It’s better to live, than to survive.

But if you have to survive, you just have to survive. Having the best survival kits 2017 can make things easy for you.

When it comes to survival kits, the 1st thing that pops into your head is, do I really need one?

Well, there’s phrase for that. ‘Desperate times, desperate measures.’ Who knows what’s about to come on the next day? We are currently living in a world where nuclear missile attacks are only a few press of a buttons away, where any disaster is unpredictable.

That’s why a survival kit is something that you should have stored in your home, have it with you when you go on an adventure or if you are someone doing some serious deep wood jobs (like gold digging, yeah! There are people doing that).

Best Survival Kits 2017 (Top Pick)

Getting a survival kit all by yourself will be a pretty taught job to do. Because, from the first look you won’t ever be able to tell which an actual survival kit is, let alone differentiating the best one from them. That’s why we came up with the following list…

ImageProduct NameScore
Ultimate Arms Gear best survival kitsUltimate Arms Gear Survival Kit Set 93
Ready America 70385 best survival kitsReady America 70385 Emergency Kit 84
Gerber Bear Grylls best survival kitsGerber Bear Grylls pocket survival kit88 
 Get Ready Now best survival kitsGetReadyNow Personal (waterproof)89
Emergency Zone 840-2 best survival kitsEmergency Zone 840-2 kit (2 person)87

Things should be more familiar to you by now. Wait! You’ve only known the products that you should buy from. We think that before buy, you should check out the detailed reviews. These reviews have been presented before you by strictly following the ConsumerHubs Algorithm.

1. Ultimate Arms Gear – Most Decorated Survival Kit [Recommended]

If you are in search of the perfect survival kit then a product like this one can be your ultimate solution. This kit has everything you will be needing including a life straw, a complete first aid kit and enough tools to help you through your survival.

Ultimate Arms Gear best survival kits 2017

What felt to us is that, it is the only thing you will ever need during your adventure. This kit actually feels your need of food (you can easily manage food with your weapons and tools provided in the bag)

You will also find a waterproof ground mat that you can easily use as a tent if you want. That’s why you won’t be having any trouble in making a shelter anywhere. To make fire a storm proof match, flint fire maker have been included inside the pack. To get you clean and pure water each and every time, the kit comes with a LifeStraw which itself is a different kind of a revolutionary product that can pure up to a thousand liters of water without the use of any chemicals. You will also get 18 food bars and 12 pouches of pure drinking water with a long 5 year expiration period.

Ultimately, people seek the best tools inside a survival kit and the Ultimate Arms Gear 2 Person 3 Days have all the tools that you will ever be needing. Don’t be amazed if the whole thing appears more of an adventure kit over a survival one.

The Pros:

  • Best in class
  • Packed with everything
  • Comes with water and food supplies
  • The tools that come with it are of a good built quality.

The Cons:

  • The price can be an issue but comparing with the things that this kit offers, the price is nothing.

2. Ready America 70385 – Best Urban Survival Kit within Budget

If you want to be prepared for an emergency situation in an urban area then you should go with this survival kit as it can provide supplies for four people for three days. Now, doesn’t it sound like an ideal deal for you and your family?

Ready America 70385 best survival kits 2017

Basically it is a supply based survival kit that does not come with too much tools and gears. The first product that we have listed for you was a tool and gear based kit and we should note here that these are two entirely different realm.

The reality is you don’t have that much need of tools and gears on an urban survival situation and The thing that you need most is a constant supply of food and water and the kit is perfect for that.

This does not mean that the kit comes without any tools and gears, just not the big and powerful ones (like axe or michattes) rather it has some special protective gears like the goggles, masks and gloves that can protect you on any hostile situations in a disaster stricken city.

