Did you know that our feet is the most vulnerable body part while we’re at work?

Protect them with the best work boots 2017. It’s the least they deserve and not those fancy pedicures!

Now, sorting out the most appropriate work boot for you can be very a painful task. We know, you have to work very hard everyday. That’s why leave the mental pressure of selecting your work boot to us. We won’t let you down as the only goal of ours is to make you better consumers.

Best Work Boots 2017 (Top List)

We have enlisted these 5 best working shoes to buy in 2017. We’ve pick these safety boots according to its features and performance to make a perfect list. Check it out below …

ImageProduct NameScore
Timberland PRO best work bootsTimberland PRO Steel-Toe90
Timberland best work bootsTimberland White Ledge92
Caterpillar best work bootsCaterpillar Plain Soft-Toe89
Maelstrom best work bootsMaelstrom Duty Work Boot82
Caterpillar Men's best work bootsCaterpillar Waterproof Boot85

This list should not be enough for you if you really want to know the work boots more intensely. That’s when ConsumerHubs Algorithm kicks in and helps our experts in preparing some of the best reviews of the best work boots.

1. Timberland PRO – The Best Work Boots Available [Recommended]

It has leather of rugged nubuck. This leather is very durable and comfortable. It has welt construction of Goodyear to give the boot more durability. It has steel safety for toe and it is much comfortable. This Timberland’s top collar is padded to give comfort. It has Polyurethane midsole for durability and comfort.

Timberland PRO best work boots 2017

For odor control, Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot has the lining of Cambrelle fabric. This lining has been given with the antimicrobial treatment. The top hooks of cast metal have been given to increase durability. To support the rigidity, it has a shock-diffusion plate of nylon. Timberland PRO has a rubber outsole and it is oil and slip resistant. It is imported.

The Benefits:

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot is a kind of working boot which is safe, comfortable and tough enough. The construction of the steel toe has met safety standards of ANSI. The workers, who work in slippery areas, then can get the great advantage from it. It is a slip and oil resistant boot. It has enough room for the toe.

That is why you will not feel any pain in your toe. The boot has a high quality of traction-grip. So it will not let you slip on this type of surface. It has a protection of electronic hazard. So you can easily walk on it and there will be no threat to you in getting any electric shock anymore. In the front side, it has a sock liner which is removable. So you can clean and use it easily.

The Pros:

  • Durable and comfortable leather is used
  • Steel safety toe is given
  • For more comfort, it has top collar
  • Oil and slip resistant boot
  • Welt construction is international level

The Cons:

  • Heavy weight working boot
  • Some customers have claimed that it is not so comfortable

2. Timberland White Ledge – Premium Waterproof Work Boot

This boot has premium type leather on the upper side. This leather is full-grain waterproof. The construction of this work boot is seam-sealed waterproof. So it will keep your feet dry. To secure the lacing, the speed laces have hooks. This secure lacing has made it rustproof also.

Timberland White Ledge best work boots 2017

Its footbed is removable and this is dual-density EVA type. For comfort, the gusseted tongue and padded collar have been given. Its outsole is made of solid rubber. This outsole has also multi-directional lugs.

These things are given to increase the boot’s traction ability on any surface. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot is imported. It is also known as a Hiking Boot and it has oiled-leather finishing.

The Benefits:

This work boot is completely waterproof. In any weather, it can keep your feet dry. It gives the high protection and comfort for the outdoor works. Its laces have the capability to make the boot rustproof. These laces can be tightly tied. So it will reduce the chance of getting the water inside the boot.

You can use it for the Hiking purposes also. You can roughly use it. It will not feel hard when you will walk with it. It is much comfortable. Its outsole is made with rubber. It has a special type of grip. So you can walk without any risk on the slippery surfaces. Its gusseted tongue is very much comfortable also. That can be used for a long period.

