You have gifted a lovely tree house to your cat, but it is not paying any attention to it.

So, you are thinking that you have wasted the money.

Don’t think so, because there is still a hope of getting your cat to use this tree house. You can train them to use it as their favorite place.

Train cat to use a cat tree

Here, we are giving the best method of training and it is practically proven…

Cats always love to climb, jump and scratch. It is their natural behavior. But, if they do not like to play with the cat tree then there is something going wrong which is distracting them. That can be their stress or ennui. Again, they are not familiar with this new item and that is why they are afraid of it and do not know how much it is beneficial for them. So, whatever the problem is, you need to find out first.

Before starting the training, you have to reconsider some matters. Like-

Find Best Place:

Selecting the place is a big issue. Proper selection can easily attract them to use it. You have to keep it in the area, where your pet willingly spends most of the time. Randomly changing the position of it is not a good idea at all. Cats love to have a permanent place where they can play and rest. But, if you change its place often, they will lose interest on it.

Again, keeping it in the spot, where they do not have the overview of a hallway or the room can be a wrong choice. They will not like to stay here and your tree will not able to attract them. So, you can try window side areas. They like to sit near the window and placing it beside this place will be great. They will use it to reach the window.

Your cat can be disturbed by dogs, kids or even guests. You should find out that it is happening or not. If you notice it, then change the tree’s position where annoying creatures will not be present. Cats are really a good social creature and they love to stay near their owner. Moreover, it makes them feel that they are secured. Living without any close company is really painful for them. So, install it where they will stay happy and safe.

Multiple Cats:

Having more than one cat can be a matter of great fun or can be a headache. Cats are quite in nature, but sometimes they fight with each other. When you are giving them a single tree house, one of them will claim it of him. So, another one will not love to use it.

For that situation, you have to buy another one. But, if you are lucky enough and they love the company of each other in a single tree, then you do not have to worry. Moreover, if you place it in a new position, their friendly relationship will be very helpful to divert them to the new place easily.

Now, come to the main part, where we are going to teach how you should train your cat:

First: Early age

It is always best to introduce the cat with the pet tree when they are young or a kitten. In that age, you can teach them your desired behaviors. Again, they are totally depended on you and for them; you are their best well wisher. So, kindly ask them to use it and it will be a familiar object very soon.

Second: Favorite food

If your cat is not young enough, then you have to tempt them by offering a treat. It is the best option to control them. Throw some pieces of the food on the floor and keep these pieces near to your new cat-tree. Allow the pet to eat it peacefully.

Now, praise and pet him, and let him recognize that this new furniture will do nothing harm to him. If he is not afraid of it and normally rambling around it without any fear, then you do not have to repeat this step. But, if he is still stressed, you will need to repeat it for several times to make him more comfortable.

Play with them near to it and act like that there is nothing new. So, they will naturally accustom with it. Do not try to force them. If you try so, the result will be opposite. They are very sensitive and they will not dare to come to its close again. So, when they will try to sniff it by their own, you can go to the next step.

Third: Attract him

Now catch the attention of your cat on the treat and keep it on the cat tree’s lower shelf. Call him or do some actions to attract him and show him the treat to tempt. If he is still afraid, you can make a treat’s trail toward the tree. That will lead him to reach the bottom shelf.

When his stress will be diminished, you can pick and place him on the tree house where you have kept the food. He will also finish the food of this place. If, he is still trying to jump off from there, do not scold him. You should let him go and prepare you to take another attempt.

Fourth: Play with a toy

You can also make them easy to use by playing. Take your cat’s favorite toy and slide it along the floor. During this time, gently and naturally place it on the tree house as a part of the game. So they will not get the direct view of it and they will watch the play and the furniture at a time.

Now, take back the toy on the floor to continue the game. In that way, he will be introduced to it. Occasionally place it on the tree for several times to let them pick it from there. So, they will run after the toy and without noticing the new thing, they will climb on it.

Fifth: Lower part of the tree

Try to get him reach to the lower section first. If you become succeeded to bring them there without insisting them, your major part of training is done. Treat or toy does not matter. Tempt him and unconsciously let him use it. Praise and cuddle him, and that will inspire him to go there often. If he has now no objection with the lower section, bringing him to use the upper sections is super easy. Do the same steps to let him explore rest of the areas of this new furniture.

Sixth: Scratching polls

Though cats’ scratching is their genetic behavior, but there is also a reason behind it. During heckling, they love to stretch their spines. So, bring only the pet tree in your home, which have the tall scratching posts. If they find that these polls are awkward, they may not like to use it.

Seventh:  Avoid cranky pet-tree

Using a strong durable and cat trees is mandatory. Check it out that it moves during their usage or not. If it is not sturdy enough, they will consider it as a threat and they will start to avoid it. Again, they are fond of stretching and when they will not get proper resistance during expanding the body, it will not let them feel comfortable. So, give importance to its base and recover the cranky condition to sustain their trust on it.

Eighth: Major advice

During this whole training period, you have to always keep it in your mind that they are animals and they do not know which one is better for them. So you have to be assiduous. You need to go forward slowly and step by step.

We know that it is not quite easy. But if you love your pet and want to keep your furniture safe, then you should keep your patient. Do not behave rough and wait for the perfect time. How long the training session will be, it totally depends on your capability and intimacy with them.

Finally …

Consequently, this is the complete guideline for your cats. We have applied these tips on them practically and the result was really surprising. Within a couple of days, they have started to use it as their best place to play and stay.

So, apply these training methods as soon as possible and we believe that you will also get the same desired result as other pet owners have gained.

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