There are really some promising features in this kit that we have found useful. For example, the pocket tool can be a real life saver on some situations. There are also a compact first aid kit and a portable power station inside the kit. After all these we can say that, if you are looking for a survival kit for keeping in your home then this should be your first choice and we would recommend you to stay away for it if you are thinking of surviving in the woods with this, we would say “Stay Away! From it”

The Pros:

  • Quite reasonably priced
  • Comes with good quality food & water
  • Has a portable powering and charging solution
  • Includes protective gears and a first aid kit

The Cons:

  • Should have included some powerful gears

3. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate – The Best Pocket Survival Kit

If you know what a pocket survival kit is then you should have probably heard the name of this product. Inspired by the famous Bear Grylls, all the components of the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate have been designed.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate best survival kits 2017

It’s a survival kit that comes in a pouch and you can easily slip into your pocket. Comparing with the high end kits it’s basically nothing as a survival kit and rather it’s a collection of some handy tools.

What we felt is that, addressing those little tools and gears as handy would be an understatement as they are extremely useful. These 15 pieces of tools are designed with a lot of experience. There is the Gerber multi tool inside this pack what is small but can do big things. Also, the things of Garber that people buy individually have been added in this survival kit what makes it a great one.

You will also get a survival blanket in this kit and that’s just amazing. Now, if you want to catch fish the  Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate even has solutions for that too.

This is something that most adventurers buy as it may not be a complete survival gear but it surely packs some of the handiest tools that you will ever need in a survival situation. The Bear Grylls fans also love it as the tool and the whole kit has been approved by him. Moreover it’s lightweight and can be carried anywhere.

The Pros:

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Comes with some of the most handy gears and tools
  • Has a good fire starter

The Cons:

  • You may feel like it’s just a kit made of things lying around you. But actually the multi tool is has a really unique design and that is a popular product individually.

4. Get Ready Now Personal – The Best Survival Kit for Your Vehicle

If you have to be in some place hostile with your car then you should have a survival kit like the Get Ready Now Personal. It’s ideal for your car, suv or truck.

 Get Ready Now Personal best survival kits 2017

The most interesting thing about this survival kit is that it’s a perfect combination of gears and supplies. The whole thing is evident that the manufacturer Get Ready Now has done enough research on the survival kits and that’s why this kit comes with food, water, gears, tools and enough protective equipment.

The whole thing comes in a transparent and waterproof dry bag that keeps the things inside dry and protected for a long time. Things that are inside the kit are really great. There’s a 46 piece medic kit, headlamp, whistle, glow sticks, tapes, blankets, body warmer, glove, mask, matches and sanitation supplies inside the kit.

You will also get two food bars that can keep you going during your survival and there are also 6 water pooches. Both the food and water comes with a long expiry limit. Actually having a thing like this inside the car can be lifesaving. Specially if you are an inhabitant of a disaster prone area and you have to go out on emergencies, someday a survival kit like this one can be lifesaving for you.

The Pros:

  • Well decorated survival kit
  • Comes with a good first aid kit
  • Good items for sheltering

The Cons:

  • Seriously Lacks Tools
  • Only 2 energy bars against 6 water packs

5. Emergency Zone 840-2 – The Smartest Urban Survival Kit

This is a survival kit that does not have the seriousness of a survival kit but holds every possible things that you might be needing during an emergency in an urban environment.

Emergency Zone 840-2 best survival kits 2017

It’s a supply based survival kit what holds all your necessary items for 2 to 4 persons. These things include zip lock bags in the form of waterproof containers for documents, ponchos, tube tent, hand warmer, food bars, water packs, purifying water container, radio, flashlight, charger, light stick, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper and a well equipped first aid kit.

The most important thing about this survival kit is that, it comes in a nice bag and nobody can understand that it’s a survival kit. We are not sure what the real application of a feature like this was but it’s a unique feature that we haven’t found in any other survival kit.

The Pros:

  • Camouflaged
  • Ideal for urban survival
  • Quality food & water
  • Good sheltering solutions

The Cons:

  • Lacks tools that are necessary for survival
  • Price can be a issue but quality makes up for it

What is A Survival Kit?

