Cheap Bunk Beds for KidsWant to add more fun to your kids’ life and make them more connected?

Well, there are no alternatives to the cheap bunk beds for kids 2020 then.

If you have more than one kid in your home and want to provide them with a good scope of forming a strong bond by saving some space then you must have twin over full bunk bed in your home.

Ask yourself, did you have a bunk bed when you were a little kid? Or, how badly you wanted one?

Whether you are after a metal bunkie or a cheap bunk bed, there are many things you need to take notes of. We are here to assist you on that regard. Let’s take a look at the best bunk beds for kids of 2020. You can pick any one of them.

Cheap Bunk Beds for Kids 2020 (Top List)

Here is the at a glance list of the best available models of cheap bunk beds. Our experts have carefully picked the safest and best models for you and they have also remarked them so that you end up with the right product for your kids. Check out the table below…

Product NameTypesCH-ScorePrice
DHP Twin over Twin – (Editor Pick)(Metal)90$$$
Dorel Living Brady over Full – (Editor Pick)(Wood)92$$$
Your Zone premium twin bunk bed, Silver(Metal)90$$$
Dorel Abode Full Size Loft Bed, Silver(Metal)87$$$
WE Furniture Twin over Silver Bunk Bed(Metal)85$$$

All the products that are assembled here are within everyone’s reach and almost the basic models of double bunk beds. There are some really fancy models that come with a lot of joyful features that you can buy for your kids but they will cost you a whole lot ( say like, over 1500$). We have excluded them as they are less popular.

The following detailed reviews have been prepared by following our ConsumerHubs Algorithm. Let’s check them …

1. DHP Twin over Twin – Most Affordable Bunk Bed [Recommended]

Simplicity of this metal two tire bed is the first thing that amazed us the most. It looks skinny that may leave you in doubt whether it would be able to hold your kids or not. But when we examined it more closely, we found it to be strong and sturdy enough.

DHP Twin over Twin cheap bunk beds for kids

The upper weight limit of this bed is 200 lbs and the maximum weight limit for the lower bunk is 250 lbs. These numbers are quite reasonable actually. But the best thing about this model is that it’s really a cheap bunk bed.

If you are a short in budget or have to get a bunkie unexpectedly, then we would highly recommend you this bed. The design of it makes it look weak but we have put it through tests and it successfully passed them.

The ladder of this model sits fixed on the front although you can put the pillow on the opposite side if you want to. The unit weights a little more than 85 lbs when its assembled. The dimension is 78 by 41.5 by 61.5 inches.

It’s a common practice to ignore the simplicity of the product and people often do that. But one thing that we should say is that, it never makes your room look stuffed where some other model not only consumes a lot of space but looks really odd in small rooms.

The Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Less space consuming and looks sleek

The Cons:

  • Maybe a bit too skinny for some kids
  • Won’t be that much suitable for overweight kids

2. Dorel Living Brady over Full – Best Convertible Bunk Bed

If you think that the convertible seats are more suited for you then we would recommend you this one. It has everything that you need in a two layer bed and the most interesting thing is that you can separate the upper bunk from the full sized bed below whenever you need.

Dorel Living Brady over Full cheap bunk beds

It weights 124 lbs which is quite convenient for a bunk. The bed is built with wood and that makes it more stable and sturdy. Whole construction of the bed should be enough to convince you if you are concerned about the safety of your child.

With this you won’t need a box spring to put your mattress. The whole thing comes with bed support slats. So, do you still have confusion about the stability of the bed? Well, demolish them as it has been through our keen observation.

The dimension of the whole thing is 69.5 inches by 79.2 inches by 64.8 inches. These numbers are not that suitable for a small room but for a mid sized room it’s a perfect size. The whole thing looks quite beautiful too and more over that it comes in different colors.

The Pros:

  • Strong Frame
  • Convertible
  • Comes with a full bed below
  • Good Looks
  • Metal construction

The Cons:

  • Heavy
  • Hard to move around

3. Your Zone Platinum – Strongest Metal Bunk Bed

There are some double bunk beds what suits with every room. This is that kind of bed. It has a different kind of structure as a metal multi tire bed. The best thing about it is that it’s a latest addition to the double decker bed market.

Your Zone Platinum best bunk beds for kids

There is not much to talk about this product actually. The price may be around the three hundred mark but we think the price is worth it. It can tolerate a 400 lbs pressure on the bottom layer and 200 lbs on the top bunk.

