Want to surprise your kid on its upcoming birthday?

Or, just want to gift them something that is a great source of fun?

Then the best swing sets of 2017 should just be the right thing!

But before you buy anything you should have some idea about the swing sets the best available ones.

Now, if you had your own swing set in your childhood, you surely remember the fun part of it or some bad memories of getting hurt. To ensure that your child gets maximum fun and minimum or zero injury from a swingset, you should know the following things written in this article.

Let’s begin by introducing you to the top models.

Best Swing Sets 2017 (TOP LIST)

To ensure happiness of your children from every way, we are here introducing you with the best swing sets. The experts have practically reviewed them and made the below list:

ImageProduct NameScore
 Lifetime A-Frame Best Swing Sets 2017Lifetime A-Frame82
 Flexible Flyer World of Fun Swing SetsFlexible Flyer World of Fun83
 SkyFort II Cedar Wood Swing SetsSkyFort II Cedar Wood84
 Kettler Home Playground Swing SetsKettler Home Playground81
 Flexible Flyer Triple Fun Swing SetsFlexible Flyer Triple Fun80
Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing SetsFlexible Flyer Play Park83

ConsumerHubs have enlisted these top Swing Sets as best pick in 2017. We’ve included the review that was produced throughout ConsumerHubs Algorithm to ensure exact details in a single section; you should check them out …

1. Lifetime A-Frame – Heavy Duty Metal Swing sets for all Ages

This swing set is specially designed for toddlers to adolescents. It has double belt swings, and the single trapeze bar has gym rings. For the safety of the children, its hard edges are covered or rounded with the caps of plastic and over the swing chains, rubber grips are given to cover. The steel body has high strength and low alloy; it can be used in all weather.

Lifetime A-Frame Best Swing Sets 2017

The set can freely stand without any support. The steel pole construction is strong and safe enough and it has passed the safety standards and also the playground performance. The diameter of its steel pole structure is 3 inches. The paint of the body is finished by powder coating which is rust and weather resistant.

This swing set has been made to give the highest security to your child. You can use it for a long period without any issues. You don’t have to take any pain to maintain it virtually. The swing set is constructed of polyethylene plastic which is UV protected and powder coated steel.

These things give you the highest surety and they will not fade, rust, wrap or splinter. The covers of the hard edges and the chains will protect your children every moment from pinching. It can stand on its own pole. You have no need to use any cement to give support to its base point. Your children can use it daily for many hours and it can be used for many years without any tension.

The Pros:

  • Every ages’ children can play on it
  • Plastic caps are given to cover its hard edges
  • Strong and durable swing set
  • Powder coat finishing is given on it

The Cons:

  • This swing-set is tough to customize
  • Newbies may need help to install it for the first time

2. Flexible Flyer World of Fun – Budget Friendly Swing Set (RECOMMENDED)

This Flyer swing set has the frame paint, which is powder coat type. Powder coat is used for stability and strength. Available colors in the market, these colors are also very attractive. Seat’s color is green and it looks attractive on the playground. Children from 2 to 10 years can use the swing set without any risk.

Flexible Flyer World of Fun Best Swing Sets 2017

At least ten children can play at a time on it.  If you have a big family then it should be ideal for you. Every seat can tolerate at least 105 pounds. Overall the swing set can bear 1050 pounds maximum. This set has at least 6 months’ official warranty. It is a product of USA.

This swing set has come on the market with its new and attractive features. The whole thing is pretty easy to inwstall and maintain. Its frame paint is of high quality. It is dust and fades resistant. So it can be used for a long time. Children and parents will like the colors of the frame. Children from 2 to 10 years can play on it and affords at least 10 children at a time.

It can tolerate 1050 pounds at a time. So there is nothing to worry about its stability or strength. Its edges are not sharp and children can play on it safely. There is no chance to get hurt from it. It has multiple options to play. So the children will not get bored to play on this swing set.

The Pros:

  • Powder coat finishing is given
  • Taw attractive color is available
  • Accommodate at least 10 children at a time
  • 6 months official warranty

The Cons:

  • Air glider bracket is not stayed tight enough
  • Can be painful to put together

3. SkyFort II Cedar Wood – Premium* Swing Set (only Money can Buy)

The dimensions of this product are- length 200 inches, width 272 inches, height 149 inches. The weight of this set is 720 pounds. It has multi options for the children to play on it for a long time. The wood structure of the swing set has made it more attractive.

