommended]

It’s a solid Self Balancing Scooters from the manufacturer ‘Hoverboard’ and the new version is safer and faster than before. The new design of Powerboard had to go through a lot of tests to get the UL 2272 certificate. This means that it will not catch fire, crash, spark or face any other issues or hazards that most parents are afraid that their child might face while riding it.

Powerboard Best Self Balancing Scooters

There were also a lot of improvements done on the control of the Powerboard. It now accelerates better and smoothly and you will hardly feel anything while taking the corners. This model comes with a lot of cutting edge technologies embedded within them. The Powerboard comes with two gyroscopic sensors. The whole scooter can easily take a 360 degree turn and the tight turns are completely effortless in this scooter.

Don’t worry parents; this hoverboard is easy to control from the very first ride. If you are looking for the safest self balancing scooters on the market then you should definitely select this one as it limits its speed on 6.5 mph which is quite convincing and ample for day to day easy and short commuting. The powerboard looks good and the price, comparing with others is quite reasonable. It’s also available on six different colors.

The Pros:

  • The best combination between hardware and software
  • Tries it best to keep you on the board
  • Fast & Easy Controlling

The Cons:

  • The size of the tire could have been a little larger

2. SWAGTRON T1 – Budget Friendly & Safest Self Balancing Scooters

The SWAGTRON T1 is the first hoverboard to get the UL certificate. The most interesting feature of this model is that it learns for itself and controls its own speed. This balance between the hardware and software makes it both fast and safe. This baby can reach over eight miles and run for more than twelve miles. A 300 watt motor drives the board and gives you a lot of fun while you are hovering.

SWAGTRON T1 Best Self Balancing Scooters

The T1 is a simplified and more basic looking model comparing with the T3 but the price may fit your budget. SWAGTRON T1 comes with LED headlights and it will be helpful for scooting on the night.

You can check the battery situation on the five level battery indicators. The manufacturer has included a technology named SentryShield that protects the battery to leave you tension free. This model can make a thirty degree climb and works from hundred to two forty volts.

The whole self balancing scooter weights 22 lbs have minimum turning radios of zero degree. The wheel of the SWAGTRON T1 is made with aluminum and comes with rubber tires. This model of hoverboard is capable of carrying a load from 44 to 220 lbs. It takes an hour to be fully charged up. So, it is a self balancing scooter that has a promising speed and safety and a mind of its own what balances everything.

The Pros:

  • The first hoverboard with actual safety mechanism
  • The price is reasonable
  • Comes with a headlight
  • Bumpers
  • Good battery backup and battery indicator

The Cons:

  • Narrower wheels

3. EPIKGO Self-Balance Board – Hover Through Tough Road Condition

If you want to go anywhere with your scooter then you should definitely go with the EPIKGO. When it comes to the most powerful hoverboard the title will certainly be given to EPIKGO. It has two 400 Watt motors that can propel the balancing scooter to a speed of 10 mph and make it climb up to 18 degree axis on any roads.

EPIKGO Best Self Balancing Scooters

Most of the hoverboards that are available on the market can’t make their way through the fields or roads that are uneven and unstable roads but with the EPIKGO you will be able to go anywhere even on the night. Okay, you might fear that you will have a flat tire or fall down while going through the unstable roads but the tire is solid rubber and grips quite well on dusty roads due to their will carved bits.

A 10 mph speed may not sound fast but actually it is and on a hoverboard with such high ground clearance will surely make you feel that you are on something powerful. This self balancing scooters has a minimum weight capacity of 40 lbs and a maximum of 240 lbs. So, if you are a little overweight then it should be the right one for you.

When it comes to price the EPIKGO is one of the costliest hoverboards available on the market but the new reduced price is never a waste of money. Perhaps ConsumerHubs failed to find a better product on the market that can beat this mean machine.