Platinum comes in different colors. You can choose the right color that matches with your room. If you have kids with good age difference then it should just be appropriate for you.

The whole thing was easy to install and after installation we found it in really attractive shape meaning that it is not too bulky like those loft bunks or too skinny. Even after being a metal bed it does not look skinny and more over it is not shaky at all.

The shipment of this furniture is fast but we are a bit doubtful about the customer support. But the reality is, you won’t be needing that support at all.

The Pros:

  • Looks good
  • Easy installation
  • Has a full size bed below
  • Good weight limit

The Cons:

  • Simple construction
  • Ladder can be positioned on a single spot

4. DHP Adobe Full Size Loft – Most Compact Bunk Bed

If you are in some serious trouble with spacing issue in your home then this might be the most appropriate deal for you. The Adobe was specifically designed with keeping the space issue in mind.

DHP Adobe Full Size Loft cheap bunk beds for kids

It is multi-functional furniture within your budget. The lower section comes with a study table and the bed is on the upper bunk. We have to admit that, the whole thing is intelligently designed.

Instead of using legs there are two ladders that work both as support for the bed and as ladders also. That’s brilliant as the biggest problem everyone faces is with the ladders. Now, we should say here that, this bunkie is not that much suitable for small kids and more suited for teen agers or children above 10.

This is a single person unit and product like these is ideal for small apartments. The dimension of the whole thing is 57.5 by 80 by 72 inches. So, before you buy one, you should know that it is quite tall and if you don’t have a tall ceiling (at least 10 feet) then we would request you to stay away from it.

The Pros:

  • Multi-functional
  • Comes with a study table
  • Have two ladders
  • Space saving

The Cons:

  • The ladders are straight
  • Unit is not very much suitable for small kids

5. We Furniture Twin – Perfect for any Bedroom

If you have no spacing problems and any other issues and just looking for a two tire bed then we would say, buy this one. It has nothing fancy in it. The whole construction is quite simple.

We Furniture Twin bunk beds for kids

It has a medium weight of 96 lbs but the design is quite strong and tolerable. This combination of lightweight metal and well engineered design makes the whole thing a piece of ideal furniture.

If you are mesmerized with the looks of those fancy almost two thousand dollars costly twin over full bunk bed then you should stay away from this one. But we were literally amazed to see a piece of furniture that is so beautiful yet so simple.

We won’t brag about anything about it. Basically, there is nothing to do so but it surely has a lot of satisfied customers who barely complains about anything related to this unit. The dimension of the whole thing is 79 inches by 42 inches by 68 inches and the weight limit for each of the bunks are 250 lbs. At last we can say that it’s the most flawless bunkie that money can buy.

The Pros:

  • Simple construction
  • Long lasting design
  • Takes only a few minutes to assemble

The Cons:

  • No drawers
  • A little bit pricey against the simplicity

What is a Bunk Bed?

The simplest definition of a bunk bed is two beds (or three) where one bed sits on top of another. These beds are ideal for saving space and mostly found in ships or military facilities. The history of bunk beds goes a very long way back. Bunks for kids are a little different from the standard bunk.

These beds for kids come with a ladder that the kids can use for climbing on the top bunk. Kids’ bunk beds come in vivid designs and they have a childish touch in the design. Some manufacturers even make them with stairs instead of ladders. They may be colorful and seem more like a playhouse.

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Bunk Bed:

The first thing about the multi tire bed is that you are to buy one for your kids. Leaving your kids to select the bunk bed for them won’t be a good idea as they will only consider the design or the looks over other important factors.

That’s why we would recommend you the following points that you should bring under consideration. Let’s show you the reasons behind you’re buying a bunk bed for kids.

Fun: These beds could be a huge source of fun for your kids. After passing the whole day, they will get a nice environment to pass a quality time with their brother or sister. They will be able to gossip together, share things and ultimately they will gather some good memories in what they will frequently return when they grow up.

The twin over full bunk beds have also other interesting playful features. The source of all the fun of a bunk bed lies in its design. The ladder, the fun of the top bunk everything adds a sense of joy and becomes an exciting experience for your kids.

Strengthen the Bond: A bunkie is not just a piece of furniture. It has serious impact upon the relationship between the siblings. The memories that the siblings gather on these beds last for a lifetime and they strengthen the bond between them. This bond never lets them get apart and also makes them supportive to one another.

