Water Table for KidsAmong the best things that you can provide to your children to play with, the best water table for kids of 2017 is on the top of the list.

Sand and water on a single play table is a rare combination. They are certainly better than the individual tables .

The first thing that we should say about the water table is that, they are hard to come across.

Our experts have sorted them out for you. Let’s start by introducing you with the top water table for kids. Then we will move on their detailed description in the form of reviews.

Best Water Table for Kids (Top Pick)

You would probably be thinking who writes review article on things like sand and water tables. Yes, we do! Because, we felt that there are things that you need to know about. Let’s have a look …

Product NameAge RangeCH-ScorePrice
Step 2 Naturally Playful – (Editor Pick)2-8 Years90$$$
Step 2 Cascading Cove – (Editor Pick)1.6-5 Years92$$$
Step 2 Splash & Scoop Play Table2-5 Years88$$$
American Plastic Toy (Best Play Set)1.6-15 Years80$$$
Step 2 Shady Oases with Umbrella2+ Years78$$$

Now that you know the available top models. Here are the detailed reviews of them that we have picked for you. These reviews have been in accordance with the ConsumerHubs Algorithm. Check them out…

1. Step 2 Naturally Playful – Perfect Sand and Water Table for Outdoor

If you want a well balanced water table for your child then you should bring home this one. The naturally playful table has enough space for both the sand and the water section. It weights around 27.5 lbs which makes it quite sturdy.

Step 2 Naturally Playful Best Sand and Water Table

Another great thing about this model is that, it comes with an umbrella. Also, there are seven other accessories that come with the unit. These accessories include a shovel, bridges, pots and boats. It also comes with a lid that can keep the sands in place on windy days and a plug in the water chamber for easy dumping of water.

The whole thing seemed to us as a play table of easy construction. We think that, you will find it very easy to assemble and use. This brings us to a negative side of the table. It lacks toys and rotating units like fountains and paddles that should be inside a water table.

Well, this can be a good thing also as there are water toys available. You can buy those aftermarket toys and tools and add it to the table. With these customization, you can make the whole thing more attractive and playful in your own way.

The Pros:

• Spacious
• 50-50 share of both sand and water section
• The table can be set on the ground and on the legs as well
• Comes with an umbrella

The Cons:

• Lacks toys
• Could have been designed to be more attractive

2. Step 2 Cascading Cove – Top Water Table for Kids Money can Buy

If you are looking forward to spend a few more bucks than the previous product, then we would recommend you this table. Well, step 2 is a popular name when it comes to play tables.

Step 2 Cascading Cove Best Sand and Water Table

As far we have analyzed, this is a better version of the Naturally Playful model that does not look cheap and has a more attractive child friendly essence to it. The color of the table and the umbrella is really beautiful.

For a child of two or three it’s a huge table. It can accommodate 50 lbs of play sand. It has enough space for toys and every other thing that your child needs. The assembly appeared pretty easy to us and the unit can also be used on the ground or on its legs.

If you are in search of best one for kids that comes with an umbrella then we think it’s the most ideal one for you. We think the pricing is also good.

The Pros:

• Beautiful
• Enough room for playing
• Aftermarket toys can be added

The Cons:

• Lacks toys

3. Step 2 Splash & Scoop – Best Sand and Water Table within Budget

Well, what do you know! Step 2 seems to be the best at manufacturing water and sand tables. We think, their Splash & Scoop is the most attractive one that you can get within budget. The table looks really charming.

Step 2 Splash & Scoop Best Sand and Water Table

It has only one lacking. It does not come with an umbrella. Otherwise Step 2 provides a nice set of toys and tools with it that is more than enough for the kids. These tools and toys include slider, shovel that has rake on the other side of the handle, scoops, cups and beautiful water tower or fountain.

There is a beautiful fountain that comes with it. Now, the models that we have discussed before had no fountains attached with them. These fountains are actually rare to find as aftermarket toys. This not only makes the whole thing look more attractive but adds a whole new level for fun for the kids.

This unit weights only 13.7 lbs which is not a good sign but if there are only two kids that are going to use it then it should be perfect. The dimensions of the whole thing are 31 by 28.2 by 29.5. These numbers indicate that it’s not pretty big and not too small either.

