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Best Walking Canes 2017 (Latest)

Our experts have enlisted these 5 top walking canes to buy in 2017. They have rated these walking-canes according their performance and features. The experts have practically reviewed them and made the list. Check it out …

ImageProduct NameScore
HurryCane Best Walking CanesHurryCane All-Terrain90
Hugo Best Walking CanesHugo Mobility Quadpod92
Ez2care Best Walking CanesEz2care Classy Adjustable93
Vive’s Best Walking CanesVive Adjustable Quad89
Kitchen Krush Best Walking CanesTravel Adjustable Folding88


Was the list helpful enough for you? It was just a brief overview though. The actual review is presented below and it’s set in accordance with the ConsumerHubs Algorithm. If you are determined to pick the best walking cane, then you must go through it.

1. HurryCane All-Terrain – Best Selling Walking Cane [Recommended] 

This All-Terrain walking cane of HurryCane has included the re-designed feet with the locking system for the first time. This WhisperFlex design gives a silent and smooth pivot.

HurryCane All-Terrain best walking canes 2017

It is inspired by the world’s most smart machine “The Human Body”. All-Terrain Walking Cane stabilizes like the human foot. HurryCane has included three points to give you advance and proper stability and balance. Our instinctive walking motion will be stimulated naturally by it. It can provide traction at every angle through its SteadiGrip base. This can pivot like the ankle. So you will get flexibility during your walking time.

It has two joints. So you can fold it within seconds. You can store it in any small place. It can tolerate more than 350 pounds. This cane has eight different options of height. It will get fit with any normal people.

It is the updated version of HurryCane and they have made it far better. The advanced design of the feet with the locking system has made the pivot more smooth and silent. It has been designed by the most advanced design machine of this earth. So there should be no doubt of fault about its design.

The cane has three contact points which will give you more stability and balance. Its advanced grips will never let you slip on any surface. From every angle it can provide the highest traction to you. Maintaining your balance, you can walk with it comfortably.

Within few seconds you can fold it and also flip it out. After folding it, the original size comes into one-third. So you can keep it in any place. It can bear high body weight. It has also multi options to adjust with any height of the human.

The Pros:

  • It has advanced locking system
  • Gives proper stability and balance
  • Pivot like our ankles
  • Foldable walking cane

The Cons:

  • The base of the cane is not big
  • The cane cannot balance by itself

2. Hugo Mobility Quadpod – The Walking Cane You Can Trust

The body of the Hugo Quadpod cane is made of aluminum. It has multi options to adjust the height. From 5 foot to 6.5 foot people can be accommodated by it easily.

Hugo Mobility Quadpod best walking canes 2017

The cane tip of the Hugo Mobility Quadpod Walking Cane is Ultra Stable. It is 80 percent compact and 40 percent lighter than the quad cane which has large base.The unique design of the cane has made it possible to stand by its own. This Hugo cane incorporate 12 push buttons and these buttons have been given by the manufacturer for the height settings. It has the capability to bear the weight more than 300 pounds. This cushion-top handle of the cane is ergonomic and shock absorbing.

The handle is specially designed to give you the ultimate comfort in your hand. The reflective strap has been used on it to give you security at night.

First of all it is a very stylish walking cane which can be used by any age’s people. It is versatile and durable enough to give you ultimate support. You can easily adjust its height with your height. Any height of the people will be fitted with it.

It is far better than the quad cane which has a larger base. This Hugo Mobility Quadpod Walking Cane is much lighter and compact. Advanced technology has been used for it and this technology has made it able to stand independently.

You will get extra advantages from the Hugo Walking Cane. It is shock absorbing, ergonomic and it has the reflective strap which will give you security at the night time. Though its weight is light, but it can tolerate more than 300 pounds. So you will stay safe always with it.

The Pros:

  • Aluminum body is used for it
  • Height adjustable cane
  • Weight of the cane is not heavy
  • Able to bear at least 300 pounds

The Cons:

  • Older people may find it as a heavy cane
  • The tip of the cane is not flexible.

3. Ez2care Adjustable – Perfect Walking Cane for Everyday Use

The body of the Ez2care Adjustable Walking Cane is made of aluminum. The aluminum body has made it lightweight. It also gives highest durability.

Ez2care Adjustable best walking canes 2017

It can be folded easily. So you can store it in a small space. Again with the locking system, you can extend it quickly. From 33 to 37 inches height adjustment can easily accommodate any height’s people.The handle of the cane is ergonomically designed and it is very comfortable to use. To carry it easily, it has pouch and hand strap. Though the walking cane is not heavy, but it can bear more than 250 pounds of body weight.