Saves Space: It’s another major benefit of these double beds. Two or three beds individually consume a lot of space in a room where the double bunk beds are a whole lot space saving. If you have a twin sharing bedroom for your two kids or live in a small apartment then it can seriously save you from the spacing troubles.

More Accommodation: If your kids bring its friends for sleepovers then you know the trouble of accommodation for those little angels. That’s when things like the this come really handy. Otherwise, if you have guests in your house who would like to stay for a couple of days then a bunk bed in the house may save someone from sleeping on the couch.

Storage & Other Reasons: metal or wooden bunks often come with storage solutions as they have shelves and drawers on them. Your kids can keep their toys or other special possessions of their in them or you can just use it for storing your sheets and all that.

Some bunks come with other special features like a study table, lighting and coloring and may more. All of these features add to heighten the excitement of bunking. [/box]

Types of Bunk Beds:

Bunk beds are not just only two beds one on top of another. It comes in a lot of variations. Basically everything depends on the design of the bed. Let’s see the popular classifications of them.

  • Classification on the Type of Material –

Depending on the material that is used to build the bunkies, these beds are classified into two different categories.

Wooden Bunk Beds:

The most conventional way of making bunk beds is using wood. The first one was perhaps built with wood. If you think that you have enough time to make bunk beds for your kids then you should definitely use wood.

Woods are relatively easy to work with. They are easy to shape and connect with other pieces. Metal bunk beds are relatively more stable than the wooden ones and their built cost is also reasonable.

Metal bunk beds have their limitations too. If you want to make them more playful then you have to do a lot of work. But they look really beautiful once they are done. If you have prior experience of working with woods then we would recommend you to pick a design and start building up a bunk bed for your kids. It can be a great gift for them and a peaceful experience for you.

Metal Bunk Beds:

Most commercial bunk beds are built with metal as the industrial production of any furniture is easier with metal. Metal beds look really beautiful and they can come with many features. The use of metal can be tricky. Remember to check the strength of a metal bunk before you buy one as children can be very rough on furniture, especially on twin over full bunk bed. All the joints should be strong and the wielding should be perfect.

Metal ones are lighter than the wooden ones. They have their own distinctive features like they are really easy to assemble and dismantle. Painting on them is easy too. You can easily move them around.

  • Classification on the Type of Designs –

These beds come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on their design these seats are classified into the following criteria.

Twin over Full – this is a full bed on top of a full bed. It’s the most common type of bunk bed that you will find.

Full over Full – It’s a full bed on a full bed. These beds are huge and ideal for a big family.

Futon – Futon beds are really intelligent. It’s a bed (may be a twin bunkie) and a couch slides or folds out of it. If you have a really small apartment then it is the best spacing solution you can have. You can use the couch throughout the day where you can slide it inside and use the bed.

L Shaped Bed – This type of bed is ideal for the corner of the room. It basically comes in a L shape when it’s looked from the above. The most interesting feature of this bed is that it can be multifunctional furniture like a study table and a bed together.

Lofty – The loft bed is a good place for the kids to play and rest. It is a single bed with a hollow space below. The kids can turn the place below into a playhouse. If you have a single kid then it’s a good option for you.

Features to Look for in Bunk Beds:

To buy the best bunk bed for kids 2020, don’t forget to check the presence of these following features in your pick.

  • Safety & Construction:

When you buy a cheap bunk beds for your boys, give most priority to the safety features of the best bunk beds. You would not certainly want it to break down at the middle of the night with your kids inside. The main safety of these beds comes from the sturdiness of it.

Before getting one make sure to physically examine the model. As you don’t have that window open before you, we have done it for you in our reviews. Now, you should also seek other safety features like the side rails. Make sure that the side rails are high and strong enough.

All the other components like the ladder should be strong enough to hold the weight of your kid. There are some models that come with a staircase and they are relatively safer and easy to use.

Ultimately, check the whole construction of the bed and make sure that the frame is well designed and assembled.

  • Material:

The material that is used for the construction of the bed should be prioritized. The durability of the whole thing depends on it. Children can go crazy if they find a new bunk. To ensure that it lasts for a very long time the whole thing should be a heavy construction.

Now, metal is a popular form of making bunks but it should be made strong so that it can tolerate the pressure of the children’s joy on the beds. Metal twin over full bunk beds are also easy to assemble, dismantle and carry around.

You can check the details of material and construction on the ‘types of bunk beds’ section above.