The Pros:

  • Premium type leather is used for it
  • Waterproof working boot
  • EVA type footbed is given and it is removable
  • Its grips give enough traction

The Cons:

  • It has no foot-bed of steel
  • Not so much waterproof

3. Caterpillar Men’s Plain Soft – Most Durable Classic Work Boot

It is a leather Boot. The quality of the sole is good enough and it is made of synthetic material. The measurement of the shaft is approximately 6.5”. The measurement of Heel is approximately 1.5” and the measurement of Platform is approximately 0.75”.

Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Plain Soft best work boots

The lining is nylon mesh. Sock Liner is made of Climasphere. This boot has welt construction of Goodyear. The collar is plush logoed. The toe is soft and its lace is up. Its grommets are leather featuring and its shape is hex-shape.

The Benefits:

Today’s hard working people take it as their most trustable footwear. It is very durable and the boot is quite comfortable. It is made of pure leather and this leather is long lasting. So you can use it for a long period. Its padded collar will give you extra comfort.

Goodyear welt has single stitched which has made the Caterpillar Men’s Soft-Toe Work Boot more attractive. It is an imported boot and its quality is high enough. It is slip resistant and you do not have to worry anymore about falling down.

The Pros:

  • Made of leather
  • Synthetic material has made the sole more durable
  • Nylon mesh lining has made it more strong
  • Soft toe is given for users’ comfort

The Cons:

  • Tough to clean this boot
  • Some users have found it hard to wear

4. Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP – Most Affordable Work Boot

Fabric and leather have been used to make the boot. It has a rubber sole which is oil resistant. The leather of the boot is polishable. Its mesh upper is highly breathable. So the ventilation system is very good quality.

Maelstrom LANDSHIP best work boots 2017

Its lining is also breathable. The rubber outsole is oil and slip resistant. The high class shock-absorbent removable cushion has been inserted inside the boot. This cushion is comfortable too. Its tongue and collar are padded.

This type of pad gives extra comfort to the feet. Its molded midsole are lightweight and shock-absorbing. Composite shank gives support and stability. It has an official warranty of one year. It is also available in many colors.

The Benefits:

Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot is highly used by the professionals in law enforcement. It is also used by outdoor enthusiasts. You can polish the leather. It is a polishable shoe. So you can keep it clean all time.

The tongue and collar are padded with the pad of good quality. So it will provide you great comfort when you will wear it. The mixed combination of leather and fabric will keep the feet more comfortable.

It is shock proof. The soles are oil-resistant and give enough grips. So there is no risk to slip on the surface. You can run fast with the shoe so fast that you can feel that you have become FLASH.

It gives stability, comfort, and speed. So it is useable for every section. It has a great value on the market. It is now widely known as a great all rounder boot.

The Pros:

  • Polishable work boot
  • Oil and slip resistant boot
  • Comfortable pad is given for our feet’s comfort
  • One year warranty is given from its manufacturer

The Cons:

  • Not totally waterproof
  • It has no composite or steel toe

5. Caterpillar Men’s Steel Toe – Perfect Work Boots for Everyday Use

It is specially made for the hard works. It has come on the market with the rugged detailing and classic styling. Cat footwear has used high-class leather which is full grain. It has welt construction of Goodyear. This boot has insole of Climasphere.

Caterpillar Steel Toe best work boots 2017

Its sole is fully slipped resistant. It has also used Electrical Hazard to make it electrical shockproof. The steel toe of the boot has maintained the ASTM standards. The lining of the boot has nylon mesh. Caterpillar Men’s Steel Toe Work-Boot is durable enough and lasts long enough.

The Benefits:

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel-Toe Work Boot is very durable and comfortable. A pair of the boot can be used for a long time. It is a hard working boot which is widely used by the workers. Goodyear welt has single stitched which has made the boot’s look more stylish.

It has the pure leather body which is very essential for a long lasting work boot. Electric Hazard can keep safe from getting electrified. You can then work in the circuit open areas.  It is oil resistant and keeps you safe on the slippery surfaces. It has also passed the quality tests also.

