Is the heavy iron not enough for doing all ironing? Want something new …

Then you must get one of the best steam presses 2017 from following top list!

But Careful! Don’t buy the wrong steam press and don’t burn your hands on it!

Among those things that make your daily life easier and simpler, steam presses sit on top of the line. They are the easiest solution of ironing your cloths. If you have a large family then you certainly are a busy mom and well aware of the horror of ironing everyone’s cloth after washing them.

Best Steam Presses 2017 (TOP LIST)

Our experts have selected these products from a huge jungle of steam presses. Going with any one of them will be beneficial for you over any other.

ImageProduct NameScore
SINGER ESP-2 Magic best steam pressesSINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press92
Steam Fast SF-680 best steam pressesSteam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric89
Steamfast SF-623BK best steam pressesSteamFast SF-623BK Mid-Size85
SteamFast SP-660 best steam pressesSteamFast SP-660 Table Top90
Speedy Press Super best steam pressesSpeedy Press Super Ironing Press 88

Up to this point our experts have enlisted the products briefly by their quality; we know that is not enough. That’s why we’ve included the review that was produced throughout ConsumerHubs Algorithm to ensure exact details in a single section.

Top Steam Presses Reviews (Details)

We have got it all covered to protect you. Check the best steam presses reviews done by experts; you should check them out …

1. SINGER ESP-2 Magic – Best Selling Steam Press (RECOMMENDED)

The SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press is one of the most popular ones that are now trending. It has an ironing surface that is ten times larger than a regular hand iron and the best thing about is that it’s fast. Now, when it comes to fabrics and temperature you can face a lot of problems. With this garment steam press you won’t have to face such issues.

SINGER ESP-2 Magic – Best Selling Steam Press

There are pre determined temperature list for every type of cloths. You just have to select the right type of clothing. The design aims at leaving you tension free. Even if you forget to turn off the press after use, or keep the lid pressed down for long, it will alert you with an alarm.

The martial on the ironing bed and the ironing lid is important. The SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press uses aluminum which is die-casted. This makes the ironing surface of the steam press more stable and cloths don’t slip away on them. Also, as steam is used directly upon them there lies a great possibility for the surface to catch rust on them, but this coated surface of aluminum will not do so.

The SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press is easy to carry around as its handle is not only for pressing the lid against the cloth, it can be used as a handle when the lids are locked. So, all in all it’s a best steam press for home use and its main benefit is that it’s faster than any other steam presses available on the market.

2. Steam Fast SF-680 – Most Popular & Digital Steam Press

Another most popular in the market is the Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press. It’s a mean machine to fight with all the wrinkles on your clean cloth. This steam press is powered by a 1350 watts surface heater and takes less than three minutes to heat up.

Steam Fast SF-680 – Most Popular & Digital Steam Press

To control the temperature you just need to select the type of the material that you are going to press and the press will take care of it. You can release the steam with the push of a button and that burst of the vapor will instantly relax the fiber of the cloth. This way you will get a professional ironing finish.

This is steam press that is hugely popular because of their looks and durability. Also, the customer support that SteamFast provides is also great. Perhaps, Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press is the best home ironing solution product that this brand has to offer.

This iron is safe as it automatically turns of if not used for a certain period. The ironing surface is 26 by 22 inches and the whole product weights around 22 lbs. The surface of the ironing pad is also built with a non sticky surface those impacts on the smoothness of the ironed cloth.

3. Steamfast SF-623BK – Mid-Size & Budget Friendly Steam Press

In our opinion this Steamfast SF-623BK Mid-Size Fabric Steam Press is the most budget friendly best steam press iron that you will meet in the market. Why? Because this compact monster has a 1500 Watts of heating capacity and a dimension of only 20.5 inches by 17.2 inches by 6.7 inches. So, you see it’s a compact steam press with enormous power. Takes a blink of eye to heat up and there are pre determined temperatures for different kinds of cloths.

Steamfast SF-623BK – Mid-Size & Budget Friendly Steam Press

Another reason our reviewers liked it so much is that, it’s the most beautiful looking steam press available on the market. Well, a steam press is a huge thing and very few models can decorate your home. The Steamfast SF-623BK Mid-Size Fabric Steam Press is one of those products that add a kind of beauty to your home.

Like all the other models of Steamfast this model also comes with a non sticky ironing surface and this is quite good actually. For the surface you will not get unwanted folds on your cloth. Another major improvement done by the Steamfast is on the button that releases the vapor. The button is situated at the corner of the handle so you will have very less possibility of accidently pressing it.

If you have a small family and want to do your ironing faster, this should be your first choice. It looks good, works better and lastly the price is within your budget.