The Pros:

• Cheap in price
• Ideal for two kids
• Beautiful
• Comes with a water tower

The Cons:

• Do not have any umbrella

4. American Plastic Toy – The Cheapest Sand and Water Play Set

Although it’s not a complete water and sand table but we just had to include it in the list because it’s the most ideal prototype of how a sand and water table should be.
American Plastic Toy Best Sand and Water Table

The most interesting thing about the product is its price and you will be amazed to see what a great product set comes in that price. It’s the most decorated play sets that you will find in the market.

The manufacturer really had kid’s imagination in mind while designing it. The whole thing is decorated with a water way on the side and a tiny ship glides through that channel. To help the ship glide on its path, a wave maker (snap on) has been provided.

The whole thing is a miniature version of a busy dock where sands are being imported. There’s a crane that collects and puts sand inside the small vessel (there are four different boats!). It also comes with a storage facility of sands and a little truck collects sand from it or dumps sand in it.

We have described enough. This little play set has tons of features like that. Just taking a good look at it, should convince you in getting one. It’s a great package in an amazing price.

The Pros:

• The Best in Price
• Tons of joyful features
• Beautifully designed
• Lightweight and Portable

The Cons:

• Small in size
• Not a complete table

5. Step 2 Shady Oases – Premium Grade Water Table with Umbrella

Don’t have any fixed budget? Then go with the Oases. It’s a gigantic sand and water table with umbrella and four children can easily play with it. The models that we have reviewed until now were perfect for two or three kids but this model can handle four kids.

Step 2 Shady Oases Best Sand and Water Table

We think that it’s a bit overpriced. That’s why we took a closer look to the product. What we have found out that it did not have too much difference of features from its half priced rivals but the main difference was in quality.

You will find a few other models of Step 2 water & sand tables available at half the price of it but there won’t be any rotating or moving toys on them. That’s why we liked it more over them. We think that it’s an upgraded model of all the water table that Step 2 manufacturers.

But the thing that we missed really was a shovel. We couldn’t figure out, why it’s absent in the set. Other than this it’s a pure sand and water table. It does not come with the bridge between, don’t have good small toys but we think that adding aftermarket toys on this table would be really great.

So far we can assure you that, it’s a big table that is ideal for 4 kids and it is built to last for a very long time.

The Pros:

• Good built quality
• Big
• Comes with rotating pieces

The Cons:

• A bit overpriced
• Lacks a Shovel

What is a Sand and Water Table?

A sand and water table for kids is basically a play table that facilitates individual chambers for sand and water.
You can find individual play tables for sand and water but they will certainly not be as fun as this product.

These tables are basically fruitful land of opportunities for your child. It can be the beginning of something great. Children can spread their wings of imagination while playing on these tables. The goal of the whole thing is to teach your child to make great things out of the ordinary.

You would not certainly want a thing like these inside your house that makes it a really ideal toy set for outside. The tables can be real simple or they can also come with a lot of decorations. The thing is, they are not that much pricey at all. Before you buy one, why don’t you take a look at its benefits?

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Why to buy a Sand and Water Table for kids?

Firstly, this product is ideal for luring your child to play outside. Children these days tend to have their fun from gadgets over playing outside. Various studies and research suggest that, exposure to the nature is important for your child.

Both water and sand are an element of the nature and they can be quite entertaining for the child. Children who are hyperactive or have ADAH or Hyperactivity Disorder can be really benefited from this table.

Now, you may not think that it’s that much educative but in reality they can be quite educative too. With it, the kids can do all kinds of things as, digging, building, scooping, pouring and sifting. They will practically be able to learn some basic things of construction.

You don’t have to take trips to the beach if you bring home a water and sand table. They create playful environment which is just like the beach and they are safer than the beaches. So, if you don’t have enough time for short trips like that, you can bring home this play table and let your child have all the fun of the beach.

All the playing on the table requires a whole lot of physical effort. So, this can be a source of exercise also. They will eventually make your child strong as things like scooping, digging, carrying sand and water needs a lot of muscle power.

The mixture of sand and water can be a great source of fun and education. It can be the first step of learning the basics of science. When your child would be able to make something using the mixture and know the nature of both the elements of the nature, they will surely become smarter than other kids.

There are many benefits like that that you can derive from a play table. You will know them after you bring home one or build one for your kids.