Theoretically a survival kit is a kit that helps you to survive. These kits come in two different forms. Either it can come in a box or in a bag. There is no fixed standard of survival kits. That’s why they can be of different sizes and contain different useful things. The ultimate goal of the whole kit is to give you assistance in any hostile situations. We would recommend you to read the ‘Types of Survival Kits’ Section here and by that you will get a more clear idea about the survival kits.

Depending on the survival situation and environment these kits are manufactured. But an ideal survival kit will at least keep you alive by providing you with food or shelter. We must say here that all the survival kits don’t come with readymade food and shelter. Rather they come with gears and tools that can help you to find, hunt and process food and make shelter.

So, survival kits are a precaution for facing the challenges of a Survival Situation. Do you know what a survival situation is? Here, we have given a little effort to describe it to you in brief.

What is a Survival Situation?

Again, theoretically a survival situation is such a situation where you have to survive until the arrival of help. (Here help means rescue team.) Actually, things don’t always go as the way you plan.

Suppose, you are in a flight headed to some place beautiful and the flight is going over the Amazon or North Pole and accidently (We heart fully wish it doesn’t happen with someone) the plane crashes and luckily you survive the crash harmless or slightly harmed. Now, you are in the middle of the jungle or on an Ice glacier. What you have to do now?

You have to wait for help (Rescue team or a ship or practically anything) to arrive or you have to look for human habitation. This could take days and these days will certainly not be a vacation. You have to find your own food and shelter in these days. (Sounds easy eh? It’s not)

In these two or three days you won’t be living a life, rather you would be surviving a life. You have to do whatever you need to do in these days to keep alive and certainly it is a survival situation.

This is one of the many examples of a survival situation. They can arise from anywhere as a surprise in the buttock. And to survive through situations like these you must have the best survival kit. Let’s show you the types of survival kits.

Types of Survival Kits:

There is no fixed or standard categorization of the survival kits. According to the size and utility of the kits, our experts have decorated them in the following classification. Remember, the absence of the classification knowledge of the survival kits can hinder your decision making on picking the most appropriate survival kit.

We must also note here that, if you somehow end up with the wrong kit, you will never find it handy. E.g. you end up with a medical kit on a survival situation in a forest and you are completely unharmed! Now, that’s just something you won’t want to happen with you, do you? That’s why you should know these types, at least for the sake of survival.

The first categorization of survival kits should be done on the place it’s going to be used… 

  • Urban Survival Kits – The urban type of kit is decorated with all the necessary supplies and gears that are suitable for surviving a hostile situation on a city. They have tools different from the outdoor ones. Basically the urban survival kits are storage of food and water supplies with some small medical, shelter and survival tools.These kits are enough to help a person or more to survive for a day or more.
  • Outdoor Survival Kits – The outdoor ones are for the adventurers who like to go on high and long hiking or in deep wood or sea adventures. Also, these kits often come in their own specialized forms depending on their area of use and utility. They are actually more than storage of food and focus more on the tools that can get you through any survival situations. It’s like, they won’t give you food but will provide you with all the supplies that will help you to collect and cook your own food. They are the ideal definition of survival kits.

The second categorization of the survival kits can be made on the size of the survival kits…

  • Haversack – There are survival kits that come in haversacks or in backpacks. These seats are great as they contain many things within them. You will get everything you will be needing in a haversack survival kit.
  • Blanket – Some survival kits are also available inside a sleeping blanket. It’s also a good deal as you would get a solution for shelter. The sleeping bags can hold many things within them what you have to take out and put aside while you sleep. (It can be a deal breaker)
  • Boxed – You will also find survival kits that are available in boxes or briefcases. They are ideal for keeping in homes but they will be very hard to carry around when you will be on a wood or in any other place. If Mother Nature creates destruction then you can just pull out from a corner of your home and utilize it to survive for a day or more. We would recommend you to have one in home.
  • Pocket – The smartest version of the survival kits come in a pouch that you can easily slide in your pocket. The whole thing is designed to be waterproof and it contains the most essential tools that you will need. Now, it can be an ideal solution for everyone. It’s just something that you have to have with you. You can just put one in your car or have it on you when you will be going on a trip. They are not pricy at all and it won’t harm you to have one. Who knows when you might be needing it.

