Are you looking for solution to build a cat tree house to save some money?

This thing can be made in the half price than the ready-made one. So, if you want to be an expert of its making, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we are giving a complete guideline which can be applied for any model of it.

How to Build a Cat Tree House

Cats always love to climb and jump. That is their genetic nature. But in our classic homes, these pets do not get the chance of doing fun. But having a cat tree house can provide hours of fun and entertainment to your kitty without bringing any odd change in your home decoration.

But this product is quite costly and all of them do not meet the requirements of the customers. For these people, the perfect solution is that they should build a cat tree by their own. If they do so, it will be a cat trees and you can get it according to your decoration and needs.

Step-01: Design & Place

Before going to market to purchase the materials, you have to make a plan of its design first. Which type of material will be needed, that can be found by sketching out its shape on the paper. There you have to consider some major things when you are giving it the shape of a cat tree.

  • First, find out how many cats will use it. According to its number, you should go ahead of your plan. Considering your cat’s personality is also mandatory. If it likes to climb, then your tree should be tall. There should also be a place of its taking rest and sleep.
  • You have to measure your space limitations. Select the suitable place where you will keep it and this position will not be odd following its size. Do not try to do anything with your assumptions. If your carpentry skill is not enough good, you can keep its design simple and that will help you to finish it successfully.
  • If you have not any past experience about building it, then you can Google or watch tutorials of it. There you will get pictures or video and you can learn the procedure step by step. That can be a huge inspiration when you will see the models which people have already made.

Step-02: Materials

  • For the horizontal platform, take the plywood and pick cardboard, PVC pipe or dimensional lumber for vertical support. To cover the wood’s body, the carpet will be ideal. So pick these things to run it effectively.
  • Now take your essential tools to complete the assembly. Electric stapler, table saw, hand saw, screws, hammer and nails, utility knife, sandpaper and wood glue will be needed. Make their arrangement before starting the process. Keep them orderly and give more importance to the small parts. These things easily get lost.
  • Pick the concrete form tube, if you like to make a covered area to let them perch. They are strong enough to create the tunnels for the pets.

Step-03: Sizing the Materials:

Gather you all plans as a guide and start cutting the lumber and plywood sections following your measurement. Cut the dimensional lumber by the hand saw and use the table saw or the handled circular saw is effective for sizing the plywood’s sheets. Give smooth finishing to its rough edges by the sand paper.

Step-04: Base of the Tree

  • You have to make its base first. The sturdy base is essential to prevent its tipping. Its base should be extended from the middle point than any other component or platform of the pet tree.
  • There you will need 2 squares same pieces of plywood to give a proper thickness. Glue the pieces together and that will make it more durable.
  • The base should be larger according to the height of the cat’s tree house. The basic measurement of its foundation is about 24 inches or 60 cm and it really works smoothly.

Step-5: Carpeting the Base

  • Use well-upholstered fabric or carpet to cover its upper side and that step has to be done before adding any vertical supports.
  • Now cut the carpet and keep it little larger than the base from its all sides. After cutting it, wrap the plywood base’s edges by the extra part of the carpet. To hold it in its places, use the staple gun and staple them over the fabric.
  • To give a compact look the carpet, you have to cut 4 small notches at its corners and beneath the base, fold them neatly.

Step-6: Vertical Supports

  • Without these supporting stands, it cannot hold up the platforms. Attach them to the base and you can use wood glue, nails, screws or bolts to stick them.
  • Flip and face down the carpeted side of the base and then start drilling holes on this side. Mark the spots and create there the holes where the stands should be installed. Through the holes insert nails or screws to attach the stands and after that drive the connectors into the supports.
  • If you like to cover these supports by carpet, you should not do it before installing it. After attaching them you should cover it and that is easier to do it at that stage when they are in the secured place.
  • Many people like to add scratching poles for their cats. So wrap two or three supports with sisal rope. First, apply the glue on the body of the stand and then start the wrapping. Do not forget to secure their ends with staples, wire brads or scotch tape. Keep them in the places where they will not be noticed by the kitties.
  • If they find it, they will scratch it out. So after stapling them, you need to use a hammer to tap them down. Make it sure that they are not sticking out much.

Step-7: Horizontal Perches

  • After adding the supports with the base, now take the plywood perches to attach with the support. Use glue or wood screws to the top of both ends of the vertical stands.
  • Having the screws to its ends will help you to attach 2 perches with it. Moreover, each screw will go through the perch to connect another stand with it.
  • If you want to make some more floors to increase its height, then you can build other floors in that way. But do not build so many decks that the base cannot hold them safely.

Step-8: Carpeting the Perches

Carpeting these parts actually depends on your design.

  • If you want to use screws to attach them then you need to use the fabric before bracing them. Otherwise, it will be tough to cover them and it will create a problem during screwing them.
  • Again, if you go for the glue, the joining part should be done before adding the fabric. There the naked surface of both pieces is needed to make a strong bond. So, attach them and after that, cut and place the carpet according to its design.
  • You have to cut it like you have done for the base. Place the extra part underside of the perch and staple them properly. So the edges will not be noticed by the cat.

Step-9: Ladder and Condo

  • If you want to give more comfort to your cat, you can add a condo in its any floor. So it will get a place to take rest and it can be a great place for fun. For this part, you can use solid wood or plywood.
  • Many people like to attach a ladder to this pet tree. So make it and attach it to its 1st floor. It will help them to reach to the first storey comfortably and of course, wrap its whole body.

Step-10: Finishing Touch

After completing its making, check its every part that you have properly installed them or not. Always try your best to give a flat fit to its stage’s carpet. And one more thing, the more the base will be heavy, the more it will be durable. So you can add extra weight to improve its stability.


Cats have sharp nails and during their climbing and playing, they will love to scratch the body of this tree house. That’s why; you should cover its pieces as far as possible to maintain its longevity. So, this is our complete guideline and we hope that, when you will create it in real life, your cat will like it surely.

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