Buying Guide: Features to Look for…

You would probably be thinking why judging the features on a product like water table is important. But as a consumer, you should keep in mind that, in every product features are really important.

Here is the simplest truth, if you don’t buy a sand and water table with enough features and bring home something ordinary, it won’t be that much fun neither educative. A play table should be a play zone for a child that will always leave it wondering. The child must find it attractive so that it can spread its wings over it.

There are some child centers or kindergarten schools having a gigantic sets. Those play tables are the most ideal example of it. That’s why while you are buying one you can take those gigantic models as a scale.

Here is a list of the features that you should look for in a sand and water table for kids in 2017…

  • Size Matters: The bigger a sand and water table is the better land of opportunity it is. There are models designed for a single kid and some of them only come with two big boxes and a table only. You ask yourself, what good they will bring.

The more children can accommodate for playing, the better it would be. Big models often accommodate many toys and they come with umbrella or canopy. If your child has enough companions to play with then we would say go with the biggest model that you can afford.

Tools and Toys: The more tools and toys would be in a play table, the more fun it would become. Before you pick a model, make sure that it has enough tools like shovel, cups, miniature animals, slides, rotating or revolving pieces and all that.

All these toys can be educative for your child if you get them to play. You will be amazed to see how fast toddlers can learn. These toys should be present in the table so that they can execute their potentials.

Easy Maintenance: These tables can be very hard to take care. Children aren’t the ones that are going to clean it. That’s your duty. That’s why when you are looking for one; you should keep in mind about it.

The water table should come with a plug that opens to an exit line. When children are done playing with the table, you can just pull out the plug and empty it up. The sand chamber does not require such treatment the deeper it will be the less you have to refill the sand.

Attractiveness: As it’s not something for you are children are going to use it, that’s why it should have a color scheme that will attract them. You would just be wasting money if your kiddo doesn’t find it attractive.

We must say, there are some models of these tables that are darn attractive and we are sure that they will be able to lure your child also.

Durable: Again, the table is to be frequented by children and that’s why it should be durable as children can be very rough on play sets like them. Also, it’s something that finds its place at outside. That’s why it has to tolerate the torture of the rain and the sun. That’s why you should make sure that your pick is capable of fighting against Mother Nature and the torture of your child and survive.

These are the basic things that you should look for in a sand and water table. Now, to help you more we have the next section.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

These short questions can help you in getting the right model of water table that you have been looking for all along.

  • How many children are going to use it? (The bigger the number, the bigger the size of the table should be)
  • How much are you willing to spend? (These tables aren’t that pricey but even after that, you get what you pay for)
  • What sort of lesson for your child are you willing to derive from the table? (If you want to add more educative value to the whole thing then you should look for more interesting toys that can make sand and water table center as a material of education!)
  • What is the age of your child or what are the ages of your children? (the tables are designed for kids to toddlers of differ age, make sure you match it with the product that you are to buy)

Well, these questions should be enough to select your pick. If you ask yourself these questions and go through the features to look for section, you will surely be bringing home the product which is perfect for your loving child.

How to Use Sand and Water Table?

This is the part where thing get a little interesting. These following words of this section apply after you have purchased one. Ask yourself, why you have brought home the play table? Is it only for playing? Well, if you don’t know their benefits yet, why don’t you take a look at the benefits section (above)?

Now, here we will shortlist some points that will enhance your child’s experience of using the sand table. By following these steps you can teach them some important things for life without actually teaching them something.

  • The first thing is that, you have to lure your child to the sand and water table so that they play on it. Otherwise you will only be wasting your money and effort.
  • The weather is important. This product is not a toy that you can use on a snowy day. The water tables are only for summer. That’s why it should be brought out on a bright sunny day. If no canopy comes with the table, you should try to place it under a tree or in some place under the shade.
  • To make the water table more interesting you can make bubbles in it as bubbles are really fun. Just add shampoo or shower gel in the water and stir a bit and the whole thing would become a lot more interesting.
  • The sand is to be bought later and usually it does not come with the table. Don’t worry! play sands are available for under 5 dollars. If you think that, the sand is not enough for you, you can add colored raisins instead of the sand. That makes the whole thing more colorful and interesting.
  • You can always add more toys to the play set and in this case use toys that focus more on teaching the children about nature.
  • You should always remember that, by bringing home a play table and not going to the beaches that frequently, you are saving a lot. So, you can always spare a few bucks in making modifications to the playable. A lot of things can be added to the table if you want.
  • A sand and water table for kids can be utilized in many ways. You can design small treasure hunting games also. Your participation to the play not only keeps the children safe but will give you more fun also.
  • For the first time let your kids get the hang of the whole thing. Help them in understanding the play table. Let them find out how different toys should be played it. This way they will learn. Don’t dictate them directly.
  • Inspire them to build thing using sand and water and invent new games that can be played on these tables.
  • Sand can be harmful for toddlers. Make them aware of its dangers.
  • If you want to build a play table then your aim should be making it attractive and educative at the same time.
  • While your child is playing on a play table try to be around it so that you can see them having fun or for the sake of their safety.