The Third Categorizations are these following miscellaneous ones…

  • Depending on how many people are going to use it, the survival kits come on sizes varying from 1 person to 4 persons.
  • Depending on the number of days it’s going to provide support, the survival kits come in 1 to 4 Days sizes.
  • The survival kits that contain more medical tools and instruments are called Medical Kits
  • Some survival kits are just for keeping in the car. They are called Car Survival Kits.
  • Depending on the type of the disaster, the survival kit come in different specialized versions like Earthquake Survival Kits or Hurricane Survival Kits.

Things to look for in a Survival Kit…

The Best Survival kit is nothing but an assembly of the most appropriate tools and supplies. The best one is really hard to differentiate from all the available ones (God! There are so many models of the survival kits that even we had no idea about them.) But there are certainly some things that you must look for inside a survival kit. Here is a short list of them.

  • Tools:

The survival kit you are to buy must have a multi tool. Perhaps, you guys are more familiar with it by the name Mackguiver Knife. This can do many things and doesn’t take much space at all. The kit should also have a sharp knife that can cut through anything.

Having a mid-sized saw is also important as it can cut through not only wood but plastics too. An axe and a mini shovel are also important for surviving.

  • Shelter:

The second most important thing that you should also look for in a survival kit is readymade shelter or tools for making shelter as making shelter in a deserted place can never be an easy thing. For that having a tent in your survival kit can be a life saving solution but that is quite impossible actually.

That’s why a more compact shelter solution can be a sleeping or bivi bag and a foil blanket or a tarp. If space is really an issue then you must have tools that will be helpful for shaping wood and plenty of ropes with what you will be able to make the shelter.

  • Food:

It would be really good for you if you have a short storage of food inside your survival kit. The food should be MREs. They are sealed, dry (meaning doesn’t get spoiled and come with a long expiry date) and most importantly, easily consumable.

You should also look for survival rations and ration heaters. If you don’t anything in your survival kit then you should at least look for energy tablets. You can easily throw in these after you get a survival kit if you want.

There are other ways of having food on a survival situation and it’s to snatch it away from the nature that’s why you will be needing some tools with what you will be able to make traps or fishing rods.

  • Fire:

Fire is the most important thing on a survival situation. It will keep you warm at nights, allow you to cook food and will keep animals away from you. That’s why things that can make fire or help you make fire should be present inside the survival kits. Among these things you should look for enough matches, lighters, tinder, lamps or candles or an axe to chop wood.

  • Water:

Just like fire, water is also important and that’s why your perfect survival kit must have something with what you can treat water. Anything that is portable and can purify water should be inside the survival kit.

Among the water purifiers, look for water purification tablets, straws or pots and carriers in your survival kit.

  • Electronics, Communication & Signaling:

A modern survival kit may come with something more than tools and foods. The Best Survival Kit 2017 should have a global communication device like a satellite phone. Now, that can be a costly thing. That’s why it should at least have a radio so that you can communicate with any close by radio network.

Also, things like flashlight, batteries, beacon, compass, flair, mirrors, smoke grenades, whistle, or flashy slip-ons are important inside a survival kit.

  • Utensils:

If you are to survive for a long then you may have to cook food and you need pots to cook your food. That’s why your kit should have some things like mess-tins, hexi stove, a can opener, spoons and a bit of fuel. If you need to fix and build things having things like duct tapes, cords and cables can come handy. Make sure your kit has them all.

Now, it may seem to you that you need your whole home inside your survival kit. Actually it’s quite right. The more useful things you will have in the survival kit the better it would be for you, the easier your survival would be.