The users of the Ez2care Adjustable Walking Cane will get much comfort from it. Anodized body of aluminum and ergonomically-designed handle grip provide you highest security.

You do not have to think about your height adjustment with the height of walking canes anymore. Because, this walking can has height adjustable options.

It can be folded into four sections. You will get canvas bag of black color with it and you can keep the folded cane in it. The manufacturer has used standard straps on it. Body weight more than 250 pounds, will be easily tolerated.

The Pros:

  • Aluminum is used to make this cane
  • Lightweight walking-cane
  • Easily foldable and need little space to store it
  • More than 250 pounds can be tolerated by it

The Cons:

  • Older people may find it tough to snap it
  • The handle part is not comfortable

4. Vive’s Adjustable – Lightweight & Supportive Walking Cane

The weight of this walking cane is very light. The cane is ultra-stable and its construction is secured. It is durable enough and has no chance to break down. It can bear more than 300 pounds of body weight. The interesting part of it is, it has four feet and can equally bear the total weight of the body.

Vive’s Adjustable best walking canes 2017

It also gives the user more durability and grips. Both the left and the right handed user can use it. It has 28-37 inches height adjustment option with premium pin locks. The four tips head have four rubber grips to give you proper traction.

Its lightweight has made it very easy to carry. Vive’s Adjustable Quad Walking Cane has four feet and these feet can give you proper balance. It can bear at least 300 pounds. So you do not have to fear in giving pressure on it.

You can walk with it on any surface. It is portable and can be carried during traveling. From 5.5 to 6.5 foot people can use it through the height adjustment option. It is a strong and long lasting walking cane.

The Pros:

  • Lightweight walking stick
  • Tolerate more than 300 pounds of body weight
  • Height adjustable cane with pin lock
  • Rubbers grips give effective traction

The Cons:

  • It is not suitable for outdoor use
  • Some customers have found it as an unstable walking cane

5. Travel Adjustable Folding – Budget Friendly & Advanced Walking Cane

The handle of the travel adjustable walking cane has the human hand’s shape design to give the user ultimate comfort. The user can fold it in four parts. So it takes low space to store it. The manufacturer has used sure grip on the handle of this cane.

Kitchen Krush Travel best walking canes 2017

It is height is adjustable. From 34-39 inches, the height can be easily accommodated by the walking cane. The handle of this cane has a LED head light.The stick has a holing band and it is given to bear the walking cane easily. The quad base is extra wide and can balance independently. For the arthritis patient, the handle is made of soft foam. The adjustable and portable designs have made it as a unique walking cane on the market. This KK Travel Adjustable Walking Cane has lifetime warranty.

First of all, you can use it for a long time. Because the KK Travel Adjustable Walking Cane has lifetime warranty. So you do not have to tension about its decaying anymore. Its quad base is wide enough to give you proper balance and support. You can fold and flip it easily and quickly. Store it and carry it any place where you want.

For travelling it has a lace to carry it comfortably. The manufacturer has given special care to its handle making. The handle is very comfortable to use it. The crazy part of this walking cane is, it has LED head light. You can walk with it at night. It is durable and safe enough. So keep your trust on it.

The Pros:

  • Comfortable handle with effective design
  • Height adjustable and accommodate any height
  • Soft foam is used in its handle
  • Lifetime warranty is given from its manufacturer

The Cons:

  • The LED light is not removable
  • Its handle may slip

Why Do I Buy a Walking Cane?

At the old age, people get weaker and cannot walk without the support. This supporting stick or canes can give them the stability to walk alone. It is like an extra leg of human.

Not only the old people, but also any age’s people may need it. If our legs get injured, doctors suggest us to use the stick to give support to our injured leg. That is why the leg will feel less-pressure when we will walk, and our legs will also get enough chance to heal properly.

There are many reasons behind the necessity of buying it. Actually many of us are not well concerned about its buying necessity. So ConsumerHubs wants to bring it before you.

