How Much Do You Know about Fidget Spinner Bearings?

If you love to spin your fidget spinner then you must know what’s inside it.

The heart of fid is its bearing. Well, how much do you know about the bearing that’s inside your hand spinner?

Today, we are gonna explain everything to you. If you think you are in love with your fid then you shouldn’t miss this article that the experts of ConsumerHubs have specially prepared for people, getting obsessed with their fidget spinner.

What is a Fidget Spinner Bearing?

There are not much difference between a regular bearing that is used on the joint between the axles and wheels and the bearing that is used as the main component of a fidget spinner. Now, the difference is between the size and material actually.

Bearing Diagram

The simplest defamation is, a bearing is a set of balls inside two rings that aims at reducing the friction between the axle and the wheel. Then people started taking it as a toy and everything changed after that.

So, fidget spinner bearing is the bearing that you find at the centre of the device. It is generally made of three types of materials, metal, ceramic or stainless steel. The casing is generally made of metal or stainless steel where the inside is generally made of metal or ceramic.

Most of the bearings come with a metal cover or shielding that keeps the balls inside protected. We should also mention here that, these shielding also have an impact on the spinning of the bearing. Also, they are there to protect the balls from getting derailed and for keeping them free from rust.

The two most common type of fid bearing is 608 and R188. Let’s cut the chase and say that The R188 is better than the 608. The R188 is built with smaller balls and the size of the whole thing is lot smaller than the 608. It just has a diameter of 12.7 mm where the 608 is measured 22.7 mm.

608 vs R188 Bearing

As the R188 has smaller balls, there are very less friction. We must note here that, the R188 is a more appropriate size for fids. Generally, you don’t find a R188 on cheap fidget spinners as they are a bit costlier.

We have already mentioned this thing on many places that, the 188s are better for hand spinners. The first reason is that, they are really compact. These bearings have helped manufacturers to design more compact spinners.

Compact ones can look really beautiful and can easily be carried and used everywhere. Most importantly these the spinners that have a 188 on the center can be used anywhere as it’s extremely silent.

There is not much to talk about the 608s. It’s basically the bearing that you will find in a roller skate board. The best benefit that you get from a 608 is its strength. The bigger balls will never cause wobbling in the spinner.

A fid with a 608 inside spins for less time and slower than the 188 but the best thing that you should know about it is that, the spinner will be strong and it will be able to tolerate drops.

Do you know what A Bearing Converter is?

If you have a regular fidget spinner that has a 608 inside and think that you would improve the performance of your spinner then you should probably fit a 188 inside it. To do so, you will need a converter.

The converter is a set of ring on the size of a 608 bearing and has a 12.7 mm hole inside that can tightly house a R188 bearing. You can easily buy these converters online. So, if you want to change the bearing of your spinner then you have to buy the R188 and the converter separately.

Then, take out the cap and push out or unlock the 608 from your spinner. Put the 188 inside the converter and place it inside your spinner. Close the cap and you are good to go. Hopefully, you will get a better performance after you change the bearing.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Hand Spinner Bearing

There are some things that you just can’t overlook when it comes to bearing and fidget spinners. This point will help you a lot in understand the fids better. The first thing that you should know is, the spinning of a hand spinner entirely depends on the bearing that is inside a fidget spinner.

So, if you want to be a pro in the fidget spinning game, the points below are just for you.

  • All on the Balls

Every bit of fun that you get from a fidget spinner is the result of the spinning of few balls that are inside the bearing. When it comes to the balls inside the spinner bearing, five things matter the most.

The first and most important thing is, the size of the balls. Bigger balls make a strong and durable bearing where the smaller ones are much faster, quitter and can spin for a longer time. Although they are a little bit wobbly and that will prevent a smooth spinning. We should also note here that, bigger balled bearings aren’t that much suitable for hand spinners.

Balls Inside a Bearing

The next thing that matters the most is the material of the balls. If the balls are made of ceramic then it’s just great, if they are made of stainless steel or other metal compounds that does not catch rust then it’s okay, if it’s made of iron then you have to take a lot of care of your spinner. So, don’t forget to get the one that has ceramic balls inside.

The number of the balls is really important too. The more balls there will be, the better the spinner will perform.

  • The insulator between the balls

You have to make sure that the balls are well separated so that, they can perform without any kind of vibration of wobbling. That will impact on the spinning of the bearing. You must remember here that, the aim of a fid bearing is to minimize the friction and maximize the spinning speed and time. In order to do that, the balls must be well separated.

  • Shielding is important too

Shielding basically means a metal washer that sits over the balls. If you have a metal bearing, meaning that has metal balls inside your bearing that has the possibility of catching rust then you should get the one that has this shielding.

It protects the bearing from water and dust. Water is the most crucial enemy of a bearing and should be very much careful about it. Otherwise, shielding is not that important for a ceramic bearing.

Non Shielded Bearing

  • The Casing

The better casing you will have in your spinner, the better it will be able to perform. The casing should at least be made with stainless steel as rust inside it will seriously impact on the spinning of the spinner. There are some models out there that comes with ceramic casings, we think they are the best if you can afford.

So, you have it. You will be amazed to know that the best fidget spinner bearing costs more than 50$. Can you imagine the improvement that you are gonna get from that?

This was basically everything that we had on the fid bearings. We hope that we haven’t bored you and provided with all the necessary details about fidget spinner bearing.

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