If you really want to keep your carpet clean and clean it in the easiest way then this just might be the article that you have been looking all along.

We know that you all have carpets in your home! We also know how messy those carpets can get!

Secret of Carpet Cleaners

Now, there are some things that you should know about the carpets and carpet cleaning. Well, we have dug out this information from the experts who have years and years of experience of working as a professional carpet cleaner.

Now, we are not claiming these following points to be scientifically proven but all of them were tested.

The secrets of Carpet Cleaning:

We are presenting the information that have tried on carpets and were benefited from them. These were more like myths and we acted as myth busters. Even after that, we recommend them to try at your own risk.

Sources of dirt and filth:

Where does all the filth come from? And have you given it enough thought?

Sources of dirt and filth

Well, you should have. If you know where are the dirt are coming from, you could easily fight with them. So, let’s give you some possible sources of all the filth that you find in your carpet.

Shoes – Yes, so many places your shoes have been, so many dirt it has gathered in it. Most of the dust that you, your husband or kids gather ends up in the carpet. You will be amazed to see the vividness of the dirt that your shoe gathers.

Widows – If you have windows in the room that you keep open, you are more likely inviting dust from outside. On a windy day, lot of dirt enters the room and crashes in your carpet. During the rain the windows can bring the splashes from outside and the water could be dirty.

Pets – Pets can be really messy as they were not gifted with the hygienic sense. Moreover, they have four feet. If you have a pet that is not potty trained then it can be a nightmare for you.

Also, the pets do not care if they spill food over the carpet. God have sent them by covering them with furs so that they could keep themselves warm. But, they use the far only to mess up your carpet.

Kids – Trust us, Kids can be truly messy and mostly they mess up the carpet. While playing or eating they can make the carpet really dirty. Spills are the main enemy of carpets. What so ever you do, it’s nearly impossible to keep the children away from spilling things on the carpet.

Food & Wine – Some food stains are really stubborn. They are just hard to scrub out from the carpet. If you let one dry there will a very much possibility of the stain’s becoming permanent. This applies more for wine. If you accidentally spill red wine on your carpet, you will know the rest.

If you have a carpet on the place where you eat, you might already have the experience of taking out food shreds from the carpet. It’s a main source of all the filth in the carpets on kitchen or if you dine in the living room.

Urine – Whether it comes from children or pets, they are just something that you don’t want on your carpet. They not only cause stains on the carpet but, they can make it stink too. Let us remind you again that, taking out urine from the carpet are not an easy thing.

Well, these were more or less the reasons behind your carpet’s getting dirty. Try to overcome them and you won’t have to clean the carpet that often. Here are some tips on how you are going to keep the carpet clean.

Best Ways to Clean your Carpet:

Well, you will often find it difficult to take out the stains with your regular carpet cleaning agent but with these following tips things will become easy for you.

Wine Stains –

Wines have a great enmity against the carpet. Their stains are the most stubborn ones to take out. Now, there are some ways you can easily take them off your carpet.

Wine Stains

The most common treatment is using a cleaning agent but the most common mistakes are made while using them. What most people do is scrub, scrub and scrub as soon as they pour the cleaning agent on the stain. This is the biggest mistake that you can ever make.

Instead of all that scrubbing what you should do is, take a clean well absorbent piece of cloth and blot, blot and blot. Before all that blotting don’t forget to let the agent rest on the stain for fifteen minutes or so.

It will give the cleaner to do its job and breaking all the internal bonds between the fiber and the stain. This breakage takes time to occur. Now that you know how to fight with the stain, you should also know the weapons with what you can fight those stains.

We have already talked about the common carpet cleaning agent., they are manufactured to clean all sort of filth, so they are not that much effective against the wine or beer stains.

Club soda is said to have a better effect on these type of stains. We have found them to be effective against these stains. But as far we have tested, mixing a little vinegar is even better in this case.

Depending on the gravity of the stain you should mix up the solution and you may also need to use hot water while cleaning it up. Take the whole mixture inside a hand held and gently spray it on the stain and blot it with pressure.

Another good thing that you can use for the stain is toothpaste or shaving foams. Shaving foams are better against the stains. Let the foam sit on the stain for about thirty minutes and then blot it out by spraying 1/10 mixture of vinegar and water.

These procedures should be enough to take out the dirty stubborn stains from your carpet.

How to take out candy and gums out of carpet?

Have both kids and carpets in your home?

Then you surely are familiar with the problem of candies or gums being stuck on or inside the carpet. The horror of it blooms at its fullest after a birthday party.

take candy and gums out of carpet

To take out the stuck gums, you need to freeze it first. To freeze the gum, you can use ice. Put two cubes of ice on the glob then lift it with a small tong or a fork and then cut the fibers that are attached with the gum. Make this cut very narrow so that it remains untraceable.