4. SteamFast SP-660 – Best Steam Press for Personal Uses

Among those top steam presses that result like an industrial grade steam press, the SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press is a known one. It’s a simple product and one of the pioneers in personal level steam press.

SteamFast SP-660 – Best Steam Press for Personal Uses

The main feature of this steam press is its shape and size of the iron bed and the lid. They are just appropriate for your regular laundry and clothing. The weight of the product is also a big issue here. The SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press weights 19.64 lbs which is pretty much lighter than many other popular personal steam presses. Now, you may think that how a lighter steam press can help?

If you do your ironing in one place then its okay, but if your steam press is required by other members of the family or you want to take it to the basement for conducting its operation then you will find the actual benefit of having a lightweight product.

The rest of the design is pretty basic and straightforward. There are no complex heating mechanism or control panel in this steam press that will dazzle you and will constantly give you a query, ‘what does this button do?’ So, it’s a suitable press for people of any age.

Now, the product do not have complex mechanism or technologies means that it lacks the safety features. Where the modern speedy press steam press manufacturers are in a constant war of making their product safer this SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press don’t show that much interest in being safe. It’s because it hit the market before many others.

So, we have a simple steam press in our hand what has a reasonable price and for its simplicity it will surely be a long lasting and durable product that you can buy.

5. Speedy Press Super Ironing Press – Premium* (Only Money can Buy)

Now, are you not convinced with the products that we have listed so far? Then meet the Speedy Press Super Premier Double Size Ironing Press. This is larger, more powerful and wider than all the other available personal level steam press in the market. And we must mention that this press comes with a huge price tag also.

Speedy Press Super Ironing Press – Premium

No other product of same category in the market comes with a 1800 Watts of power. Just imagine what you can do with it. This model is actually ideal for heavy weight ironing jobs. So every hotel, dormitory, big apartment block or a huge family should have one. It’s almost a industrial level steam press.

Speedy Press Super Premier Double Size Ironing Press weights around 33 lbs. But the interesting thing is that it’s handle is multifunctional. The same handle that we will be using for ironing can be locked and be used as a carrying handle. So, this can be a portable steam ironing press also.

The control panel looks astonishing and modern. Although this may not be that much of a good looking product but works really great where looks are not that much important. The most amazing thing is that there is no negative user review about this product.

So, in our opinion this is the best steam press for sheets available for you. If you feel that other regular home centered steam presses will not be able to take the load of your heavy weight laundry or ironing then a product like the speedy press ironing systems is the right one for you.

Why would you buy a Steam Press?

The answer should be, to cut down your ironing and laundry costs. If you frequently have to dress up with well ironed cloths then you just can’t deny its importance. Some people even spend hundred dollars every month behind their ironing. So, is it really a bad deal?

A good steam press may cause you around three hundred dollar or more, but it will serve for more than ten years or so. So, you will be ultimately saving more than 10,000 $. The 10k that you were about to give to those professional laundry stores.

Now, decide for yourself. Do you want to waste money or you just want to buy a steam press?

Now, there are more benefits than money when it comes to steam press. Working with them is fast thing. It takes a lot of time to use the manual irons. Whether you are ironing the shirt or pants or your favorite suit or long sheets anything can be ironed within a minute with the steam irons. So, yes, if you are thinking of ironing a lot of cloths and don’t want to spare a lot of time behind them then you must have a steam press.

The next most beneficial thing about a steam press is that it saves a lot of effort that you need to put behind the ironing. If your manual steam iron is heavy then you may already know the horror of using it.

What so ever you do you just can’t smooth some wrinkled spot on your cloth. You just have to rub that heavy iron against the spot. There’s no hassle like this with the steam press. With it you can do the ironing with a single press. So, no more rubbing the irons against those hard wrinkles.

What is a Steam Press?

Well, for busy moms like you, the best steam presses 2017 are the most helpful solutions. It takes a minute or less to iron in a steam press where with the regular iron it takes much longer. Now, steam press has been a widely used machine on laundry shops and by clothing manufacturers. These machines are industrial ones. They are huge in size, evaporated a huge amount of steam, their running cost was great and they themselves cost a lot.

In ConsumerHubs we will not be talking about them. As our concern is towards home appliances, we will put before you the best ones that you can buy for your home and they talk about almost everything about the appliance that you need to know. But before that you should know what a steam press is.

Basically a steam press is a combination of two ironing boards which are capable of heating up individually and there is a mechanism that evaporates water to assist the pressing.

The lower heating board is called the bed and the upper one is the press that comes with a handle. Basically the steam press has a larger area for pressing. They cost more than the best hand irons and consume more power.

The weight of the upper lid and your manual force presses the cloth so that the wrinkles in them gets straightened out. The best benefit of the steam press is that you get to cover a wide area and can iron from both sides.