  • We have a concept about using walking cane is that it is only for the older person. But is not a right idea about it. Any adult people can use it. From young to older person can use it as their best supporting tool.
  • There are many reasons about using or buying these walking canes. The first reason is for any accidental purposes. Like: leg or foot injury. After these injuries, doctors suggest us to use these walking canes to reduce pressure on the injured leg. These canes help the patients to heal quickly.
  • These walking canes are also used by the people who have weak legs and balance problem. These are also used to restore the security sense.
  • Diabetes or a stroke patient cannot walk properly. Their body senses do not work properly and they cannot walk or stand by themselves. At this moment, a walking cane can be their best helping tool to make them walk or stand by themselves.
  • After knee or hip joint surgery, the patients become totally unable to walk. A supporting stick like walking canes can give them ultimate support to stand or walk. They do not get 24 hours any helping hand beside them.
  • So these walking canes can help the patients when they need the help badly. Again, many people have over body weight and they cannot walk or move a single step without these walking canes.

These walking canes are mainly used by the patients. We are suffering from many diseases, which are reducing the power of standing and walking by ourselves. But we cannot be defeated to these diseases. We have to fight back and the weapon can be these walking canes. These canes will again give back our lost hope and power to us to fight against all our weakness. It will make you again independent and nothing can be so much precious than it.

We have learned much about the necessity of buying these walking canes. But we should learn about these more elaborately. On the market, there are many types of walking canes are available.

Types of Walking Canes:

Today’s modern walking canes are quite different than the past old models. There are many brands and many models of walking canes are available on the market. Every model has different features and different advantages. It can bring out one’s personality through it.

Many manufacturers are making fashionable and standard walking canes for their customers. These canes are quite popular on the market also. The main purpose of it is to give ultimate support to the person who cannot walk or move without support. There are some categories of the walking canes in our market. Have a look:

  • C Walking Cane:

It is the simplest cane and it assists to improve balance. It is a straight walking stick or cane. At the top, it has a curve handle. These walking canes are needed by the users who want to give less pressure to their opposite leg or injured leg.

  • Functional Grip Walking Canes:

It is quite similar with the C type cane. The difference between them is the handle. The functional grip walking cane’s handle is not curve, rather it is straight. So the patients get proper grip from it. The patients get more grip and balance from this cane than the C cane. It is appropriate for the patients who need more balance assistant.

  • Quad Walking Cane:

These walking canes have the rectangle base and four supports which are small. These four supports can contact with the floor to give proper balance and traction. That is why we called it as Quad Walking Cane. Quad canes have two categories also. One is small base and other one is large base.

Their special designed base gives more support than the above canes. These are very useful to the patient of paresis or the hemiplegia. The interesting part of them is, it can stand independently without any support. Its design and base have made it able to stand alone.

  • Hemiwalker Walking Cane:

These walking canes are the combination of the walker and quad cane’s features. These have the largest base than any other types of walking canes. So these can also give the highest support to the patient. The patients who are very weak and quite unable to move or stand, they can use it as their best supporting hand.

Actually we get these basic types of walking canes when we look for these on the market.

You should also know about the main features of the walking canes. Without the knowledge of the walking cane’s features, you will not be able to judge any cane, which is appropriate for you or not.

Features to look for on Walking Canes …

There are certain features that need to be present in a walking cane. Without them the walking cane won’t be a supportive one. Why don’t you take a look at these features and they will certainly help you in buying the right walking canes.

Hand Grip: It is the main point, where you make contact with the walking cane. The important part of the hand grip is, the grip should be comfortable and much effective for support. For the secure hold the grip should be also contoured, gel or padded.

Tip: Many walking canes have anti-slip rubber tip. To get more stability, tripod tip of cane will be best for you. Border base gives more support. These tips are very safe for the slippery surface. It will give you the security to do not fall down on the ground.

Length: All human being have not same height. So a fixed walking cane will not be suitable for everybody. Now the advanced walking canes have height adjustment options. It can accommodate any height of the people. People from 5 foot to 6.5 foot height can fit with the height of the available smart and advanced walking canes.

Without getting the proper height or length of the walking canes, it can do more harm to you. You will not get proper balance, your walking can will not able to carry your body weight and you injured part of the body will get more harmful effect.

Stability: Our main need from the walking can is to get proper support and stability for long-term needs or recovery. We can say it the primary feature of the walking cane. The stability comes from the design and material function.

The material should be safe and strong enough which can completely bear your weigh of body. We have researched and found the result about stability that quad walking canes are able to give more stability. It is the main support, which you will need in your daily life.

Walking is one of the best exercises, which is ideal for our health and mind. Regular walking will improve your stamina, confidence and energy. It can also control our body weight also. Your heart will remain strong and your brain will stay stress less.  But when you are not capable of walking by yourself, you need to do this exercise. Only walking canes help you to walk independently.