To take out the chocolates or candies you should use plenty of water at first so that you can take out all the sugar first. Then it should be easy to take out the candy or the chocolate.

Don’t forget to clean the spot after you take out the candy.

Taking out blood and grease off carpet –

Blood on a carpet can also be a problem. If you accidentally get blood on your carpet, please don’t panic. A little use of Hydrogen Peroxide can help a lot on taking out all the stains.

But first, you should loosen up the stain a bit by drenching it on the mixture of soap and water and let it rest for three to five minutes. Then you should scrape out the stain a little and gently take out as much blood as you can. After that directly apply Hydrogen Peroxide what will cause the stain to foam up. Then you can dab out the whole thing very easily.

To fight with the grease nothing beats dish washing liquids. They are superb in breaking the molecules of oil and fat. Although they have manufactured for your dishes, you can also use them on carpets to clean out all the grease stains.

Secret Tips to keep Your Carpet Clean:

Wait, don’t scroll down so fast.

The tips that you are going to find here are the ones that are going to help you in reducing a lot of hassle of those long tiring carpet cleaning.

We hope that, you will find them to be new and helpful for you.

> Rugs before Carpets:

This is the most effective way of keeping your carpet clean. Have you ever wondered why there are carpets in the main entrance of every home?

Rugs before Carpet

It lies there so that you can clean the sole of your shoes on them and enter the home (on the carpets). Well, the same technique can be applied on all the transaction from non carpeted floors to carpeted ones.

Shoes bring most of the dirt in home. If you really don’t want them to mess up the carpet then you must make sure that you have laid satranji rugs where they need to be. Don’t forget to clean the rugs also.

> Protect the Carpet:

The carpet should be protected where they needs protection. These carpet protects are available for you online and they come with their own benefits. Getting one will not only protect your carpet from the furniture.

Specially, if you have an office chair and you need to the chair to glide around then you should have the carpet protector. Another benefit you can get out of those carpet protectors is that, they won’t let your carpet get dirty.

If you have some machine or something that mess up your carpet, you should use a carpet protector there to keep the carpeted area clean.

> Encourage Guests to keep out their shoes:

We have already mentioned that most of the dirt on a carpet comes from shoes. That’s why taking out shoes will result in a cleaner carpet.

You should put a shoe rack in front of the door so that people can understand that they have to take out their shoes. You can also add a beautiful request poster of taking out shoes if you are really obsessed.

Providing flip flops for your family members and guest is also a good idea and a better solution for keeping the carpet cleaner.

> Using Carpet Cleaners Vs Vacuum Cleaners:

We have already reviewed the best carpet cleaners of 2017 that you can buy to keep your carpet clean.

Now, once you bring home a carpet cleaner you should use it frequently otherwise you will make your carpet dirtier and we would like to warn you here that the dirtier carpets take more effort and time to clean.

Carpet Cleaner vs Vaccum Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are quite different from vacuum cleaners. The carpet cleaner involves a separate mechanism for delivering a heated mixture of cleaning agent and water where the vacuum cleaners are designed to take out the filth from the deepest part of the carpet.

Practically, the carpet cleaners are better fir cleaning carpets and they can even take out stains what is impossible for vacuum cleaners to do.

These carpet cleaners also leave your carpet wet and this can be a problem if the carpeted room is frequented by people. For busy places there are other commercial ways of cleaning the carpet. But from all perspective, when it comes to carpet cleaning, the carpet cleaners are better than the vacuum cleaners.

Which is the Best carpet cleaning agent?

We often get this question. It’s quite a matter of concern for many people actually. If you have a carpet cleaner of a popular brand that also produces cleaning agents then you should stick to them as those agents have been researched to work in pair with the machine.

The manufacturer will suggest you the same thing too. Now, there is a problem here. The cleaning agent that are commercially produced are mainly for cleaning dust or to fight with all the stains together. But if you have read this article you would know that different stains have different treatment.

But if you look a little more, you will also find some other cleaning agents that are focused to fight with urine or other liquid spills. You can also use them if you want. But we would like to add here that, these agents might disappoint you.

You can apply our version of spill treatment with these cleaners and that will ultimately result better.

So, these were the points that we had to present before you. There are numerous benefits of having carpet in your home. The biggest one is that they keep your environment clean by absorbing most of the dirt. It works as a trap for the dust.

That’s why they should be repaid and the tricks and tips has given you on this article should be enough for a complete care of your carpet. We hope that these Secrets of Carpet Cleaners and Carpet Cleaning were helpful for you.

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