This is bigger and better than all the other hoverboards that are available on the market. It has a bigger battery that can run the scooter for 12 miles with its maximum capacity and can take up to two hours to be fully charged.

The Pros:

  • Fast
  • Large wheel
  • Extra grip tire

The Cons:

  • May be hard to ride for the first few times

4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – Most Futuristic Design (Best Fit for City Life)

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the most futuristic self balancing scooter available on the market. This is also the best looking one that will easily fit with your city life. The scooter is powered by a 350 watt motor and it can reach speed over 8 mph and can consistently run for sixty minutes with a rider of 220 lbs.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Best Self Balancing Scooters

It has a pack of 36 Volts LG batteries and they come with fast charging facility. The most interesting part of the self balancing scooter is its looks. The wheels come with a Razor logo and it makes the balancing scooter look pretty cool. This model is available on different colors also.

Razor claims it to be the smartest one as it can adjust its balance by itself depending not only on weight delivery but also depending on the road conditions. It’s also a UL approved scooter that makes it safe enough for your day to day commuting.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is designed to ensure maximum comfort. You will feel smoothness on it where other models of hoverboards require a lot of practice to get the smoothness of treading. The wheel is not designed for off roads but it can surely do the treading on smooth city roads.

Razor is a manufacturer with the commitment of heights quality. Many manufacturers have failed when they introduced their products to the market. Their products were unsafe and failed to balance between the wheels. But the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 was perfected by removing all its internal flaws. If you want to buy a stylish smooth balancing scooter that comes with a good quality and price, we would highly recommend it for you.

The Pros:

  • The most gorgeous looking hoverboard
  • High safety standards
  • Charges up faster
  • Good wheel and weight balancing

The Cons:

  • You may not have a good first ride experience

5. SWAGTRON T3 – Hoover in Style & Music (Electric Balancing Scooter)

The SWAGTRON T3 is the most advanced product from the manufacturer Swagtron. The T3 is the more developed edition of The T1. There were a lot of improvements done in this model.

SWAGTRON T3 Best Self Balancing Scooters

Firstly it looks really attractive and mean. The colors are really great too. But the real magic of this model is in its Bluetooth speakers. So, you don’t only hover around with fun but also get to enjoy loud music on it by connecting your phone.

It has a bigger wheel set and they are covered with a rubber layer. There is also an app that comes with the product that you can install in your android or ios device. The new material that covers the whole scooter is better than ever.

The SWAGTRON T3 can make an 8 mph top speed has a range stretching from 7 to 12 lbs. The minimum weight capacity of this scooter is 44 lbs and the maximum limit is 220 lbs. It takes an hour to be fully charged. The T3 also comes with a carrying strap which is built in with the scooter.

So, we’d tag this as the one designed for young people. The scooter is so modern and cool that it will definitely suit any teenager or young people. This is not a child’s toy not an old agers either. So, if you are young and want to add style to your life and tread fast to nearby spots then you and your buddies should definitely go with this hoverboards.

These are the top trending models of self balancing scooters 2017 and you can choose any one out of them. But we highly recommend you to read the next tabs and the following essay. That way you will be able to differentiate the right one for you.

Although the board has been developed but it never made it to the production due to its risk factors and inconsistency. Everyone would want a jet propelled board under their feet but nobody wants the risk factors that are involved with them. That’s why the commercial hoverboards are being produced and gradually they are getting more and more popularity.

The Pros:

  • Very Stylish
  • Fast & Safe
  • Comes in different colors

The Cons:

  • Unsuitable for grownups

What is a Self Balancing Scooters and How it Works?

Now, by hoverboards we understand and will be meaning a scooter which is self balancing or a board made with two wheels that balance themselves and the rider. There are two side by side arranged wheels on a hoverboard that is connected by a platform on which the rider steps on. There are sensor pads for the gyroscope on the platform what gives the board directions for balancing.

