Cat trees are so beneficial for the kitties that owners can’t stop themselves from adding it in their home.

But can only having this furniture complete your duty for them? We hope not. Here are still some matters which you should consider.

Besides purchasing it, you should have ideas about its location where it can be more effective.

Where to Put Cat Tree

Cats that live inside the home, they need a place where they can comfortably play or take rest. They like to climb up to the lofty places. There, they feel safe and comfortable when they are living with other animals or children. So, they love to get a separate place of their own.

This cat trees can give them the opportunity to lounge, scratch, hide and climb. Maybe you already have it or going to buy, but you are not familiar with appropriate locations to place it, then you have come to the right place. We are going to expose all major factors to choose the best place for it.

Here we are enlisting some points to make you understand that where they want to have it:

According to their territory:

If you have a cat already, then you have must notice their scratch mark on your furniture. That means they have found their favorite place to do the scratching. So, indirectly he is telling you: “right here and here I love to scratch and if you want to give me a tree house, then it is my favorite area”.

It is their instinctual behavior and they love to make their territory. So, eliminate your guessing, because he has already given you a choice and made your task easier. Now, bring the cat furniture near to this area and introduce them to their new home. Make them accustomed to using it slowly and carefully.

When they will get the scratching polls to scratch as long as they want, they will divert themselves surely to this new place. Moreover, it is staying under the territory. In the future, if this place creates any problem to maintain your daily activities, you can also change it. Move it inch by inch every day and cat will not able to notice it.

According to their spending time:

You have to install in the place, where they love to spend most of the time of a day. When he is staying in a fixed room maximum time, it means he is considering it as his home. But you cannot give him a big room completely which is yours. So, this furniture will be useful in this room.

Cat loves to spend time on the window ledge and here they enjoy the natural beauty. Again, they can play and sleep here too. So, beside this place, the tree should be kept. It has multipurpose systems, like- bed, scratching posts, and observation tower for them.

When they wake up, they usually stretch their body or spine during the clawing to be relaxed. So, letting them sleep there will ensure them that after waking up, there the polls are ready to do the actions. So these facilities will attract them to use it more.

Again, when you have multiple cats in your home, they will do their activities together. They love the company and sometimes it can be a reason of chaos. From their living place to the ledge of the window, they will try to dominate each other. So, a tree can solve all problems. They will get separate places to sleep and from this furniture, both of them will get the view of the window.

According to your furniture’s safety:

Cats love to stay around us and that is why they like to use our furniture also. But they have no sense of using these things carefully. Cats love to move their nails on the sofa or other furniture and that can ruin our new or costly furnishings in a flash. The cat owners always face this type of heartbreaking scenes when they cannot control them.

They are just an animal and you have to take control over their behaviors. Scolding or shooing can’t change their character. They do not want to do any damage intentionally. Your rough behavior will just bring you far from their heart. You love them a lot, but you want to protect your furnishings too. When no method is coming in any use, you have nothing to do except gifting them their own furniture. It offers more attractive options than your couch.

So, beside your valuable domestic utensil, place a cat tree and they will easily come to start using it and your costly accessories will not be damaged anymore. That is the easy method to change their habit. Again, your relationship with them will stay very friendly also.

In this above part, we have taught you that in which issues you should give your importance. But we are not finished yet. Our experts have found out some hot spots and these spots are very effective to bring out highest advantages from a cat-tree house. So, what are they, please come below to know about them:

Living Room:

Normally living rooms have enough space to contain cat furniture. So, if you have the same then bring it there and let your cats use it in front of you. You can look after them in the day time and they will not get any chance to do any misdeed. Again, you can check that any disturbing creatures are doing any trouble to them or not. So, rest on your couch and watch the entertainment. That will be very satisfying for a cat lover.

Drawing room:

If the children and guests are enough friendly with the pet and they have no intention to trouble them, then you can install it in your drawing room. Here they can watch cat TV and that will be very entertaining for them. But give importance to your valuable furnishings. If you think that, keeping these cats in that room can be risky, change the location.


If your bedroom is large enough, then why you will stop yourself from sharing the room with the cats. They love the company of their owners. They are such a social creature and feel secure when they are around us. A corner of your bedroom can be an ideal choice to set the treehouse. It will not let them ruin your deep sleep by scratching on the door. Moreover, they will sleep on their own condos and your bed will stay clean from the cat hair.

Laundry Room:

To keep your kitties away from other high-traffic areas, put the tree in that room. If your cat loves privacy, then it will be the best decision. Here, people do not visit often and she will love to stay here. Again, the room has the dryer and it keeps the room warm. Cats love to sleep in a warm atmosphere and they can have a sound sleep without any disturbance.


This furniture also gets fit in the bathrooms. If you have already placed the litter box of the cat in this room, place the tree near it. By placing them together, you can make the whole decoration as a personal apartment of them. Again, if they excrete here, it will be easier for you to clean it. Make it sure that, they get a good view of outside through the window. Without this option, keeping this pet-tree here will not be a good idea.


If you give them permission to rove outside, then you can add it to the garage. After roaming whole day, they need a safe and comfortable area to take rest. So, if your garage has enough space to accommodate extra furniture, then it will be advantageous for them. Just keep it safe from car, bike or any handiwork. Install a cat door into that room to make them come and go comfortable.


However, you should always keep in your mind that, according to the size of the treehouse, you have to pick the suitable area for it. So, this is the complete guideline to choose the best places for a cat tree. You may still think that why I need to hearken so many issues.

Then listen, we the humans usually pass a hard time to adjust in a new place. So, for the animals, it must be harder to be accounted with their new living space. That is why we should be sagacious for taking any step for them.

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