A kid can enjoy the sand table for a year or two. Once they cross the toddler-hood, they tend to find it less attractive and won’t even go anywhere nowhere them. But the time they are going to spend behind this tables can be a great one for them.

The Good:

  • The sand & water tables can be a source of great fun for your kids
  • These tables are educative for your child
  • Some basics of physics and engineering can be learned from here
  • It allows your kids to use their imagination
  • Saves the costs of trips to the beach

The Bad:

  • If sands get it your toddler’s eyes, it can cause some serious troubles

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) …

These faq sections can help you to get answers of some common questions that user asked frequently to clear their views regarding this play sets. Let’s have a look …

Q. Why are sand and water tables better than sand tables and water tables?

The answer is quite simple actually. Both sand and water are present in a table where on the other models you only get water and sand. However, there are some beautiful well decorated water tables available for you but a child can do many things with a sand and water table that it can’t do with a sand or water table alone.

In several points of the essay, we have discussed that the mixture of sand and water is a great combination to play with. Children can build sand castles to anything on a using a product like this. There are more exciting games that they can play on a table that has both the elements.

So, from every aspect, the water and sand tables are a better solution for outdoor play.

Q. What precautions should I take while letting my child use the table?

The best thing you can do is, stay nearby while your child is playing on the table. This way, you would be able to help them if they have any problem. The worst thing that can happen on table like this is, sand getting in the eyes.

It would be really great if you provide the children with protective eye-wear that can prevent sands from getting in the eyes. Also, eyes should not anyhow get through the mouth. That’s why; you must make sure that your child washes its hands after playing.

Other than these, don’t let anything sharp get in the sand and before every round of the play, try to change the water of the water tank and empty the water table once children are done playing.

We think if you follow these simple points, children would be able to play safely.

Q. What is the best place to put the table?

Outside! These tables can be really messy when children play on them. Trust us, you would not want this inside the house. So, a more suitable place for it would be outside, in the backyard or in the front lawn. Here are some points that you should consider about the placement of the table.

Make sure the table is nearby to a water source so that you can easily fill it up with a pipe. This way, it will be easier for you.

You should not allow direct sunlight contact while children are playing on the table. If the table comes with a canopy then it’s great, but as we have seen, the canopies are not that wide and may not provide you with your children with that much protection. That’s why it is wise to put the table on some place under the shade.

Also, the water you will drain. Should find its way easily. That’s why having the table on the ground or a drainage system is better. Place it on someplace that you can see through the window. This way, you would be able to keep an eye on what’s happening outside. Try avoiding places that is windy as there are sand in the table and that can get blown away if there is a strong wind. Well, these points should be enough to help you finding the right spot for the table.

Q. How should children play on a sand and water table?

Let them decide how they are going to play on the table. The more you would influence their playing, the less they will enjoy the table and make benefits out of it.

Toddlers are great at learning things. You would be amazed to see, how fast they can learn. so, it’s better if you let them learn for themselves about all the moving parts of a table and about all the toys that it has.

You have to trigger their imagination. That’s why you can just name a game like ‘treasure hunting’ and eventually they will invent the game for themselves and play it. A sand and water table with umbrella is open to kid’s interpretation. They know better than you to utilize it.


This was it about the sand and water table. Hopefully we are the only website giving you this much information on this product. We think that it’s the most ideal source of fun on a hot summer day for the child. Playing on it is fun, entertaining, educative and refreshing.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best sand and water table for kids 2017 and it would be a great gift for your child.

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