Now, it’s a relatively new item on the market and the history of these automated scooters stretches back to only two years or so. Here in the following section we will be taking about almost everything about hoverboards. Let’s begin by going through the top models of hoverboards that you can buy in 2017

Why do you need a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are the newest treading procedure of modern age. If you think that only show-off is their main goal then hold your thoughts right there. There are many more things for what you should get a hover board. Here is a short least of reasons for what you should get a hover board.

  • The hoverboards make your life fast and stylish. Ask yourself if you have over three hundred bucks and want to add speed with colors in your life then a hoverboard is the thing that you should posses.
  • It saves a lot of energy of yours. Walking for more than a mile can be tiring. If you have no other options but to walk to that kind of distance and want to ease your commuting then there is no substitute of hoverboards.
  • To go with the new trend you should definitely get a hover board. The hoverboard will make other jealous as it’s a completely new thing in the market. Everyone will be dazzled to see you hovering around on the street.
  • Having a hoverboard are for those who has to frequently travel short distances. This way you can run your errands faster and more effortlessly.
  • If you want to go to the bus stop or the station fast you must have one. This way you will never be running late. So, you will have enough time on the morning.
  • Hover boards are really fun. Running on 8-12 mph on the streets can be really fun and taking the corners with a hoverboard is really challenging.
  • Not only on solid and even city streets but you can also go off roads with some models of hoverboards.
  • Some even think that with the balancing of the hoverboards you also get an abs workout.
  • The hoverboards are the most ideal gift to the young people.
  • These balancing scooters come in vivid colors to match your taste and style.
  • Finally, to go with the flow of the trend you must have bought a hoverboard.

Types of Self Balancing Scooters:

The whole concept of hoverboarding was developed only in the last year and everything seems to be on a primitive stage. Now, as far we have seen, hoverboards are really hard to classify.

They all work on the same principle, a board, two wheels and a gyroscope. Not many differences have been introduced between the models. But depending on the size and type of wheel and power these hoverboards can be classified into two different categories.

  • The City Commuters

The hoverboards with smaller wheels, mid ranged motors and low round clearances can be thrown into this categories. They have a sleek design and they are lightweight also. You can take them on your hands and carry them anywhere you want. Due to their smaller wheels they accelerate better and as they are closer to the ground they are pretty easy to turn and control. All of them are designed for even city streets and pavements. They don’t perform well on muddy or dusty roads filled with pebbles. For those you need the off roaders.

  • The Off-Road Commuters

These types of hover boards are really powerful and come with a bigger wheel set. The most interesting part of the off roaders is that you can go anywhere with them. Either it is through a trail or through the muddy roads these babies can go anywhere. They have solid rubber tires and those tires have special carvings that will allow you to take the hover board anywhere you want.


Features to Look for …

The presence of certain features makes a hoverboard a good one. In this section ConsumerHubs will present a short list of those features.

  • Stability

When it comes to hoverboards, stability should be your first concern. The stable a hoverboard is the better it will be to control and maneuver. The manufacturers work most to make their hoverboard more and more stable. They have introduced better gyroscopic technologies and some manufacturers have even took a drastic step of involving two gyroscopes in their hoverboards. A product with a good stability will not cause you to fall from the hoverboard.

  • Safety

The safety of a hoverboard is also important. A hoverboard’s safety comes from the technology that involves with the stability and the way it protects the battery. The battery of a hoverboard is one of the most important parts, it demands special control unit otherwise it will cause the whole set up to malfunction. There have been records of hoverboards catching fire! So, yes, the hoverboard you are willing to buy must have good power control unit and its batteries must be inside a protective case. Also, for the sake of the hoverboard’s safety, the casing of the whole scooter should be strong enough.

  • Speed

The speed of the hoverboard is also important. Most of the hoverboards available in the market delivers an average speed of 8 to 12 mph. This is four to six times faster than your average walking speed. That’s why if you like thrill in your life you should go with the faster hoverboards. But remember, faster hoverboards can be tricky.

