Many cat owners consider the cat tower house as an excess piece of furniture.

But have you ever thought that without it, your other furniture will stay safe or not? When they will not get it, they will make your furniture as their own place of playing and scratching.

Cat Needs a Cat Tower

So, there is no alternative to it and you should give it for their well being and your product’s safety.

For having many contradictions about its necessity, we want to acquaint you with the definition of a cat tree house first.

A cat tower can be called as a tree house, kitty condo, cat stand, or cat condo. It has several platforms and they are situated at different angles. That is why we call it as a tree. It is usually made of wood. Manufacturers use a different kind of fabrics on it to cover its body.

Here, cats get scratching polls and they can scratch it as long as they want. These polls can be shaped by carpet or sisal rope. Here they may get toy to play. There is also available the enclosed areas where they can stay. It can be made of plywood or natural wood.

Cat trees can be differed according to its design and height, and they like these items of furniture which are tall enough. It is a great place for doing their physical exercise and they love to take shelter here. Moreover, this thing is badly needed to keep our costly furniture clean and safe.

Maybe, you have already perceived the hints of its advantages. But we want to discuss them more elaborately and that can only clear you all confusions. So, come below to be familiar with these matters:

Safety for Scared Cats:

For the frightened cat, it can be a great place to hide in the condo when he feeling lack of security. Cats are not so brave like dog and all the owners know about this instinctual behavior. They always feel unsafe and uncomfortable when they are living with the dog, children or guest. It takes time to get easy with them.

But in that time, they need a place to make them secured and a tall treehouse is the best solution. Many of it has large height and some of them are attached from the floor to the ceiling. So, they can easily climb up to the highest perch and can easily observe the surrounding indoor environment.

It is really helpful to get enough visual warning period of any risky advancing opponent. So, they can fix their next movement carefully. Again this tall height keeps them safe because in that elevation no one can easily attack them from behind.

Instinctual Actions:

This product has been made to let them do their instinctual actions comfortably. These actions can help to relieve their stress when they are living in a shared indoor environment. They always love to climb, jump and scratch. Owners often observe them do these steps in the home.

But they claw for many different reasons. To clean their nails, they can claw. Cats can also do this action to mark their territory. They can live in the civilized atmosphere, but this wild nature will not be removed from their blood. Their each foot contains scent glands and they remain in the pads.

So, when they scratch, their scent leaves behind and it helps them to establish their territory. Their nails’ scratches are also a way of marking. When a home has multiple cats, there everyone competes with each other to identify their spheres.

When you are undone to change their character, this best cat trees can moderate and bring them to do these actions in a limited area. It is the best place to let them do these things without doing any harm to your domestic utensil. Here they will get scratching posts and they are usually covered by the carpet or rope of sisal. It gives them enough friction to make them satisfied. Again, it will reduce the chance of doing urine marking.

Again, they love to watch natural view through the window. So, placing it near the window can help them to climb and they can easily reach there to watch. After satisfying their eyes, they will also come down by jumping. So, this tree will give all the options to do their natural actions and that will keep them in jolly mood always.

Physical Exercise:

You cat is living inside the home does not mean that he has no chance of getting ill. Though they are healthier and live longer than the outdoor cats, but they also suffer from critical diseases. They do not get the opportunity to explore, hunt and exercise and these lacks bring from excess weight gain to lack of activity, inactivity, boredom and other emotional problems.

But this pet furniture is made to encourage exercise and activity. Here, they will get a toy to do pray-like behaviors with it. Swatting and pouncing are very effective for their muscle development. Again, climbing up to its different levels is quite challenging and they love to take this challenge.

They will explore every level and it will expend a good amount of energy. They can play hide and seek in their cubbies and you can use these place to do a hunting challenge. Hide their favorite treat or toy there and let them find it out. That will keep them always active and their overweight problem will be solved.

During scratching on the bars they stretch their spines and it is also needed to feel them comfortable. So, in this tree, you are going to get the advantages of keeping them fit and happy like we get in our gym. However, the owners must give time to play with them every day. That will make them more social and their troubling behaviors and boredom will be diminished.

Living Together:

Maintaining two or three cats at a time and in a home is really a matter of a great headache. They will fight and one of them will try to dominate others. They may not like to share a bed to sleep together and you will have to manage separate beds on the floor for them. So, it will be tough to control them.

But, a cat tree can bring discipline among them. They may not like to share a window ledge to enjoy the natural beauty. But having a treehouse beside the window can let them enjoy it together. One or two can easily sit on the perches of it, whether your moody cat can enjoy the view alone.

Again, living position changing of a single cat from his group can be problematic. He may feel unsafe or does not like to stay away from the group. But, when you have this cat furniture, you can change their living positions together and they will not need to stay separately from each other. They feel safer when they are staying at one place.

Saving Your Furniture:

When they do not get their own furniture, they come to take possession of yours. You need to always remember that they are just an animal and they have no sense about their deeds. Their instinctual character will bound them to scratch or climb on your valuable furniture.

You may scold or shoo them, even some owners through their shoes on them when they destroy your belongings or furnishing. But, that will not solve the problem. Moreover, they will start to fear you and day by day they will go beyond your control.

So, if we the human have the necessity of own place and appointments, then why we are depriving them from their rights? It is our duty to take care of their needs. These cute animals will love to stay on it independently and you will not have to regret for loses anymore.

Finally …

Do not pay attention to the people who tattle about its needlessness in our homes. We have given here all evidence and we hope that these are enough to clear your mind about its importance in your cat’s life. Cats are very social, but we have to guide them to live in the proper way without doing any harm.

They are highly sensitive and for that reason, experts always suggest to keep them in great care. If you would give them the permission to rove outside, we would not recommend it so seriously. But, when you are not letting them go outside to lead a wild life, you have to take their responsibilities.

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