In some cases steam presses are easy to use than those heavy irons. When it comes to iron larger sheets they are unbeatable.

Now, here are the top models of steam presses of 2017 that are available on the market.

Types of Steam Press:

Basically there is not much to tell in this section as all the models of steam press are same. They all share the same features of heating and evaporating water. Although there is a difference between the hand-held irons and the iron press but that is not our area of concern. So, let’s skip to the next section.

Features to Look For:

In a steam press you need to look for many things to buy the right one. Here we will shortly list them for you so that you can bring home the right steam press home. Remember to follow them when you are going to buy your steam press.

  • Power –

The power of a steam press is important. There are steam presses that come with a great power and there are steam presses that consume very less power and give a minimum output. The ones with great watts tend to heat up faster and they are relatively faster to work with. Where the ones with less watts heats up slowly and working with them is a slow process also.

  • Area –

The area of the iron bed and the iron lid is important. It will give you more space to iron your cloths. It’s a real need for longer cloths. A wider and larger press means that you will be doing those big table or bed sheets in no time. So, going for a steam press with a bigger iron surface is always a good choice.

  • Safety Features –

The safety features of a steam press are important. The safety features in a steam press is basically designed for alerting you if you keep the press running for too long or leave the lids open for too long when the machine is plugged on. This will prevent you from burning your hands or cloths. This is also an important feature if there are children in the house.

  • Lightweight –

A lightweight steam press can be a portable one. If you have to frequently move your press from one room to another then you should definitely take the one that is lightweight. Most users store it in a closet and take it out when they have to iron something. For them the lightweight steams are ideal.

  • Good Looks –

Are you looking for a steam press that will help you not only in doing your ironing but also add a beauty to your home décor then you should go with the presses that look beautiful

Benefits of Steam Presses 2017:

Well, the benefits of ironing your cloths are the benefits of a good steam presses. Actually the benefits of using the steam press is the differences between steam press and hand held irons. Here’s a short list of the benefits that you will get if you buy a steam press in 2017

  • You can do your ironing fast. Tired of doing the same thing with a hand iron? Why don’t you get a steam press and see the difference on your ironing speed.
  • You can save a lot of energy. Those heavy handheld irons put a lot of stress on your hands, the use of a steam press may seem tiring but actually it’s not.
  • Working with a steam press is easier than using a hand held electric iron. It surely is, but there are some tight corners where only the hand irons can reach.
  • A steam press allows you to do more than what you can do with a regular iron. This is the main reason behind the popularity of a steam press. You can do twice more with a steam press than you can do with a hand iron.
  • The steam presses give a laundry shop like finish where the hand held irons are incapable of doing that.
  • You can start your personal ironing business with it. It’s an easy way to earn money. This way the money you pay for a steam press will be returned within a month or so if you do the ironing of others in exchange of money. It’s a really short business but those fixed customers can make you a fortune.
  • For a hotel, dormitory, medical, clinic, or big apartments it’s an ideal ironing solution.
  • No more wasting time behind ironing those long sheets.
  • Anything can be ironed in a steam press.
  • A steam press can benefit you over ten thousand dollars.

How to use the Steam Press?

The thing you need most while using a steam press is care. Using it without proper care and attention you will hurt yourself. Now, ironing with a steam press is not something that you learn overnight. It takes a lot of time to bring the perfection in ironing with a steam press.

Here are some basic steps that will teach you how to properly use a steam press.

  • ConsumerHubs always inspires the consumers to read the instruction manual thoroughly. There you will find proper guidance about the procedure of ironing your cloths.
  • Now, points that we present here are more general and apply mostly for all the steam presses.
  • To begin with the ironing you should start by filling in the water chamber that comes with the press. Use clean and pure water while filling in the water chamber.
  • There should be an indicator to tell you how much water you need to fill up the tank. Most steam press provides a pot that you should use to fill the pot. This pot holds the water that will turn into steam.
  • Now, take the iron in a well ventilated place and place it to a height that will be comfortable for you.
  • Plug in the press to the power source and let it heat up. Some press takes three or more minutes to heat up. Also, there are models that take less than a minute to heat up.
  • There will be an indicator that will show you that your press is ready for ironing.
  • When the lights indicate you are ready for ironing.
  • Different type of cloths has different style for ironing. You should gradually learn them. There are tutorials for ironing different types of cloths with a steam press. Take a look at them and you will slowly get the heck of it.
  • The job is to put the cloth between the bed and the lid and bring down the lid and press it hard against the cloth tightly. Before doing it you should fold the cloth in proper direction.
  • Using your common sense to iron your cloths is really important. You also have to be very careful.
  • Make sure the cloths you are ironing don’t get folded. This way you will get unwanted permanent wrinkles.
  • There is a button for releasing the steam. Mostly the button is on the handle. You should use them if necessary. They make the ironing more smooth and effortless.
  • After you done with one cloth move on to the next one and follow the same procedure.