  • Runtime

The runtime of a hoverboard is also important. Most of the hoverboards are limited to a 12 mile limit. Some models have a lower limit of 10 mile which may cause you a little problem. Make sure that your hovaerboard has a battery indicator.

  • Looks

The looks of a hoverboard is important. If you want to impress others with your style then go for the hoverboards that look cool and modern. Some models are so dashing that you will be left spellbound with the looks of them.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

This is another interesting feature that modern hoverboards have. Some hoverboards come with an embedded Bluetooth speaker in them that allows you to enjoy music with your hoverboard. This feature is really cool and will make you popular among your friends.

  • Headlights

The headlights can help you while you go on night commuting. They will guide you on the dark streets and adds an extra charm to the looks of your hoverboard.

Benefits of Self Balancing Scooters:

The benefits of a hoverboard are many. Firstly with keeping up with the trend of 2017, you should definitely adopt yourself with this new short commuting method. Now, what will this adaptation do to you is the question.

If you use a hoverboard your life will be as really fast and filled with fun. Think that you walk from a place to place and if you have a hoverboard you won’t have to walk anymore.

Whether it’s in your home or outside you can use a hoverboard anywhere any time. Have to run some errands nearby? Why don’t you just hop on a hoverboard and do it in style. As it’s 2017, people will certainly look at you and have a feeling of wonder with a mixture of envy.

Have you ever tried the hoverboard? If you had, you surely know the fun or riding one. We are sure that you will have a smile when you will learn about the freedom of a hoverboard.

These hoverboards aren’t only for riding on days but also their headlights will allow you to ride them on the nights. This way you will not lose your way and don’t have to worry too much about the oncoming traffic.

Some models of hoverboards even come with Bluetooth speakers what will add more fun to the riding. If you feel like enjoying music on your way home or while going somewhere just connect your android or ios via Bluetooth and enjoy any music on the go.

When the wheel balances itself you will feel a kind of pressure on your abs. So, it is a kind of an exercise that will pop your abs and make you look more fit and trimmed. Now, it’s just like cycling. When you ride, you get an exercise. Many people think that hoverboards will make one as lazy as hell. Yes, they may do, but when they assist you in reducing your pot belly they are always welcomed.

The hoverboards are strong. They are durable enough to hold a rider of 220 to 240 lbs. That’s really amazing. Appearently you may think how could a over 200 lbs person will be able to balance on such platform but the reality is entirely different in this case. It will not only carry the person but will also be able to hover at an speed over 8 mph. It may look odd. A fat guy hovering on a hoverboard at an speed of 8 mph or more! But if the hoverboards can manage that so can a fat guy.

A hoverboard can be sold on the market only after the UL certifies it. This process of getting the certificate is not easy at all. The hoverboard has to go through a lot of testing to be UL certified and on that process of the test full capacity and durability is extracted out. So, yes, if your parents are unwilling to buy you a hoverboards show them the UL certificate.

If you want to be popular you should be roaming among the people on a hoverboard. It actually doesn’t take much to be popular if you posses a hoverboard. So, have been neglected for the rest of your lives and want to be popular on 2017, don’t wait anymore and get the hoverboard right now.

Okay, riding a hoverboard will be considered as a new kind of talent in the near future. Just like motorcycling or driving some day it will be considered as a necessary talent. What someday, already some industry with a huge facility or a warehouse are in search of people who can hover. So, yes, you also develop a job skill. Isn’t that great?

We think that you should consider these benefits of having a hoverboard and get one. After all it’s the next and new sexy on the roads. Moreover it’s apparently a new product on the market and a rare one indeed, why don’t you be a part of that new generation to hover around?

How to Ride a Hoverboard?

Riding a hoverboard is all about balance. Most of the balancing is done by your hoverboard but you must know how to ride it and control it appropriately. It’s okay to wobble for the first few times but gradually you will become a good rider with time and practice. Now, here ConsumerHubs will enlist a few short steps that will assist you to be a good hover board rider.

