Best Cat Tree For Large CatsLove your cats?

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It’s time to bring home the best cat trees for large cats.

If you are looking forward to buy the cheap one for cat then you are in the right spot.

If you love your cat & want to add fun to its life then you should gift it a cat condo tree where it can play & stay.

Editor’s Pick Top 5 Cat Trees (Best Buy)

Why don’t you check our detailed reviews of cat towers that we’ve picked. Oh! Don’t worry, you may trust us!

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Now that you know the products why don’t you take a tour of the review section and know them in details. Our experts have assembled cat trees reviews by following the ConsumerHubs Algorithm. Check it out …

No-01. Go Pet Club – Ideal Cat Tree for 3 Large Cats

The Go Pet Club F2040 is the most decorated cat condo (well cat condos are as same as cat trees and they just come with a rooms where the cats can enter to rest) that that you will meet in the market. If you have three cats in the house then it’s the ideal cat tree. The blue one can seriously add a new dimension of beauty in a well lightened light color room.

Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree
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The shipping weight of the Go Pet Club is a little more than 72 lbs which makes it a heavy product and you should know that the heavy ones are more stable of holding the bulky ones. The installation process is very easy also. This is one of the most modern cat trees for large cats that you will find on the market.

This cat tower comes with 2 condos where your cat can sleep or rest peacefully. The 72” cat playing tree also features ten scratching poles what is covered with sisal rope. It also has four wide platforms covered with faux far. These platforms need to be wide otherwise the puss will not be comfortable on them. The whole thing is constructed with compressed wood.

It’s really and uniquely designed one. The stairs that come with this condo makes it look charming. It can handle weight up to 70 lbs so, there won’t be too much trouble if you have heavy kitties. But, the price of this is a bet higher. What we think that if you want the best one, you should select it.

If you have a single cat then such big cat tower or tree may not be that much appropriate but it will surely make your cat happy as hell. It would really be amazing to see cats playing on such a cat post. There are three towers, one master bed and a top floor room what can be reached by an apartment. It’s a great duplex home for your cat.

The Pros:

  • Looks Beautiful
  • Enough option for your cats to play
  • One master bedroom and a condo
  • Towers

The Cons:

  • Consumes a lot of space

No-02. Trixie Giant Scratching Post – Low Priced (Best  for Single Cat)

The Trixie Baza Cat Tower is the most basic one that you can buy. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s beautiful and your cat will love it. This model has one condo, two platforms and a base.

TRIXIE Baza Giant Scratching Post

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The whole thing looks really beautiful because it is wrapped with plush fabric and the poles are covered with sisal rope. This rope is ideal for the cats to bite and scratch on. There is also a toy on the mid platform where your cat can play. When it gets tired it can crawl inside the condo which has ample space inside. There it can rest peacefully.

It’s a German product and it comes with a medium price tag. If you have a small room and one or two cats then you should definitely go with this cheap cat tree. It will decorate your room and most people do not have that much space in their living room or bed room for those big cat tower. For them, it’s the ideal one.

The dimensions of this product are 24.75 inches in width, 24.75 inches in depth and 51.75 inches in height. So, it’s a tall product and has a hammock on the top. Although it’s a small cat tree but it has got everything that a cat post should have.

The Trixie Cat Tower is really easy to set up also. It does not take much time to be set up. The maintenance of it is easy also. All the places you need to take care are within your reach. It’s a good product. We would recommend to those who has a small space and a single cat. It’s ideal for them.

The Pros:

  • Beautiful to look at
  • Built with fluffy materials
  • Ideal for a single cat

The Cons:

  • May not be that much suitable if you have more than one cat

No-03. Armarkat A5806 – Most Popular Cat Tree (Ideal for 2 Cats)

Armarkat is a popular pet furniture manufacturer and their Armarkat A5806 is their most widely sold cat climbing tree. The dimensions of this are 28”L by 25” W by 57” (H) and it weights around 44.1 lbs.

Armarkat A5806 Cat Tree

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Now, the weight of this model is comparatively lower. The cat trees should be heavy as they give more stability to the whole structure. There have been claims that the Armarkat Cat tree wobbles when heavy cats jump from it. If you put an weight to the base it will be stable.

The design of the Armarkat Furniture Condo is appropriate for two cats. The design of this cat post is unique. It is also suited as decorative furniture in your room. Your cat can do all the jumping, scratching, biting and sleeping here. There is a problem with this design.