The Pros:

  • Ideal for the hard works
  • High-class leather has been used
  • For better safety this boot has steel toe
  • Long lasting working boot

The Cons:

  • The foam padding is not so good quality
  • It is water resistant, not waterproof totally

What does work boots actually mean?

The best work boot is actually a kind of footwear. It mainly covers the ankle and the foot. Some boots can cover some parts of the low calf. We get some boots on the market also, which can cover the upper side of the leg. Most of the boots have the heel.

So boots are of many types. They are specially made for the special sectors. It is now an emergency tool for our daily life. It is formally used in the office or school or court. Again it is used as smart footwear. It is widely used in the sporting world also. But these boots are especially beneficial for the working sides. The workers can now keep their foot safe and can do their work comfortably.

Why buy working boots?

You may think that work boots are very heavy and you will not feel easy with it when you will work. But you should not think about it such way. It is a protective equipment which is necessary to keep your foot safe in the construction or industrial worksides.

Why you should buy this work boot, ConsumerHubs is exposing the necessity of it here:

Normal footwear cannot protect your foot from getting a foot injury. They have no special feature or safety for your foot. That is why; shoe or boot manufacturers have made special kind of boots which can give high security to the foot. We know these as the working boots. Workers, defense team consider it as their effective weapon also.

You should also know about the beneficial sides of the work boot in detail.

  • Many people of us work in the risky areas. Like construction areas or dynamic environments. Steel toe of working boot can save the feet from the crushing injuries.
  • In the working sides, you may step on any sharp objects. Normal shoe soles will be easily punctured by the sharp objects. It will damage the shoe. But working boot has the durable sole which is puncture free.

Again this sharp object can harm your foot seriously. The normal shoe cannot keep you safe from this kind of injuries. But the working boot is specially made with heavy sole. That is why these duty-boots will not be punctured by any sharp things.

  • It can resist water and dust. So your foot will stay always safe. These boots are made to use in any atmosphere.
  • The workers who use the chainsaw, they always stay in high risk. Because using the chainsaw is very risky. It can easily harm their foot. So they should use the work boots which meet the OSHA standard.
  • These work boots are made of pure leather. The best work boots are also fire proof. It will also keep your foot from getting burned.

You can now think about it, why we say it as an essential thing for the workers. Keep your foot 24X7 safe and protect your job. Buy it and we can assure that it will be the one of the best decision of your 2017.

Types of Working Boots:

From worker to the officer and men to women, every human needs safe work-boots. These working boots are specially made for the hostile environment. Your company’s authority can suggest you wear the safe boots.

But which one will be best for you, they may not help you to choose it. So you should broad the border of your knowledge. Learn about the different types of work boots which are still available on the market. We are showing the basic types of them:

  • Composite-Toe:

This type of boot has safety caps of the toe which are not made of any metal material. Its weight is not heavy. It is 30 percent lighter than the steel toe. These can also protect you from the areas where you can get accidently electric-shock. Its caps are totally non-metallic. So there is no chance to get the electric-shock when you have these work boots with you.

  • Steel-Toe:

These types of Boots are highly required for the standard tests of OSHA. It has the high capacity of absorbing impacts. It can tolerate impact pressure, at least 75 pounds. It can also tolerate compress pressure more than 2,500 pounds. These boots are perfect for the environments where the chance of rolling of falling is high. The manufacturers have used steel-toe for these boots.

Electrical Safety Work Boots:

These boots have actually three categories to give you ultimate safety from the surfaces where has the possibility of getting electrified. These categories are Non-conductive, static dissipating and conductive.