Precautions to take…

  • To know how your steam presses works don’t forget to eye over your user manual.
  • Knowing the type of material you are to iron is very important. Remember none of these presses will automatically detect your type of cloth and adjust the temperature.
  • That’s why every time you iron a cloth, be sure of its type and adjust the temperature accordingly. This way your clothing will be safe and sound.

After you are done with your ironing, put the hot steam press aside so that your children don’t accidently touch it.

  • Try wearing a woolen hand gloves while you do the ironing to protect your hands.
  • Don’t overfill the water tanks. It will make the steam jets to leak water and don’t let it be emptied out either. Checking the water level before each ironing is important.

This way you can do the ironing with a steam press.

Best Steam Press Buying Guide:

Buying a steam press is not actually that difficult. But the first thing is that you should be ready to buy a steam press. When you will fill that you have a lot of laundry every week that needs to be ironed or fade up with the extra cost of laundry shops then it should be the exact time for you to buy a steam press.

Here are a few points decorated for you to take notes of before buying a steam press.

  • The Price & Your Budget – The price of a steam press is important and you must decide first how much you are willing to spend behind the steam press.
  • The Power & Speed – Power and speed of a steam press is important. A powerful steam press will heat up quickly allowing you to do your laundry instantly.
  • Size of the Product – The size of the ironing surface of the steam press can matter a lot. Bigger presses will allow you to iron long and big cloths more easily and comfortably. But remember that they consume a lot of place and power.
  • Weight – Don’t forget to check the weight of a steam press. If you can carry the heavy ones then it’s okay if not go for the lightweight and compact models. See, if they have come with any handles or not.
  • Safety – If you have children in your home then buy the top rated steam presses that come with safety features. Those features are designed to protect your cloth from burning out or you and your family.
  • Automatic Temperature – Most modern steam presses of 2017 come with the temperature control unit that does not have numbers written on them rather the type of the material that you are about to iron is. This type of controls will leave you tension free. Just know the material of your clothing and set the temperature accordingly.
  • Easy or Complex Control Panel – There are variations on the control panels of a steam press. Some presses have a pretty basic one or two knobs control and some come with many buttons and led numeral displays and all that. Now, decide with which type of control panel, you will be more comfortable and satisfied with.
  • Looks – For those who want to make the steam press a piece of their home decoration, should go with the press that looks gorgeous. Some models of steam press are really handsome looking where some models look like a basic ironing table. Well, you should take note that those modern good looking ones will cost you a few extra bucks.

We hope that these points will help you in buying the appropriate steam press.

The Pros:

  • The steam presses are fast.
  • They save a lot of money that you were to spend in the laundry shops.
  • Saves a lot of energy of yours.
  • Do more ironing in a short time.
  • The long sheets very easy to iron with the steam press.

The Cons:

  • If you be a little careless you will burn your hand.
  • The steam presses are an attraction for the children. When you leave them to cool down your child may touch it and hurt itself.
  • The steam presses consume a whole lot of power.


Q-1: Are Steam Presses Better Than Electric Irons?

Yes, they are better if you are doing a lot of ironing and ironing long sheets. They are fast and reduce a lot of effort of yours. With a regular hand held steam electric iron you may have to tackle a wrinkle several times but steam presses don’t have any issues like that.

Q-2: Why do I need to use steam?

Steams make the fabrics soft and ready to take the pressure of the iron. This is a better way of ironing what makes the smoothed cloth to remain smooth for a longer time. The latest steam presses have a button to release the steams with a single click and then you can press down the iron lids to get a smoother finish on your ironed cloth,

Q-3: Can my regular clothing be ironed on a steam press?

Yes, obviously they can be ironed on a steam press. But you need to learn them first. Your daily clothing like your shirt can be a bit tricky to iron on a steam press but gradually you will get the heck of it.

Q-4: What are the risks?

As a steam press is a heavy piece of machine and generates a lot of heat, so the risk factors can’t be denied. They may cut out the fuse if it’s too weak or it may burn your hand on the heating pads. Also, children’s should be kept away from them or else they will hurt themselves on the steam press.

Final Call:

Now, the basics of the steam press have been put before you. After reading steam presses reviews 2017 and other related info @ Consumer Hubs, now you are familiar with it and know the benefits of them. Also, we have given a touch of things that you need to consider before buying one and at last finished by giving you the pros and cons of steam presses.

Content Sources:

We have found a good amount of information about the steam press from the listed sites. These sites are very reliable & they will give you complete knowledge about its nature.

Well, that was everything we had for you on  best steam presses of 2017 and hope that you like it.

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