The platform that comes with the condo is not that wide. That’s why the cat will have a little trouble if it stands on the balcony of its condo. The price of the Armarkat Cat tree is quite reasonable. If you want a cat playing post that looks a little different then you should go with this model.

The Pros:

  • Comes in different design
  • Good quality material
  • Firm base for a single cat

The Cons:

  • The toy isn’t durable

No-04. Go Pet Club Beige – Huge* & Most Beautiful Cat Trees Ever

If you are in search of the most beautiful cat tree then we would highly recommend you to go with the Go Pet Club. It’s really long. An 85” cat tower is huge. You should remember that the longer the cat climbing tree is, the more place your cats will get to play on.

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree, Beige

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Now, the concept of this beautiful cat condo is entirely different from all the other models available on the market. It weights 75 lbs which makes it really stable and it can hold three or four cats very easily.

The Go Pet Club is made of wood and everything is covered with faux far and sisal rope. There is an additional decoration of fake leaves what makes the cat post look more beautiful. You can also use the thing without the leaves. But as per the name tree, the most common feature of every tree is that they have leaves. That’s why the manufacturer have added leaves with their design.

The assembly of this cat condo for large cats is easy but its time consuming. Depending how well you understand the manual you can make the cat tower stand on its feet within thirty to forty five minutes. The Go Pet Club is 33.5 inches wide, 35 inches long and 85 inches tall. The numbers here suggest that it’s a stable cat post that won’t shake or wobble if the heavy cats jump on it.

Now, the Go Pet Club is a tall product. In some rooms the cats will be able to touch the roof while they are on the cat tree. But it’s an ideal one for outdoors. If you have a little space on your backyard or on your deck, you can place this cat furniture on there.

This tree comes with seven platforms, tow condos, a rope and a toy. It’s the most complete tree that is available for you and your cats. We should remind you that it’s comes with a price tag of more than a hundred dollars. But the price is worth it as your cats can use this cat climbing tree for a long time due to its good built quality.

The Pros:

  • The best looking
  • Comes with so many chambers
  • A lot of posts and platforms
  • Ideal for a cat family

The Cons:

  • Consumes a lot of space

No-05. MidWest Nuvo Tower – The Perfect Cat Tree to Keep in Your Room

If you want a classy touch to your cat tower then there is no other substitute of the Feline Nuvo Tower by MidWest Homes for Pets. It has designer fabric cover and the whole design is quite impressive.

MidWest Cat Trees For Large Cats

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The cats will always like the cat post. Would they really care about which cat climbing tree are you getting them? Perhaps no, If you want a cat playing tree for your living room that has an elegant feel to it, then it’s the cat tower for your cats.

It’s 22 inches long, 15 inches wide and 50.5 inches high and weights around 32.5 lbs. The manufacturer specially designed this Feline Nuvo Tower by giving ample importance to the necessities of the cats.

There is a Bolstered Perch on the top of the tower; it’s a beautiful place for the cats to rest on. They really like to be on them. There are two toy balls in the tree. These balls even have bells inside the.

Like all other cat posts the poles of the Feline Nuvo Tower by MidWest Homes for Pets is also wrapped with sisal rope. At the base there is a condo with huge space where the puss can curl up and take a nap. If you are the owner of a single cat then it’s the perfect one for them. It can also take the load of three full grown cats. It’s a good cat tree with beautiful looks.

The Pros:

  • Perfect for a mid sized room
  • Looks more like a decoration piece
  • Comes with enough platform and a big condo
  • Resting spot for the cat on top

The Cons:

  • May become unstable

So, those who don’t have enough time to spend behind building own cat tree often look for buying it online. Hopefully you are one of them. The greatest thing about ConsumerHubs is that it does not only research on the products and gets away with it. It gives you everything related to it. We have every consumer in mind.

What is a Cat Tree?

If you are a cat person you surely have met a cat climbing tree. They are really a fun piece of furniture for both your home and your cat. The full meaning of it is cat tree house. They are also referred to as cat or kitty condo or cat climbing post or simply cat posts.

Now, you may wonder why it is called a tree. It’s referred as a tree due to its shape and size. Like the branches of tree, these trees have stretched out platforms on them and the whole thing rises upwards like a tree.

