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This article on Top Fidget Spinner Tips & Tricks might just change the way you think about fidget spinners!
We’ll try to unlock everything before you so that you can know and do all the amazing things that you can do with your hand spinner.

If you want to amaze everyone around you then you are in the right spot. We know there are many videos trending about the trucks on these spinners. But we have found that videos are not always helpful and that’s where the written words overpower.

So, wanna learn some amazing things that you perform before everyone else? Take a deep breath and keep reading. While going through the article take your favorite fid in your hand.

Some Basic Tips about Hand Spinners

We hope that you know all the things that we are going to enlist below, why don’t you take a look at it and make sure that you know everything.

  • Tips on Speed

We have been repeatedly asked about the fastest spinner. Well, we must say that, the spinners that are built with metals and smaller in size are faster and tend to spin for a long time. But balancing them can be a bit tricky.

Fidget Spinner Speed

The sped of a spinner is not that important actually and you should also know that, it depends how you use your fingers. We will discuss some things on that too.

  • Tips on Balance

You have probably heard the term, ‘well balanced hand spinners’. Do you know what those are? Probably you have some idea. The first sign of a well balanced spinner is that, it spins for a long time. A well balanced model doesn’t need to be fast or heavy but it must be capable of spinning for a long time.

Have you ever thought what makes a spinner, spin for a long time? Yes, it’s their weight and counter weight of the center bearing. If the weight of the center is balanced appropriately by the wings then the spinner would be able to spin for a very long time.

  • Tips on Material

Yes, the material also has an impact on the spinner and on spinning. A regular hand spinner is made of plastic or rubber like material. Our experts have chosen the metal ones as the best material for the hand spinners.

Fidget Spinner Material

The metal ones are heavy and you will find that most of them are fast and have a long spin time. But, you should also note that they are not good for a newbie. Droppings are their worst enemy. The whole things gets really affected and the result is poor spin time, wobbly spinner and less speed.

More than that, you can injure yourself or others with it. There will also be a great possibility of breaking something. So, be careful about it.

  • Tips about the Design of Fidget Spinners

The design of a hand spinner has a great impact on the spinning. The spinners are designed to give you pleasure and you must get it from the moment you take it in your hand. So, the design has a great impact.

Fidget Spinner Designs

The first thing you will find on a decent spinner is a good finishing. There should be no rough edges which is very common in some cheap fidget spinners. These rough edges can cut your hand. Now, the next important thing is the number of blades.

Yes, the common ones are made of three blades and we are not saying that they are bad. But, as far we have experienced, the ones that has two blades are better in most of the cases. Also, there are a lot of new designs that are available now.

Those new designs can be anything. They can be on the shape of a skull or your favorite superhero logo. Remember, those come with a bigger price tag and all of them is not that great as a spinner as they lack the spinning quality.

So, our suggestion is, if you are looking to take fidget spinning as a sport then you should stay away from them. And if you are super genius, you can design your own spinner. You will find someone who can bring your design to life. You can also share it with us and built it for you.

  • Tips about the Bearing

The bearing is the heart of the spinner that keeps it going. On our Fidget Spinner Review we have told you to look for a ceramic bearing on the spinner. They are better than the metal ones. We hope that you have enough idea about bearing.

Fidget Spinner Bearing

The bearing inside a spinner is a ball bearing that has little balls inside. The simple truth is that, the better your bearing would be the great the spinner would become. Wait, there is something and one of the greatest things about the hand spinners, that is, you can upgrade these bearings for a better performance.

If you have a special design spinner that you like the most but it spins the worst then you can change the bearing to a better one and we are pretty sure that it will work better. To do so, you have to get your hands on a better bearing that you can find on hardware stores or online. Then you have to disassemble the unit and replace the heart.

Well, the next point is really important. Keep the bearing away from waters. Waters are the worst enemy for bearings. Keep them away from waters. If you somehow accidently get them in water use your hair dryer to take the water out.

Oiling the Fidget Spinner Bearing

Spinning it under the heated air may fix your problem. Then you should take out the cap and put two drops of oil inside each gap between the balls. Even, you can oil the thing if you want to keep it in top notch condition.

  • Tips about Collecting Fidget Spinners

A lot of people are collecting fids these days. You can do it if you want. For that you have to keep your eyes open for the models that are trending a lot. Remember, some models are so hard to find and they sell out real quick.

Fidget Spinner Collection

Collecting fids can be a real fun experience. Don’t forget to take care of your collection. You should use them frequently and never forget to oil the bearings once in a while. There are some manufacturers coming up with some special limited editions and your goal should be collecting them.

Who knows, you might get to sell them at much higher price later as stress ain’t leaving away people so soon.

So, these were the special tips that good guys on ConsumerHubs have to put before you. We hope that these tips on fidget spinners were helpful enough for you.

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