  • The Non-conductive boots are specially made to keep you safe if you come to contact with the electrical equipment. It will reduce the percentage of getting hurt from the electrical shock. Its ASTM label will have the word “EH” on the boots.
  • Static dissipating working boots are specially designed to reduce the amount of electricity which is built-up on the shoe’s body. These boots will have clearly visible “ESD” or “SD” on its ASTM label.
  • Conductive-boots are designed to save us from electrifying. The person when he/she will have the shoe on his leg, that person can keep himself safe. The boot’s ASTM label will have the “CD’’ word.

Oil-Resistant Boots:

  • These boots have durable lines of glue. The polyurethane soles and leather uppers are specially designed.
  • This design plays a vital role to give the highest traction on the oily surfaces.

Insulated Working Boots:

  • These boots are specially made and engineered to give the foot an extra protected layer to keep the foot safe from the moisture and cold weather.
  • It has the insulation of low bulk which can wick moisture and trap insulated air.

Features to Look For …

The best work boots are very necessary for the people who have to work hard and risk their life to earn for themselves and their families. So we know better the value of the work-boots in your life. We want to give you the beneficial advice about buying the work boots.

We have analyzed about every work-boot which is available on the market. So we are giving you here the main features which are necessary to look for.

  • According to your personal needs, you should look for the best-boots which will be suitable for the environment of your working place.
  • The work boots should have the safety toes. These toes are made of different materials. Like: steel, aluminum, and composite. But these three kinds of the toe are very essential for our toe. It can save our toe from getting many serious injuries.
  • You should also look for the boots which are both oil and slip resistant. It should also have the puncturing plate which will keep your foot safe from the nails.
  • We can consider the boot as best, when the shoe will have enough heel. These boots should have 3 to 4 inches heel. It will help you to get enough grips on the ladder.
  • Metatarsal guards are also very essential for the work boots. It can protect a large portion of our foot.
  • Railroads workers want those kinds of boots which can protect their calf and ankle. So they can choose the boots which height is 9 inches.
  • Electrical Safety Boots have actually 3 categories. They give you ultimate safety from the surfaces where has the risk of getting the electric shock. These categories are Non-conductive, conductive, and static dissipating.
  • Synthetic welt or leather welt is a most common method of construction. These types of welt constructed boots are a general type. Though they are durable enough.
  • Direct-attached construction is another technique. The molten rubber is used to attach the upper and lower part of the boot. These types of boots are lightweight and comfortable. They also absorb shocks quite well.
  • Another technique of construction is cement method. It is the best way to make the boot lightweight and durable. This technique has made the work boots very comfortable.
  • The work boots should be waterproof and also dustproof. It can keep your feet safe and dry in any weather. Proper ventilation way is also needed for the best work boot.
  • Durability is an essential thing which makes your purchase successful. So check the material quality, construction material and construction type to be sure about its durability.

We have learned enough about the features we should look for the working boots. But we should also learn about its positive and negative side also. Don’t we?

Benefits of Buying Work Boots:

There is no single word to describe the beneficial sides of the work boots in a single line or word. To make you understand about its beneficial sides, we are elaborately finding out its marvelous sides:

Safety Toes:

  • If we first consider anything about the beneficial side of the work boots, that will be its safety toes. Its toes are specially made and designed to give you extra comfort. But it has also another great beneficial side.
  • It can cover the toes and keep the toes safe from any crushing injury. The manufacturers use three types of the toe. Steel, composite and aluminum toes. These types of toe have reduced the percentage of damage during any accidents.

Resistant Heels and Soles:

  • If you are a worker of slippery surfaces or you have to work near the chemical products, there is no other better option for you except the work-boots.
  • Other shoes cannot hold your foot on the slippery surfaces. But only the working boots have the capability to give your foot enough traction and it will perfectly hold you on the surface.
  • Manufacturers are making their work boots’ soles water resistant. Some of them are highly oil resistant.
  • They are especially giving importance to the boot’s sole. They use the plates which are puncture resistant. So there is no tension about the nails or any sharp objects when you are working in the hostile working place.
  • On the ladder, normal footwear cannot give you proper grip. But the boots which have the heel can give you proper grip. So there will be no chance of falling down.