If you have one or more than one cats and you love them then you should have on in the house. These trees come with special benefits that nothing else can offer. They keep your cat busy, allow room for them to play and rest and ultimately keep them happy. We don’t have to remind you that, happy cats mean okay cats, the non disturbing ones, do we?

Let’s end the gibber jabber right here and see what the best cat scratching post trees of 2020, that are being sold as hot cakes. We will pick the top 5 cat climbing trees for you and you can select one of them.

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Why to buy a cat trees?

If you tame a cat then this question might have crossed your mind. There are multiple reasons for what you should bring home the tree. We will talk about them here in brief.

  • Keep Your Cats Busy:

Cat’s can give you a lot of trouble from time to time. Suppose, you are working or doing something important. If you have a cat or cats in the house they will eventually be around you in search of closure and love. Now, until you calm them down they will be bothering you what can seriously hamper your job and concentration.

For moments like these your cat needs a cat tower. They will keep the cats busy for a while. The cat posts give the cats a lot of opportunity to play around. While the cats play on their cat condo, you can get a piece of mind and work with total concentration.

  • Protect Your Furniture:

Scratching furniture is the most common feline behavior. They don’t willfully do it, rather they do it out of instinct. Now, they claw on your furniture for several reasons. The first reason is that they sharpen the claw by doing that. The other reason is that they like to mark their territory by doing so as their claws come with scent gland, they mark a certain territory with their smell and prove their dominance.

They are not doing it out of boredom or to irritate you. It’s just something you can’t stop them from doing. What you can do is, provide them something where they can scratch willfully. That’s when you need a cat post what comes with scratch poles of various diameters that are covered with sisal rope where the cats can sharpen their claws. If you can get them used to in sharpening their claws on the posts, they will not be ruining your furniture anymore.

  • Bring the Unity:

If you have more than one cat in the house then you should see that they are often involved in fights or high voltage stand offs. To solve this problem you need a cat tower and a long one. The cat that will be able to reach the top platform or hammock will announce it dominance by doing so. Other pussies will become inferior to it and that will stop the crazy cat fights among them.

  • Vertical Playground:

Cat’s are not like us. They want challenges, they just want to rise up and up and see the surroundings from up there. It’s something they just love to do. It calms their down, gives them pleasure and keeps them happy. The cats also feel more secured when they are on the top. It’s just a peaceful place for them to rest in.

  • Cat Trees Come with Condos:

It’s a relief also. Your puss can not only play on these trees, it can also rest there. They can pass sixty percent of the day in just resting and idling away time. The cat towers are a place where they can do it more peacefully. They remain protected while they are inside the condos.

There are many more reasons for what you should get a cat post. Don’t forget to check the benefits section for more information like this.


Types of Cat Trees:

These trees are the perfect vertical playgrounds for your cats. There are no fixed standard of a cat climbing tree. Whoever likes to make or manufacture one can do it in their own way. Even after that there are certain verities of cat trees for large cats that you should know about.

  • Trees without the Condos –

These are just vertical playgrounds. They don’t offer condos for your cat where they can stay and rest. These are called cat ladders. They are high rising platforms where your puss can climb up and climb down.

  • Towers with the Condos –

Your cats can play here and stay as well. If you can get them to stay inside the condos they can live there peacefully and won’t disturb you while you are on bed and resting. It’s their home also.

  • Just Towers –

The highest trees are called towers. They are more than 50 inches tall. These cheap cat trees have many tires and platforms and can reach up to eighty inches. These trees can cause you trouble from time to time if your cat reaches the top and gets frightened there. To bring them down you may have to set a ladder and climb it.

  • Outdoor Models –

Almost all the best cat condos  for large cats are for indoor use. You may have a lawn and your cat likes to be there or frequents there. That’s where you will need an outdoor cat post. These cat trees are designed weather proof and most of them are just made of woods and don’t come with any covers. They are cheaper than the usual cat trees.

  • Indoor Models –

If you don’t have enough space outside you should go with the indoor models. They can be placed inside your room where the cats frequent a lot. We will talk about where to place the indoor cat posts in the later ‘How to train cat to use cat tree” section. These indoor models come with fluffy covers of faux far or other materials.

Features to Look For …

How well do you know cat climbing trees? If you don’t know much there is no problem. This section will tell you what features make the cat towers great. There are some features that you should look for in the cat condos. Here we will enlist them so that when you go shopping for the cat climbing trees you can get great help from here.