It’s right that shoving up all these things that we have mentioned above is quite impossible. If you have gone through it with care then you will know which things would be important and suitable for you. Don’t forget to check the items inside the kit you are going to buy. Also, you can add anything later on if you want.

Benefits of Best Survival Kits in 2017:

We think we don’t have to put the benefits of the survival kits before you as everything about the survival kits are nothing but benefits. But, what can we do, it’s our duty to enlist everything about a product so that you can be properly guided on your way of becoming a better consumer.

Here are some benefits that come with the survival kits…

  • What could be a better benefit than the life saving capability of a survival kit? Yes, they have been proven to save lives, lives that are fond of adventures, do risky jobs on deserted places or lives that has fallen a victim to the ravages of Mother Nature.
  • Simply the survival kits come with a lot of tools that you can also for other purposes whenever necessary. They are not only for survival situations and it would be better if you use them from time to time as they will be in their perfect working condition if they are used

In this case, try not to break anything or miss any tool or component of the whole kit. Also, never touch the foods of the survival kits on regular hunger situations as they are only for extreme emergency situations.

  • The survival kits come with readymade food & water supplies that can help you to go through for a few days or so. Food is something that is really important for you. In a sense it can be said that survival is about eating something and keeping the body alive and running and the survival kit will provide you every possible way of managing that.
  • A good Shelter during your survival situation is also important for keeping you alive. The shelter you are to build up during a survival situation is not for comfort actually. The main purpose is to keep you dry, warm and protected. There are marketed survival kits that come with shelters or at least with tools that can help you in making your shelter. Isn’t that a benefit?
  • The Best Survival kit connects you to people if you are lost in the middle of nowhere. They may come with radios or sat phones (if they don’t then you should add them) and other signaling things. All of them will help you to contact the rescue team or any other human around. Satellite phones are really a great thing but they surely are a costly one. It snatches away your ability of getting lost.
  • Now, the ones we have already mentioned were the most crucial benefits of the survival kits. These kits can be many more than that as they can be the storage for your cloths, can be used as a sleeping bag and many other things like these. You will eventually be finding out more and more benefits and use of the survival kits.

How to Properly Utilize a Survival Kit?

When you are in a survival situation, having a survival kit can be life saving. But you have to know the proper utilization of it. Without having the proper knowledge of its application, things can become difficult for you.

Here are some steps that we have compiled for you. Hopefully they will help you in making the best use of your survival kit.

  • The first thing that you should do is, know your survival kit. Know what’s in there. Know the use of each and every tool that’s inside your kit.
  • Then we would recommend you to go on short trips on some place hostile and practice living for a day or two by entirely depending on the survival kit.
  • That should be enough for you to know how to use your survival kit. It’s not something that you will posses for years and do nothing with it. Make it come handy. The kit also requires maintenance. Frequently check if everything in the kit is okay, specially the food. Throw in a small bag of silica gel inside. It will prevent the metals from catching rust.
  • The electronic components should be properly stored inside the survival kit.
  • All the things inside the kit should be assembled in such an order that will give you easy access. The most necessary things should be close by, so that you can take them out whenever you need.
  • The survival supplies should be put in such a place from where you can easily grab it whenever necessary. Also, you should put the most important kits at the most easily accessible spots inside your backpack. The side pockets should be handy in this case.
  • Don’t forget to put the tool in its right spot whenever you are done working with it. This way you will have very less possibility of losing them.
  • Knowing all the survival tactics will be really helpful for you. We will try to enclose some links on that at the end of this article. The main thing of survival is that you have to know what you are doing.
  • To know what you are doing, a prior knowledge of making shelter, collecting food and determining destinations are really important. That’s why we would recommend you to know the basics of survival if you are looking forward to go on an adventure on some place hostile.
  • Cyclones and earthquakes are quite unpredictable. That’s why you should always have the idea about the nearest rescue point or shelters at situations like these. If you are living on a disaster prone area then you should have knowledge about the things you should do on any disaster emergencies.
  • There are many more things like these that can maximize the utility of your survival kits. Let us know if you wanna know more about this.

