The bunk beds are really best space savers. Kids are crazy for it and it is a part of their fantasy bedroom. But the bad news is that sometimes they become the reason of getting injured. According to a study, about 36,000 children get injured every year during using these bunks.

Bunk Beds Safety Tips

Most of them get neck or head injury. If we differentiate the injury report of normal bed and bunks, we will see that the bunks are highly risky. Again, we have also found that maximum injured children are less than 6 years old.

Besides this bad news, there is also good news for you. The American Academy of Pediatrics and Center for Injury Research and Policy has ensured that these injuries can be avoided if we take some major safety steps. So what are they, we are talking about them below:

  • Age and Person Restrictions:

The kids who are more than 6 years old, they are only permitted to use this bunk. Especially for the top bed, do not give permission to sleep or play on the top section, who are younger than this age limit. Younger kids are not well concerned about their safety issues. So, they can easily lose their control over their body.

If your little kid falls down from the upper bed, he can be seriously injured. Do not allow more children than the limitation at the sleeping time. Again, do not let play many children at a time on it. Their overall excess weight may be the cause of its breaking down.

  • How the kids should use it:

If you assume that your kids are smart enough and they know how to use it, then you are watching daydream. They are just kid and they have no idea about what is risky for them or not. So it is your responsibility to teach them how they should use these best bunk beds. You can show them, how they have to climb up and climb down through the ladder.

Always force them to use the ladder to leave or enter the top bed. Teach them to keep clean the stairs of the ladder, otherwise, they will slip. Beside this, show them how they should sleep on it and what types of movement are really forbidden. Make them believe that if they do not follow these steps, they will get serious physical injury.

  • Secure Placement of Bunk Bed:

To reduce the chances of accidents, it is the best option to place the bed in a stable area of the room. Experts suggest that the best secure position for the bunk is the corners of the room. There, the two sides of the bed will be covered by walls. So the chances of falling down from the bed will be reduced effectively.

Secure Placement of Bunk Bed

But do not install it in the place where the window stays against of it. Again, keep at least two feet gap between the top bed and the ceiling of that room. It will protect your kid from getting head bumps. Try your best to keep away the upper bed from the ceiling’s light and fan. Accidentally kids can touch them and instant they will be electrified or hurt themselves.

  • Right Thickness of the Mattress:

Using odd size of mattress can be a cause of accident. Using mattress which is too small or too big for the lower and upper bunks’ frames can be very dangerous. Kids can easily fall out or slip from the bed if you do not install the exact size of it, which does not get fit in the bed frame.

To get the right size of the mattress, you can read the security label of the bunk. Your bed’s instruction manual can give you exact information about the cushion’s size, which one is perfect for the bunk.

  • Guardrails of bunk-bed:

Do not forget to buy the bunk beds with desk which come with the rail. It prevents our kids from falling out or rolling over from the bed. This side protection is mandatory for the both sides of the bed. If you have bought already a bunk without the railing, you can install it at home by yourself also.

The height of the guardrail should be 5 inches higher than the cushion’s surface. From a recent survey, we have learned that this side protection system has reduced the percentage of kids’ injury enormously.

  • Apply strict house rules:

To use the bed securely, you have to be strict on some factors. Build up some rules so that the kids get no chance to jump or bounce on the bed or on the ladder. Always keep the room organized and clean. Do not keep large and hard toys around the bed, which can be the reason of accidents.

  • Night lamp:

At night, children may need to leave their bed to go washroom. If you keep the room dark, they may slip down from the ladder during coming down from the upper bed. So a night light can solve this problem. From day to night, they will be able to watch the walking path clearly and their movements will remain painless.

  • Check the safety features timely:

The small screw or nuts can loosen after random usage. These small parts help the bed to keep it in its fix position all time. But, if you do not check and tight them regularly, the frames of the bed will break down. If it happens, it will bring serious injuries to the users. So check them regularly to keep your kids always safe.

Bunk beds position

Lastly …

Our little consciousness can make huge difference. It is true that these bunks are risky for the kids. But it is not so much dangerous that it is totally prohibited to use. Accidents are totally unpredictable and it may happen anywhere. But we have seen that many parents do not give importance to these factors.

That is why, behind these injuries, some careless parents are partially responsible. So, the one and only solution to get rid off from this situation is that we have to be strict and conscious. If we can follow these safety tips of the experts thoroughly, we will see child injury in the bunks becoming a myth in future.

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