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If you know what survival kits are then you are at zero risk on your next hiking or in any survival situation. That’s why; it’s always good to have enough knowledge of the survival kits.

Know Why & When to Have a Survival Kit

Did you know that, you can make your own make survival kit with only a few bucks?

And the biggest benefit of making your own survival kit is that, they can be your best companion to help you when you will need them the most.

This article will tell you about the things that you need to know about the application of a survival kit and the things that you need to know about making them. We are presenting things on a question-answer basis. Here are the things for you.

Why & When Should You Have A Survival Kit With You?

The simplest answer should be ‘to survive’. The basic goal of a survival kit is to provide you with all the necessary tools and supplies that can help you to get you through the survival situation. Now, these survival situations can arise from anywhere.

You are not safe in your home, work, vacations, hiking, camping or in adventures. If you have seen far too many movies and you think that outlasting hostile situations is a piece of cake for you then we should pop your bubbles and say that, you are very wrong!

A zombie attack or outburst of a lethal virus might be a daily occurrence on movies but reality is not that vivid and you can’t entirely blow away the risk where you are certainly no Bear Grylls! That’s why having best survival kit even a cheap survival kit can really save you from grave deep danger situations.

Still not convinced?

Here is a long list of reasons for you that should convince you to get a survival kit.

  • Earthquake or other natural disasters are a common occurrence on some parts of the world. If you survive a lethal earthquake then the situation later on is surely going to be a hostile one. To get through that you should have a survival kit.
  • Love to get lost in the woods? What if you literally get lost and can’t find your way out? That’s why you should have a kit with you so that you can survive for a day or two until someone finds you.
  • Fan of adventures and hiking? Have some survival gears with you and you might thank us someday for providing you with such advise.
    When to Have a Survival Kit
  • The kits can have all sorts of tools that can help you to fix your car or bike. Having one in your car or in your bike can be really helpful for you.
  • There are some other specialized survival kits that you can find on boats and planes. They are there for any unwelcoming situations. These things are focused to walk you through a survival situation on a decorated place.
  • Well, if you are hungry and will not be around food for a long time, you can dig in inside your kit and consume the sealed ready to eat food that you have stored for bad times.
  • If you want, you can throw in some first aid kits or some necessary fast acting medicines inside your kit and use it whenever necessary. These first aid kitted survival kits have saved many lives.
  • Some survival gear packages have been taken to a whole new level. They come with extremely strong multipurpose tools that can help you to make your own shelter.
  • Oh yes! We nearly forgot. If you think that you are going to keep yourself warm, keep away the deadly animals and cook your food then you would surely be needing a fire. Don’t forget to get a kit that comes with fire starter tools, matches or lighters. Remember, fire is a vital element that can keep you alive.

We think that this long list of reasons should be enough for you. Wait! These reasons are not just enough for having a survival kit. The thing is,

You need a Survival Kit Everyday!

Yes, why confine their application for emergency situations where it can help you in your day to day life. If you have to go home every day you are not safe outside. If you have to stay at home, you are not safe. Basically, you are not safe anywhere.

Survival Kit List

That’s why you should have some things around you that can protect you. Things like them can be united to the things that you carry inside your survival kit.

Things may include:

  • A knife
  • Taser
  • Pepper Spray
  • Hardened Flashlight
  • Folding Baton

You can have these things to protect yourself. Now, there are other reasons for what you should carry a survival kit everyday. If you go out with a bag why don’t you customize a survival kit for yourself that you can use if you have to repair anything on the go.

There are other things that you can have in your survival kit, a portable cell phone charger for example. You also have some things as a multi tool that takes a little space but comes handy when you need them the most.

A survival situation does not only appear when you are in an adventure. So, you can pack a few things in a box and leave it inside your car. Who knows whenever you might need them. These things come handy when you go on road trips.

So, we are suggesting you to have a survival kit with you all the time. You can just have a strong zip lock bag full of most necessary tools and put in inside your bag, Have a box of tools and supplies and put it in your car. Trust us! You would be thanking us someday.

How have Survival Kits Benefited People?

This section is just to show you that, the things that we have presented in this article have their practical value. While we were talking to people who have to stay away from home for job or adventure, we have found these following facts that we are going to present from second person view for you.

We would request you to imagine these scenarios so that you can realize the gravity of the situation.

Suppose, it’s a winter night with a heavy snowfall and on a night like this, you had to go someplace far. You struggle to your destination and half way there, your car malfunctions. Imagine, you are all alone, there’s not a soul around, no cell phone reception. Now, you have to either fix your car and get running or you have to outlast the freezing night.

Have a Survival Kit

On a moment like this, you are definitely in need of a survival kit with tools and food supplies.

Another scenario, you were flying over a dense forest and suddenly your plane crash lands inside the deep woods. Now, you have to survive until a rescue team comes to save you out of the jungle or you find any sign of life. For situations like this one you are in a great need of a survival kit. It can get you through the danger.

Or, if you live in a disaster prone area where storms can be a daily occurrence then there will be the possibility of a communication break, if it’s a flood ten matters can really get out of hands. Having a survival kit filled with strong tools and food supplies for the whole family can save lives.

These were a few examples of the many situations or scenarios that were drawn from people’s experience with the survival kits. If you are not careful enough and make or buy your personal survival kit then you are on your own.

Finally …

The thing is, your survival entirely depends on your survival instincts. You have to be wise enough to survive out a hostile situation. This knowledge includes making your own fire, tools and finding your own food.

Actually you can only earn half of this knowledge by reading different books and half of the survival things can only be learned through experiences. The main purpose of this article was to make you realize the importance of the survival kits. These survival kits can ultimately add more to your survival experience and reduce a lot of hassle of making fire and tools.

Customize the Survival Kit

We are suggesting you to customize the survival kit according to your needs. An earthquake disaster kit should not be as an adventure survival kit. That’s why, before having a survival kit of your own, you should know them.

We would also like to say that, having a survival kit can’t help you only. You should also know how to use the kit. But, ultimately we hope that you won’t have to face a survival situation. We hope that this article on why and when to have a survival kit will really be helpful for you.

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