Survival Kit Buying Guide:

Picking the top survival kit 2017 is not that important as picking the most appropriate survival kit for you. That’s why the following section will be helpful for you as it will pin point you, your needs through some short question and answers. We hope this helps you in selecting the most appropriate survival guide for you. Here are the short questions and answers in the form of a buying guide.

  • Why would you need a survival kit for? (for indoor emergencies / for adventures / hostile situations) Depending on your needs you can select your survival kit. We have enlisted a complete list of survival kits that can be helpful for you.
  • Is it only for you or for your family? (Depending on how many people are going to use the survival kit you can select one. These kits come in different sizes varying from one to four persons.)
  • Would you need a survival kit with a few days of food and water supply or just the ones that come with survival tools to get you through a survival situation or the ones that is a combination of both? (You will get these three types of kits available on the market, you can choose any one of them)
  • What size of survival kit do you expect? (There are many size variations of a survival kit. There are the ones that easily fit inside the pockets, some models come in small and compact smart boxes and some are available on big boxes, but the most popular form of survival kits is haversacks.)
  • What’s going to be your budget? (the survival kits are not a pricy thing actually but there are price variations of it. The compact ones that come with a few life saving tools are cheap enough where the ones that hold the food and medical supply for four persons can be a bit costly.)

Our experts have mentioned these five super important points for you and it’s more or less everything about the kits. Before you buy the survival equipments, make sure you ask yourself these questions and take a tour of the features to look for section for a clear conception about the kits. This way, you would be able to buy the most perfect survival kit for you.

The Pros:

  • The biggest pros of the survival kits is that they have saved thousands of lives.
  • It can leave you tension free from the horrors of a survival situation.
  • Basically it’s something that everyone must have.
  • The use of a survival kit will ultimately make you a self reliant person.
  • Overcoming a survival situation without a survival kit can really be a real pain in the buttock.

The Cons:

  • If you have a survival kit, you will also have the possibility of forgetting it. This is not an actual con though as products like these hardly comes with cons.


Q. Do I really need to buy a survival kit?

If you live in a disaster prone area or travel frequently for adventures then you must have one in your possession. Just to be on the safe side, having a survival kit won’t be that much harmful for you. It’s basically something that soldiers carry with them but more or less everyone has the need of a survival kit. If you don’t want to buy one, you can make your own personalized survival kit, but sometimes it can cost more.

Q. Can I make my own survival kit?

Yes, you can. In fact you can design the perfect survival kit for yourself. To make a survival kit of your own, you need to exactly know what to keep inside the kit depending on the purpose of it and the place you are going to use it.

But if you don’t know what to pack inside a kit, you will have a great possibility of ending up with unnecessary things and useless weight in your survival kit. The whole thing can also cost a lot too.

Q. What type of survival kits are the best?

It’s up to you actually. The survival kit that is portable and gives maximum support on a hostile situation is obviously a good one that you should get your hands on. Now, if you are a adventure fanatic then a survival kit that comes in a haversack is the best one for you.

Now, this would be great cause you would be able to get tools from it that will help you with your adventure and the whole thing would also be an adventure kit too.

For homes, a survival kit that comes in a hard case should be the choice. It should be pressure tolerating and waterproof so that the supplies inside can remain protected.

Final Call:

We now hope that you are well acquainted with the survival kits. Things like these have endless value and you will never be wasting your money by buying them. Now, go and face all the challenges of a survival situation with your best survival kits 2017.

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Content Source:

The following links were very much informative for us and have assisted us in clarifying many things. That’s why our experts have enlisted them so that you can have a clear idea about survival kits.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Grab on the best survival kits 2017 and keep yourself prepared for facing any hostile situations.

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