ConsumerHubs is always conscious of their consumers and takes care of them so that they don’t end up with the wrong kind of product.

With that in mind, we have assembled the following points for you so that you can easily differentiate between the good and the best products.

  • Condos: All the best trees come with one or two ( or even more ) condos. These condos work as a shelter for your puss. Why would not you buy a cat tpwer that does not come with a condo? We hope you don’t have any good answer to this question.
  • The Higher the Better: We have told before that cats love to take vertical challenges. It sooths them and tests their wild ability of crawling on high spots. You have often seen then climbing on the top of the fridge or shelves.  That’s why giving them a high cat tower will dramatically change their behaviors.
  • Heavy Cat Trees are Better : The cat posts that are heavy do not wobble or shake or fall down. That’s why they are better. Now there are cat climbing trees available in different weights that you can buy. If you look closely you will find two groups, the first group weights around 40 lbs and the other one weights over 70 lbs. Now, you can make the lighter ones more stable by adding an extra weight but those heavy ones are just great.
  • It’s all in the design: The stability and all the fun of the cat post is in its design. It makes the whole thing look more beautiful, introduces new arena for them where they can perform all their actions. The unique the design the better it will draw the attraction of the guests that come to visit you. Moreover the fun the design the more pleasure it would give to you and your pussy.
  • Must have the Sisal Rope Covered Poles: These poles are the scratching spots for your cats. If the cat post does not come with the poles where the felines can sharpen their nails and paws, they will be just ruining your furniture.
  • Comfortable Fabric Covers: Almost all the parts of a great cat condo is covered with flux hair or plush fabric. It makes the cats feel more comfortable and looks beautiful on the cat playing tree. For these fabrics the cats will sit and rest on the platforms.
  • Spare Parts: Some models offer you the availability of spare parts that you can buy online and replace with the broken one.
  • Durable Pray Play Options: Pray playing is also important for the cats. The  best cat climbing trees come with toys attached with them. These toys can be anything. They can be a little ball of far with a bell inside, a tiny fish or mouse or just as simple as a piece of hanging rope.

The most funny thing we have noticed that, consumers reporting that most of these toys do not last more than ten minutes. It brings out the true agility potentials of the cats. As soon as you will provide the cat tree the cat will declare war against them. The rope on the other hand is more durable. You can attach a stronger toy on the cat playing tree if you want.

Best Cat Trees

Benefits of Cat Trees for Large Cats:

In a single word ‘many’. If you are still confused about bringing home a cat playing trees then you should read the previous Why would you buy a cat tree?  Section and this benefits section will clear everything for you.

  • With the cat posts you buy a multifunctional product. They are not just high restrings stands for the felines or not just their vertical play ground they are something great if all the features are combined together.
  • Are your cats frequently getting involved in cat fight or ugly stand offs? Then you should certainly bring home a tree and see the difference for yourself.
  • Do you want to stop the cats ruining your furniture or cloths? Gift it to them and they can do all their scratching there.
  • Is your pussy becoming pussier (chicken like) day by day? Then it’s time for the pussy cat to be on the top hammock of the cat post. It will develop some senses there what will retrieve its agility.
  • Want to give the cat a new home? Try the cat tower that come with the condos. These condos are so beautiful that every cat wants to be inside them. This is perhaps the best benefit of the product. They come with a home for the cats to stay in.
  • These trees are not only furniture designed for cats. They are also a piece of art that every living room deserves. They will add a new kind of beauty to the environment to your home.
  • The cat posts are cheaper comparing to your furniture. We have seen a cat lover’s home. Every room of her home had a cat post.
  • If you have multiple cats, it will be easy for you to manage them if you have a cat playhouse.

And these are not all. There are many more benefits of cheap cat trees that you can find after you get one.

How to make the best out of your cat tree?

This section is for the owners. Having a cat climbing tree can’t be fun unless you can’t get your cats to play on it. It’s not like fish that your cats will instantly jump on. That’s why, follow these simple points and you will be making the best out of your cat post.

