Today’s article is gonna be a great help for the beginners. If you have recently bought a 3d printer and don’t know what to print then sit tight and go through the things that we are enlisting for you.

Print on a 3d Printer

Having a 3d printer can be a wonderful experience for some and a troublemaker for some. Before you proceed you should know what you are going to do. The first point is,

Know How to Print on a 3d Printer

The instructions about how to use your 3d printer should be inside the instruction manual that comes inside the box. We highly recommend you to read the manual thoroughly. You should remember that, the way your printer works might be different from others.

However, the basics are almost the same. You get a 3d design. Turn it to a format that will basically diagram the object to a code that the printer will understand. Your design is then transformed into layers (on a FDM printer of course) and fed to the printer.

Then you have to take it inside a SD card or a pen drive and then select it on the printer control & display module. Then the printer will do the work for you. Once done, you should let the crafted thing cool down and then gently take it out. These are the simplest steps.

How to Use a 3D Printer

There are many complex things like, adjusting the build plate, heating up bed or putting blue tape on it, using the right temperature, color, martial, determining the amount of the material to be extruded from the extruder, pace of operation, base of the printed object, quality of the object everything should be kept in mind.

We know, it’s not like you will be able to do it perfectly from the first time. We say, the best idea is to start by building a hollow square tower. This way you will understand the capabilities of your printer. You should learn the basics on this step.

Just keep in mind that, you shouldn’t start with anything complex. You will have a great possibility or ruining everything by that. Okay, let’s all pretend that you are now in the know and can make successful prints. Let’s see what are the things that you can print on your beginner level?


You will be amazed to know how many types of holder people are printing out in these days!! We think that holders are the most printed things on 3d printers. Here is a list of holders that you can print if you want.

Holders Printed with 3d Printer

  • Phone Holders – to keep your phone on the desk & if you can you can also make a holder that can amplify the sound from your phone’s speaker
  • Remote holder – to keep all your remotes standing on a place
  • Tablet Holders – for your desk so that you can work comfortably in your tab
  • Cable Holders – so that all your cables don’t get jumbled up
  • SD Card Holders – so that you never lose them
  • Key Holders – to keep all your keys
  • Headphone Holders – so that your headphones can be kept protected and the wires are straight
  • Page Holders – for easy book reading
  • Cup holder – that can hold your cups and save electronic things from spills
  • Holder for your doors or windows
  • Business Card Holder – so that you can keep all your cards indexed in a single place
  • Toilet Paper Holder – that is nothing like the ordinary one and looks exactly the way you want it to look
  • A Basic holder – for everything e.g. pendrive, cables, earphones and what not

Holder for Little Things

The good thing about having a 3d printer is that you can print any holder that you feel the necessity of. Just make sure that your design is flawless and full proof. You can get many basic designs from thingiverse.

Phone Cases:

If you want to impress people with your creation then wait no more and take the measurements of your phone and start designing an exquisite phone case for your phone. This is one of the places where a 3d printer can be real fun.

3D Printed Phone Cases

With them you can print out the things that you can’t buy on the market. Add all the uniqueness you want in your design. Make the extraordinary out of the ordinary with your creativity. You can just download a basic casing design for your phone and get along with it.

Or, you can make it more functional by adding an extra battery case, SD card holder or basically anything that can be fitted on that size. Do a little research on honeycomb design of making things and you will be able to make a real shockproof phone casing.


You can make beautiful lamps with your printer. And by lamps we basically mean the holder for the lights. You can design the thing anyway you want. You can start by making a simple table lamp. For this you should see the design closely and try to imitate the design in 3D for this, make sure that you have enough holes in the design to place the holder.

3D Printed Lamp Design

There are also many more designs of lamps that you can print and design. It’s a wide field to show your creativity with plastic molding and lighting.


After bringing a 3d printer in your home, you might never need to buy toys for your kids again. Whenever they will feel the need of a new toy, you can just print one out. While printing new toys for your kids be careful about the following things,

3D Printed Toys

  • Make sure the toy that you are gonna print is safe for your kid, it should match their age
  • Smooth out the rough edges
  • Print something that will help them to understand physics and basic mechanism of things. All the toys should come with some educative value.
  • The more movable part a toy will have the more fun it will become.
  • You should also learn to color the printed things if you want to make the toys more fun and lively.

If you remember these things you can make pretty interesting toys for your kids.

Tools & Gears:

There are so many tools and gears that you need every day. If you can’t find anything around and you need it very badly you can just download the design and print it out in your printer. People are even making fully functions sly wrenches in their printers.

3D Printed Tools & Gears

While you are trying to print out a tool or gear, you should keep in mind about the structural integrity of the thing. First thing that you should know, you are trying to build something that was supposed to be made of metal.

Among these tools and gears there can be,

  • Hammers for small works
  • Mounts for various things like your camera
  • Wrenches if you can’t find one around
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Screw Drivers
  • Screws
  • Razors
  • Survival Tools
  • Boxes
  • Digital Sundials
  • Goggles
  • Any sort of casings that you might need

There are many more things like these that you can print and we have only mentioned about a few things here.

Finally …

This article was basically for the beginners that are looking forward to do something with their new 3d Printer. If you are one of them we hope that it will be helpful for you. Now, we have made your browsing easy as now know how to print 5 cool types of useful things on your best 3d printer.

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