  • Space & Height:

Before you go and buy a double bunk bed for kids don’t forget to check its dimensions. The dimensions would vary more if you have a small room or an apartment. There are some beds what can be really compact and can be the most ideal solution of spacing issue.

In the same way there are some models what are gigantic and they consume more space than a single bed. You will not understand the size of the whole thing from images that’s why checking out the dimensions of the product is always a good idea.

If you have a lower roof then you should get a shorter double bunk. There should at least be a 2 feet gap between the top bunk and the ceiling.

  • Special Features:

There are cheap bunk beds for kids available which are more than just beds. They can be and become anything. Like the loft one can give your child an extra space for playing and sometimes the bed comes with a well decorated playhouse.

Just like that there are beds that can include a study table or can be used as storage for things. This multifunctional furniture are really good for modern times. If you have shortage of space then these things can be ideal for you. Now, some of them are really beautifully decorated. They have a beautiful staircase built with them that is not only safe but adds a whole new level of beauty to the whole thing.

Don’t forget to check special features like those on your next best bunk bed.

Benefits of Using a Bunk Bed:

There are some things of what you should not look for benefits and just buy them. These beds are just that kind of furniture. We have mentioned before to recollect of your memories of having a bunk, or if you did not have the experience, you surely wanted one.

The first thing that we should say is that, a double bunk is such furniture that you just can’t resist buying for your child. Whether you have a single or two or more children, it can really be a great experience for them.

Now, if you have spacing issue in your home then, shortage of room but two children and can afford a new home right now then a bunk can be your ultimate solution. A bunk bed can house up to three children and all that in one single room. Two or three beds individually take a lot of space where the bunk bend offer a lot in the space of one.

Another greatest benefit of the bunk is that it is a powerhouse of memories for your kids. They will create some beautiful memories in the bed and carry it with them throughout their lifetime. Ask anyone who has been on a bunk bed with his or her sibling and they will talk about some sweet and sour memories that they have gathered throughout the nights.

This bed teach siblings to trust each other. The older one generally lies above; from up there it talks to the younger one. They share things, sometimes these things are their own little secrets that they can’t share with their parents. They share their experiences, problems and may more things.

With these little conversations they grow up bit by bit. We are sure that if a statistic is done, we will find that, after growing up siblings being in bunks are more connected to each other over siblings living in other rooms.

Now, these beds have more benefits than these two main ones. They can be the source of accommodation for any guests or other kids sleeping over. They are source of fun and some models even come with a well decorated play house or a study table.

All these combined, you will surely find the cheap bunk beds to be a resourceful purchase.

How to Install and Use Bunk Beds Appropriately?

The first thing that we should say is that, the installation of your bunk bed depends on the model that you’ve picked. Although here are some points that you should take care about.

  • If you buy a ready made double bunk then it should not be that hard for you. You just need to screw and bolt the whole thing together. In this case, your instruction manual that comes with the product should be your ultimate guideline.
  • While building one all by yourself be extra careful in designing the base which is the most important thing for stability and the safety of the whole thing may be compromised if your wrongly design and construct it. Don’t forget to strengthen every joint.
  • Before assembling a pre-built bunk, make sure that you have all the necessary tools around.
  • Every bolt, every screw, clams will be in the box along with other components of your bed decorate them before your hand, so that you won’t have to fumble later on.
  • Do exactly what the instruction manual tells you to do.
  • Remember, assembling a double decker bed is a two person job. Make sure that you have assistance while you are doing it.
  • Install the rails appropriately.
  • When you are done don’t forget to double check every part. Make sure that, the whole thing is sturdy and well built.
  • Apply a 5 inches thick mattress on the bunks and do not put any mattress over 7 inches
  • Remember, the upper bunk is for children of 6 or above 6. That’s why put your elder one in it.
  • The room should not be entirely dark at night. Make sure there is a dim light that will help the kid on top to see the ladder at night.
  • It’s always a wise idea to keep the bed at the corner of the room.
  • More than one person should not be on the upper bunk and your children should be discouraged from horseplay on the bed or under the bed.
  • Encourage them to use the ladder.
  • You should be careful while changing the sheets on the upper bunk. Stand on a stable and firm tool while doing so.

Well, these are some basic things that you should know as a consumer of twin over full bunk bed.

Bunk Bed Buying Guide:

Now, you should be fairly satisfied in buying a bunk bed, you should also check out its buying guide. To buy a bunk bed why don’t you take a look at the features to look at section and once you do that here are some questions and answers that will pinpoint you to the right product.