SkyFort II Cedar Wood Best Swing Sets 2017

It has 2 belt swings, a lower play deck and a clubhouse, a glider of swing, a sandbox, a slide and monkey bars. The clubhouse has the wood roof, bay windows and covered way of entry. The roomy front corridor has crow’s nest and sub balcony. The most attractive part of this swing set is the climbing wall of solid rock. It has also age recommendation. From three to ten years children can use it safely.

It is one of the most popular swing sets, which is made of cedar wood. The multi options of playing have made the swing set more popular among the parents and children. It can easily change the ordinary backyard into a kingdom of fun. It has the ability to bear the weight of bigger ones also. 10 years old children can easily play here. Again 3 years old children will also like the options of playing.

It is a challenging swing set for the children who love adventures. The monkey bars, climbing wall and clubhouse have made the swing set exceptional on the market. The swing set has kept the original color of the wood. So it can be placed in any colored house. It has 10-foot long kid’s slide, which will expand the duration of sliding time and enjoyment.

 The Pros:

  • People of USA can directly order
  • Totally made of wood
  • Customizable swing set
  • Climbing wall is given with it

The Cons:

  • Installation process is tough
  • Costly kids’ playground set

4. Kettler Home Playground – Trimmstation Swing Set with Age Limit

The assembled dimensions of Kettler’s Trimmstation Swing set are- length 140 inches, width 136 inches and height is 78 inches. The assembled weight of the swing set is about 140 pounds. The origin of this product is Germany. Its weight limit is about 200-300 pounds. This set has also age recommendation. It is best to use this set by the children who are from three years to eight years old.

Kettler Home Playground Best Swing Sets 2017

This playing set has come with adjustable 4-point suspension ropes. So the height of the swing set is easily adjustable. It also gives the ground anchor to make the playground set on the ground more secure and stable. Its paint has powder coat finish which is rust and fade resistant. This product has also the warranty of five years. This warranty is applicable only for residential use.

This is the playground set which will make your ordinary playground into the school like playground. There, children will get multiple options to play. This swing set provides Monkey bars, Board Swing, Rope Climb, a vertical ladder, a pull-up bar options. Your children and the friends of your children can easily pass their enjoyable play time on it. At least eight years old children can use it without any risk.

This swing set has suspension ropes, which is adjustable. It will help you to adjust the swing’s height. So children of all ages can easily use it. It has also ground anchors. This is very important to make a swing set secure & stable.

The Pros:

  • Adjustable suspension ropes
  • Powder coat finishing paint is used
  • Rust and fade resistant swing set
  • Official 5 years warranty is given and it is applicable for the resident only

The Cons:

  • Tough to customize this swing set
  • It has no slide to use

5. Flexible Flyer Triple Fun – USA Made Low Budget Swing Set

Assembled dimensions of this swing set are- 152 inches long, 12 inches wide, 72 inches high. It has two parts. One is the gym set and another one is the slide set. The gym set has four legs. The color of the frame is ivory color. It has swing seats, see-saw. The color of the seats and the slide are midnight blue.  There are multiple options to play.

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun Best Swing Sets 2017

The painted parts and plastics parts are UV protected. So the parts will not be faded. It has a weight restriction. Every seat can bear 105 pounds. However, the weight limit of this swing set is 630 pounds maximum. It has the capability to bear the weight of the six children. From two to ten years old children can use it.

The color choice of this swing set is aristocratic type. The color of chain, seat, and frame are stainless and will not be faded easily. The seats are also deluxe. The weight of this set is not huge. The installation process is not critical. So it can be installed easily. It can give place six children to play at a time. So it is a good one for the big families.

The body frame is strong enough to bear the enough weight. Children get three options to play on it. So they will not easily get bored. It has also official warranty for their customers. It gives warranty of six months. It is a product of USA.

The Pros:

  • Made of attractive ivory color
  • Multi optional playing set
  • UV protected plastic is used here
  • Low weight swing set

The Cons:          

  • Some customers claim that its parts do not fit
  • Average quality’s swing set

6. Flexible Flyer Play Park – Reasonably Priced Metal Swing Sets

It has the A-frame construction of durable steel. A wave slide and a ladder are included with this swing sets. To protect the fingers of the children, it has Vinyl covers of the chain. This chain cover will protect the lovely and tiny fingers of the children from pinching.

Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Sets

The swing set has the height adjustable option and its swing chains will do the adjustable work. This playing set is available in many attractive colors. You can choose your favorite one.

Flyer Play Park is giving you the ultimate security and the enjoyment of the children. Because this swing set allows playing at least 10 children at once. Its strong metal body has the capacity to tolerate the high weight. The slide wave’s height is 6 feet and it is smooth for sliding.

It has also air glider for two passengers and lawn swing, two sling swings, and trapeze. It has the capacity to accommodate many children at a time. So it will be the perfect one for the big family. Your neighbor’s children can also play on it with your children.

The Pros:

  • Durable steel construction
  • Vinyl covers are given for children’s finger safety
  • Its height can be adjusted
  • Available in many different attractive colors

The Cons:

  • Instruction manual is not so clear to understand
  • Some customers have found its design not so effective

Why Buy Swing Sets?

The swing sets has been using from generation to generation. When we were children, we used to play on it. Of course, we did not get these types of the set. But we played on the old type. Now the digital time is going on. Things have been changed.

Our modern parents do not get so much free time to take their children outside to play. We are depending on the devices. As well as, the children also. They do not want to play outdoor games. But it is becoming so harmful for the development of the child’s brain and body fitness.

We know that how much physical exercise is important for everyone. Physical movement or exercise can keep our children healthy. So, it is impossible to keep our children’s health good inside the home.

We have to take them to their playground where they will get the chance to move their body parts freely. From the very age, we have to get them exercising. So a swing set on your backyard of the house can solve all problems. J

From many types of research, it has been proved that play on the swing set can develop body fitness, perceptual skill, social awareness, spatial awareness, social interaction, sensory integration, and mental representation. This research has been done by Scholastic.

Want to know? What medical science is saying about swinging? Then come to the next point…

Both the proprioceptive system and vestibular system can be activated, if any person swings. This vestibular system is needed to balance our body properly. So our children can improve balance, if they play on the swing set. Again proprioceptive system helps to make us strong and also helps to stand up straighter. So our kids will also get the advantage when they will play on the swings.

The swings also play an important role in social interaction. The swings set can afford many children at a time. When they will play together, a social bonding will be made among them. They will be able to learn about many practical things of this world. They will be more social when they will get the chance to play with many children of different parents. From there, they can make their suitable friend.

For the sake of our children’s welfare, we should be careful about them from their early age. Buying this product is not valueless. It will be your great decision if you buy it. And your children will always remember it as their most valuable childhood gift.

Types of Swing Sets:

Kids swing sets are mainly used four types of material. On the basis of the material, we usually get four kinds of the swing set on the market to construct playground equipment of the backyard. Here we are going to reveal the types…

  • Wooden Swing sets – It is the common outdoor play set of kids. These swing sets are extremely strong and these sets use the wood which is pressure treated. However, cedar, fir, and redwood are strong enough. They are durable and have the ability to tolerate the heavyweight. Swing sets of wood are costly than the other types of the swing set. These swing sets are eco-friendly and safe for the child.
  • Power Coated type: It is usually a product of wood and at the finishing, the plastic coat is given. These swing sets are useful for damp or warm climates. The plastic coat saves the wood from moisture. It provides splinter-free play. These sets usually last long and also the expensive set.
  • Swing sets of Plastic: It is the most lightweight set on the market which is now still available. This swing set is totally made of plastic. But the material of chain is metal. You can use these playing sets in your indoor & outdoor. You have no need to tense about the moisture problem. However, warranty and life span of these types are limited.
  • Swing Sets of Metal: These swing sets are not highly expensive. It usually uses the “A-Frame” design and it does not add any extra features. Like: climbers and slides. However, it is the set which lasts long than any other swing sets. You will not get any chance to customize it, as you get in the playing sets of wood. For security, its legs are usually cemented. This set is strong enough and durable.


Features to Look For…

Before buying your kid’s swing set, you have to concern about its features. You should know it, research it, and compare it. After that, you may get the perfect swing set, which you are searching for.

Finding out the preferable swing set may appear as a tough task to you. But do not worry. Here we are discussing the features which are essential for any parents who want the best playground set for their kids.