  • Reading the user manual is the first thing that you should do. Without a proper understanding of your hoverboard and its capability you will never be able to get complete control over it. Moreover the manual will specifically guide you according to the system of your hoverboard where we’ll be more general.
  • Now, when you take out your hoverboard, there is a great possibility that it does not come pre charged. That’s why hold on to your temptation and charge the hoverboard for attest two hours and then it will be ready for riding.
  • Now, you have charged up your hoverboard, turn it on and lay it flat on the ground. Make sure that the headlights are facing front and step on it with your right foot (if your left foot is predominant then use that) this will trigger the gyro and your hoverboard will instantly be on the upright position to take your next feet.
  • This is just a stair climbing motion now. Simply put the other foot on your hoverboard like you are climbing a stair and you will be ready to move.
  • Now, from this point it’s all about distributing the body weight and a lot of foot work. To move forward lean forward and put pressure with your ball of the foot. This will accelerate the board and take it easy dear. Don’t hurt yourself.
  • Select a straight road for the first time and gradually increase your speed by applying more and more pressure with the front part of your foot.
  • To brake lean back and apply pressure with your heel. Applying pressure with the heel will cause the hoverboard to brake and come to an stop.
  • Now when you have learned how to go forward and brake it’s time for you to learn taking turns. Taking turns can be a bit tricky. You must be super careful here. Remember, to turn left you need to apply pressure with your right foot only and leave the pressure on the left pad. Gently guide the hoverboard towards left and when you think you have completed the turn simply release the pressure of your right foot.
  • To turn right do the same thing and this time apply pressure with your left foot.
  • You can also take 360 degree turns in this way. Remember, while taking the turns you must maintain the stability and balance of your body.
  • After a while your body will adapt to the new riding techniques and you have to perfect your maneuvering more and more from that stage.
  • This way you will elevate your level from a beginner to a pro and will be able to hover around with great speed and stability.

If you follow these simple steps and have patience, you could be a good hoveroarder in no time.

Best Hoverboards 2017 Buying Guide:

Our short buying guides are being popular among the consumers day by day. We tend to write it short and to the point so that you don’t read any cockamamie babble. Here’s the shortest hoverboard buying guide that you will meet on the internet.

  • Budget

We know most of the consumers give a priority to the budget while buying a hoverboard. So, pile up your pennies and know how much you are willing to spare behind your hoverboard. Now, check the products that are available within your budget. The following points will lead you the right product on this regard.

  • Hoverboards with a Powerful Motor

A powerful motor will give you the power you need to glide through the streets, the powerful a motor, the speedy the hoverboard will be. So, if you are looking for excitement and adventure then you must go with a hoverboard that is fast.

  • Wheel size and Tires are important

Most people don’t put too much emphasize here but the wheel size of a hoverboard actually matters a lot. With smaller wheels you get a smooth acceleration and with the bigger wheels you can go anywhere. Controlling the hoverboard with a smaller wheel set is easy and they tend to respond faster but with the bigger wheels it takes time to bring perfection on your maneuvering.

  • Look for a Stable One

An stable hoverboard will not topple you down on high speed cornering. It understands weight distribution and the command that you give to it. The most stable hoverboards come with a good gyroscope and a good sensor to guide that gyroscope.

  • Go with the one with Good Software

Not the hardware of a hoverboard is important. Good software must be imbedded within that hoverboard that will ensure a balance between the wheels, the gyroscope and the rider. So, yes, they are safe also

  • A Good Battery & Run-time

Most of the hoverboards run for about a little more than ten miles or so. There is not too much difference here but the battery that the scooter uses is very important. It’s the most sensitive part of the whole machine. If something goes wrong with your battery it may ruin everything of the hoverboard. So, before you buy a hoverboard make sure that its battery is well protected and comes with a good control and charging unit.

