Today’s discussion is a little different from the ones that we generally talk about. With the birth of ConsumerHubs we have also seen the Fidget Spinners becoming hype all over the world. We all have been waiting to do a review on the best fidget spinners of 2017 and some articles for you.

Why Fidget Spinners so Popular

Now, let’s see what our experts have found out searching for the reasons of Fidget Spinner’s becoming so much popular in 2017.

First of all, we would say that, it’s addictive as hell. Trust us! You won’t be able to get your grasp on the temptation of spinning it if you have one lying around. And on top of that, it’s very hard to stop spinning it.

The Beginning Story of Fidget Spinners

This toy has evolved a lot within a short period of time after being on hibernation for a very long time. The history goes a long way back. The spinner has been designed as a toy o spread peace. When Catherine Hettinger saw boys throwing rocks to police officers in Israel, it moved her.

Catherine Hettinger

She wanted to develop something for the kids that would keep them busy. Something what will keep them busy. Also, she had a disease called myasthenia gravis that weakened her muscles. She needed something that would entertain her and her daughter. With this in mind she has developed a toy that is almost as same as modern fidget spinners. She even had it patented on May 28, 1993.

However, Catherine Hettinger does not claim herself to be inventor of modern fidget spinner after it recently became popular. So, what’s the actual deal here?

The Rebirth of Fidget Spinners

It’s Mr. Scott McCoskery who should be credited for bringing back the toy. Rather, we should say, for re inventing the toy. After a lot of tries he finally came up with something that that will say good bye to his habit of opening and closing a knife or clicking the pen.

Scott McCoskery's invention

He was finally able to invent something that would keep his hands busy. The design finally emerged after dozens of failed ones. The successful one so successful that it literally stormed over the internet after McCoskery mate up with Paul De Herrara and put the finest version of the toy in their facebook group on September 2016.

The rest is history, you see everyone spinning it all around is the aftershock of this. Later, many manufacturers have found a huge business opportunity and still the toy is being polished from every possible angle.

So, is it a toy or a gadget or just a cure for fidgeting?

Now that you know the history let’s take a look at the reasons behind it’s outbreak. Firstly, we will held two things responsible, the internet and the price. The hype was created over the internet and it is basically a proof that shows the immense power of the internet.


There are many more indications hidden in this affair. Fidget Spinners have proven that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur within a very short period of time. What do you need? You need to know what people needs. Even the simplest things can become amazing.

So, is it a toy or a gadget?

It’s both actually. The main thing that matters is how you look at it, what you take it to be. You can have it as a gadget that works on the principal of momentum and looks more like a part of a machine or you can simply have it as a toy that you take everywhere with you and whenever you get the chance you take it within your fingers to spin.

The second reason is that, the spinners are freakishly cheap. A decent spinner costs around 10$ where you can even get one for 2$. Now, as we have said before that toy manufacturers have found a great business opportunity out of these spinners so, don’t be amazed if you find fidgets costing over fifty bucks.

People had been getting these toys as they were like crazy. That’s why now you get to see a lot of variant of this model. There are the ones made of plastic or metal, ones that have two or three blades, different shapes and everything is making the fidgets more and more collectable.

What is a fidget spinner? Is it anything more than a bearing centered spinning toy? Is the mechanism so complex? Does it require rocket science? No, it does not. These nothingness have made the fidgets so popular.

Fidget Spinner Addiction

Everyone likes to keep themselves busy. In the 20th century we have become a great fan of multitasking. It’s so hard to keep our hands free by doing nothing. Although this is a symptom of restlessness of the hand for some people but there are more to it.

That brings it down to the next level. Yes, these fidget spinners are marketed due to its health benefits. Now, a toy with health or mental health benefits, you don’t get to see that often, do you? The fidgets have been claimed to be a cure for fidgeting.

Not only that, they are said to improve your focus and concentration and keep you away from any sort of addictions. Now, the most important question, how true is it?

After doing a lot of research we have found that, they certainly improve your focus. The impact is more prominent on children. The children that were unable to focus on something for 2 to 3 minutes at a stretch have found a better result. Now, they were able to concentrate on a single thing for five to ten minutes and that’s just amazing.

Fidget Spinner is Popular

We haven’t tried to figure out the reasons behind it. Yet we are working on that with our neuro-scientists. But we are pretty sure that these spinners have some sorts of connection to our brain. Let’s see what our experts come up with. We will surely let you know the results, keep your eyes open.

But, the truth is, this toy or gadget or cure has helped a lot of kids and people. So, those marketing that highlight the health benefits of fidget spinners are apparently true.

Okay, we have talked about the reasons that made fidget spinners so popular on 2017. Now, let’s go through the summary and few other points that we will enlist for you below.

  • The price of the fids is within everyone’s reach. So, everyone’s getting one.
  • Fids are entirely marketed over the internet. That’s why it reaches to more and more people.
  • These things are really addictive.
  • Newer and more polished models of hand spinners are hitting the market, they spin fast and spin for a very long time.
  • All the models are making fids collectable, that’s why many people are enriching their stash.
  • People over the YouTube are showing their talent of spinning fidget spinners. This is inspiring others to take it as a sport.
  • The fids have proven to work excellent in removing any sort of bad habit. Whether it’s your addiction to your phone or cigarettes or anything else, a hand spinner can help you. So, people have put their faith on them and have been benefited.
  • Ultimately the fids are the best weapon against boredom.

So, there you have it. The reasons that made fidget spinners so much popular on 2017. If you haven’t got any, this should be the perfect time to do so.

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