Q – What is ConsumerHubs?

ConsumerHubs – is a solution for shoppers where anyone can get detailed reviews, ranking, usage, and many more necessary and related information about a wide range of products in a single website.

It basically gathers all sorts of reviews and brings them under the microscope to present a decent and true one for you. Please check the About ConsumerHubs section for more details about us.

Q – How does ConsumerHubs work?

ConsumerHubs is a review based website what comprises of an wide range of product. Information about the products are gathered from numerous web reviews after analyzing their credibility.

We also interact with the users so that we can provide information about the product. Then we decorate all the liable reviews in one place and put them before you in our organized and categorized product list. This is the simplest explanation of ConsumerHubs methodology.

Q – How do we judge source articles?

Experience should be the answer. You may found many user or manufacturer reviews of a product but all of them may seem trustworthy to you. Actually this is a mistake many consumers make. We have our years of experience in this field. We bring a review under the microscope to find all the true things about it.

Then we differentiate the best things that are noteworthy and put it in our website. We double check the information from various reviews with the actual information provided by the manufacturer and users. This makes all the reviews in ConsumerHubs adapted from credible sources.

There are multiple editors of ConsumerHubs who work relentlessly for evaluating various articles. The articles are evaluated by these following standards.

  • The expertise of the source article writer is important. The way he’s throwing information to us is indeed a required criteria for us to notice. We judge that honestly.
  • The newness of the review is also very important. As newer products have more customers and attractions, reviews on them are more preferred. Articles on older models or products are kind of worthless.
  • Reviewer’s experience with the product is also an important criterion. We tend to make sure that the review we’re following is written from experience. User reviews are best option in this case. For this we justify that the writer of the review had really some connection and experience with that particular product.
  • The vividness of a source is important. A good source has reviews of multiple product of same category.
  • Research articles always get higher ratings if they provide enough experimented truth.

Q – Do we prefer user reviews or professional reviews ?

It’s a tough call actually. The answer would be both. Yes, both kinds have their own values. The professional reviews come from experts conducting research in their laboratories about their reviewing methodology is more theoretical where the user reviews are way more insightful and practical.

User reviews spread the aroma of personal attachment with the products and they are pretty straightforward. There are numerous user reviews on a particular product but the professional reviews are very limited and offered by a few websites only.

That’s why many necessary information doesn’t make it to the reviews written by professionals. So ConsumerHubs brings both under consideration.

Q – Why did a well written article get a lower rating than a moderately written one?

It doesn’t matter how well an article is written. What matters is its content. ConsumerHubs is not a literature or language review website. It’s concerned with products and always will be. That’s why we tend to give higher ratings to an article that will be informative and helpful for you.

Yes, even we’ve seen those articles that you’re talking about. We deliberately kept them away from our list as they were not reviews actually. They were an elaboration of the specifications of the products. Now you answer, should such reviews get any place on website like ConsumerHubs?

Q – What product categories do we deal with?

ConsumerHubs deals with 30 categories of product under which there are sub categories. Basically ‘ConsumerHubs Algorithm’  a new process of evaluating product reviews.

So, feeding on reviews the website is growing day by day. Under the 30 categories we’ve tried to enclose maximum products. Gradually the website will grow with the growth of its product list containing reviews.

Q – How frequent we are?

We try to publish new reviews as frequently as we can. A review takes time for published in ConsumerHubs as are not written out of imagination or specifications.

A review in ConsumerHubs has hours and hours of research behind it. So, you are requested to keep your patience. We give priority to publish reviews on the top trending products first. Newer products will also find its place in the website as soon as they started gaining popularity.

Q – How can customers contact ConsumerHubs?

If you don’t find your desired review please wait for a while or try our Contact Us section and let us know if you have any query, review demand, any complaints or anything you want to share. Your mails will be treated with care. Appropriate steps will be taken if necessary.