Benefits of Using a Walking Cane:

Why the walking canes are beneficial for us? It is beneficial from many sides. Doctors highly recommend to their patients to use it. These walking canes are used not only by the patients but also by the normal people to do their hiking.

  • Upper-body workout improvement:

You need to lift the stick and place it ahead of your body during walking with walking canes. During this time, when you move, your body’s weight also moves through your arms. By this way, when you walk a long distance, your shoulders and arms will get a good workout. It will help you to burn enough calories. It is clinically proven that walking with the canes can increase the intensity of walking.

  • Back health and weight:

Walking canes can redistribute your weight of body. It can stop coming down the weight on the back, buns and knees. It can displace the weight from lower body and back when you will walk through this cane and your arm. These cans have the ability to tear and wear on your muscles and joints. That is why people will get rid off from the back or arthritis problems. It fosters proper posture also when you will use them. Proper posture can distribute weight safely and evenly. So you will stay risk free from injury and you will also able to improve the back health.

  • Improved balance and stability:

On any even or uneven surfaces, these walking canes can maintain your balance. These help to stabilize the body and diminish the risk of slipping and falling. These can give enough stability to the users or the patients. These walking canes are specially made to give you the highest support. When you are walking, you can release your body pressure on it. If you do not have the proper natural body balance, you can control your balance by using it and controlling it.

  • Self Defense:

It can be considered as a personal safety tool also. A walking cane can give you many senses of added protection. You can hurt aggressive dogs with it, if they come to attack you. You can also walk with it at the night time. It will give you alert of any fault of the surface in your way. Many walking canes have head light and reflective straps. So you can walk with it more safely than walking without any tool. Anything will be able to notice you from a long distance.

  • Hostile Surface:

On the hostile surfaces, normal people cannot walk smoothly. Like on the ice or the mud or the oil. There always stay chance of falling. But a walker with a walking cane has low chance of falling. Because, the best walking canes have specially designed base, which can give you proper grip, traction and balance. So these canes can keep you safe from these sides also.

How to Use a Walking Cane?

Do you have a walking cane? If you have or not, you should know about the using procedure. How you should use the walking cane properly, it is very essential to know. Otherwise the result can be opposite.


Proper positioning of the cane:

The correct length of the walking cane is necessary for better mobility and safety. We have already said that without proper length of the walking cannot give you the excepted result which you are expecting for. Most of the walking sticks are height adjustable. They have multi options to adjust the height of the stick. But you should know the exact rule about the height of the cane, which will be best for you.

  • Obtain the measurement of your daily walking shoes when you are going to walk with it.
  • Stand steadily and hold the walking canes.
  • Your stick’s top must reach to your wrist’s crease when you are standing up steadily and straight.
  • You should now adjust the height of the stick with the height of your body. Make the cane’s height suitable.
  • The elbow of your arm should be bent slightly when you will hold the walking pole.
  • You should hold the walking pole in the hand, which side does not need support. For example, when your left side or leg is injured, you should hold the walking cane in the right side or hand.

Walking with the cane:

Now prepare yourself for walking. Start the stepping with your injured leg and take the walking cane ahead of you. Move both the affected leg and the cane forward together.

Lean the weight of your body through the hand holding walking-cane as you needed. Always start the walking with your bad or injured leg. Try to walk on the even surfaces. Always the injured leg should assume the first step of full weight bearing.

You must care about the stretching. Do not step like that you are stepping ahead of the cane. And also do not feel like that you are sprawling to come at the cane.

Climb Stairs:

For climbing the stairs efficiently, you should avoid the walking system which we have told you for walking on the even surfaces. When the stairs rail is not near to you, you can get support from the walking cane. Hold the walking cane tightly and step up the good leg and place it on the above step. After placing the good leg, take the weaker leg on the same step where you have placed your good leg. Continue the rule for every step of the stair.

Again when you are coming down from the stair, follow the rule of walking on the level surfaces. Hold the cane and step down the weaker leg on the near below step. Now take the good leg on the same step beside the weaker leg. Through this way you can easily come down without creating any harmful pressure on the weaker side. You will not lose the balance also.

Before walking you should observe the way clearly. If the ground is not quite level, you have to choose the safest point of that surface to step your foot on these points. Again if you find any obstacles, move them away from your walking way.