  • Warranty

Warranty can be a big issue and the hoverboards can break down very easily if it’s not used with proper care. So, make sure the product you are looking towards to buy comes with a warranty. Some manufacturers even provided warranty for three years. The availability of spare parts is also an important thing. There are many fragile parts of a hoverboard. Make sure that those spare parts are available on the market or you will face a lot of problem in the future.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Here is a list of questions that you should ask yourself. The answer to them will determine your need and will help you to get the right hoverboard.

  • Why would you need a hoverbord?
  • Is it just for playing or want to do serious commuting?
  • Are you an active or a lazy person?
  • How far are you willing to travel every day?
  • Do you want speed or stability?
  • Do you have to travel through off-roads?
  • Are you looking for a sporty looking one or just a single hoverboard?
  • Do you want to have the one that comes with a Bluetooth speaker?
  • Are you looking forward to be a pro in hoverboarding?
  • Do you want to have the fast charging one or not?
  • What is your weight?

The answers to all these questions will help you in buying the most suitable hoverboad. There is a list of five top trending models. You can choose any one from them.

Checkout Pros & Cons of Self Balancing Scooters …

The Pros:

  • Hoverboards are really fun. They add excitement to your day to day regular commuting.
  • Hoverboarding is faster than walking.
  • It is also stylish and a top trend in the 2017.
  • Reduces a whole lot of effort of yours.
  • Creates a great impression on others and make you look cool.

The Cons:

  • You can hurt yourself while riding a hoverboard.
  • The low runtime of a hoverboard can give you a lot of hassle if it runs out of power.
  • The price of the hoverboards is out of reach of many people.


Here’s a list of the top five most frequently asked questions.

Q. What is a Self Balancing Scooters?

By hoverborards we understand a scooter which is self balancing or a board made with two wheels that balance themselves and the rider. There are two side by side arranged wheels on a hoverboard that is connected by a platform on which the rider steps on. There are sensor pads for the gyroscope on the platform what give the board directions for balancing.

Q. What is a Gyroscope?

Gyroscope is device that is consisted of a disk or a wheel that is mounted. It can move and spin freely about an axis and it’s capable of altering direction. The orientations that the disk makes on the axis are not resulted by the tilting of the disk. So, it’s just a counter balancing mechanism.

In a hoverboard it is situated under the board and helps to maintain the balance between the wheels and the rider.

Q. Are Hoverboards dangerous?

They were dangerous before but the modern ones come with UL certificate and they are gone through a lot of tastings on the UL labs. Passing those tests aren’t an easy thing and if a hoverboard does that it can be called safe that has a better stability and the risks are very low in these models.

Q. Are they suitable for children?

Actually it’s a tough question. If a child is weighting above 40 lbs only then it should be allowed to use a hoverboards. Basically these boards are designed for people of all ages but very little children will not be able to provide ample amount of pressure on the pads and that will hinder the movements of the board.

Q. Are Self Balancing Scooters suitable for old people?

Why not? If they are capable of stranding up without any support they can surely use a hoverboard. But, be advised that the old people must have a certain amount of training before going for the hoverboard ride for the first time.

Final Call:

In the above article you have been shown everything concerning self balancing scooters. We hope that by this time you have a clear concept about them. At first we have introduced with the best available hoverboards that are available on the market.

These models have their own attributes and most of them costs above three hundred bucks. They have their own power and balancing system and other special features. The section following the review will help you to select the appropriate one for your needs.

Now, it’s your turn to get your own hoverboard and hover along. But, make sure to keep yourself protected while you are riding the hover board for the first few time.

Content Source:

Here is a list of content sources that helped our experts for understanding of hoverboards. The same links can also be helpful for you.

Our goal is to make you a better consumer and with that in mind we have assembled everything here. After all these we hope that you bring the best self balancing scooters 2017 home and have fun with it.

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