Metatarsal Guards:

  • Metatarsal guards are highly used in the advanced working-boots. They can give additional support to keep your foot safer. They are alike the safety toes. But these metatarsal guards can protect more area of your foot.
  • Workers of the rail-line want to keep their calf and ankle safe. Because these parts of their legs get injured more. So manufacturers have made special kind of shoes which can cover these sensitive parts of legs. These boots are 9 inches long in heights.

Electrical Hazard:

  • Our normal foot-wears have not the capacity to pass the electricity through itself. That is why; these footwear cannot save us when we get accidentally electric shock.
  • However, the work boots are specially made to pass the electric power through it to the ground. That is why they are electric shock resistant.
  • These boots are made of non-chargeable materials. These work boots are now saving many lives daily in the whole world.
  • Electrical hazard and static dissipation are two types of non-electrified boots. These can keep you safe on the open circuit surface.


  • Work boots have good techniques of construction to make it long lasting and durable.
  • These construction techniques have made the advanced foot-wear electrical hazard or shock proof.
  • Advanced construction method has made the work boots more light in weight.
  • Well construction techniques have made the working boots very comfortable to the workers and their customers.

Water Proof:

  • Being waterproof is very essential for best footwear when you are working in the wet environments. But normal shoes cannot give you the facility.
  • However, the working foot-wear can keep your foot 100 percent dry in the wet environments. Best working-boots are completely waterproof.


  • These boots have good isolation system which can keep your foots safe.


  • The manufacturers have made the best-boots to bear the tolerate pressure of the crushing accidents. These can tolerate the high pressure and your foot will stay safe.
  • The material and technology of the product have made it so much durable. It lasts long than the normal foot-wear.

Tips and Usage of Work Boots:

The best Work Boots can give you best security and comfort. But if you do not know how to use it properly, these safety-boots will come in no use. You should know the following points

  • It is very necessary for a person to know the right procedure of using the work shoes. You should choose the right work-shoes for your working place. It is the common mistake which we usually do in our life. We cannot choose the right one. The work-boots protect your foot all the time during your work.
  • But every working boot is not safe for all types of work. According to the possibility of the accident, the manufacturers have made many types of working-boots for the specific work sectors. So first, you have to know the condition and risk of your working zone and then buy the suitable one for your foot.
  • Though there are many boots on the market, but the using procedure is quite same with each other. You just need to find out the right boot for your job. You know better that there are many types of work. All the conditions of working place are not same. So you should wear the right work boot before going to your work.
  • Before going to work, clean the shoe. Use socks to get extra comfort. Tight the laces of the boots properly. Make it sure that the laces are tight enough and have no risk of getting loose. Without the proper fit, you will feel uncomfortable. Loose fitting is very risky too. It can be apart from your foot any time and you may not get the security for your foot at the mean time. Do not be lazy to tight the laces.
  • You should also check the bottom of the work boots. After using the boot for a long period, the grips do not work properly as it should be. The grips decay after a long use. So you should care about it. Otherwise, you will fall down on the slippery surface. So change the boot or the sole.
  • If you find your waterproof boot is not resisting the water, find out the fault. This fault can do serious injury in the hostile environments.
  • Many work boots are polishable. Use olive oil or shine on the upper part of the working-shoe. It will keep the leather and fabric of the shoe safe. It will also bring back the original color, which had attracted you at the purchasing time.
  • After coming back from the work, you should clean your shoe properly. Otherwise, it cannot give you the security which you demand from it. So clean it, wash it and always keep it dry. This cleaning habit will give it longevity and the safety features of the it, will not decay easily.
  • Actually, using the workboots is quite similar to the regular footwear. But the work-boots have some extra procedure of using for having the extra safety features.
  • You can also find out the using procedure of it online. There you will get many articles and video on the using procedure of the safety footwear. Don’t forget to check them out.