  • How many children do you have? (if two that is idea. Even three is tolerable but for four children, you should buy two different bunkies )
  • What type of bunk bed are you looking for? (There are a whole lot of variety of them. You should check out the types of bunk beds section of this essay to ensure what type suits you the most)
  • Which material do you prefer? (the wooden ones are more sturdy and durable where the metal ones are more portable)
  • Are you looking forward to get some extra features? (like extra sliding bed, study table, drawers and etc)
  • Are you looking forward to buy a bed for a single child? (Then there are bunks that come with playhouse at the bottom, we would highly recommend you to get it.)
  • How much space do you have and what is the height of your ceiling? (You should check out the available space in your home and the height of your ceiling and cross match it with the dimension of the beds)
  • Do you want the one that is separable? (Your children take only a few years to outgrow the bed. That’s why getting a separable one sometimes may be a good idea. Also, there are other reasons behind your getting the separable model.)
  • How much are you willing to spend? (You should give less consideration to this section actually as a bunkey can easily serve you for four to five years or more. That’s why instead of saving a few dollars it’s wise to get a spacious one, who knows, your grandparents might be able to use it)

These questions can get you the perfect bunk bed for you. Instead of buying a cheap bunk bed you should go with the flow of your answers and you surely will bring home the best gift for your kids.

The Good:

  • Will save a lot of space in the room
  • Creates an opportunity for your kids to form a deeper relationship
  • Adds beauty to the room
  • A source of entertainment for your kids
  • Gives accommodation to guests
  • Some models come with multifunctional features

The Bad:

  • Can be a lethal source of injury
  • Maintaining them, like cleaning them or changing the sheets can be a lot of hassle
  • If your children are involved in frequent fights then it is not a good option actually
  • You won’t be able to tuck in your child resting on the top bunk
  • The child can get hurt while coming down from the ladder at night

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) …

We have seen the consumers of best bunk beds asking these questions. As an upcoming consumer these questions should naturally come in your mind too. That’s why we have assembled them for you so that you can be pre-alerted about certain things.

Q. Are bunk beds safe?

If you are prohibiting your children from horseplay below or on them and letting the elder one sleep on the top, these beds are safe. They have been in practice for a very long time. The beds are strong enough to hold two children and on this regard the wooden ones are better performers on showing durability.

It would be really great if you buy a bunkie with a stability test. Shake the unit well just to be sure of its stability. The children can be very rough on furniture that’s why you should frequently check it for any loose bolts, nuts or screws.

Also, there are some other things that you should take care like providing a small night light on the room so that when a child comes down from the ladder at night it can see where it is. Placing the bed on a carpet is a good idea too and the two feet gap between the bed and the ceiling should also present. Also, make sure that there are no electric bulb, fan or air conditioner near the top bunk.

Q. Which material is best for bunk beds?

After a whole lot of debates, our experts have come up with that, wooden ones are better than the metal ones. Now, both the types had their own merits and demerits. If you compare the metal ones with the wooden ones you will see that the wooden ones are heavier where the metal ones are lighter and more portable and easy to attach.

But the thing is for children and we would never want them to get hurt that’s where the wooden ones are winners as they are safer than metal beds. We have discussed these things in details in several places in the essay. You can check them out if you want.

Q. How should I make the bed on the Top Bunk?

Making the top bunk can be an issue for you if you are a first timer. For making the bed on top it would be really great if you encourage your child to do so. That way they will learn to do their own work all by themselves and it could be a lesson for them to be self-sufficient.

Now, if you have an unwilling child to do so then we guess it’s up to you. If you do not weight much then things can be easy for you. You can just climb up the ladder all the way to the top bunk and change the sheet and make bed over there. But if you are a ‘little’ overweight then we would say, please don’t dare to apex the top bunk. Rather, you can just put a sturdy table beside the bed and climb on it to do your things.

Q. Are there any weight or age limit for these beds?

Well there is only a federal standard that child under six should not be allowed on the top bunk for safety issues but there are no fixed age or weight limit for these beds as there are beds of different sizes and shapes available for your kids. You can pick any one that matches their age, weight and height.

Finally …

Well consumers, we now hope that we have been able to provide you with everything that you need to be a better consumer of finest bunk beds. This can really be a great gift for your kids and can be a terrific solution for your spacing issue.

Every child dreams to have a bunk bed of their own. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab the best and cheap bunk beds for kids in 2020 and surprise your kids.

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