Best Walking Canes Buying Guide 2017:

There are many types of walking canes are available on the market. You may get confused when you will go to choose the suitable one among them. To solve the confusions, we have consulted our experts and made an efficient buying guide of walking canes.

Before completing your purchase, you should give importance on the some essential respects of the walking-canes. On the basis of the features, the sticks can be divided into many sections.

According to Cane Materials …

Basically walking canes are made of wood, steel and aluminum.

  • Wood – Wood type walking canes are the oldest and traditional cane. They have round handle. These canes are made of different types of wood. Good quality wood-canes are expensive and their bottom has a rubber tip for gripping. They can give quality grip on the surfaces. These canes are not height adjustable. You have to cut it to adjust with your height.
  • Aluminum – At this time most of the walking canes are made from the aluminum. These canes are available in reasonable price. They are lightweight and stronger than the wood canes. They have height adjustable feature. Again the bottom of the cane has rubber tip to give you proper grip. The handle of these canes are comfortable also.
  • Steel – These types of canes are the strongest walking-canes than the other type’s canes. The weights of the sticks are also high. They are also available with many attractive features. Like: rubber tip for grips, smooth handle, height adjustable multi options.

According to the design …

  • Single point – these sticks have only one point to contact with the ground.
  • Quad type – the base of these walking-sticks is made of four points to contact with the surface. They can independently stand by themselves. Again the base is two types. Small and large base. Their weight is heavier than the single point canes. But they give more stability and grips than the single point walking-canes.
  • Folding Cane – these sticks can be folded in many sections. So you can keep it in small place. Easy to travel and carry.
  • Specialty Cane – these canes are specially made for the hostile environment. They have special tip to give you proper grip on the ice type surfaces.

According to the handle …

  • Round – the round handles are most traditional type walking-canes. It is a simple design. Mainly wood canes have this type of handle.
  • Derby – this type of handle has elegant shape and they are quite comfortable. It gives proper gripping to the people who are arthritis patients. Wood and aluminum type walking poles use this type of handle.
  • Offset – for getting sufficient stability, this handle is best. Below the surface of gripping, it has a curve which can transfer the weight straight down the stick’s shaft when you bear your body weight on the stick.

After knowing the all types and features of the walking-canes, you have to now choose the suitable cane for you. Consult your doctor to know about the exact walking cane which is suitable for you. Always give importance to the suitable height of the stick which is appropriate with the height of your body.

Check the warranty. You should buy the supporting canes which have at least one year of warranty. Many walking-canes have lifetime warranty also. You can also research about this product online to get more clear ideas.

The Pros:

  • These give highest support to the patients who are unable to stand.
  • These walking canes can maintain the body balance.
  • People can walk more securely with it.

The Cons:

  • People may lose their natural capacity of body balance.
  • Some walking canes are very dangerous for the slippery surfaces.


Q. Do the walking-canes work on the carpeting surface?

Yes of course. The walking-canes are made to walk on most of the surfaces. Anywhere you can walk with the sticks. They can work efficiently on the carpeting surface for having the special rubber tips.

Q. Is the warranty of the product will stay valid if I buy from amazon?

The warranty of the product will still work if you buy the walking-canes from amazon. The manufacturers sell their products through amazon. So buying from here is totally legal. You warranty will not be discarded.

Q. Will these sticks work for the left handed persons?

Why not! It will work for both handed people. These canes are not made for only right or left handed people.

Q. Is the flashlight of the walking cane’s handle removable?

Actually the flashlight of the handle is fixed with the handle. You cannot remove it. The manufacturers have made it in that way for the beneficial purpose. You will never forget to bring a torch with you. Again it can give you the back up of light anytime.

Q. Which height of the walking-cane is appropriate?

The height of the best canes depends on your height. You have to adjust it. Now most of the walking canes have height adjustable options. So adjust the height of the best cane which is suitable for you. Without the suitable height, the top canes cannot give proper advantage.

Final Call:

Twenty First Century has introduced us with the most advanced walking canes. These are more updated and more powerful than the older walking canes. We always want to see our parents happy. Of course we will love to see the happy faces when our loving persons will able to stand independently after facing the disability. This happiness can be brought to you through the best walking canes of 2017.

Content Source:

When we have written about best walking canes, we researched about it online. We have taken information from these reliable sites. These sites were very helpful and informative. So we are giving here the name and link of the websites below.

We hope that you have found actual detailed information about the top walking canes 2017 after reading whole articles.

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