Cool Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners

If you are not satisfied with your fidget spinner then you must learn these tricks!

This way you will amaze yourself and others with all the amazing things that you will be able to do after reading this article.

Our experts have picked up some easy tricks for you. We will give you step by step guidance on them so that you can make the best use of your fid.

Before we go into the tricks there are some mention worthy things that you should know.

Top 5 Things to Know about Fidget Spinner Tricks

There are some basics that you must know before making any move. We know you have got the idea and inspiration about fidget spinner tricks from videos online but what you don’t see is the effort those amazing people has put into learning the tricks.

  • The speed and spin time of the spinner is really important. Without them you won’t be able to do any tricks. That’s why we have always encouraged you on buying the best cheap fidget spinner of 2017 in our article.
  • Now, this is where the special edition or specially shaped spinners fail. Before you take it to the next step you should know it. A decent tri spinner is ideal. Here’s why…
  • Balance is everything for a fid trick. The better balance a hand spinner would have, the easier it would be to balance anywhere. Yes! Anywhere! We have seen people balancing their spinner on the tip of a pen. Oh, Don’t forget to practice where the fid won’t get damaged if it falls.
  • Plating tricks on these spinners is all about focus. The better you will be able to focus, the more amazing tricks you would be able to do. And this really helps with your focusing problem. We are stating this on basis of experiments. We have seen people focusing better after learning to perform tricks with their spinners
  • You should not let go of things just after one or two tries. Playing tricks with the spinners require a lot of time and practice and you should provide that time without losing your hope. Another thing that we should relate here is that, you have to use your imagination a lot if you want to modify a basic trick or if you want to invent newer ones.

Now, that you know the things that you have to know, let’s get down to the real business.

Cool Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners

Top 5 beginner’s Fidget Spinner Tricks

Okay, we hope that you have a decent fid in your possession. The fid that is well balanced and fast. You should start with a simple trick.

  • Fast Spin

On top of everything you have to know how to spin your spinner as fast as you can. The speed mainly depends on the bearing that’s inside the spinner and on how you use your finger. Here is what you are gonna do.

Fast Spin

Hold the centre of the spinner with your thumb and middle finger. Then use your index to spin it. Strike the wings as fast as you can with the index and keep doing it for hours and hours. This way you will get to spin the fid fast as hell and you will get the feeling that your speed has increased than it was hours before.

Once you are done with your right hand do it with your left one. Keep practicing hard and day by day you will improve a lot. The aim is to get your muscles tired. Once you are tired, take a rest for a while and start again. Repeat the cycle and you will be an expert in no time.

Once you are an expert on spinning fast, you should start doing the same thing with both your hands and two spinners. Keeping them at harmony and spinning them really fast really creates a great show. Remember, this is the first thing that you should learn!

  • Swaps

Now that you can simultaneously spin two spinners you should learn the swap. It’s a small scale jiggling. To perform this trick you need to roll the spinners and throw the one in your left hand to your right hand and the right one to your left hand. You also have to successfully hold them by the centre with your thumb and index.

Fidget Spinner Swaps

We know it sounds so simple here but this is really hard to do. After a lot of failed attempts you would be able to do it. Before that you should practice with a single spinner. Spin it in full throttle and then throw it towards your second hand while the spinner is still spinning. Catch it with you thumb and index and owella!

  • Extreme Balancing

You will be amazed to see where people are balancing their spinners. There are some amazing balancing tricks that you can do with your spinner. You can start by balancing the thing on the tip of your index finger.

Fidget Spinner Extreme Balance

Then, you can use your thumb to transfer it on different fingers and repeat. After you are done with them you can balance two spinners on top of each other. Then another one on top of that while each and every spinner is spinning.

The goal is to spin your spinner on the nib of a pen. It’s doable and certainly not impossible. Some people spin the spinner and drop it on a flat surface where the spinner still keeps on spinning. We would request you to keep away from performing such tricks as it can damage the alignment of the balls inside the bearing.

  • Airborne or Flying Fidget

Making a fidget spinner airborne is just an extended version of swaps. This time the spinner would travel for more time and would cover more distance. Airborne tricks are really tricky and difficult to perform as it’s really hard to focus on the flying fid.

Fidget Spinner Airbrone

When you would get a hold of this trick would be able to make some amazing tricks. Say for example, you can take one hand behind your body and toss the spinning fid into the other hand in front of your body.

  • On the knee

This trick is rather a simple one but hard to do. The aim is to spin the spinner on your knee by folding a leg. To do it, you have to spin the spinner and then drop and balance it on your knee. Don’t forget to fold your knees to a ninety degree angle. It must be flat.

Fidget Spinner on The Knee

Okay, these were the basic tricks that we had to share with you today. Later, we will discuss about some advanced fidget spinner tricks. Until then you should be satisfied with these ones. Remember, learning these tricks is all about the patience that you should keep.

Try not to do all the practice with a pricy spinner as there will always be a great possibility of damaging the thing. And most importantly, don’t lose hope. We hope that you like our article on Cool Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners. If it helps you or if you feel like adding something just leave it below in the comment section.

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