  • Height:

The height of the set should be more than 5 feet. Five feet is considered as a perfect size. Sometimes it is tough to get the clear specifications of the swing sets.

Kids grow up very quickly. So when you buy a swing set of low height for your little child, it appears as a perfect size for your kid. But do you ever notice that this small size swing set will be suitable or not for your kid when he or she will grow older! Of course, your child will not get fit on this small size playground set. That is why you should plan before buying the best swing set.

  • Cost:

Cheap things are not always good. But maximum time we find the expensive things as a good product. We often see many advertisements of swing sets at the cheap price. But usually these products quality are not good. They last short and break down easily.

  • Warranty:

Usually, swing sets give warranty of ten to fifteen years. Redwood and pine set normally give warranty of lifetime. Warranty is a valuable feature like the other important features. You will have to use it for many years like the other products of your home. So, it’s any piece can be broken anytime. So warranty is the only hope which can recover the loss.

  • Beams:

A solid beam is one of the most major features. Beam of plastic and metal should be thick and strong enough to bear the weight of the children and also the whole set. Like: for a wood type swing set, 4×6 inch solid beam is a perfect size and it is strong enough to provide the strength to set. How the beam is installed or added with the other parts of the set should be checked.

  • Materials:

Wood, plastic, or metal; any material of swing sets should have the good quality of material. Poor quality can make the set fragile. Even the chain can be broken, if its materials are not good enough. It can cause a serious accident. So the other parts of the set also require high quality of material.

  • Colors:

The color is also an important feature. Many companies use stain or fadeless color coat. This color coat finish is very important. Because it makes the backyard sets long lasting.

Benefits of using Swing Sets:

Children are crazy for swing sets. We were also crazy in your childhood. It is the main attraction in the playground of the children. Not only the little children but also the older children also take the swing set as their best option to pass their playing time. Even in the park, we often see many adult people use it to pass their leisure time.

In the rural areas, swings set are made with normal traditional equipment. Like: rubber tire and rope. It is hung on trees. But in the modern time, the swing sets materials and designs are totally changed.

It is not important only for enjoyment. It provides exercise, fun, fresh air and enjoyment. It does its duty in any place. There are some beneficial sides of using the swing sets which we have discussed below widely…

  • Physical Benefits –

Exercise is very essential for the child. Children need it from their early ages. It is essential to move their body parts properly. Proper body movement can improve their health development.

Nowadays children do not want to do any physical exercise. They are becoming lazy. They want to spend their maximum time leisurely at their home. That is why the percentage of obese is increasing. They are making their life, device based.

CDC has told that every child should do one hour of exercise each day. When they move, jump, play, climb, sprint, and swing; their body parts get proper movement. This exercise can be easily gotten from the swing set when the children will play on it.

The more they will get bright sunlight and fresh air, the more it will be beneficial for them. Scientists have proved that passing a long period of time in outdoor can improve the immune system, mental health and brain activity. It keeps the children’s mind cheerful.

  • Social Benefits –

In the playground, children experience many types of knowledge. When they play on the swing set, they come close to many children. That’s way, they become more social. They can improve their social skills. The children gain the ability to make friendship with the unknown kids when many children play together on the swing set. They learn to value each other and also learn to love the Mother Nature.

There they can play like a team. While a child swing, the other children push him to give him the swing. From that, they can learn the value of teamwork. They also learn the benefits of sharing happiness. Mutually they can have a lot of fun. So playing on the swing set can bring this happiness to them.

  • Emotional Benefits –

When they swing, their brains become free and stress less. It helps them to become creative and imaginative. They can learn when they play on the swing sets. This learning has a beneficial effect on the emotional side.

  • Athletic Ability –

Scholastic has done a study and there they have said that playing on the swing sets is beneficial for the children. It promotes perceptual skills, movement, spatial awareness, social interaction, general fitness, sensory integration and mental representation.

Swing can improve child’s coordination and balance. It gives strength to the vestibular system. Swing also helps the children to be strong and also helps to stand up straighter. That means it improved the system of proprioceptive.

These two systems have a visual connection and it also becomes stronger when the children swing. So their vision will be more developed. They will adjust their movement and balance more accurately. It helps the children to be professional in riding bikes, playing sports or skateboarding.