Best Work Boots Buying Guide:

We have learned much about its beneficial sides. Hope you are now well concerned about it. But, is it enough to know? Without knowing the critical sides about buying the working boots, you will never get the satisfaction. Here are some tips about buying the work boots.

  • In this digital time, there is no need to go shopping to get the idea about boots. Virtually we can get enough information and ideas about the them online.
  • So, your first task will be research about the advanced footwear online. Know about its models and brands. Learn about its every good and bad side.
  • Now think about the safety issue first. Do not forget that you are buying it for your foot safety, not to do the style or show off. According to the possibility of the accident in your working place, give priority to the safety features. The features should be safety caps of the toe, puncture-resistant soles, well construction materials and metatarsal guards.
  • Now fix the work boot and go to the shop. Find out the appropriate boot which completely fits you. If you have any confusion about the measurement, you can consult with the experienced fitter to clear your all confusions.
  • Choose the sole of the boot which will be appropriate for your working place. The oil and slip resistant soles are best to work in any place or environments.
  • Give priority to the wide base and flat soles. These things can give you proper stability when you will work on hostile surfaces.
  • Choose the boot which can cover your foot completely. This protective footwear should be made of puncture resistant materials. Boots of high top lace can hold your heel properly and securely in the work boot.
  • There should have enough room for the toes and this place of toes should also be deep enough. Your toes will not feel any pressure when you will wear it.
  • Choose the work boots which have the heel to get more stability. The Strong heel can stable your ankle and gives support to the arch.
  • The workboot should be enough comfortable when you will try it for the first time. Keep it in your mind that you will have to use it for a long time. Uncomfortable work boot is also risky for the foot also.
  • Again, look for the non-electrified boots which will keep you safe on the risky surfaces. Which type of electric shockproof system the boot is containing, you will find it on the tag of the boot.

The Pros & Cons of Work Boots …

The Pros:

  • Work boot gives reliable protection of puncture.
  • Its Toes give better insulation in every condition.
  • These boots are durable enough for safety.
  • Keep our feet fresh, dry and dustproof.
  • Give no chance of getting harm from electric hazards.

The Cons:

  • Steel toes give poor isolation in very cold and very warm weather.
  • Working boot of steel toe is heavy in weight.
  • Working-boots of composite toe do not give good protection from puncture.


Q. What is meant by the 10 D(M)?

Often we see these words on the working boot’s tag. This code means that it is a men shoe and the width of the shoe is medium. It is considered as the standard width.

Q. Are work boots waterproof?

Yes. Maximum of the well brand work boots is waterproof. But many boots are not water resistant also. You can be sure about which one is waterproof from the product details or features. To know about it, you can go to the product’s official website.

Q. Are the work boots useful outdoor or hunting?

Yes, they are. They are specially made to use it in the hostile area or environment. It will be felt to you as the most comfortable shoe if you go for hiking or hunting. It will give you both durability and stability.

Q. What is composite or steel toe?

Composite and steel toe are two different types of toe saver which are used to keep our toe safe from any accident. Like: crushing, puncturing. They are made of different materials. Steel toe is made from metal and the composite toe is made of mixed materials.

Q. Are the work boots for women also?

Yes. Many work boots can suit the foot of women. If any woman finds any work boot suitable for her, she can use it also. Some manufacturers make work boot only for women also.

Final Call:

Every year the percentage of the accident on the industrial side or other working sides is increasing continuously. An accident is totally unpredictable. But by staying alert you can avoid the accident or reduce the damage. So be conscious about yourself as an accident can destroy your life and future.

So, before something bad happens with you, buy the best work boot of 2017 today. A pair of work boot can guard your feet all the time. You know that a limping horse comes in no use. So be careful about your legs. Keep yourself safe and at ease all time.

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We have found these sites much reliable and informative. We have got advantageous information from them about the best working boots 2017.

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