  • The placing of the tree is the most important thing. It must be kept on a place where the puss frequents the most. If you keep it on a corner the cats won’t go all the way there and play along.
  • The best place you can keep your cat tower is beside the window. Where it will be able to see outside, especially birds.
  • You need to lure your cat to use the cat post. Give its favorite treats on different spots or corners of the tree. Make it search for the treats on the cat tree. Soon it will be wondering around there.
  • Encourage the cats. Talk to the cats and give it enough positive feedback so that it uses the cat climbing tree more frequently.
  • Teach it to use the scratching posts. Hold its front paws and make it scratch the sisal fiber. Soon it will learn to do the scratching by itself.
  • It may feat on being at the top. Inspire it, comfort it and make it feel safe up there. Make them realize that it’s a spot they have achieved.
  • You should also put it inside the condo and teach it how to jump inside them and come out of them. This way they will do it by themselves in no time.

Best Cat Trees Buying Guide 2020:

Buying a cat tree is only a matter of choice. It surely is a necessity for both you and your cat. Here is a compilation of some specialized questions that will help you in buying a cat tree.

  • How many cats do you have? (many cats, bigger and longer cat playing trees)
  • What is the height of your room? (determines how tall your cat tower can be)
  • Want the one with condos? (Condos will work as home for the cats where they can rest)
  • If you want the one with the condos, then how many condos are you expecting? (depending on the number of the cats)
  • How much do your cats weight altogether? (The heavier the number the heavier should be the weight of the cat tree)
  • What sort of training do you want to give your cats? (Has to do with the design of the cat tree)
  • Do you also want to decorate your interior with the cat condo? (Go with the most beautiful looking ones)
  • Do you want the one for indoors or just for outdoors? (Outdoor models are a different thing)
  • How much space of the room are you willing to sacrifice for the tree? (determines the size of the furniture)
  • These questions and the Features to Look For section together become the ultimate cat playing tree buying guide for you.

Here’s the pros and cons of a cat trees that you should know …

The Good:

  • It can help to calm and tame your cat more than anything else.
  • It helps to protect your furniture from cat scratch.
  • Increased vertical territory for your cat.
  • Not only a playground for your cat, it can also be their home.
  • The scratch poles and the pray plays are just great.
  • Helps you by keeping the cats busy.
  • This furniture are very reasonably priced.

The Bad:

  • Tall models can give you troubles in bringing down your cat.
  • What so ever your manufacturer tells you, They need at least a half hours hard labor to assemble.
  • They have their own weight carrying capacity. So, keep feeding your cats and they will outgrow it soon enough.
  • The indoor models can serve you maximum of five years.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) …

These faq sections can help you to get answers of some common questions that user asked frequently to clear their views regarding this cat trees. Let’s have a look …

Q. Which is the best cat tree for my cats?

This is a tricky question actually. You can’t know for sure which cat climbing tree your cats would like as they are incapable of talking. What we think is that, the suitability of the cat post depends on the number of cats you have and their total weight.

Q. How can I keep the cat trees clean?

To keep your cat condo clean you should use the small vacuum cleaners. The cats can really mess up the condos. You have to clean them the most. If they cause stains on the fluffy puddings you can clean them with a mixture of soapy water and a piece of wet cloth. We recommend you to clean the stains as soon as possible otherwise they will become really stubborn and won’t come out that easily.

Q. Are the tall cat trees okay for my cat?

At first your cat may feel unsecured up there but after climbing up for a few times the fear will disappear. Cats love to be on high spots and see the world from up there. They love their top platform so much that they would even go on power play to achieve and protect it.

So, yes, the tall cat towers are okay for your cat.

Q. Do Cat trees really develop the cat skills?

Yes, they do. Cat posts are crafted for giving the cats an environment in which they are more comfortable in. They will learn many things from the cat towers. As it’s a playground for the cats to show their dominance. The most dominating one will exhibit its true potentials as cat and others will simply imitate them. They will learn to climb better, jump better and most importantly they will be able to fight with height and that can really make them more timid and happy.

Finally …

At last we can only say that the cat condos  for large cats are something that you must buy if you have a cat and you want to keep it happy. The horizontal playground will extract out their true hunter instincts and give them a new territory and dens to rest on.

As these cheap cat trees don’t cost much you can select anyone of the list instead of searching cheaper ones. We did complete research on the modern cat climbing trees and have only assembled the ones that is the most suitable for you and your cat. No worries dear consumer, if you go through all these and the following tabs you will surely be enlightened with everything.

Well folks, this was everything about the best cat trees for large cats of 2020 that we had to talk about. We hope that our contents were helpful for you.

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