  • Beneficial for parents –

Parents always have to stay in tension about their children that what are they doing, how are they and so on. It always keeps them in stress. But if you have a swing set in your backyard, it will keep you stress less. When you are sure about your children’s position and their condition, you will not worry about them so much.

Again children do not want to sleep fast. Every parent has to struggle for it so much. But, if your child plays on the swing set in the evening, they will stay tired. So at the bed time, they will not disturb you about sleeping. It will save your time and your child’s health. You will get extra time to take care of yourself.

How to install swing sets?

Buying a swing set is not a solution. You need to know the procedure of installation. Without installing it properly, everything can be ruined. Your dream and money will be faded away.

So, here we are giving you some pieces of advice about installing a swing set …

  • Step – 01:

First of all, you have to think about the place where you will place the swing set. Choosing the right place is a crucial step. You have to keep in your mind that in which place the swing set will be fitted after installation, how much space your kids can need to play freely on it.

You should not place it under a low size tree. It can be dangerous if you place it on the concrete surface. Not only the surface but also you will have to think about the surrounding areas. The children can get hurt from the near sharp and hard areas.

An even ground is very necessary for the children to play freely. If accidentally they fall down from the swing, the soft ground will not cause so much harm to them. In front of the swing and behind the swing, there should be at least 10 feet open with the extra area. It is best to use wood chips, sand, carpet or mulch on the playground to reduce the chance of their injury.

  • Step – 02:

Before starting the installation, there are many things to think. These things will help you to make the installation easy. Otherwise, it will ruin the proper installation and will take extra time. So, before the installation, arrange all the tools orderly which will be needed to install it. Do not go to search for the tools after starting the installation.

If you have ordered an ordinary swing set, then you will be able to complete the installation within a day. But if the swing set has multi-option or a big set, then it will take more hours than the ordinary set usually takes. But, when you do the installation part with non-professional hands, it can take double time to complete the installation. It also can happen that after spending double time and you may not get the proper fit.

So the suggestion of ConsumerHubs is to take the skilled people who are professional in the installation of the swing set. It will save your time and money both.

  • Step – 03:

After getting the swing set box, you should not hurry. First bring out the instruction manual. Read it thoroughly. Learn about the instruction. Every model of swing set has separate process of installation. So you need to learn the procedure of installation properly.

After that, take out the pieces from the box. Place the pieces gently and orderly to make the installation easy. Give special attention to the small pieces. Like: bolts and nuts. These things get lost easily.

  • Step – 04:

Now come to the main part. Start the installation with the legs or uprights of the swing set. In pairs bolt them together tightly to get two acute angles. Normally, for every pair, the swing set has two braces. The two uprights will be connected by these braces nearing halfway down. Next, you will have to bolt these on.

  • Step – 05:

The longest piece of metal or wood is the crosspiece. You have to now install the longest piece carefully. It is the main piece of the swing set. It is called as the beam of the swing set. This beam will be attached to the top of the uprights.

Actually, this beam will be attached to the point where the two legs meet. Now bolt on the crosspiece tightly. Make sure that you have bolted it securely. After that, you can stand your swing set up.

  • Step – 06:

After installing the crosspiece, you will have to go for the ladder. Bring out the ladders. Link the chains of the swing set to the crosspiece. The attaching system of chain varies from model to model of the swing set. You have the manual, so do not worry. Attach it, how the manual has told to do.

  • Step – 07:

Some swing sets provide extra features. Like: hanging bar or monkey bar, slide. If the swing set has extra options to play, then you will have to take more time and patience. Install the hanging bar or slide step by step as the manual has told to do in it.

Every time you have to be careful to the every sector of the swing set. You have to make sure that you have bolted the parts securely and orderly.

We have thoroughly given you here the proper installation system. Next we are going to give you the latest buying guide of the best swung set 2017. You should read it to broad the areas of knowledge about purchasing this product.

Buying Guide of Swing Sets:

The best way to encourage your children to play outside in their backyard is to buy them a suitable swing sets. It will improve their mental and physical activity. You can say it is one in all playing set. It will save your time, money and especially your child’s health.

But at this time, choosing a best swing sets for the children has become a tough task to the parents. Often we see that the parents have not actual knowledge about buying swing sets. They should have the knowledge about the basic ideas before buying the swing set. So ConsumerHubs has brought here the swing set buying guide for you.

  • Family Size –

First, you have to think about the little members of your family. According to the number of the little member who will use the swing set, you have to choose the swing set which will be able to accommodate your little members at a time.

Again, you should also think about the friends and relatives of your children. On the swing set, not only your children will play, but also your children’s friends and cousins will also play when they will come to the house. So choose the swing set, which can accommodate a group of children.

For a big family, the parents should buy playground sets, which can give place about ten children at a time. This type of swing set usually has multi options of playing. For a big family, the swing set should be strong and durable enough to bear the heavy weight.

  • Age of kids –

Age of kids is an important matter to think about buying a swing sets. If you only think about the present age of your children, it will be a wrong thinking. You should also think about the future also. You should buy the swing set which is able to give the enjoyment and security to your children when they will grow up. If you have the children of both, age of 3 years and age of 9 years, choosing the right swing set may appear to you as a great confusing decision.

  • Available Space –

When you have decided to buy your preferable swing set, next you have to think about the place where the swing set will be installed. Find out or select the appropriate space in your home. Where you can install it freely and your children will get enough free space to play without any obstacles.

Again, you should select the place near your window, where from you can keep your eyes on your children when they will play there. You should also think about the surface where you will install the swing set.

  • Material of Swing Set –

Swing sets are usually made of wood, plastic or metal. You have to choose the material of your swing set which will be suitable for your children. But the suggestion is to choose the swing set which is equivalent with your home’s style and your home’s backyard. Choosing the best swing sets 2017 also depends on budget and personal preference also.

Swing set of wood is suitable for every home. It is also eco-friendly and customizable. It is a costly swing set also. Swing set of metal and plastic are also suitable for the homes. But it depends on the decoration of the house and environment.

  • Price –

The price of the swing set varies from model to model or brand to brand. Generally, the lowest price of the swing set is about $500 and the highest price is about $5000. We often prefer the cheap price of swing set. But they are not long lasting. Their quality is poor.

The Pros:

  • It helps the children to develop their brain and health.
  • They can pass their playing time with great enjoyment.
  • Many children can play together on it.
  • Social bonding gets many scopes to build up.
  • Children can improve their athletic skills also.

The Cons:

  • The swing set causes injury and it often happens.
  • Slide parts also cause accident also.
  • Little costly some of the playing sets.


Q – How much extra space it needs?

It is best to keep extra space. You should keep extra ten feet in front of the swing and ten feet extra behind the swing. This extra space will reduce the chance of getting injury of the children.

Q – Does the swing set come with anchors?

Actually many swing sets do not come with the anchors. You will have to buy it separately. In the product description of the swing set in online, you can be sure about the anchors that will it come with the swing set or not.

Q – How I will choose the price range?

Actually, it depends on your ability. However, we want to suggest you that do not buy the cheap swing set. The quality of lowest price set is poor. It is the best to buy between mid to top range swing sets.

Q – Swing sets have any age recommendation?

Yes. Every swing set gives age restriction. Generally, three to ten years old. From the three to ten years old children can use the swing sets without any risk.

Q – Swing sets have any weight limitation?

Weight limitation of swing set depends on the model or brand. But every swing set gives weight limitation. It is best to do not cross the limitation of the weight of the swing set. Otherwise, the swing set or seat can be broken.

Q – Which swing set is very durable?

It depends on the quality of the swing set. To check the durability, you have to research about the swing set. In the online, you will get enough information about the quality of the swing sets. Check the material, chain, beam, and design. Strong frame and beam can give the strength and durability to the swing set.

Final Call:

Here, we have tried our best to bring out the each and every side of the swing set. Nothing is 100% accurate. So it is also same for the swing sets. It has also bad side. But without the few disadvantages, the best swing set 2017 is the good one to purchase for our children. We have shown you here, which features should have the best playground playing sets.

We have given here swing set reviews. We have also discussed about the swing set brands. So here you can easily find out your desire information about it. Parents love their children and it is beyond the question. Now, you know better what is beneficial for your children. From here you can now easily decide about your best purchase.

Content Source:

We have found a good amount of information about the swing set from the listed sites. These sites are very reliable.

These sites have helped our experts and researchers to find out the real and rare information about the best swing sets of 2017.

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